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Strep Throat

Strep Throat

One lady used to get Strep infections frequently and each time she was diagnosed with Strep she took antibiotics. This time during a case of Strep she decided to take the herbal route. She used Liquid Silver, Chinese Mineral Chi Tonic 3 oz a day and Cat’s Claw 4/2 times a day along with Zambroza about 2 oz a day. She also drank a lot of water with Chlorophyll. Within 2 days the sore throat went away. She could hardly believe it! She did it without antibiotics !

Ear Infections

Ear Infections

One Mom cleared up ear infection for her little guy by giving him Cat’s Claw 3 / 2 times a day and Chlorophyll /water.

Intestinal Infection

Intestinal Infection

One lady was diagnosed with infection triggered irritable bowel. She suffered from extreme abdominal pain and cramping. She began taking Chinese Mineral Chi Tonic 2 oz a day and Cat’s Claw 4 /2 times a day. Cat’s Claw, she says was the magic bullet which took away the pain and cramping immediately.

Skin Outbreak – Cleansing

Skin Outbreak – Cleansing

Don decided to do a cleanse using Bentonite 1 ½ oz a day, Heavy Metal Detox 4 a day, All Cell Detox 4 a day and Zinc. Within about 2 weeks his skin broke out in tiny little pimples all over his back and shoulders. They were very itchy and very annoying. They lasted about 2 weeks and now they are all gone. We know that this herbal cleanse was cleaning toxins out of the body.

Skin Outbreaks

Skin Outbreaks

One lady was using medications for the purpose of stopping the annoying skin out breaks she was experiencing. She really did not feel comfortable taking medication so she was quite happy when a Nature Sunshine distributor approached her with a natural solution. She started applying Pau d’ Arco lotion to her face morning and night and she was delightfully amazed to discover that the lotion cleared up her skin even better than the medication.


Yvonne’s Prevention Story

Yvonne has decided that she will use the power of prevention to avoid cancer . Here is an example of a success story without the fear and dread of cancer. For one month of every year Yvonne commits herself to do the following Paw Paw program:
No sugar, no wheat, no yeast, no junk food
Hormone free meat, veggies, fruit, nuts, seeds, purified water
Nature’s Gold Barley
Chinese Mineral Chi Tonic 1 ½ T three times a day before meals
Super Oil – 2 per day
Super Vitamins/Minerals – 1 a day
Stress Formula – 1 a day
Protease Plus – 1 three times a day on an empty stomach
Paw Paw – starting with 4 a day and them increasing it to 6 a day throughout the day
Yvonne discovered that within the first 4 days the bowel movements increased and after that things went back to normal. Once the system is cleaned out the herbs can work much better. Yvonne is grateful to have the knowledge to be able to take the responsibility of the health of her own body into her own hands . She has also coached others with cancer back to health. Yvonne is an example of “I practice what I preach. “
Thank you Yvonne for sharing this information.

Dr. Bernard Jensen

A Healing Crisis

The client should be alert for fears that may develop and should avoid anything which either suppresses or stimulate the healing. It is at this time that the client should abstain from eating for the most part to give the body a chance to work on the healing process. Dr. Bernard Jensen says “Consider the body as being like a bank. If there has been a consistent deposit in the bank during the building process, there will be enough strength to draw upon when needed.”

