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From the Desk of Donna Roth September 19/22 Call with Donna and Guests

From the Desk of Donna Roth September 19/22

Transforming the Health of Nations


Monday Teleconference Call with Donna Roth

At 5:45 pm PT

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Today is a short call 5:45 to 6:15 as I dash off to my Health and Sciences mtg.

TAFYH team 70 is off the ground with 7 participants

 Advanced TAFYH will start the last week of September

Advanced TAFYH is every Thursday at 10 am to 11:30 am via Zoom

Words of kindness shared by others.

Success story by Janine

My Learnings from the Weekend Rallyl

My Thoughts : Meat and pH and the Digestive System

 Good meeting this morning. Thank you for taking the time out of your day  to help improve the lives and health of others. You are appreciated and valued.. Linda

 Ahhh, thank you so much Donna - you are truly a wealth of information. We'll hang in there. Some days are just a little more difficult than others. Guess we had one of those days. Anyway, have a wonderful day.

Love and blessings,

Arlie and Dianne

 I found the call today very motivational; I am excited. Janine   Janine has a success story to share.

 They normalized baby’s vaccine deaths by calling it SIDS. Now they are normalizing myocarditis in kids.

They are now normalizing unknown deaths caused by the shots by calling is SADS .

Maybe if we tell people the brain is an app they’ll start using it.

 I had the honor of attending presentations given by Dr. Hodgkinson and nurse, Shawn Taylor who also served in Afghanistan, and Dr Murin and Laura Lynn Tyler Thompson. There is a huge movement to change their agenda which was deceptively plunged on all of us.

We’re the carbon they are trying to reduce, Shawn

We have been gifted for this fight.

Interior Health fired 800 nurses.

They are not there to help you.

Traditional values, truth and trust is at stake

Doctors will not come to your rescue,

We are living the politics of depopulation.

We are so compassionate we have accepted euthanasia for those with cancer and  depression,  Laura Lynn

We need to act.

This is why you need to attend my calls. You absolutely need to know what to do when you are experiencing bleeding, stroke symptoms, diarrhea, food poisoning. You absolutely need to have on hand

Cat’s Claw Combination

SilverGuard and Silver Gel,



A food storage. water storage, fuel storage,

The big danger is complacency



The Meat conversation

Just recently I had a fruitful discussion with one of my TAFYH students and the topic of meat came into  the conversation. So I discovered that many so called Nutritional Schools are teaching students that meat is acidic and that your body needs to be alkaline. It is at this point that I wanted to share my comments. In TAFYH we follow Laws of Nature which is very common-sense type of laws. These laws need no lab, and they need no scientific evidence because the law just is. For example, the leaves fall the tree in the fall time. No need to prove it scientifically. It happens whether you believe it or not. It happens whether you scientifically prove it or not.  It just is. Microbes immediately occupy dead leaves to break them down to dirt. It just is. Microbes occupy dead animals to break them down to the dirt of the earth. It just is. Now let’s look at the whole study of pH. I have taken 3 pH courses and at the end of it all I threw the whole pH stuff out the window. Here are my thoughts concerning meat.

Who ever made up this stuff that meat is acidic implying that your whole body turns acidic if you eat it. Let’s look at  the workings of the digestive system. Let’s start with the saliva.

The pH value of saliva before the meal is 7.4.

2) The pH value of saliva after the meal is 5.8.

The pH of the saliva is alkaline before a meal so as to break down carbohydrates. Because there is probably some toxins that do not belong in the foods the saliva is already in the process of breaking them down.

The food then goes into the stomach where the stomach secretes HCl acid content of 1.0 to 3.0. The acids break the meats and proteins down into amino acids.

This chyme is now digested by the pancreatic enzymes which are alkaline and at this point the nutrients enter the blood stream. The pH of pancreatic juice (pH 7.5–8.0) serves two important physiological purposes. First, it dissolves and activates the pancreatic digestive enzymes secreted Second, it neutralizes HCl being emptied into the duodenum by the stomach.

In my world it does not matter if the food tests acid or alkaline, it goes through its own intelligent process of purification and alkalization in its own time following the laws of nature during the digestive process.

Here is my second point of contention.

I looked up the pH of meat and found that it tests 5.4 when it is first butchered then it is 6.5 after it sits a day or so. Keep this in mind.

pH value of lemon juice is 2.5 Yet in nutritional journals lemon is okay but meat is not because it acidic?

The pH value of carrot juice is 5.6 Yet carrots are okay but meat is acidic. Carrot juice is more acidic than meat.Now you can come to understand why I threw the entire pH stuff out the window. What we really need to do is to look after our digestive system. What should you do:

Stop eating all those sugars and carbo foods and lectin grain foods that feed Candida and block good enzyme production.

Have a high power smoothie with Collagen, Ultimate Green Zone, Solstic Energy

Take Cat’s Claw combination to address the lymphatic system to clean out toxic debris that interferes with digestion.

