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From the Desk of Donna Roth May 22/22


From the Desk of Donna Roth May 22/22

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TAFYH team 69 has been launched with 8 participants

Guest speaker: Paul, TAFYH grad, his experience, cancer results

Herbal Program for shot injuries

Focus ATN

Words of Interest from Carol


Health is the greatest possession. Contentment is the greatest treasure. Confidence is the greatest friend."

― Lao Tzu

Peter Chris: We should all try and find some inner gratitude for the unvaccinated as we took the bait by hating them because their perseverance and courage bought us the time to see we were wrong.


So if mandates ever return for Covid or any other disease or virus, hopefully, more of us will be awake and see the rising authoritarianism that has no concern for our well-being and is more about power and control. The War on the Unvaccinated was lost and we should all be very thankful for that.


In TAFYH you each day I send you a success story of someone who has overcome some very serious health problems. I choose from 80 cancer success stories I have received and written up and from about 50 other success stories, a variety such as diabetes, RA, fatty liver disease, infections, kidney disorders and then there are the stories I have received from 69 teams that I have taught. Each team averages 6 people. However lately the teams have been 7 or 8 men and women. I have taught 15 ND’s, 5 doctors and 1 dentist. So within these TAFYH grads there are at least 300 more success stories.  My book Practical Solution to the Cancer Injury has 60 more stories. My website has 100’s of success stories. We are now well into the1000’s. How many success stories do you need to hear to realize that it is a therapeutic nutritional program that heals your body. It is not vaccines, shots, drugs, chemo or radiation. Your stem cell carpenters need nutrients to repair your sick injured cells. They cannot take anything the  drug or chemo or radiation or a vaccine you are taking and use it to create healthy cells for you.  Chemo or drugs do not provide your stem cell carpenters with essential building blocks. This is the Law of Nature and it is simple common sense. As a matter of fact by taking all those non nutritious products you are now putting your liver and entire immune system into hard drive to clean out the poisons; these poisons from all those non nutritious products!  

Your stem cell carpenters need high dense energy nutritious foods and that’s why you need a super food smoothie from Natures Sunshine: Green Zone, Essential Liquid Minerals. Flax Hull Lignans, Arginine Plus, Solstic Energy, Chlorophyll. These products are meticulously tested and I know without a shadow of doubt that they are high energy. How do I know? I just mentioned the 1000’s of success stories I have documented. They are on my site and they are in my book Practical Solution to the Cancer Injury and they are in the TAFYH course that I teach.


I have also investigated CT scans and found that they 30% of the time they are wrong. We are programmed to think they are 100% accurate. So 30% of the time being wrong how do you now know if your CT scan is in the 70% accurate or the 30% wrong.

Then I checked out the MRI tests. There was a team of doctors that checked the accuracy of the MRI tests for knee surgeries only for them to find out that the MRI scans were wrong 48% of the time. If they are wrong 48% of the time for knees then the same applies to measuring tumors and cancer growths. WE need to hear this many times. The MRI scans were 48% inaccurate.


I have thought about these tests and scans and blood tests and blood pressure tests. Here is what I want to say about these tests. Your body is in constant state of changing. I know your blood pressure fluctuates continually. Your BP at a doctor’s office automatically goes up because you in a state of stress. Yet you are made to believe that you have high BP. To this I say that you would have to check your BP a few times per week and get the average in its resting stage to find out what your BP really is. The same applies to your BT. Your BT is constantly changing and a healthy BT should be fluctuating. It has been proven that your BT should be higher in the evening than in the morning. But what are we all witnessing when we go to visit someone in a nursing home. The room temperature is hot. These people are cold and they are cold all day long. So it applies to all tests, MRI tests,  CT scans, BP tests, blood tests, thyroid tests, As a matter of fact Dr Code clearly states that a thyroid test never shows accuracy because most of the time you are dealing with thyroid hormone resistance and not low thyroid hormones.