Prostate Cancer

Prostate Cancer

One middle aged man was diagnosed with prostate cancer when it was detected that his PSA readings were at 55.4 in March, 2007. Unfortunately the PSA then climbed up to 1000. A short time thereafter the PSA test was redone and it had reached the highs of 2500.The doctor did not give this man much hope and declared that he would probably have only about 2 years to live. A CAT Scan showed that the cancer growth had gone beyond the prostate area and that surgery was not possible. A series of radiation treatments were incorporated along with hormone shots. In desperation this man turned to his sister and she recommended the Paw Paw program as follows:
Nature’s Gold Barley as an every day Super Food
Chinese Mineral Chi Tonic 2 ounces a day
Super Oil – 4 a day
Paw Paw up to 12 a day
Protease Plus 3 in the morning and 3 in the evening on an empty stomach
He also stopped eating sugar and junk foods and drank only water. A daily exercise program became part of his life style and his family offered many prayers on his behalf. This man followed this program stringently for 2 months. At the end of May, 2007 he had another PSA reading done and the results came back as 0.3. He also had another scan done and there was no evidence of cancer in the prostate. He was ecstatic and totally believes that the Paw Paw program along with prayers saved his life. He is continuing to do the Paw Paw program and to live a healthy life style.


Peter’s Myelofibrosis Story

Aug 30,2004

Diagnosed with myelfibrosis.
Doctor comments :
Very abnormal red cell morphology, anisocytosis and elliptocytes etc.

Nov. 3, 2004

Saw Donna and started this program:

Paw Paw 3 /3 times a day
Chinese Mineral Chi Tonic 1 oz 2 times a day
Green Zone 1 tablespoon 2 times a day
Zambroza 4 tablespoons a day

Peter’s Haematology Blood Lab

Aug. 30, 2004 Haemoglobin:111, Platelet Count:97, Lymphocytes: 0.9
Dec. 4, 2004 Haemoglobin:124, Platelet Count:124, Lymphocytes: 1.4

Doctor reports Peter’s blood work to be near normal.


Melanoma by Mario

In 2004 Mario was diagnosed with melanoma. There were 2 spots on the neck area. One spot was non cancerous and the other spot was cancerous and was surgically removed. Mario followed a program of Paw Paw, Protease Plus and Chinese Mineral Chi Tonic and Super Oil. He eliminated the sugar and wheat from his diet as much as possible. Three months after the program, he went for his regular check-up and the doctor said everything was fine. His PSA also came down from 6.1 to 5.5.

Breast Lump

Lump in the Breast

Vi used to be on Premarin for 21 years and developed fibrocystic breasts. The doctor said she would have to stay on it for the rest of her life for the purpose of preventing osteoporosis. Interestingly enough even though Vi faithfully took Premarin her bone density showed no improvement after 10 years of use. She opted instead to take calcium, to use progesterone cream and to walk every day. Two years ago she noticed a lump on her breast. The lump was itchy, painful and swollen. Instead of going into a panic she decided to do the Paw Paw program:
Chinese Chi Tonic 1 ounce a day
Essential Liquid Minerals
Paw Paw 8 a day
Protease Plus 2 in the morning and 2 in the evening on an empty stomach
Super Oil
No sugar, no wheat, no yeast
Vi did this program for 3 months whereupon the lump totally decreased in size and the pain and the itching subsided.

Multiple Myeloma Stopped

Kay’s Story

Feb. 25/02
Kay was diagnosed with a low iron count of 7.7
Blood pressure is 140/90
Beta count of the blood test was 12. Normal count is 6 – 11.
Blood tests showed cellular mutation that could lead to multiple Myeloma.
Kay followed the anti- cancer program .
She did parasite and fungal detoxification using Black Walnut and Cat’s Claw and
Daily Kay took Chinese Mineral Chi Tonic and Green Zone
May 24/02
Blood iron count increased from 7.7 to 16.9
Blood pressure was at 123/67
Beta count was 0
There was absolutely no sign of cellular mutation

Prostate Cancer Prevention

Karl’s Prostate Cancer Prevention Recipe

Karl’s PSA test shows a healthy 3.1 but he decided to do a Paw Paw program for cancer prevention. Here is the program;
Chinese Mineral Chi Tonic 3 ounces a day
Paw Paw 12 a day
Protease Plus 3, two times a day on an empty stomach
Saw Palmetto 4 a day
Super Vitamins/Minerals 1 a day
Nature’s Gold Barley every day which he has taken since July , 2006.
He did this program for 60 days.



