Sunday, May 13, 2018

Your Body is Created to Heal

Your Body is Created to Heal
Your body, your brain, your organs, your glands, your bones are created to heal in every capacity.
But you must do your part in helping the healing process. You follow the Laws of Nature!
You must feed your stem cells! They are your little inner carpenters. Give them the nutrition they need, clean out the toxic debris that obstructs circulation of oxygen, energy and nutrients. And guess what ? Those little carpenters, the stem cells,  do the rest for you. Your health  can 
be accomplished using designer herbal formulas provided for you by Nature’s Sunshine. I express
my deepest appreciation to the wise scientists that have worked diligently at the Nature’s Sunshine
labs to develop herbal formulas that are able to clean out heavy metals from the brain and arteries
and organs of your body. Some of them have spent years in research and study. 
 Dr. McCausland over a year to design our oral chelation tablet, MC .
 Dr. Jerry McLaughlin spent 20 years researching Paw Pawfor cancer.
 Dr. Trip  spent several years developing Zerenity which brings down the swelling of the
amygdala in the brain which controls emotions, memory, anxiety, and pain.
 Dr. Kelly designed ULC-R to wipe out H Pylori bacteria in your stomach. 
Dr. Christopher developed the I-X formula to increase ironcontent in the blood stream.

Not only do we have the best herbal formulas but  we also have thousands   who have taken the Nature’s Sunshine products, followed therapeutic nutritional programs and restored their health. Here is a powerful quote from Diane, a great NSP leader, a great friend, a TAFYH grad with a great success story.
“I know for a fact you can heal naturally. I was paralyzed from my head to my toes with Multiple Sclerosis and eventually learned how to heal symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis, Chronic Fatigue, fibromyalgia. It changed my life. Its why I use that experience and training to help others. “By Diane 

My message to all is that we have the answers! They lie in the power of the Laws of Nature! And no you do not have to go to Mexico or find a guru to heal you. And if it so happens that your body is not progressing in the healing you are expecting then there is a poison causing the inflammation, obstructing blood flow. This is where my years of education comes into play. I help you discover the source of your inflammation.  The power is within you if you just have the know-how! Just know you must learn the 5 pillars to health:
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