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Words of Gratitude

The Power of TAFYH, Taking Action For Your Health.

Cheese Waffle Recipe: Thankyou Linda

Flax Seed Waffles; Thankyou, Maria

The Death of Germ Theory

A Message from Ted Kuntz

Josey’s Kidney Pain Success

Barry’s Success: Lupus and Heart Disease

Janine Heals Her Broken Bone w/o Bone Graft

Donna! I have not been this weight since I'm 28!!!! I'm 54. That's nearly half of my life that I've been overweight!!! I thought losing weight was hopeless especially after a C section at 30. 

I've learnt that we do not need as much protein as we thought and you can go a few days with no protein and is in fact good for us as our system sloughs off 20 grams a day naturally from our gut. Plus I never counted the 9 grams from collagen! Our body system sure is an amazing complex organism that really needs an owner's manual! lol But seriously, Creator put You in my path so I could realize the miraculous way our body functions and its needs. You Are a Wonderful guide and teacher and I humbly express my heartfelt Gratitude and Love for You! You must receive these words of gratitude and love often as this is your 73rd class and with all the success stories and lives you've literally saved, that's why I can only humbly say KUDOS, THANK YOU AND LOVE YOU!!!!!  🙏💖


BSQ score down from 32 to 21

Chest infection has cleared up

Lost 17 pounds in total

Afternoon fatigue is gone.

Great energy all day long.

Tumour in the left breast has reduced in size

Fear is gone and I am peaceful and happy

We have developed a belief system and it takes energy to undo that.


I am staying on course.

I received a breast cancer diagnosis in June 2011.

I realized the power of gratitude,

I especially loved being part of a group.

I found the information very interesting, exciting and manageable.

We each got a chance every call to have our questions answered and to give our input on the lessons and intentions for the day

While Donna will tell you she’s not a healer, I disagree.  I have experienced her iridology analysis and muscle testing first hand, and when combined with her 30 years experience and health mandate to teach people how to heal themselves, I do feel she is an inspired healer.

I studied biochemistry in university, and still found much of this information new and exciting.

For me this is potentially life changing, as I am also looking at becoming a TAFYH Coach to help other people get support in their healing.  Healing ourselves can be so simple.

The power is in my own health success. I have a big story that I can share with people and hopefully open space in their minds to consider that there are better holistic ways to heal oneself.

I have really enjoyed the program and would recommend it to everyone.  I feel it is my responsibility to tell people about this, but ultimately you cannot make them listen.

 From Linda

 My granddaughter made these and they taste very good thought I would share waffles

Cheddar Cheese Waffles

1/2 cup grated cheese of any variety  I used cheddar

1 egg

2tbs almond flour 

Seasoning to taste  we used Italian spice

then bake on waffle iron  


Waffles from Maria


6 eggs - separated

3 cups of water

¾ cup of oil

4 TBSP Splenda

1 TBSP Baking Powder

1 tsp salt

2 tsp vanilla

2 scoops Nutra burn

½ cup coconut flour

½ tsp Xanthium Gum

2 cup Ground Flax

Beat egg whites until stiff.  Beat egg yolk, water, oil, Splenda, baking powder, salt, vanilla, Xanthium Gum together.  Add Nutra burn, coconut flour and ground flax and mix well.  Add batter to egg whites and fold until smooth.

Pre heat waffle iron.  Use a large (3 Tbsp) cookie scoop, three for two sections.  It will make four waffles (4 section iron), which you may freeze.  Reheat in a toaster oven, then butter add heated fruit or jam, stack and reheat in toaster oven one more time.  Enjoy with high protein plain yogurt on top.

 Message from Ted

In her essay - It's Been Three Years. Can You Hear Me Now? Tessa Lena makes the following statement: “I have found that oftentimes, it takes very rare and special courage to be so in love with intellectual integrity, knowledge of the world, and the truth, that one would be willing to let go of any dogma, however ingrained, and chase that knowledge. And when that happens, love shows up in an unstoppable way.”

I witnessed a beautiful example of this rare and special courage last Friday when Dr. Roger Hodkinson admitted in front of more than 100 participants that he hadn’t done his homework regarding childhood vaccines. Dr. Hodkinson shared that he looked upon organizations such as Vaccine Choice Canada and Children’s Health Defence as “anti-vaxxers” and had little time for such nonsense. Hodkinson then acknowledged that the travesty of the COVID injections awakened him to the tyranny within the pharmaceutical industry such that he needed to question the claims of safety, efficacy and necessity of all vaccines.

I celebrate this moment because I believe this example of courage and love for integrity, knowledge and truth is what is needed if we are to move forward as a community. Last week I wrote about the massive betrayal we have experienced, most especially in the last three years. The only way I can imagine moving forward and rebuilding trust with governments, institutions and family and friends is when more of what Dr. Hodkinson did on Friday occurs. Trust will only be rebuilt when such courage and integrity becomes common.