Now I want to talk about the so called new Rapid Antigen Tests. This information comes form Action4Canada and I suggest you check it out  


There is NO question about it, the Rapid Antigen Tests (RATs) contain toxic ingredients that are very harmful to children, adults, pets and the environment. Health Canada’s website clearly warns that the tests contain toxic chemicals and should be kept out of the reach of children and pets. The video above is evidence that a Canadian manufacturer, Artron, is attempting to avoid disclosing these ingredients.


Then we are indoctrinated to believe that a vaccine can prevent you from getting a virus or CoVid. It is not a poison that prevents a virus just as it is not a poison that can stop the cancer. Notice how no Health Canada agent or Health officer ever tells you to keep your immune system strong. They don’t even mention simple supplements that every doctor talks about and that is Vit C, Vit D, Zinc, Quercetin, Ivermectin, As a matter of fact from what I have witnessed this information about  supplements is suppressed.  Here is what Dr Mercola says about vaccines.


Dr. Mercola

Dr. Maurice Hilleman, for example, a former head of Merck who developed polio vaccines, has admitted these vaccines were contaminated with dozens of viral pathogens, including simian virus 40 (SV40), which can cause cancer.


“This idea of vaccination contamination was exposed again in 2017, when they found nano contamination with heavy metals in 43 out of 44 vaccines in a study out of Italy,” Perro says.


“And these nanoparticles, because of their size, are inflammatory. They cross the blood brain barrier. And I am sure, without a doubt, that's what's linked to this neuroinflammatory process that we see with kids on the spectrum, the rise in ADHD and another neurosensory/ neurocognitive issues.”


At the last HS meeting I attended I met a wonderful woman in her 40’s who took time to show me the huge blood blisters she experienced after a CoVid shot. They were all over her body, her face, her legs, her back , her breasts, just everywhere. She went to see the doctor and more than one doctor was trying to diagnose her skin blisters problem not wanting to admit that these were as a result of a CoVid shot injury. I am now hearing that doctors are afraid to admit that CoVid shots cause injury because they are fiercely ostracized by the College of Physicians and Surgeons and their licences are threatened. So after 10 days of big blisters she was prescribed a steroid drug. The conversation from here was very insightful as I explained to her how lucy she was not to have take any drug for 10 days which gave her liver an opportunity to clean out the poisons from the CoVid shots. She had no idea that the liver was that powerful. That liver just keeps doing its work for you, cleaning out all those poisons you are eating, drinking and injecting into your body and it does so 24/7 no grumbling, no complaining. To add to this story this woman then showed a picture of her friend also in her 40’s. Her friend is no longer living on this Earth plain. She died shortly after the CoVid shot. And this is not all. Her other friend 8 months pregnant was coerced by her doctor to have a CoVid shot. This woman gave birth to a still born baby.

Take note of my words and tell others and tell them what they need to do.


When trying to prevent and/or treat a COVID jab injury, there are five toxic components that need to be addressed:


Spike protein toxicity

PEG Polyethylene glycol

Inflammation from the nanolipid

Graphene oxide



So I want to address them.


NSP product Arginine Plus has been scientifically documented by Dr Jessica Rose  to clean out  spike protein toxicity. Scientists have proven that it  increases blood circulation, increases body temperature, enhances the immune system and it tastes great.

UltraBiome DTX  and MC helps to bind the PEG, heavy metals and graphene oxide and nanotoxicity

Histablock with quercetin along with Zinc helps with allergy reactions, lungs, sinuses, allergies,

Artemisia also known as wormwood or Ivermectin to clean up parasites, spike proteins.

I believe Paw Paw would be beneficial for attaching the spike proteins.

There is one product I want to mention in regards to brain power restoration because I know that the CoVid shots cross the blood brain barrier. That is Focus ATN

Check out Sylvia Rogers presentation on Dr Amin’s brain study and brain health      

ADHD and ADD ; Focus ATN is an excellent combination for healing the brain.

The herbal combination, Focus ATN, is a marvelous combination to enhance brain functions. Studies conducted using Focus ATN proved improvements in the following areas:


 neuromotor control.

Decreased anxiety,

remarkable improvement in learning and behavior problems such as ADD,

 improvement in attention span,

decreased irritability,

improved scholastic ability

elevated IQ levels


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Guest Carol

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