Most people are deficient in HCl so take a Protein Digestive Enzyme with your meals.

If you have a nervous stomach take Catnip Fennel, excellent for dissipating gas and bloating. I know one man who would never go anywhere without it.

Take Digestive Enzymes or Marshmallow Pepsin if you have heart burn or indigestion.

My other topic for today is the use of alternative flours. I read an article by Dr Mercola regarding his research on this topic. Why do I recommend alternative flours? As you well know one of the problems to all grains is the lectin problem known to cause leaky gut and escape into the blood stream as undigested foreign toxins that can accumulate in various organs glands and joints and cause pain and deterioration. Arthritis is a good example of a lectin accumulation. Lectins settle in the joints of knees and destroy the cartilage. Interestingly enough it is Glucosamine that is known to bind toxic lectins from joints. This is where I began to understand why Glucosamine is effective in healing joints. Colostrum is another product known to bind lectins from the blood stream. Colostrum must be taken on an empty stomach for best results.

The other reason I do not recommend grain flours is that they are known to feed Candida. They are loaded with starches and starches convert to sugar. Sugar feeds Candida. Candida produces xenoestrogens known to feed cancer and destroy the thyroid functions.

Grains are also loaded with glyphosates which comes from RoundUp used during harvest time to quicken the ripening process of grains. Glyphosates cause leaky gut and leaky brain. It that’s not bad enough glyphosates thicken the blood that dampen the circulation process.

The most important reason for avoiding all grains it that they lower body temperature. Often I am shown the good nutrients in grains but that has no convincing for me as I know these high starch grains lower body temperature! Cancer cannot grown in a body temperature of 37C and in TAFYH we work hard to raise body temperature. 

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From the Desk of Donna Roth Sept 12/22



TAFYH and Advanced TAFYH registrations for September

Words of kindness shared by others.

My Thoughts by Donna Roth

Success Stories:

3 year old is now eating

Sophea lost 10 pounds without trying

Sophie recovered from a stroke

Maria is no longer reacting to the sun

Menopause sweating resolved; The herbal that solved the problem

Parkinson’s Symptoms gone!

Emergency kit

Words of Interest by Carol

Today is my birthday and I received so many amazing success stories this morning that it has been the best birthday ever!

Hi Donna, thank you so much for the lovely phone consultation on Tuesday and for sending me my program. It was lovely talking with you and hearing your insight and obvious care for humankind. I truly appreciate that we have people like you watching out for us....our Earth Guardian Angel so to speak.

From my great friend, Marianne, who called to wish me a happy birthday and tell me how much she appreciated all the work that I do. Thank you.

Katy called this morning to tell me that the One Day Kidney Cleanse I recommended for her bladder infection was a great success. I just got  the details.She was experiencing a very painful back and very painful abdominal pain. She decided that instead of going ot a doctor who might just prescribe a drug she would call me instead. Of course I had no idea why Katy would be experiencing such pain so the thought came to me that this might be a very simple bladder infection. I recommended the One Day Kidney Flush. However I modified it slightly in case this was a kidney infection not just a stone. Katy got right on it.

1 glass water with lemon and Cranberry ½ cup. She added a pinch of baking soday so she could take it better.

Along with that she took 2 K, 2 Hydrangea and 2 Cat’s Claw

The next hour Katy took a glass of water with Chlorophyll

Along with that she took 2 K, 2 Hydrangea and 2 Cat’s Claw

She did this all day long for 10 times. So ever hour she was drinking fluids and taking herbs. By the end of the day she had taken 10 glasses of water, 20 K, 20 Hydrangea, 20 Cat;s Claw. By the end of this first day she felt great relief.
The back pain was gone, the abdominal pain was gone. But the bowels were not moving so she took LBS11 and she also applied Juniper Oil to the souls of her feet.

The following day Katy decided that she would do 5 more glasses of fluids and 10 K , 10 Hydrangea, and 10 Cat’s Claw. Katy is ecstatic, “ I would advise anyone to do this. So many people are suffering. Thank you, Katy.


Then another lady called and she has been following my program for 4 months and she was excited to tell me that just the last few days she has been able to jog for 3 ½ km and that was not something that she has been able to do for a long time. She is diagnosed with cancer.

Michelle called me to confirm that she will be taking TAFYH the second time round because she sees this as a huge business potential and she was excited to tell her story. She is on the call so I will pass the call to her to share her story. She was going to a hormone doctor specialist trying to get her hormones in balance taking estrogen , progesterone, testosterone and all these hormones creams. Quite recently she did a blood test and all hormones are back in balance not because of the hormones she was taking but because of the Laws of Nature she learned in TAFYH. All she did was follow the TAFYH program;

Eliminated all sugars, grains, breads, pop, alcohol junk foods.

