Monday, April 11, 2011

Herbs for Emergency

Your Emergency Kit
Capsicum - bleeding , trauma, cold hands and feet
Cat’s Claw Combination – infections
Kelp – iodine for radioactive particles
Rosehips – for Vit C, A, D, immune system
Silver Shield – bacterial , fungal, yeast infections
Silver Gel- topical applications for bacteria, fungus, infections, teeth
Tei Fei Oil – sore throats, dry mouth, headaches, thirst
LB extract – bowel movements
Lobelia- relaxant , asthma, lung congestion, shock, tightness, muscles
Pau D’Arco lotion – scratches, bruises, itchy skin, rashes
TNT bars – all encompassing vitamin, mineral, protein, fiber bars- mmm !
SynerProtein Powder- a whole food powder but shelf life is about 1 ½ yr.
Green Zone – whole food powder shelf life is about 5 years.
Solstic Energy- vit/herbal ginseng blend for energy .
Super Trio- each packet contains 1 vit/min, 1 antioxidant, 1 omega 3 tablet

Herbs that grow in the valley:

Oregon Grape – liver , blood cleanser
Elderberry – immune system
Dandelion – liver
Uva Ursi – kidneys
Chokecherry – astringent, antioxidant
Saskatoon – antioxidant
Mullein – lungs
Rosehips – immune system
Lavender – nervous system, calming
Hawthorn – heart
Parsley – kidneys
Horsetail – silicon, kidneys, connective tissue

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Take a Stand for Your Health

Take a Stand for Your Health

Take a stand for your own personal health .Say “No” to vaccines and drugs and use herbs instead.” Make health your priority . This statistic should make you stand up and take action ”Today 1 in 4 people die from cancer , the leading cause of death in Canada.” Here are the actions to take:
1 Give up sugar and carbohydrate foods which turn to sugar. Sugar feeds all diseased conditions.
2 Take Mineral Chi Tonic or Essential Liquid Minerals daily.
3 Take Super Omega 3 or Super Oil daily
4 Take a Super Food such as Flax Lignans , Green Zone daily.
5 Drink Chlorophyll and water .
6 Do a cleanse on a regular basis.
7 Add fresh air , sunshine and exercise to your life.

If you commit to doing these few things for your health then there are certain promises that are given to you and these are the following as stated by Dr Cordain.
Your weight /health will gradually improve – week by week – until your normal healthy body weight is restored . For some people this may take one or 2 months for others, 6 months to a year and for those with severe weight and health problems, a year or more. But the bottom line is that it will happen. You can expect the following:
Clearing of sinuses
Less stiffness of joints
Normal bowel function
Indigestion and acid stomach eliminated
High cholesterol and abnormal blood chemistry will see improvement within a month
Blood triglyceride levels drop
Good HDL will rise
Type 2 diabetes
Cardiovascular disease
High blood pressure
Kidney stones
Celiac disease
Rheumatoid arthritis
Sjogren’s syndrome
Reduced risk of all cancers
Hippocrates- Let food be thy medicine and let medicine be thy food.
Helen Keller- We can do anything we want if we stick to it long enough.

Candida Saliva Test
1) Do the Candida Saliva test. Fill up a clear glass with water and leave it on your bedside stand. First thing in the morning before you put anything into your mouth work up some saliva and spit into the glass of water. If the saliva forms strings, suspends or sinks to the bottom then this is an indication that Candida is present.
Eliminate Candida feeders that is sugars, grains, dairy. Here is where the newly released cookbook can help you. It is calledMud Pies – grain free, sugar free, dairy free simple recipes