Following the meeting I wrote Dr. Hodkinson. I said - “Thank you for your acknowledgement of your shift in your perceptions about the safety of childhood vaccines. Your willingness to admit this was moving, not only for me, but for many on the call who have been voices in the wilderness for many years.”

He responded immediately with the picture above and the words - “Unpleasant taste – but had to be eaten in public!” May more people have the courage and humility to admit the error of their ways so we can get on with rebuilding our communities.


And the number one cause of this astronomical increase in the cost of health care, according to every knowledgeable health expert, is nutritional deficiencies.4

Where is the proof for such an outrageous statement? In 2010, the National Cancer Institute did a study of more than 14,000 people, aged 2 to 80, and could not find one person with a truly healthy diet. In fact, a vast majority of these people were deficient in 11 out of 14 nutritional categories.How can this be true in the proverbial "land of plenty"?

The obvious answer is that most people are just not eating enough of the right foods, and our medical profession is doing a terrible job of preventing illness. It's just not what they do. The reasons?

  • Doctors do not get good nutritional education.
  • Schools provide inadequate nutritional education.
  • The USDA Food Pyramid is seriously flawed.
  • Doctors treat symptoms of disease, not the causes.
  • The diagnostic tools used are woefully inadequate.
  • People adopt poor eating habits very early in life.
  • Farmers are growing food that is nutritionally deficient.
  • Food companies over process most of their products.6

 Today I want to address Ted’s powerful truthful comments of not getting enough nutrition.I will start with Barry’s story.

 Success Story Barry’s Heart Condition and Lupus

Five years ago Barry was diagnosed with a heart condition called Lupus  where the left side of the heart was affected. This condition was firmly confirmed through examination and ECG testing. Barry was aware that things just were not right with his heart as he experienced occasional pain and shortness of breath.

Barry agreed to go to a cardiologist as recommended by the doctor. Barry agreed but his better judgement knew there was another way. “ I just couldn’t do it. I felt I was going to get sucked down a rabbit hole. I knew there had to be something better. “Barry kept searching and even trying various products . Then one day Barry met Donna Roth.” She recommended a program which included dietary changes, Super Foods and Herbs. The only side effects I could see were positive ones.”

Barry faithfully followed the program eliminating sugars, grains, legumes and having a Super Shake every morning with Mineral Chi Tonic and Collatrim Plus now known as Collagen . Twice a day on an empty stomach he took Protease Plus enzymes to cleanse the blood of foreign proteins caused by leaky gut and Milk Thistle to cleanse the liver. Within a month Barry knew things were changing for the better and within 4 months he felt really great. Barry did this for 6 months until he was called to see his doctor to get his heart checked.

Another ECG was done along with a heart Stress Test. For some very odd reason Barry was left sitting in the waiting room for an entire hour after the tests were completed. Finally the doctor appeared with a very puzzled look on his face. The previous heart tests from 5 years ago did not match the present tests. Something was very wrong. Another doctor was called to look at these tests and these tests were carefully scrutinized. They finally came to the realization that the heart condition was totally gone! How could this ever happen? Well Barry knows how it happened. He simply followed a herbal program for 6 months!

 As Ted states :Doctors do not get good nutritional education. I want to add we the people in society are made to believe that doctors have the answers and then fear sets in when we start to drift away from the doctor approach to the laws of nature.

I want to share Josey’s story with you. It is a typical example of fear.

 Here is a story as given to be my Josey.

Success Story Kidney by Josey  Feb /2019

On Friday morning, Feb 22/2019 at 6:08 am I was awakened by a “ding” that sound that indicates a text was alerting me to action. Hesitantly I picked it up and the message read, “I have a bad pain when I urinate with a show of blood. Are there any preferred products that I can take or do I need to go to a doctor?”

With the expertise I have gained over the many years of listening intently to thousands of clients, my replied with this message , “ This sounds like a kidney stone to me. I would do the One Day Kidney Flush with K, Hydrangea and Chlorophyll. You can take 1 ounce of lemon juice straight up to east the pain.”

Interestingly enough J immediately responded with the fact that she had done the Kidney Flush the day before. Normally we would tend to accept such a response as valid and true. However with my long time experience in human behavior I asked J whether she has taken at least 20 capsules of K and 20 capsules of Hydrangea during her Kidney Flush. In shock she replied, “ 20! And then stated that she had only taken 2 of each of the K and Hydrangea.