She ate meats, fish, chicken, eggs, vegies, seeds, berries, applies

She drank smoothies with Collagen, Green Zone, Solstic Energy, Flax Hull Lignans, water and berries

She took Cat’s Claw combination\

She took Psyllium hulls and LBS11

She did the One Day Bowel Cleanse, the One day Kidney Flush and the 3 Day Liver Cleanse.

She had her blood tested in July after doing the program for 3 months.

Last week I talked to Sophea. She is totally excited and wants to do this as a business in Vancouver.

A 3 year old would not eat. Sophea recommended Sunshine Heroes Elderberry, and Chewable probiotics and Green Zone. This little one was eating Green Zone off the spoon and loving it. Now the 3 year old has an appetite and is happy. And of course NO more shots!

Sophea recently weighed herself and she has dropped from 151 to 141 and the scales in the gym confirmed the other weight scales. She is motivated to get the word out. In the past she did yoga, palates, the gym and never lost a pound. All she did here was follow the TAFYH program no trying,It just happened. She did the Bowel Cleanse, the Kidney Flush, the Liver Cleanse and the Gall Bladder cleanse twice.

Sophie is Sophea’s sister and ended up with a stroke after a CoVid shot. Sophea immediately took action and put her sister on a program; Rejuvenaid, Arginine Plus, and high doses of MC. Sophie recovered from a stroke and within 3 months she was able to write again and to hold a pen in her hand, something she could not do with a stroke.


I talked to Maria, Sophea went to visit her this past summer. In the past Maria was highly sensitive to the sun. She would get rashes and itchy skin, Not this year. She was according to Sophea;s words like a kid in a candy shop,. She was out in the sun swimming and having a great time. No more hiding in the shade covering her face and feeling like she was being attacked by the sun. What was it that made a difference? It was the TAFYH program.

I talked to Carol and she told me of a lady who was experiencing the symptoms of MS or Parkisons Disease. She had gone to a ND and you must know that it costs about $200 for that visit and that was unsuccessful. It was a teacher at the college who noticed that this lady’s symptoms were strange. So she asked if this lady was taking any medications. Yes, she was taking antidepressants. The college professor asked this lady to go off the drugs. And sure enough just going off the drugs and all symptoms disappeared. How many of you are taking drugs and how many of you have strange symptoms? And you are totally unaware that you are being poisoned by the drugs you are taking. I want to bring to your awareness:

The doctor might change your medication but will rarely admit that the drug or the vaccine is causing the problem. I have to say that all doctors are trained by the Colleg of Physicians and Surgeons to tell you the shots are safe and effective. In their world they know you are not smart and that you know nothing so nothing you tell them will make a difference.

The ND’s are also under an umbrella of College of ND’s so they are not allowed to tell you that your meds are causing the problem and neither are they allowed to tell you that you should never touch any shots. As a matter of fact here in the Okanagan I was told by a reliable source that 70% of the ND;s got the shots themselves. So in my mind they don’t believe what they are promoting to their clients.

I know herbs work. I have witnessed this in my own personal life many times and recently with a sore tooth where I was taking high doses of Cat’s Claw and Echinacea Golden Seal.In 48 hour all pain was gone. I have witnessed in in the 1000s’ of clients I have worked with. I know our bodies are created to heal. I understand the Laws of Nature as it applies to health.


Capsicum Extract or Capsules: Capsicum is an important remedy for stopping bleeding, treating shock and stimulating circulation and healing. It is also a valuable remedy for colds and has mild analgesic qualities.

Lobelia Essence: Lobelia is an antispasmodic that relaxes muscle cramps or spasms and can be used to ease pain, relax the body during anxiety attacks and stress, ease asthma attacks, and relieve tension headaches. Lobelia can also be used as an emetic to induce vomiting in cases of food poisoning or flu. Blue Vervain is a milder alternative some people prefer for young children. 

Ultimate Echinacea or Immune Stimulator: It’s good to have something to stimulate the immune system to help fight off contagious disease when it's "going around." Ultimate Echinacea is a liquid immune booster, suitable for young children and adults. Immune Stimulator is an encapsulated remedy for older children and adults who can swallow capsules. These remedies can not only help prevent infections, they can also boost your immune system to fight them off more effectively.

Silver Shield and/or Silver Shield Gel: I keep both of these in my first aid supplies as natural antiseptics. Silver Shield is a very effective and nontoxic siliver product that can be taken internally or applied topically. You can use it as a sinus spray, throat gargle or as ear drops for infections in the sinuses, throat and ears. It can also be taken internally for infections, but I have better results with other remedies for colds, flu and other acute ailments. The gel is excellent for all topical applications and is safe to use on open wounds. It can also be used as a hand sanitizer.

Tei Fu Oil or Tei Fu Massage Lotion: Tei Fu oil is a topical analgesic and can be rubbed in to ease the pain of headaches, muscle aches, arthritis, sore throats and much more. It can be inhaled for respiratory congestion and makes a great remedy for bites and stings. I've also rubbed it into the chest for congestion. I think it's one of the best topical analgesics on the market.


