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Emotional Stress and Surgical Pain

One lady ended up with excruciating pain after a knee surgery. She refused to take pain medication because the medication would make her very sick. She was in a desperate situation feeling overwhelmed. anxious and worried. “It’s an awful feeling when you have pain after knee surgery, and you don’t know whether you are coming or going. I had reached the end of my tether and I didn’t know what to do.” In her final desperation she looked at the Nature’s Sunshine catalogue. In studying the pages, she came across Stress Pak. She picked up the phone and dialed Nature’s Sunshine and ordered a Stress Pak. “What have I got to lose?” Within a short time, the Stress Pak arrived, and she began to take the little packets of Stress Pak which contained all kinds of marvelous herbal formulas designed specifically to alleviate physical pain and emotional stress. Within days of taking several packs of Stress Pak the anxiety, worry, and despair disappeared, and the pain subsided; but most of all it became tolerable. “It’s amazing as to how much better I feel. I am back to my old self


Strep throat

Ashley had many incidents of strep throat since birth and she was given antibiotics every time. One day when she was 10 years with a severe case of strep throat, fever, pain, her Mother decided to give Ashley Cat’s Claw instead. After using 10 Cat’s Claw a day for 4 days nothing changed, and Ashley wanted to see the doctor. However, on the 5th day Ashley woke up and all pain, fever and soreness was gone. Ashley is now 26 years old and relies on Cat’s Claw for any infection that may occur.


Eye Problems

V was very concerned about her eyesight. She noticed that her eyes would discharge a thick type of mucus especially first thing in the morning. Seeing clearly was difficult and she resorted to squinting. Consequently, she decided to look after her eyes using a nutritional program. She eliminated sugar, grains, legumes, and dairy from her diet. She incorporated an herbal program of Chinese Mineral Chi Tonic, All Cell Detox, Perfect Eyes and Super Omega 3. Within about a month the eyes cleared up, there was no more discharge and no more squinting.


Eyes, Pain in the Head

Edith’s eyes bothered her terribly. She experienced a lot of pain in the back of the head. She started using Perfect Eyes about 4 capsules two times a day along with Chinese Mineral Chi Tonic about 2 ounces a day and Cats Claw Combination and Super Omega 3. She is excited to report that the pains in the head have totally subsided, and the health of the eyes has been totally restored.


Cyst - Ovary

One lady with a cyst on her ovary took 9 Pau D ’Arco a day along with 8 capsules of Cat’s Claw and lots of Essential Liquid Minerals. This program helped to dissolve the cyst and it was passed as a mucous elimination.


H Pylori- Bacteria

One man knew the signs he was experiencing, feeling of fullness, belching, heartburn, was H Pylori bacteria. He had become educated in the power of healing herbs and took responsibility and action. He turned to Liquid Chlorophyll about 1 tsp with 4 oz water to soothe the heartburn and alleviate the acid reflux and to ULC-R twice a day. He continued this program for 5 days until the symptoms totally disappeared.


The Contagion Myth by Dr. Thomas Cowan


Previous to 1984 antibodies to the virus meant you were immune to the virus. Then the parameters of this definition changed to antibodies meant that you had a potential virus and the virus was causing the disease.

The mystery of malaria

This is a disease that kills over 1000 people a day in tropical countries. We have been made to believe that it is the mosquito that causes the problem. But here is an interesting take on this theory. Many people in England suffered from malaria symptoms under the name of marsh fever or ague, Symptoms are fever, headaches, muscles weakness, nausea, vomiting, chest pain, abdominal pain. On another note lets explore methane poisoning. Wetlands produce swamp gases which include hydrogen sulfide, carbon dioxide, and methane, The symptoms of methane poisoning include are fever, headaches, muscles weakness, nausea, vomiting, chest pain, abdominal pain. Note marsh fever, methane poisoning and malaria result with the same symptoms that cause the destruction of red blood cells.


We are made to believe that to travel to a foreign country we need to take a vaccination to prevent malaria. What we really need to something to build red blood cells and keep the carbon dioxide levels down and the poisons moving out of our bodies. The solution is not a drug, or a vaccine but it is Cats Claw to get the lymphatic system to move the poisons like methane out as quickly as possible, Chlorophyll liquid and it comes in capsules as well to keep the red blood cells from destruction and Zinc to convert the CO2 into uric acid as fast as possible. The other nutrient that helps in conversion of carbon dioxide into uric acid is L Arginine as in Arginine Plus.


