Wednesday, July 3, 2013

From the Desk of Donna Roth

From the Desk of Donna Roth  Summer 2013-07-03

Announcements are important in this letter so I am starting off with the NB’s.

1 There will be no calls in July as I am going to a reunion in Manitoba which is my home province and where my Mom and Dad are buried.

2 The latest news from the Dr Roger’s Prize is that my nominee and I have been asked to appear at the Gala dinner slated in September. We hope this is good news. Thank you to all of your emails and your letters of support and all of your words of encouragement regarding this event. This was an enormous undertaking and it took me into writing 9000 words in order to complete the requirements.

3. The Dr Jerry McLaughlin event was amazing and very successful . Since then many people are carrying a different energy about cancer and are starting to realize that it is nutrition that can heal a sick body. The very obvious is now becoming the Ahha ! The increase of our book sales both Practical Solution to the Cancer Injury and Mud Pies tell us that a major shift in thinking is taking place.  Two doctors who have recently read my book said this, “ Wow , this is an awesome book.” If you don’t have  copies of these books please go to my site to purchase your copies.

4. I also want to make it well known that if you are looking for a great business opportunity in terms of leading a TAFYH group and earning an income with TAFYH and Nature’s Sunshine please contact me. This is the business of the future.

5.As a result of the presentation on Paw Paw the numbers registering for the 6 week , 15 minute a day TAFYH project (Taking Action For Your Health ) is growing in leaps and bounds. I am so very grateful to have a team of amazing trained leaders who have decided to lead TAFYH  groups of 6 across the country. I encourage you to take this opportunity to register now as the price will soon increase now that the pilot stages are soon coming to an end. Call Donna Roth 250 764 2852.

6. Completion ceremony for TAFYH 4 is happening this Friday at 7:15 am Pacific time for those who are interested in listening to the success stories and reports on the achievements of this project. Dial 1 760 569 7676 Access code is 972723#.

The quality of the Nature’s Sunshine products speak for themselves when people call to tell you how their health has changed since following life style changes, taking Super Food Shakes every day and supplementing with herbals.

Numerous success stories have poured in the last while and I would like to share these with you.

One 88 year old man could not climb stairs without holding onto the rail. He also had very itchy face. Itchy nose and itchy eyelids. The doctor diagnosed it as Rosaceous. It was Val that suggested that he use Paw Paw . He worked up to taking 4 Paw Paw with meals a day and within 4 days the itchiness was gone and his flexibility in climbing stairs has returned.

One 90 year old man had troublesome cramps in his feet. He took out his herbal book and read all about alfalfa and how this herb could help stiffness, sore feet, sore joints. He decided that a good dose of Alfalfa would be needed to clear up his cramping feet so he took 10 capsules in one day. That same day all cramping  of the feet subsided. He was very excited to discover this and today he is sharing his story with others so he could help them if they have sore cramping  feet.

Kevin stated that he was priveldged to be a part of the TAFYH projest. He had read numerous books in the past and thought that he could not learn too much new material. However he was surprised to disover new information that was never presented to him before. TAFYHG , he said covers the root causes of all diseases and every one who wants to sustain health needs to participate in TAFYH. “ This is a huge opportunity ! This is a vision! I will take this vision and transfer it on to others.” As a results of TAFYH Kevin lost 16 unwanted pounds.

Denise said her health  imiproved, her moods have been helped and she is much more positive.” Many people are dying to learn the information that TAFYH offers.  I learned a lot in a short time and I am now confident to help others.”

Frank said that TAFYH exceeded his expectations. He just did not know how the herbals all worked before. “ The lessons were great with many Ahha moments. This project is amazing and I am now confident in helping others. I will spread this wherever I go.” Frakn lost 15 pounds, cleared up his Candida and his joint pain all went away.

One lady diagnosed with cancer of the breasts had both breasts removed and then completed chemotherapy and radiation treatments and stated this after reading my book,” I am sorry I did not come across your book sooner. :” Her advise to all women with breast cancer,” Don’t let doctors rush you.” After doing the Paw Paw approach to cancer this lady discovered that there were no cancer markers in her blood a year later.” I feel really good. I have lots of energy and I lost 20 pounds.”

One lady felt tired all the time. She stopped eating grains, and did a Super Food Shake daily and her energy was restored.

One man cleared up kidney stones doing the One Day Kidney Flush with K And Hydrangea. His prostate and kidney remain in a healthy state since and that was in 2005.

TAFYH Project last chance at $177.

Daily actions:

Eat the right foods

Drink clean water and Clorophyll

Have a Super Food Shake


Express gratitude

Journal your Ahha’s

Chart your commitments


Actions to take:

One day Kidney Flush

One day Bowel Flush

3 Day Liver/Gall bladder flush


TAFYH Outline for the first 10 lessons. There are 30 profound lessons.
Lesson 1 Commitment , BSQ and Health Scale

Lesson 2  Right Foods

Lesson 3  Wrong Foods

Lesson 4  Clean  water

Lesson 5  Photosynthesis

Lesson 6  Leaky Gut