Peppermint Oil: Peppermint oil settles the stomach where there is nausea and vomiting and eases gas and bloating. It can also help to promote mental alertness.


AL-J Liquid or Capsules:  If you are prone to colds and respiratory congestion, this is a great remedy for clearing mucus from the lungs and sinuses. It is useful for coughs, colds, earaches, digestive upset and allergies.


Aloe Vera Gel or Herbal Trim Skin Conditioner: A high quality aloe vera gel is useful to keep on hand for burns, sunburn, abrasions and other skin irritations. Herbal Trim Skin Conditioner works even better than plain aloe vera gel.


IF-C: No first aid kit is complete without something for pain. This natural anti-inflammatory is a great remedy for easing pain and promoting recovery from minor injuries, headaches and other aches and pains.

Nature’s Fresh: This product is great to have on hand for stains and odors, but it is also an amazing topical spray for helping to ease pain and promote healing. You can spray it on all kinds of minor injuries and painful areas to ease pain and promote healing.

Other Products: You should also add to your first aid/emergency kit other products for the specific needs of yourself and your family. For instance, I also like MSM/Glucosamine cream for pain and VS-C for chronic viral infections.

Abrasions and Scratches: Any of the following can be applied topically to abrasions, scratches and similar injuries to prevent infection, ease pain and/or promote healing: Aloe Vera gel, Silver Shield, Nature’s Fresh and Tei Fu Oil.

Asthma Attack: Lobelia acts as a bronchial dilator and can be used in cases of asthma attacks where other medications are not available. Administer doses of Lobelia Essence every two minutes (about 1/4 teaspoon) until the attack subsides. This may cause vomiting, but will ease the attack.

Anxiety Attack: Administer small doses (5-20 drops) of lobelia every 2-3 minutes while encouraging the person to breathe slowly and deeply. Distress Remedy is also helpful for anxiety attacks.

Bites and Stings: Insect bites and stings can be treated with a wide variety of remedies. Tei Fu oil, Lobelia and Nature’s Fresh are all remedies that can reduce swelling and ease the pain of insect bites and bee stings. For poisonous spider bites, apply a poultice made of activated charcoal and seek medical assistance. Also seek assistance for allergic reactions.

Bleeding: To stop external bleeding, apply pressure directly to the wound. You can also sprinkle capsicum into bleeding wounds to help stop the bleeding. Capsicum can be taken internally to help stop internal bleeding, too. Of course, seek medical help for internal bleeding.

Blisters: Apply remedies like Tea Tree oil, Golden Salve, Silver Shield and Aloe Vera Gel topically to blisters and cover with a bandage to promote healing.

Bumps and Bruises: Golden Salve can be applied directly to bumps and bruises to rapidly reduce swelling and ease pain. You can also hold or rub the afflicted area for 5-20 minutes to take down swelling even more rapidly. Tei Fu oil or Nature’s Fresh may also be helpful.

Burns and Scalds: First degree burns involve redness, pain and swelling and second degree burns cause blisters. You can treat both first and second degree burns by applying cold water immediately to the burned area to cool it down. You can also dress the burn with Aloe Vera Gel to soothe pain and cool the burn. Nature’s Fresh and Silver Shield also make useful burn remedies. 

Two other good burn remedies you will probably have in your kitchen include real vanilla extract (not imitation) and raw honey. Both ease pain and promote rapid healing. IF Relief can be taken internally for pain. For third degree burns, which involve charring of the skin, seek medical attention.

Colds: At the first sign of a cold, stop eating and start drinking lots of fluids. Take remedies to clear congestion like AL-J or Capsicum. You can use Ultimate Echinacea, Immune Stimulator or Silver Shield to help the body fight the infection. It is also helpful to rub Tei Fu oils topically into the chest and throat or inhale them into the sinuses.

Canker Sores (Mouth Ulcers): A small, painful mouth ulcer usually is called a canker sore. Apply Tei Fu oil or Peppermint oil directly to the sore to ease pain and promote healing.

Cramps and Spasms: Lobelia is excellent at relieving cramps and spasms. It can be taken internally, but works even better when the extract is applied topically mixed with equal parts capsicum extract. This draws blood into the afflicted area and relaxes muscles.

Cuts: Styptics are herbs, usually astringents, that have the power to stop bleeding, close cuts and speed the healing of cuts. Capsicum is a useful styptic. Silver Shield or Silver Shield Gel is a good remedy to apply to cuts to prevent infection.

Diarrhea: Cat’s Claw and Psyllium Hulls makes an excellent remedy for diarrhea. It absorbs substances that are irritating the colon and firms up the stool. You can also take infection-fighting remedies such as Silver Shield, Ultimate Echinacea and/or Immune Stimulator internally if the diarrhea is caused by infection.

Ear Infection or Earache: Two remedies which make good ear drops for ear infections are lobelia (which eases pain) and Silver Shield (which fights infection). Before putting these into the ear they should be warmed to body temperature. You can do this by putting the bottle into a cup of warm water or holding under your armpit or some other warm spot of your body.

Here are two other simple home earache remedies. One, cook an onion and put some body temperature drops of the juice from the cooked onion in the ear. Two, cut a clove of garlic in half, coat it with olive oil and place it on the outside of the ear. 
Internally, AL-J, Ultimate Echinacea or Immune Stimulator can be helpful for earaches. It is also a good idea to avoid wheat and dairy foods in children with frequent earaches.

Food Poisoning: You can induce vomiting by taking large quantities of lobelia or you can take activated charcoal to absorb toxins (or both). Silver Shield will help fight the infection and Peppermint Oil will help settle your stomach (after you throw up). Seek medical assistance if the problem is severe.

Frostbite: Sprinkle tiny amounts of capsicum in socks or gloves to prevent frostbite. Warm areas affected by frostbite in cold water and seek medical attention.

Headache (Sinus): Headaches in the frontal region of the face are usually caused by congested sinuses. Inhale Tei Fu oils, take AL-J internally or spray Silver Shield into the sinuses to help decongest them. Drinking several glasses of water may also help.

Headache (Tension): Headaches involving a sense of pressure and tension can be eased by massaging the neck and shoulders using Lobelia and Capsicum and following this with Tei Fu oil. You can take lobelia internally to relax muscle tension or use IF Relief as a pain reliever.

Nausea and Vomiting: Peppermint oil can be used to settle the stomach in cases of nausea and vomiting. Lobelia in very tiny doses (2-3 drops) can do the same thing. Large doses of lobelia induce vomiting.

Pain: Remedies in the first aid kit that can be helpful for pain include IF Relief and Lobelia, which can be taken internally. You can also apply Tei Fu oil or Lotion, Peppermint oil, Nature’s Fresh, Golden Salve, Aloe Vera Gel or Lobelia and Capsicum mixed topically for pain.

Poison Ivy or Oak: Wash thoroughly after exposure. Aloe Vera gel or Silver Shield gel can be applied topically to aid healing.

Shock: Shock is a response to severe physical or emotional trauma and is characterized by paleness, rapid but weak pulse, rapid and shallow respiration, restlessness, anxiety or mental dullness, nausea or vomiting associated with reduced blood volume and low blood pressure and subnormal temperature. Cover the person to keep them warm, elevate their feet and give them Capsicum or Peppermint oil. They can also inhale Tei Fu oil.

Smashed Fingers: Grab and hold the finger tightly until the pain subsides (about 5-20 minutes), then apply Golden Salve or  Nature’s Fresh. Tei Fu oil can also help

Sore Throat: You can gargle with Silver Shield and/or Capsicum extract diluted with a little water or spray Silver Shield directly on the throat. You can also rub Capsicum and Lobelia,Tei Fu oil or Silver Shield Gel on the outside of the throat.

Sprains and Pulls: Nature’s Fresh is an excellent remedy to apply topically to help sprains heal. You can also apply Capsicum and Lobelia. IF Relief can be taken internally to ease pain and promote healing.

Sunburn: Aloe Vera gel, Herbal Trim Skin Conditioner and Nature’s Fresh are good remedies to apply topically for sunburn.

Wounds and Sores: Remedies that can help various kinds of injuries and sores to heal faster include Aloe Vera gel, Golden Salve, Ultimate Echinacea, Nature’s Fresh and Silver Shield.


From the Desk of Donna Roth September 12/22

From the Desk of Donna Roth September 12/22

Transforming the Health of Nations



TAFYH and Advanced TAFYH registrations for September

Words of kindness shared by others.

My Thoughts by Donna Roth

Success Stories:

3 year old is now eating

Sophea lost 10 pounds without trying

Sophie recovered from a stroke

Maria is no longer reacting to the sun

Menopause sweating resolved; The herbal that solved the problem

Parkinson’s Symptoms gone!

Emergency kit

Words of Interest by Carol


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From the Desk of Donna Roth August 22/22Transforming the Health of Nations


From the Desk of Donna Roth August 22/22Transforming the Health of Nations         


Become self-reliant in health.

Monday Teleconference Call with Donna Roth and Guests

At 5:45 pm PT

Dial 604 227 1018



TAFYH and Advanced TAFYH registrations for September

Presently 6 have registered for TAFYH team 70 and the team can be up to 8.

Advanced TAFYH registrations to come in, I think I am up to about 25 at this point.

You Need to Know About Comfrey

Guest: Elva to share her discovery about Artemisia and Mullein. You will be surprised!

Words from Donna Roth

Words of Interest from Carol

Q and A please email them to kdroth@shaw.ca



A story as shared on the Sayer Ji site.

As I hastily came down from the shoulder stand position, the toxins in my body strategically ambushed the weak area in the body that lacked breath and was void of sufficient oxygen. The toxins quickly moved in to take over the zone; they set up an acidic camp with numbing inflammation, further suffocating the area, and strategically starving it of circulation, alkaline nutrients, and vital oxygen. But the Comfrey (aka Warrior Plant or Knit-Bone) with its deep-rooted, collagen-like calcium and phosphorous-rich, volcanic earth medicine was just too robust to be denied. A relaxed, restorative and regenerative healing alchemy kicked in and began to simultaneously cleanse and nourish the traumatized area. I began to breathe in a calm, intentional, and methodical way; a healing trajectory that I could not have fathomed just moments prior when my body remained in fight or flight.

The True Healers: Oxygen, Water & Rest

Soon after my Comfrey application, I am then intuitively called to drink water and more water to symbiotically increase my hydration to compliment the highly effective increase in oxygen levels. I had just experienced that the two healing essentials on earth, water and oxygen, are synonymous with a strong comfrey infusion. The radical alkalinity of comfrey's constituent elements chemically attract the regenerative purity of both clean oxygen and water. I proceeded to drink three, four, then five large glasses of spring water over the next few hours, almost as if I was under some a hypnotic spell. I became more aware of the extreme dehydrated condition of my body, which must have contributed greatly to my injury. I then B-lined to my bed to rest. I surrendered to restorative sleep, copious amounts of spring water, and simultaneous breathwork with a warrior-like intention on my healing path. I continued to massage Comfrey Salve and apply Comfrey Cast (potent root powder), and use Comfrey Hydrosol (gentle "Spirit" water) interchangeable throughout the next few days as the pain and inflammation completely dissipated.

At this time I want to mention some incredible ways to identify the healing properties of herbs, It is called the Doctrine of Signatures.

When looking at a pine tree, we may perceive its rootedness mirroring its array of branches and leaves swaying up toward the heavens. Trees resemble the human form in standing position. The shapes of the pine’s branches and needles are quite intricate, visually mimicking the delicate chambers of our respiratory system. Pine has strong lung tonic support with antibacterial and antioxidant properties (Grieve, 1971). Energetically, the lungs can hold grief and sorrow. One of its many virtues, pine opens the airways helping to clear stuck energy bringing calm and stability.

Every plant’s personality is specific to the growing conditions it needs in order to photosynthesize sunlight and carbon dioxide into food. Take the aloe vera plant (Aloe barbadensis miller), from the Liliaceae family. It can be found growing in dry, arid regions, like the desert, and this plant stores its water from these dry conditions. The inside of the aloe plant holds the wonderful thick, moisturizing, and cooling gel we use in many herbal, body care, and even food products. Aloe vera is often used as a first aid plant for burns and skin irritations. It is also used to assist with constipation and inflammation in and around the body

I have in the past discussed the incredible healing effects the herb Mullein has on the lungs. Mullein has yellow flowers that really look like the lungs and if you study signature of herbs you will see that Nature does give you that message. If the herb looks like the lungs then it is for the lungs.

Then there is the herb Artemisia and Mugwort in our Nature Sunshine combination called Artemisia. It has been used very successfully for killing worms and expelling parasites. Dr Hulda Clark wrote a book called A Cure For All Cancers and in that book is a recipe for expelling parasites. It went something like this. Take 7 Artemecia once a day on an empty stomach and take Black Walnut during the day.

Well we have a TAFYH grad that took the information she learned from these calls and from TAFYH and she put together a very wise and slick program for those people suffering from CoVid symptoms. She is here to tell you her experience and to share her success stories with you.


You don’t have cancer. You have been poisoned, Dr Thomas Cowan p 104.

Words of Wisdom from Carol


From the Desk of Donna Roth Sept. 5/22


From the Desk of Donna Roth Sept. 5/22

Transforming the Health of Nations      


Become self-reliant in health.

Monday Teleconference Call with Donna Roth

At 5:45 pm PT

Dial 604 227 1018



Today the call starts at 5:45 pm PT and ends at 6:15 pm

TAFYH and Advanced TAFYH registrations for September

Cat’s Claw Combination, Silver, Echinacea/Golden Seal; My Go To

Artemisia , Mullein and Zinc; Why this is a must in your Emergency Kit

Solving Blood Pressure with Herbs


Hi Donna.   I just wanted to send you a large dose of Love and Gratitude today.   

  I've had a couple of good days now after a long stretch (12 days )  of extremely bad days.  Smoothies and Cats Claw kept me alive.   Just started eating solid food again yesterday.   

We are going to beat this. 

