Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Success Stories Feb 2018

Success Stories  Feb 2018
Emergency Protocol
Doreen ended up with pain and pressure around her lung and heart area. A cardiologist examined the fluids around the heart but found no fluids around the heart or around the lungs. Her blood pressure dropped dramatically and she was feeling awful. Her daughter called me to ask for some advice. Not knowing what the problem really is, I was directed to the Emergency Protocol that I teach in one of my TAFYH lessons. When in doubt this is when I resort to the common sense approach which is to get the blood cleaned out and flowing.  Doreen agreed to do the protocol. She took 8 MC all at once along with a glass of water and 1 opened capsule of Capsicum. Then 15 minutes later she took she took another glass of water and Capsicum and 15 minutes later another glass of water and Capsicum. This protocol was followed for 2 days whereupon the pressure and pain subsided. Now I know that in analyzing this situation you might say that this was in fact coincidence. And you are right. I really do not know that this protocol really did it! But this I want to say; what might have happened if this protocol was not followed?  A heart attack? A stroke? Fainting? All I know is that the blood pressure normalized and the pain and pressure subsided before an ambulance needed to be called. And I know that D was out there playing Pickle Ball the next day. I know you are thinking this: Where is the science behind the Emergency Protocol? What I want everyone to know is that there is a whole lot of work that Dr. McCausland did to formulate MC. It took over a year. It was formulated to clean out the blood, the heavy metals, the sticky triglycerides, metabolic wastes. Capsicum, is hot pepper, to get the blood to move, to circulate, to get the oxygen and nutrients to the areas that need repair as quickly as possible. If this simple common sense protocol prevents someone from getting a heart attack or a stroke then I say it works.

Brenda had a huge skin problem; Rosacea. She just did not know what to do. Her face was hot and red, burning and inflamed. It was painful and itchy and dry. This is when she turned to the Laws of Nature. She stopped eating all grains that today contain harmful lectins that cause inflammation and that glyphosates used in herbicides on most agricultural grains today cause leaky gut and get into the bloodstream. She then used Mineral Chi Tonic, lots of Cat’s Claw and Chlorophyll and water. Brenda used products other than Natures Sunshine that did not work. She says this: “ I swear by Natures Sunshine products.” And yes, Rosacea for Brenda is history for a few years now. Brenda also loves Stress Pak which helps her to sleep. She had not slept fully for at least 6 months. She would wake up every 2 hours. What really helped Brenda was Stress Pak.

Nan was diagnosed with early-stage Alzheimer’s and she just decided that she would not have Alzheimer’s’. Her brain was not working right. The memory was not working. She found it difficult to find the right words. She could not remember what she just said.  This is when she made a big decision! She decided to do TAFYH to take action for her health.” I was so hyper, so stressed out. I decided I would hang in there. I had nowhere to go. The medical system was not working for me. I was angry with the system. I had already gone through 23 different surgeries in my lifetime. I had my breasts removed because I was diagnosed with cancer. I just did not know there was a different way.”This is when Nan was introduced to Nature Sunshine products, each day she took Smoothies, Cat’s Claw combination, she took Focus ATN. Today she has seen an improvement in her memory and she has adopted the TAFYH principles as her lifestyle.

Monday, February 5, 2018

A Serious Dog Bite Cleared Up with a Herbal Protocal

One man ended up with a severe dog bite what was quite deep and ugly. His choices were to go to Emergency or to take action for his own health. When fear came over him the thought of going to Emergency crossed his mind. But he did ponder the consequences of such a decision. First of all we are very trained to act on the first impulse of going to Emergency and it is fear that leads us to Emergency.
Then he contacted me to ask about herbal remedies for a serious dog bite. I pursued to tell him about Wes whose very good friend was bitten by a dog once when Wes was out in the wilderness with his ATV. The drive to a hospital would take at least 2 hours. So Wes asked his friend if she would take Cat’s Claw and Silver. He was very well prepared for emergencies in all his travels. He just happened to have Cat’s Claw and SilverGuard with him. She agreed. Wes proceeded to tell her to take 4 Cat’s Claw 4 times a day along with 2 ounces of Silver. She did that too. The next day the entire hand was totally swollen. Wes was confident the Cat’s Claw would work. So his friend kept taking the Cat’s Claw in high doses. The next day the whole situation changed and the swelling was totally gone.
Upon hearing this story this man first thought about Emergency but that would mean a tetanus shot which he was totally not in favor of. And it would mean antibiotics. He didn’t like that either. He decided to take the herbal route. He soaked his hand in Himalayan salt and water, then slathered the bite with Silver Gel. He drank 1 ounce of SilverGuard throughout the day and took 20 Cat’ Claw a day. He did this for 2 days and on the third day the swelling had eased right up. Once more success story using the Emergency protocol I teach in TAFYH.

Marie Reveals Her Story on Overcoming Osteoarthritis

by: Donna Roth
Marie had been sick off and on for 17 years. She was stricken with asthma attacks and relied on steroids to ease asthma .The side effects of the steroids led to osteoarthritis and now she was taking pain drugs to alleviate the terrible pain of the osteoarthritis . She tried so hard to get off those horrible steroids but whenever she did the pain in the joints was crippling and she could not function. She could hardly get off the chair to walk to the bathroom. Then there was always the constant congestion in the sinuses and the lungs and the serious attacks of asthma which only puffers and steroids could control. Within the first 5 months of 2011, Marie spent 55 days in the hospital and she was admitted to the ICU 3 times with life-threatening asthma. Her lung capacity was so low that she could only blow 160 points on the Blow Scale. The Blow Scale registers up to  800 points. Here we go again - more steroids and the steroids helped her to blow to 350 points on the Blow Scale.Marie was so sick that thinking was an issue.  “Depression was so involved in my illness and my mind was constantly foggy and I could not think. Steroids cause depression so you’re caught up in this vicious catch 22 cycle.”
Now here is a point of interest. I have known Marie for 17 years and on more than one occasion I mentioned a herbal program to her. The idea just did not catch on. She just did not think that herbs could ever help her. She was too sick and if drugs could not help how could herbs ever make a difference. Finally in July 2012 Marie, with the help of her daughter, succumbed to a herbal program. In July of 2012, Marie attended a consultation session with Donna Roth and committed to following her educational advice. Here is Marie’s secret to her success.
First, she totally went off all grains, all sugar foods, all milk products.
Second, she increased her nutritional status by making high dense nutritious super shakes with Mineral Chi Tonic, Solstic Energy, and Zambroza.
Third Marie took capsules of  HSN-W 5 a day to heal the inner membrane of her damaged lungs.
Fourth Marie took capsules of Nature’s Sunshine  Cat’s Claw combination 5 a day to clear up the infection in the lungs.
Fifth Marie found that she no longer needed steroids and so she went off the steroids.
The turning point came after 6 weeks on this program. Once again it was time for Marie to do the Blow test. She recalled that in the past she was able to blow only as high as 350 points and that was with the help of the steroid drugs. This time there are no drugs. To Marie’s utter amazement she was able to blow to 450 points the best ever in 17 years. Marie is ecstatic. What a difference nutrition and herbs have made in her life. This is the best she has felt in 17 years. And she is enjoying life. She is presently well enough to go on a holiday with her husband and her grandchildren.
Marie wants all those who are suffering with health problems to know that you don’t have to waste 17 years of your life to do a herbal program. Just call Donna Roth and she will give you sound educational information regarding nutrition and herbs. It will change your life !