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From the Desk of Donna Roth


From the Desk of Donna Roth Feb 15/2021

Almost 2 million people 12 years and over were diagnosed with diabetes.

Every 7 minutes in Canada someone dies from heart disease or stroke.

Each year there are 70,000 heart attacks each year in Canada.

Estimated: 97,000 men are diagnosed with cancer, 94,0000 women are diagnosed with cancer.

2 out of 5 Canadians are expected to develop cancer during their life time.

20% of Canadians will experience a mental illness in their lifetime.

Suicide accounts for 24% of all deaths 15 to 24 years old.

In 2013, almost 5 million people had arthritis in Canada.

Each year 30,000 Canadians die of diseases of the digestive disorders

I decided years ago that I am going to work hard to stay in health. Each morning I wake up I have a smoothie with Chinese Mineral Chi, Collagen, Flax Lignans, Ultimate Green Zone, Solstic Energy, NutriBurn Whey protein, water and berries like strawberries. This is fuel for my body.

Chinese Mineral Chi for all missing minerals, for balancing my blood sugar levels, my glandular system

Collagen for my structural system , my knees, healthy skin, inner and outer

 Flax Lignans to bind toxic xenoestrogens that come from chemicals, Candida

Solstic Energy, an antioxidant crystal pack, to keep my oxygen levels free from free radicals.

NutriBurn Whey protein, a high protein powder full of amino acids

Ultimate Green Zone for the hundreds of enzymes, for phytonutrients, for every organ and gland .

Here is my take on the importance of Ultimate Green Zone/


It is very expensive to rely on vegetables bought from a grocery store. One small teaspoon of Green Zone is less expensive than the truckload of vegetables you would need to juice to get the same nutrient value. Scientists have strongly stated that you would have to eat 10 tomatoes to get the same nutrient value one tomato gave you in 1941. Think of the cost of 10 tomatoes about $5 but you would also need all those green vegetables another $5 on top of that to get the same nutrient value of a teaspoon of Green Zone. There are about 60 teaspoons   in 1 container of Green Zone. I hope you get this picture.


Why do I take this smoothie every day?

It raises my body temperature which increases my blood circulation which takes all the nutrients and oxygen to every organs and gland of my body. A body temperature of 37C indicates good health. It is proven that cancer. Candida, fungus cannot grow in a body temperature of 37C. Now lets check this out. What happens when we feel sick? We get a fever to burn off the toxins, the Candida, the cancer cells. How marvelously wonderful our bodies are created! Now what do we do when we get a fever? We are programmed to take an aspirin, a Tylenol, to bring down the fever. This is not a good idea. We need to trust Natures and trust our bodies” inner intelligence. But we can help our bodies to bring the fever down by opening our lymphatic system with Cat’s Claw to help the draining of the poisons. And we help our elimination channels by drinking water and Chlorophyll and taking LBS11. Finally, we can take Silver Guard to destroy toxic debris. This simple combination works 100% of the time. I would never take an antibiotic. Antibiotics are that; they have anti properties that destroy the good bacteria in your body. They feed Candida, they can cause cancer and fungus to grow.


In the evening I have a glass of water with Ultra Biome DTX and Psyllium Hulls and LBS11 and Magnesium. I know the amount of chemicals I am exposed to in the air from sprays, from air pollution from airplanes, chem trails so that one little package of Ultra Biome DTX cleans that up for me and helps to restore my probiotic bacteria levels. It has Bacillus Coagulans in it. And it is a heavy metal detoxifier.


Great comments and quotes.

I think you could hear how emotional we all were when it came to thanking you.  No amount of thanks can ever repay what you have given us.  All we can say is...thank you and may God bless and protect you Phyll

It is a fact that about ½ of all medical clinical trials do not get published! Why? Trials only get published if they show favorable results. Reason: They may threaten commercial enterprise. “ “They are allowed to legally withhold trials.” Drug companies evaluate their own products!! Hmmmm!!! Yet we are made to think that medicine is infallible. May we be reminded that in the 1950’s thalidomide was released into the market and prescribed to pregnant women. The effects were devastating with over 10,000 fetal deaths and those who survived ended up with missing limbs. Why do we continue to put our trust in medical science?  I learned over 30 years ago that the laws of Nature need no science, plants were given to us to nourish our bodies and they have a therapeutic effect if taken long enough and in high enough doses. Yet how many of us out there never trust Nature or even know about these therapeutic plants? This year 2021 I challenge you to do TAFYH, a course of action that provides you with education regarding Nature and its plants for therapeutic purposes

Margaret Mead

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has.

Always remember that you are absolutely unique. Just like everyone else.

Never believe that a few caring people can't change the world. For, indeed, that's all who ever have.


Dr. Stoian Alexov, a pathologist from Bulgaria called the World Health Organization (WHO) a “criminal medical organization” for creating worldwide fear and chaos without providing objectively verifiable proof of a pandemic.

Another stunning revelation from Bulgarian Pathology Association (BPA) president Dr. Alexov is that he believes it’s currently “impossible” to create a vaccine against the virus.

He also revealed that European pathologists haven’t identified any antibodies that are specific for SARS-CoV-2.

The main conclusion [of those of us who participated in the May 8 webinar] was that the autopsies that were conducted in Germany, Italy, Spain, France and Sweden do not show that the virus is deadly.”


He added that:

What all of the pathologists said is that there’s no one who has died from the coronavirus. I will repeat that: no one has died from the coronavirus.”

the WHO is creating worldwide chaos, with no real facts behind what they’re saying.”


Success Stories

A daughter with MRSA on her leg and arm used Silver Gel on the affected areas and MRSA was gone.

A thumb of one son was cut off and pouring blood. The thumb was immersed into a bowl of Silver and left for a long time. The pain subsided within a short time. Silver was taken internally and the Silver Gel was applied externally many times a day until the thumb completely healed ; the thumb that was cut off grew back on! I told you there were miracles!


Flu Problems

One lady was plagued with scary flu’s since 2009. At first the flu would happen during the winter only but during that time she would get about 3 flu’s per winter. Then the flu progressed to spring then into the summer season to an all year round problem. The only life this lady had was a flu life; no fun and now it was serious. The iron levels were very low even though she was taking an iron supplement. That’s when she contacted me and started a program of no grains, no breads, no cereals, and taking 1 ½ oz of Chinese Mineral Chi Tonic, Cat’s Claw, 4 /3 times a day. Within 5 days all flu symptoms disappeared and the iron levels went up from a low 23 to 45. Her energy is back and H states, “I felt dead and desperate; no hope. I really like this product and I want to take it on a daily basis.” She is now signing up for the Sunshine Reward authorship program.


Kidney Malfunction

One lady completed my TAFYH course with great results. Yep! She was able to go off her anti-depressant drugs. But slowly over time grains crept back into her diet. Just think of that word; Die It! And once again she did not feel good. The energy was low, she felt depressed. Off to the doctor she went only to find out that her kidney function was low and there was a high creatinine count. That did it! She was not going to take any drugs!  She was determined to feel better. That’s when I got the phone call. The answer was simple, “Go back to what has worked for you in the past when you took TAFYH.” Little did she know that what Dr. Davis said was true,” Grain is an opiate! “Off the grains and on with a herbal program! Back to following TAFYH principles! She did this for one month. Then I got the phone call. She was ecstatic. Here is why:

Creatinine levels dropped from a high of 105 to 72 and normal is 52 to 84.

GFR kidney filtration rate increased from 47 to 71; excellent kidney functions.

She also dropped weight, energy is back, and depression is gone! This took all of one month!!

You don’t need a drug! You need TAFYH!

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Cancer : Breast Cancer Gone: Bee January 2020


Cancer : Breast Cancer Gone: Bee     January 2020

 January 2020 started with a breath of fresh air for Bee! She received the exciting news from her oncologist and medical team that her diagnosed  breast cancer was in clinical remission (no evidence of disease), the CA 125 markers  dropped from 9 to 7, the CA 15-3 markers measured at 6 well within the normal range, the thermography scan and MRI scan confirmed all was clear and the Navarro Test dropped from 53.0 to 50.5 ( 50 and below indicates no cancer). All measurements for Bee indicate that there is no more cancer left in her breast or body. Bee is celebrating her big win. She worked hard to win this race and now it is time to celebrate! Anyone diagnosed with cancer can do what Bee did and reap the rewards of good health. This is not a remission. Remission means that the cancer might come back. This is a win. Bee totally knows that by following the Laws of Nature in keeping your body in health the cancer cannot return! Bee tells her story.