Enjoy this beautiful day 



Cat’s Claw Combination, Silver, Echinacea/Golden Seal; My Go To

This is what I took to clean out the poisons that gave me a painful tooth. I took high doses  of each. 21 capsules of Cat’s Claw Combination and 21 Echinacea/Golden Seal and12 MC and 6 Capsicum a day and in 48 hours all pain was gone. However I have continued to take high doses for the last week.I did go to the dentist and I did have an xray done and yes there was an inflamed nerve but no cavity.  I have cancelled the dentist’s recommendation to extract that tooth. I did hear the typical opposition to my decision, These convincing words  I have heard quite often from my clients.I think all professions take the same kind of training.  I will share them with you:

If you were my mother

You have a serious infection

The damage has been done. Antibiotics and herbs will make the pain subside, but the damage has been done meaning the nerve can never be repaired;

I know that the body can repair itself and it can heal regardless of where the damage is.

Today I no longer have any sensitivity in that tooth. If it so happens that what I am presently doing by taking herbs and collagen to repair it does not work then I will go to plan B to have that tooth extracted.

I just really want to emphasize the importance of high doses of herbs. Your body needs lots of that herbal energy for these emergency situations. In Ken’s situation it took 12 days and I give him accolades and honor him for not succumbing to going to the hospital where only drugs are offered. He took high doses of Cat’s Claw and lots of smoothies. It worked in my situation as well.

But I do want to point out that in most cases people are afraid to take high doses of herbs as they see them as drugs. Herbs come from Nature. They were created by an superior intelligence well beyond anything that man can create in a lab. Herbs can never hurt you. Notice they do not need to be prescribed because they are so safe to take.


Artemisia , Mullein and Zinc;

Last week Elva shared the number of success stories she had with people using her so called CoVid kit. If you think you are sick then just take Artemisia 7 all at once on an empty stomach, Mullein 2 three times a day and 2 Zinc. Drink lots of water and stay off bread and sugar. So order these 3 products and keep them on hand.


Solving Blood Pressure with Herbs and Enzymes

Recently I had a discussion with a friend regarding someone she knew suffering from blood pressure issues. So today I decided to talk about blood pressure and I did some research.

Here is what I learned from Jon Barron, Nutraceutical researcher. He talked about fibrin in the blood. Excess fibrin in your blood may also raise your risk for a heart attack and/or stroke. Symptoms of excess fibrin include: chronic fatigue, poor healing ability, inflammation, pain and high blood pressure.

Fibrin is the clotting material that forms to clot blood after a wound or after surgery. It is fibrin that causes scar tissue. However the consequences of fibrin is that and it can restrict blood flow. Fibrin is related to cancer as well. Because fibrin restricts blood flow, the much-needed oxygen flow to the cancerous site does not happen. Therefore, cancer proliferates in this fibrin cloak.  I want to mention that fibrin of course has a purpose in that it clots the blood to prevent bleeding. But it is then the job of the blood to clean this fibrin out once its purpose has been completed. Fibrin has a protein structure and it requires enzymes to break it down so that the blood can clean it out. Two very important concepts following Laws of Nature come to mind here.

1.     The blood must move. Fibrin accumulates if the blood is not moving. It is heat that moves blood and your body temperature must be at about 37 C first thing in the morning. One herb that will keep that blood moving is Capsicum. I remember listening to Dr Christopher years ago and to this day I recall his emphasis on that very simple herb known as Capsicum. It increases heat and it moves the blood. In every type of illness known to man besides other herbs Dr Christopher always  recommended 2 herbs. Capsicum and Lobelia which relaxes the muscles and vascular system.

2.     The other Laws of Nature concept is enzymes. Enzymes are needed to break down the fibrin that prevents blood from moving. This is where Protease Plus enzymes come into play. If you take Protease Plus with your food it breaks down protein and protein-based foreign bodies so it functions as digestive aids. If you take Protease Plus enzymes on an empty stomach it goes directly into your blood.  In your blood, it acts as blood cleanser that combats inflammation


 Nutraceutical researcher Jon Barron, quote,” proteolytic enzymes taken for systemic benefit, meaning on an empty stomach, can help eliminate pathogens, allergens and rogue cells by destroying and digesting their protein-based shield. Systemically, proteolytic enzymes also have the ability to interfere with enzyme production caused by certain cancers, thereby slowing down the cancer's growth.

 The benefits of Protease Plus enzymes Quoting Jn Barron:

1.Breaks down foreign proteins in your blood that cause inflammation

2.Facilitates the removal of inflammatory fibrin proteins via your blood stream and lymphatic system

3.Reduces edema in inflamed region

4.Significantly increasing the potency of macrophages and killer cells

The Program to Solve Blood Pressure

Raise your BT; eat grass fed meats, fish, eggs, Have a smoothie with Arginine Plus to increase blood circulation and bind spike proteins,  NutriBurn Whey

Protease Plus on an empty stomach; 2 to 4 in the morning and 2 to 4 at bedtime.

Capsicum to increase BT and blood circulation.