I then proceeded to send her the instructions for the One Day Kidney Flush and explained to her that if she wanted to dissolve those kidney stones the instructions must be followed exactly a written. Deviating from the instructions would not give her the results she was looking for. J then decided to follow the instructions for the One Day Kidney Flush and 24 hours later on Saturday morning I received the great news, Hi Donna, The pain is gone. I did the 20 capsules of K and Hydrangea yesterday with alternating lemon water and chlorophyll water.”

A later message led to a true confession, “ I was afraid to take all 20 herbs all in one day but I did follow your instructions and I am fine now!”`

The initial program did not work for Josey because she did not follow the instructions. The reason Josey did not follow the program was fear. Josey was afraid to take herbs.

We are living in a day when good is seen as bad and bad is seen as good. Herbs also known as plants with all their nutritious qualities, all their incredible natural actives all created perfectly to be used for our healing is something we are afraid of. To bring it further to your awareness these herbs have been used for centuries very successfully for all kinds of ailments. On the other side of the coin, drugs are seen as good yet there is no nutritious value to any drug, it is a prescription, it does have side effects and it does cause inflammation in the body as the body recognizes it as a poison. How did your mind ever come to this point of thinking that drugs are good and safe and herbs are dangerous? I think I can answer this question using one word. FEAR! Fear is the driving factor. If the white coat authority prescribes it than our belief system accepts it willingly without fear even though the consequences can cause further serious health problems. But to take responsibility for your own health is a scary thing to do. With that kind of thinking we have become trapped; more dangerously we have become controlled; put into a box of dogma thinking!

Here is a powerful story from Janine. Janine is a TAFYH grad and is a member of Advanced TAFYH. Her story illustrates the power of nutrition using super foods to heal a broken bone.

Success Story by Janine Sept/22

I broke my arm (Humorous) in May and it was not healing well.  It was an open fracture, but they misdiagnosed as closed.  I did not get in for surgery for 5 days which by that time the bone had already started healing. The bone did not fuse once it was set in place.   12 weeks later the xray showed the bones had separated again and there was a significant gap between the two bones.  They said I would need bone grafts.  I said,” No can we wait? They gave me 3 weeks .  I worked harder on diet and avoided all refined sugar, alcohol and grains, focused on getting sufficient protein and greens, I took Rejuvenaid now known as Power Beets, Ultra Biome Detox, Collagen , Essential Liquid Minerals, Skeletal formula and Vitamin C. D, A and K.  Three weeks later my bone had grown into the gap and was fusing.  Bone grafting was no longer required.

Janine’s success clearly demonstrates the body’s innate ability to heal if foods with high dense nutrients are consumed. I continue to strongly stress the importance of super foods, herbs, minerals and vitamins. I also continue to stress the importance of quality controlled super foods, herbs and vitamins and minerals. That is one big reason I love the Nature Sunshine products. They are thoroughly tested and analyzed to ensure every product has a high energy content.

 The Death of the Germ Theory


The discovery of viruses paved the way to understanding these mysterious infections. And, although Koch's postulates could not be fulfilled for many of these infections, this did not stop the pioneer virologists from looking for viruses in infections for which no other cause could be found.[19]

Although Louis Pasteur and Edward Jenner developed the first vaccines to protect against viral infections, they did not know that viruses existed.

Koch's postulates

a statement of the steps required to establish a microorganism as the cause of a disease: (1) it must be found in all cases of the disease; (2) it must be isolated from the host and grown in pure culture; (3) it must reproduce the original disease when introduced into a susceptible host; (4) it must be found present in the experimental host so infected.

 The following doctors etc are challenging the virologists to prove that a virus has been isolated. To date no virus has ever been isolated and no virus has ever been contagious.

Thomas Cowan, MD
Jitendra Banjara, MSc
Mufassil Dingankar, BHMS
Andrew Kaufman, MD
Paul McSheehy,
Saeed Qureshi, PhD
Amandha Vollmer, NDoc

Mark Bailey, MD
Kelly Brogan, MD
Michael Donio, MS
Valentina Kiseleva, MD
Prof. Timothy Noakes, MD
Stefano Scoglio, PhD
Michael Yeadon, PhD

Samantha Bailey, MD
Kevin Corbett, PhD
Jordan Grant, MD
Christine Massey, MSc
Sachin Pethkar, BAMS
Mike Stone, BEXSc

 f the virologists fail to obtain a satisfactory result from the above study, then their claims about detecting “viruses” will be shown to be unfounded. All of the measures put in place as a result of these claims should be brought to an immediate halt. If they succeed in this first task then we would encourage them to proceed to the required purification experiments to obtain the probative evidence for the existence of viruses.

 From Dr. Mercola


High blood pressure and triglycerides17

Cardiovascular disease18

Obesity and metabolic syndrome19

Certain types of cancer20

Nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD)21



Mood disorders24

Aluminum-induced neurodegenerative changes,25 such as those seen in Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS)