Sunday, January 31, 2010

What are Herbs ?

Herbs are plants and roots also known as foods that keep our bodies strong and healthy because of their dense nutritional values. Nutrition means there are vitamins, minerals, antioxidants. fatty acids and other important nutrients in the foods and herbs so that the process of healing and healthy cell replication can take place once they are consumed. The herbal products used in the Donna Roth Paw Paw cancer program are all Nature’s Sunshine products which have been meticulously tested in a laboratory by scientists who use state-of –the –art quality control technology to ensure all products are even beyond pharmaceutical grade. All Nature’s Sunshine products are approved for the purpose of sales both by the FDA in US and by Health Canada .
Each herb had a nutritional analysis such as :
Carrots – high in Vit A and Beta Carotene
Parsley -= Calcium, Magnesium, Niacin, Phosphorus, Potassium. Vit A, C, K
Siberian Ginseng found in Chinese Mineral Chi Tonic –Magnesium, Niacin, Phosphorus, Zinc
Super Omega 3 – high in Omega 3 – 380 mg of EPA and 190 mg of DHA
Just as all berries, blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, contain high amounts of antioxidants to ensure that the bad free radicals from all toxins do not steal oxygen from our cells so do the 50 different acetogenins found In Paw Paw ensure that cancer cells do not get the sugars they are looking for . Now I know that everyone is comfortable with carrots or parsley or ginseng or fish oil in a capsule. Well just apply this same comfort to Paw Paw. It’s just that you are very familiar with Parsley but Paw Paw is more of a stranger to you. And consequently you tend to apply fears to it such as that there are contraindications which term ,I feel , only belongs to the medical community and that it is not scientifically documented ( it has 20 years of research behind it by Dr. Mclaughlin) and that herbs are dangerous and you know that because the doctor said so( only drugs are dangerous ). There is so much confusion . Who do you believe- the doctor or some lowly herbalist ? The answer to this question is simple. Which one is the master of healing any injury – a drug containing toxins and harmful side effects or herbs loaded with nutrition ? Of course it’s nutrition that contains the power of repairing an injury. This statement remains as true today as it did in the day when herbs were first created for the use of man for food and for healing.

Friday, January 22, 2010


Redness of rosacea diminishes
with Silver Shield
My friend who attended the 2008 Health Conference
introduced me to Silver Shield. I decided to buy the
product to improve my bad skin condition caused by
rosacea. After only one week of using the Silver Shield
(1 teaspoon 3 times a day) I noticed that the redness of
my cheeks slightly started to diminish and now my face
is almost pale. It seemed that Silver Shield fights bacteria,
parasites that cause rosacea inflammation.
Certainly, I am going to continue using Silver Shield
and recommend it to rosacea sufferers.

Inflamed Eyes - Dog

Dog returns to health with Silver
Shield and probiotics
Client brought her dog to me which was always having
issues with his eyes. The eyes were very inflamed and
running with a clear fluid discharge. I suggested that
the dog be taken off dog food with any yeast in it. I had
her put 1 drop of Silver Shield directly into the eye (not
diluted, you should not dilute the Silver Shield at all).
As well as give the dog one dropper full of Silver
Shield two to three times a day. Also added in
Herbasaurs Chewable Bifidophilus for kids (dogs love
them). The bifidophilus was needed as friendly bacteria
to help fight the infection. The dog’s eyes are now
clearing up nicely. Will have her continue with the
Silver Shield liquid in the mouth for about three months
to work on the chronic underlying infection. This dog
was under four pounds

Sunburn, Sty

Silver Shield Gel a quick healer
I used the new product Silver Shield Gel on my,n St recent
sunburn and it healed the burn very quickly. It really
soothes the skin. My son used it for an infected toe nail
and the infection subsided within a day. He applied it
about three times. He also used it for a sty in his eye. The
itch went away immediately upon applying the Gel directly
on the sty and it went away the next day. It popped and
healed and that was the end of the sty.
Kelowna, BC