MC to clean out heavy metals

My sister is dying of this horrible disease. She has had it for 35 years.  Her insides are dried out she can no longer pea or have a bowel movement she has had shingles and can’t produce her own salvia.  She lives in Brandon Manitoba.  I remember the story about the husband who gave his wife silver shield to sip on and she had 3 bottles of it. And was ok after that. Would this be of help to her.  Also she has extreme pain inside her vagina, so I was wondering about silver gel that she could put inside. Most days she is completely out of it from heavy duty pain meds.  She said she can’t do this any more.  I do t know how much longer she will last.  I feel like I need to do something.  I would appreciate any suggestions you might have. Bonnie

Success Story: Lupus  by Lynn

You Don’t have to Have Lupus or Be Diseased. Just Make a Decision Says Lynn

Ten years ago, Lynn was diagnosed with Lupus and was given 2 years to live.

“My whole life ended, and I went into a deep depression. I was hospitalized to a psych ward for a period of 3 months. I was totally overwhelmed, and I broke down.” For years Lynn’s life was totally consumed by doctors. Visits to the doctors’ offices was her entire social life.” I was letting the doctors tell me what to do. I was living on borrowed time. All I did was make appointments with doctors and sit around in the waiting rooms to see doctors. I shaved my legs daily to see doctors. I was up to visiting 15 doctors a week. I was very timid, and I was lost. I was bitter. Why is my life shutting down? “

No one could give Lynn an answer. Then one day she made a decision – a decision that changed her life. Someone had told her about Donna Roth, an expert herbalist and she decided to visit her for a consultation. The consultation discovered that Lynn was very deficient in many different minerals, enzymes , and essential fatty acids. On July 31/06 Lynn started on her new adventure.

“I decided I would do exactly what Donna said I should do. I taped the instructions to my fridge, and I stuck to the program.”

Every day Lynn took the following Nature’s Sunshine herbal program:

Chinese Mineral Chi Tonic 3 oz a day

Ultimate Green Zone

LIV-C 4 capsules a day

Evening Primrose Oil 4 capsules a day

Colostrum 4 a day

No sugar, pop, wheat, yeast products. A diet of vegetables, fruit, nuts, seeds, hormone free meat, eggs. Water only to drink.

At the end of August/2006 Lynn visited her liver specialist who did a liver enzyme test for her. The results showed the liver enzymes to be down to normal for the first time in 10 years. The doctor couldn’t believe it and so he did another liver test just in case there was an error in the testing procedures. Once again, the liver test showed the enzyme levels to be perfectly normal. All other blood tests showed everything to be in the normal range. The blood pressure came down from 180/110 to 127/85. The doctor was absolutely amazed and told Lynn she wouldn’t have to see him for another 6 months. Lynn also weaned off 5 of her 7 medications- the anti-malaria drugs, the blood pressure meds, the diuretics, the potassium and the arthritic pain drugs.

Today Lynn rarely has any pain. The cramps she would have in the liver and the ribs every time she ate have gone. Her leg cramps decreased dramatically. She rarely gets headaches anymore and her sugar cravings are gone. The anxiety attacks, stress and depression are gone. Her sporadic menstrual cycle is normal now

“I learned I had to speak for myself and do it myself. I was letting the doctors tell me what to do. I changed my eating habits. I changed my shopping habits from cookies and potato chips to fruits and vegetables. I get excited when I cook now. I discovered how my intestinal tract works. I feel younger today then I did 10 years ago. “Lynn’s advice is to gain knowledge about yourself and to do it yourself.



How Digestive Enzymes Impact Digestion

When you swallow a food, it first enters the upper portion of your stomach. Here, any enzymes inherent in the food itself start to activate, helping to break the food down. As you might expect, the more the food can be broken down here in the first stage of your gastrointestinal tract, the less labor intensive the digestive process will be later on.

The pH in this upper stomach portion typically ranges from 4 to 6, i.e., slightly acidic. As food enters your stomach, proton pumps lining the lower pyloric part of your stomach starts pumping in hydrochloric acid, and it does this in proportion to the amount of food that you eat. The more food you put in, the more hydrochloric acid is being pumped in to help break down and liquefy that food.

Importantly, hydrochloric acid does not actually help you digest your food. Rather, it activates an enzyme called pepsin, a proteolytic enzyme that helps digest protein. In this lower section of your stomach, the pH ranges from 2 to 4.

As the food is liquefied, it starts dripping into the duodenum, the upper part of your small intestine, triggering your pancreas to secrete alkaline bicarbonates, thereby neutralizing the acidity. The pH of your small intestine typically ranges from 8 to 9.

Pancreatic enzymes are also released, which continue the process of breaking the food down into even smaller constituent parts. In summary, digestion can occur in three areas — your upper stomach, lower stomach and small intestine — and your food choices can significantly influence where and how well digestion occurs in these areas.