 On Dec 21/2018 Bee was diagnosed with breast cancer. This was a very challenging time in her life. Different doctors, different individuals, different practitioners all giving her advice on what treatments or directions she was supposed to take. During this time, there were some hard decisions to make. The first decision she chose to proceed with weren’t easy, but she knew how she wanted to move forward. “I chose surgery to remove the lump; a lumpectomy. I decided chemo and radiation was out of the question. My intuition and gut were telling me there was more options for me. I started to feel confident that I would find the right path for me. I started researching; social media, Facebook, different people offering advice, Mexico, umpteen alternatives and nothing felt right.” Then one day, a woman that Bee had known reached out privately with a message and told Bee that her sister, Shawna had gone through breast cancer and could be a great resource of information and asked if Bee would be interested in contacting her. Bee initially ignored the offer. How could Shawna be any different than all the other women she had talked to? More alternatives, more people, more research! This went on for 10 days. After feeling a bit lost, she found herself going back to the message. “No-one out there really gave me any solid information that resonated with me. I decided to give Shawna a call. Shawna’s response was so very unusual; you may not believe me, she said, cancer is just an injury. And anyone can heal an injury. I can give you all the ideas. I can tell you what you need to do but you really need to do to start your healing process is the TAFYH program!”

 “Shawna’s conversation was so very different compared to what I heard from all the other people I had spoken with in the first 4 weeks since diagnosis. Her energy and zest for life was contagious and instantly I knew she was confident in the information she had provided me to heal. She gave me the link to Donna’s website and I decided to check it out. I called Donna and she went through the 5 pillars with me;

Injury, Inflammation, Elimination, Infection, circulation. It spoke to me. It felt right. I knew I could do it. TAFYH is learning, hands on, working with a team, using Mother Nature to heal my body! This was beautiful. It’s exactly what I was looking for. I registered for TAFYH! I was on board!”

 In the meantime, Bee also had one foot in the door of the medical model. There was a whole oncology team, doctors, appointments, constantly drumming the chemo regime, adamantly telling me I was making the wrong decision and putting my life at risk. "In my head I would scream, you are not listening to me, this is not what I want!  Every time I heard the words, chemo regime I would have a panic attack and break into tears. To me this was a sure sign that I needed to follow the Paw Paw program and do TAFYH. I knew it was important to take my life back.”

 Bee started TAFYH in May 2019 with a great supportive team. “TAFYH was very strict. The lessons were emailed to me daily and I placed them into a 3-ring binder so I could go back and reread them. I understood the importance of raising my body temperature and I worked hard to do so. Cancer cannot grow in a body temperature of 37 C. I even went to an ND to do loco-regional hyperthermia therapy to raise my body temperature and began mistletoe therapy (immune stimulation). I cleansed my blood for 3 months with high doses of MC as instructed by Donna Roth, I exercised daily, I incorporated grass fed, red meat. I remember how excited I was when my body temperature in the mornings averaged 36.8. Shawna was a great mentor and now a dear friend. She answered all my silly questions. She helped me deal with emotional traumas. I came to realize the great impact emotional trauma had on my health. I would constantly dwell on the past. I would turn to alcohol to drown my past and was using alcohol to suppress my emotions. Today, I am proud to say I have not touched a drop of alcohol for 1 year. In TAFYH, I learned to express gratitude every single day. I learned to see my greatness every day. My epiphany became evident when I looked at my negativity, my anger, my frustration, my miserable self. I gave it all up! I focused on gratitude and on creating inspiring habits as we did in TAFYH every day. This was freedom. I even laughed when my car broke down, instead of getting frustrated or angry, I remembered it is just a car. Instead, I reminded myself that it’s a beautiful day and it’s so great to be alive. Each day I am reminded, what I am thankful for today, what I am creating today. I live that way.”


Bee has some recommendations for all women suffering from breast cancer.

1.    Take time to make decisions otherwise you will be bulldozed into making quick uninformed decisions. It is your life, do what feels right for you, you have the time.   

2.    Trust your own intuition. Trust your gut and stick with it.

3.    Be committed. You can’t be half/half. Let go of who you once were and build up your better self.

4.    I, 100% recommend TAFYH. It is easy if you are committed to yourself, your team, and to others. When you feel off track or lost, it is so great to have a nice call 20 minutes a day for more intelligence, more support, for celebrating with your team. TAFYH is the best starting point for everyone with cancer. It is about proper nutrition, detoxing, community, and about taking control. Your relationships with your loved ones grow. Your loved ones are watching you succeed, and it inspires them. My TAG team is still with me and they are my community to this day. Cheering me along, lifting me up. 

5.    Be patient and trust the process. Its not going to happen in just a few days. It takes time. Advocate for yourself every single day; stick to your guns 100% of the time. Going back is never an option. You must let go of who you once were and start new.

6.    Don’t expect your oncologist to endorse your therapeutic nutritional program. My oncologist said I made the right choice but never once asked me what I did to overcome cancer. They are in a “protocol box”, so ensure you gather a medical team that supports your decisions and the work of healing yourself naturally.

7.    Meditate, practice daily positive affirmations, be grateful, be present and forge your own path. Ensure the energies you keep around are positive, rid any negative relationships or emotions from your body. 

8.    And finally, be the success story you envision.  Every day, I tell myself, “I am happy, I am healthy, I am well, I am a success story and my body is healed.”


“I love being present each day and look forward to a lively future. Every day I work on continuous optimal health. I am at my highest vibration. I am mindful to be grateful, happy, supportive. I believe in a higher supreme power which gives us all the tools for overcoming health challenges. They are all there. You just have to learn how to take control and use them. I now understand who I am really meant to be.”


“Thank you, Donna, and TAFYH for helping to get me on the right track to learn what it means to truly live a healthy life full of love and gratitude.  I will continue to advocate for my health and encourage others to do the same as we are all possible of breaking the habits of our old selves and creating a new, better version that is inspiring to the world.” 

Health Success Story (Jody; 49-yr-old female; metastatic breast cancer):


Health Success Story (Jody; 49-yr-old female; metastatic breast cancer):

 I am a 49 year old female diagnosed with Stage IIIb breast cancer in 2016 following which I underwent a double mastectomy.  There were multiple spots on my lungs as well that showed up on a CT Scan but it was not confirmed to be metastatic until I underwent a lung biopsy in the fall of 2018.  Somehow I got up the courage to say no to the conventional chemotherapy as was recommended following the mastectomy along with 5 weeks of radiation.  The challenge for me back then was I wanted quality of life and I cannot explain why but I just didn’t believe it would help me.  It made me sick to my stomach the thought of injecting the chemo.  I did agree however to try the hormone therapy medications such as Tamoxifen and Letrozole.  I struggled with the side effects of these meds throughout and ending up stopping them as well.  When the lung metasticies was finally confimed in the fall of 2018, my oncologist recommended Ibrance and Faslodex combination.  Ibrance being a selective chemotherapy pill and Faslodex a hormone related medication.  I began this program in January 2019 with the proviso of seeing how well I would tolerate it. I immediately struggled with the side effects which included stomach issues (i.e. cramps, stomach aches, diarrhea), nausea, fatigue, hand/foot joint pain and found myself having to take even more medications for the side effects.  I ended up having to take a lot of breaks from the cancer meds to settle things down.  I was continuing to be assessed throughout with CT Scans and had some change but all was fairly minimal, suggesting the program may indeed be helping slow the cancer progression.  I was trying different ways of boosting my energy with better nutrition, avoiding sugar, green supplements and ozone therapy.  But unfortunately the side effects from the medications continued and it didn’t seem like my body was adjusting to it.

 Then in December of 2019, I joined the TAFYH program.  Through TAFYH I was able to focus on taking the right supplements for my symptoms and commit to a more regular exercise routine.  I completed the one-day bowel cleanse, the one-day kidney flush and the three-day liver cleanse.  I did my ionic breathing, chlorophyll water and drank my smoothies every morning.  Supplements included Chinese Mineral Chi Tonic, Solstic Energy, Probiotic II, Flax hull Lignans, Ultrabiome DTX, Cat’s Claw, Paw Paw, Master G and TS II.   I was also doing about 60 minutes of exercise a day (combination of yoga, strength training and aerobics).  In the spring, summer and fall I also ride horses regularly but not so much during the cold winter months.  I did conduct the Navarro test which tested positive for cancer in mid December.  With my confidence in how I was feeling and trusting my own body, I decided to stop taking all prescription medications which included the chemo meds as well as all the ones I was taking for side effects.

 At the end of TAFYH, I went from reducing my body systems score from 46 to 8.  I successfully eliminated almost all of my symptoms and finally had energy again.  What a difference!  Getting my digestive system back on track was a big win as had suffered from IBS all my life. I also used to have a lot of trouble sleeping.  But not anymore.  And I finally had way more energy than I can ever recall.  It’s changed my life and now feel like I’m actually living again.  I will continue with the Navarro test and see how things are going on the cancer progression.  But really I have all the confidence that if I’m feeling this great, then my body can handle anything.

TAFYH Evaluation by Jody

 TAFYH Evaluation by Jody


We are naturally charged and the ion exchanges affect one's day to day mood and well being

Only I can change my condition; no one can do it for me

Every day is a new opportunity to build a new body

The brain relies on the healthy microbes in your gut to effectively mobilize nutrient delivery to all parts of the body

Optimal core body temperature is 98.6F (37C), the temperature in which all body chemical reactions occur to maintain health.

It is significant to know that If your body temperature drops by a mere .5 degrees Celsius your immune system drops by 35%.

Such inflammation if not corrected, impedes the flow of O2 and nutrients to the cells and tissues.

The consequences of insufficient oxidation due to foreign toxins in the blood, lack of minerals and lack of oxygen are the real cause of disease.

The lymph system produces several types of specialized cells capable of destroying unwanted foreign matter.


I found the short morning conference calls work.  Our daily lives get in the way sometimes of making every phone call but good to be able to send your homework in advance.

The accountability of picking Ahha's and Concepts makes people accountable to read the lessen.


I found it to be a well rounded, high level overview which was easy to follow and absorb.

I better understand the importance of keeping internal body temperature at 37.0 degrees and above.

I am now able to focus on how to build and maintain my health plan


The short daily conference calls structure and format works.  Keeps people engaged and focused.


Commitment to exercise as well as keeping up with lessons and tracking progress is effective.


There is an answer for cancer but it's not a cure.

Empowered to better understand the laws of nature.

Am encouraged and motivated to champion my own health.

Going to stick with my nutritious morning smoothie with the added supplements of Chi Tonic, Psyllium Hulls, Chlorophyll, Collatrim, Solstic Energy, UltraBiome.

The Paw Paw/Cat's Claw program is my go to for immune support.

The implications are that I have quality products to go to when needed and simple easy to follow tests to help sort out the root of problems.

 Reaching Others:

I can see how others can benefit and happy to share my experience.

I will share with others how the TAFYH program and Nature Sunshine supplements have improved my life.

I will continue to follow up and share my progress with others.



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Monday Feb 8/2021 Teleconference Call

Monday Feb 8/2021


Update on TAFYH

Comments I have received

Protein Digestion

What to do instead of antibiotics

Information on Hawthorn

Guests Perry and Laverne; root canal experience

Carol corona vaccinations

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Newsletter From The Desk of Donna Roth


Monday Feb 8/2021

 Comments from Others

Hi Donna, I enjoy listening to your Monday Conference calls.  I would like to help my mother who has problems with her eyes and is at risk of losing her eyesight. I want to thank you for your eagerness to help and concern for others health and wellness, your cheerful positive attitude.  So thank you,  Bonnie

 Thank you for your love, wisdom, strength, and energy. HIl   

 I am enjoying the TAFYH program… my mom has noticed a ton of health benefits, so I am grateful she joined too. Her inflammation is down, her arthritis pain is gone, she is sleeping without aids and many other healthy changes are happening. Shelly

 Gratitude for learning about the Laws of Nature. Wendy TAFYH student’

 Gratitude for what I am learning which brings me confidence and control. Chad

Gratitude for making it through 2 weeks and feeling better and consistent results with blood sugar; Shawn

Gratitude that Health is something we do for ourselves not something that is done to us. Gayle

Gratitude that my blood pressure is now normal and I have lost a few pounds. Donna

 I am enjoying the TAFYH program… my mom has noticed a ton of health benefits, so I am grateful she joined too. Her inflammation is down, her arthritis pain is gone, she is sleeping without aids and many other healthy changes are happening. Shelly

 TAFYH team 60 has 5 people registered in it. There is one more spot if anyone on this call wishes to do TAFYH.

 What I Learn from Conversations

As you all know I talk to a lot of people during the week. Its really interesting what I learn from them. This week one lady started taking LBS11 for constipation and it made a difference. However the conversation was such that she thought she should not continue to take LBS11 because there might be some sort of danger in taking it. It amazes me the fear that people have about taking God given innocent herbs that have been proven to be effective since the beginning of time but with a prescription drug, well, that is all safe and that is okay. The reason a drug is a prescription is because it is dangerous. It is a poison and it has side effects. Yet as in Fay’s situation she took Synthroid for 20 years and no doctor ever questioned the Synthroid that was causing her to have chronic fatigue, depression, intestinal issues and breathing problems. Not one doctor!! Just this past week I talked to 2 women who are taking this drug and feeling ill, tired, bloated. Once again no one questions the drug. No one questions the doctor. These women ended up going to doctors, specialists and one lady went to 10 different ND.
So then I discover that ND’s are not allowed to tell anyone to question their prescription drugs. I am here to say they can poison you, Its called side effects!


Gastrointestinal Health credit goes to Steven Horne

The medical model is trained in treating diseases. You first get a diagnosis followed by prescribed codes for the right treatment. They are treating names. It just doesn’t work that way. What they don’t know is that 50% of the time it is a gastrointestinal problem. All chronic degenerative conditions are the result of a GI issue. There are actual marketing companies that come up with new names of diseases for new drugs.

It all starts with acid indigestion. So off to the drug store to purchase antacid pills. Pretty soon that does not work so off to the doctor to get acid blockers.

6 million Americans take antacids 2014

170 million Americans take acid blockers 2014

But neutralizing the acids does not solve the problem. The stomach secretes HCl for digestion purposes. Lack of HCl leads to poor absorption of minerals and proteins which of course results in structural issues. Stomach acids also control the bacteria that enters the digestive tract. With a lack of HCl there is no control of the bacteria and that leads to dysbiosis. It is way more common to have low stomach acids than too much stomach acid. The older you get the less stomach acid you have. Now note it takes zinc to make HCl! Everyone should be taking Zinc!

How do you know if you have low stomach acids?

If foods sit in the stomach

If there is acid indigestion

If there is gas, bloating and belching

Then you have lack of stomach acids HCl.


You are not absorbing your minerals.

You have too much bacteria in the intestines

You have an elevation of cortisol.

Solution is to take Protein Digestive Aids and Digestive Enzymes and have a glass of water with Lobelia. Take Zinc.

Drink Water with a pinch of salt.. The chloride in salt helps to make HCl.

Now what happens when you get an infection?

You take an antibiotic.

The antibiotic lowers your probiotic bacteria and the result is:

Leaky gut

With pain in multiple joints, chronic allergies, hives, eczema, psoriasis, chronic fatigue, food allergies, chemical sensitivities.

The antibiotic then crosses the blood brain barrier and you end up with leaky brain. The probiotic bacteria is totally robbed from the brain and the result is migraine headaches, brain fog, chronic depression.

With a total deficiency of probiotic bacteria, the end result is SIBO small intestinal bacteria overgrowth

Disease associated with SIBO are numerous:




B12 deficiency

Celiac disease

Chronic Fatigue






H Pylori Bacteria






Liver Cirrhosis


Fatty liver





Restless leg

Rheumatoid Arthritis



Take Probiotic 11 about 10 all at once for about 2 bottles. Then for maintenance take Bacillus Coagulans.

Take Protein Digestive Aids and Digestive Enzymes and have a glass of water with Lobelia. Take Zinc.

1.       Cat’s Claw

2.       Collatrim Plus

3.       ULC-R

4.       Berberine

5.       LBS11

6.       Berberine

7.       Probiotic

Do the Clean Start cleanse

Para Pak

Candida Clear



Historically, hawthorn has been used to both prevent and treat many cardiovascular disorders, either by itself or in combination with other herbs. It has been used for angina, cardiac edema, heart palpitations, congestive heart failure, irregular heart rate (arrhythmia) and problems with heart valves. Being a completely nontoxic food-grade remedy, it can be taken regularly by anyone who wishes to reduce their risk of cardiovascular disease

In TCM hawthorn is a remedy for the spleen, stomach and liver meridians. It aids digestion and removes phlegm and stagnant food from the GI tract making it a remedy for dyspepsia, acid reflux, and stuffiness in the chest and abdomen.

Hawthorn can have a calming effect on the nervous system, especially in ADHD. Dr. James Duke cites evidence that hawthorn helps children to stay more focused and attentive

Hawthorn also has a mild diuretic effect and like many berries reduces inflammation. They contain magnesium and niacin, which are also helpful for reducing blood pressure and aiding circulation.;


Teleconference Call Monday, Feb 11/21

 Monday Feb 1/21 

Intestinal Issues

Dr Horowitz

Terry ; back pain related to root canals

Dr Cheryl; spsis resolved with the One Day Kidney Flush