Zika virus

Here is Dr Cowans take on Zika. There was an outbreak of rashes in babies in Brazil. Zika was blamed on mosquitoes. Interestingly enough the rashes on babies followed a campaign of DPT shots given to poor pregnant women in Brazil. So the question remains; is Zika caused by the mosquitoes or is it caused by the DPT shots.


In 1971 President Nixon declared a war on cancer. The theory of the day was that viruses caused cancer and the medical establishment vowed to find a cure. Hundreds of millions of dollars flowed into the coffers of cancer research. The war was a complete failure and by 1980 scientists were scrambling to find funding. And guess what they needed in order to keep the money flowing. The CDC needed a major epidemic to justify the existence of CDC and their scientists. All the CDC really needed was the media, an announcement and a country not familiar to us.  

It just so happened that there was a drug that was an immune suppressive drug used to prevent people from rejecting organs after a transplant such as a heart or kidney transplant. Some really aware scientists noticed that this particular drug along with other immune suppressive drugs called poppers were used a lot in Africa and these drugs caused the symptoms of infections, TB, mono, neuropathy , Guillain Barre syndrome, all of which describe autoimmune disorder disease; AIDS. AIDS was invented and of course it started in an African country, the far away land of which we know nothing about. The big announcement was made using main stream media in America that AIDS was caused by the HIV virus and now just listen to the FEAR that it would eventually spread through the entire population killing us all and the need for money to stop this was announced. 200 billion dollars was invested in AIDS research to develop an antiviral drug AZT which is very toxic. The fact is that no one has ever isolated the HIV virus and that AIDS is not a sexually transmitted disease. It is caused by immunosuppressive drugs

Now this story gets even deeper. The test used to find AIDS is PCR test, the same test that today is used to detect corona virus. What does this PCR test really test for; it tests for deteriorated genetic particles in the blood. And what deteriorates the genes; toxins, ELF, malnutrition, stress.

Dr Cowan quotes È If you poison an organism with any type of toxin that degrades the cells and the genes then more degenerated genetic material will be found in your blood and with an increase in the number of cycles the PCR test will pick up the so called genetic virus in your blood.


This also applies to an antibody test. The more poisoned you are the more antibodies you have. This is a simple Law of Nature. This does not mean you have a viral infection.


The question is then asked. How could this observation escape the scrutiny of brilliant men and women scientists and virologists? The answer is so very simple. It is to stimulate the most powerful activator of human decision-making process and its called FEAR.


After the many many years of research researchers have yet to prove that a virus causes any disease or even that any virus has ever been isolated!


Regarding CoVID virus;

No virus has ever been purified from a sick person.

They never demonstrated the absence of the virus form well people

They never proved that the transmission of the purified virus could make well people sick.

Conclusion as per Dr. Cowan: This is scientific fraud of the first order.

No study has ever proven that coronavirus or any other virus is contagious.

Emergency Preparedness

Here is a list:

Canned meats and fish

Rice, wild rice, millet, buckwheat

Salt, honey,

Herbs and spices for cooking

Canned and dried fruits, nuts, seeds

Milk powders, coconut,

Super foods; Ultimate Green Zone, NutriBurn Whey protein


Silver to purify water and for infections

Cats Claw for infections.

Capsicum for bleeding

Rosehips, Vitamin C TR, Zinc




Question and Answer

Can you explain what ionic breathing is and why it is important. 

She has eczema really bad I noticed so gave her heads up


High concentrations of negative ions are essential for high energy and positive mood

Marian Diamond, a professor of neuroanatomy at the University of California, Berkeley, has found that levels of negative ions are related to levels of serotonin in the brain. Hence the invigorating effect of fresh air and sunshine suppresses the depressed feelings associated with being closed in and dark

For every Inhalation through the Right Nostril, a Positive Electrical Current flow down the Right Side of the Spine.   The right nostril functions as a chamber for POSITIVE IONS.

 For every Inhalation through the Left Nostril, a Negative Electrical Current flow down the Left Side of the Spine.    The left nostril functions as a chamber for NEGATIVE IONS.

 When you have a cold or a nostril is clogged or feels plugged-up, this can disrupt polarity and the ionization is thrown out of balance. This affects midline balance, centering, and functional balance between cerebral hemispheres, paving the way for dyslexic, and learning response patterns.

 When atmospheric changes occur, people’s moods change. Before a storm there is an increase in positive ions (increased anger, edginess, more accidents occur, mind fogs up). After a storm there is an increase in negative ions (people are calmer, clearer minded, sleep better).



Monday, Nov. 9/2020 Teleconference Call

Monday, Nov. 9/2020 Teleconference Call 

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