One person had a rash on the face and in several places on the body. For years nothing could clear up the rash. A program of Bwl Bld and 10 Paw Paw a day caused the body to break out into a severe acne for a couple of days and then her acne and the body rash cleared up never to be seen again. This program took one month.



One lady with a cyst in the breast and one in the back took 10 Paw Paw and 4 Protease enzymes daily. Within 3 weeks both cysts were gone.

Weight Loss

Weight Loss Program

Here is a weight program used by 2 people who lost 25 lb over 3 months. The program included. SynerProtein, Magnesium, Fibralgia, and TNT bars and nuts for snacks. They used no wheat, no sugar, and no yeast.

Type II Diabetes

Type II Diabetes –

One gentleman with type II Diabetes started with a sugar reading of 14. 3 years ago. Normal blood sugar is 7. He cut out sugar from his diet and used the drug “Medformin” and his average reading was only 9.5-10.5. On Feb3/05 he started P14 3 / 3x a day with meals and 1 Digestive Enzyme with each meal. He stopped eating all wheat products and ate more vegetables, fruits, eggs and meats. On March 1 the blood sugar dropped to 6.2. His cholesterol levels dropped as well and his doctor’s comment was “Whatever you are doing keep on doing."

Severe Pain

Severe pain –

One lady had such severe pain that she couldn’t even sip water. There was continual griping pain, pressure, bloating, and gas. A program of Digestive Enzymes, Colostrum, LBSII, UC3J and Marshmallow/Pepsin cleared up the problem. In a few short days this person was doing great.

Prostate Cancer

Prostate Cancer –

In January/05 one man’s PSA test showed 6 and the doctor was suspicious of cancer. There was blood in his urine, a lot of blood in the semen and the testicles were sore. However the doctor prescribed an antibiotic in case of infection. The bleeding did not stop. This man then proceeded to do the Paw Paw program: Paw Paw 3 / 4x a day, Protease Plus 3 / 3x a day on an empty stomach, Chinese Mineral Chi Tonic 1oz / 2x a day, Zinc 25mg a day, Noni juice at night. Within 6 weeks the doctor did a scope examination and a PSA test. The PSA read one and the doctor said “You don’t have any cancer in here.”


Pneumonia –

Kate thought she was in good health and led a good lifestyle. She exercised daily, she didn’t snack on sweets and chips and she was conscious of the Canada Food Guide groups. Then she got the flu and she couldn’t get better. The flu led to pneumonia. Even with antibiotics she could not get better. After 8 weeks of not getting better a friend recommended that she talk to Donna Roth. Donna suggested the following “fool proof” herbal program. No milk, No sugar, No yeast, No wheat, Green Zone with orange juice twice a day, Syner Protein, Chinese Mineral Chi Tonic 2oz a day, Mullein 8 a day. Within 3 days she found herself whistling. Her energy was up and her thought processes allowed her to express herself clearly. The pneumonia was gone and has not returned. She was so excited that she has been sharing her story with all of her friends.

Migraine Headaches

Migraine headaches –

One lady with migraines headaches took Chinese Mineral Chi Tonic and SynerProtein daily and noticed less headaches and more energy.

Menstrual Problems

Menstrual Pain -

One lady taking TSII for thyroid noticed that during her menstrual cycle she no longer experienced pain. She used to have to take anti-inflammatories for menstrual pain.


Menopause –

One woman experiencing tightness in the chest, anxiety and heart palpitations took 4 Siberian Ginseng in the morning and the tightness eased up within ½ hr. Then she took 4 in the afternoon. Now everyday when she feels anxiety she takes another 4 Siberian Ginseng and feels it calms the anxiety. It was from listening to Steven Horne that she got this valuable information. Before puberty adrenals produce hormones. During puberty and adulthood the reproductive system produces the hormones. In menopause and post menopause it reverts back to the adrenals. Siberian Ginseng supports the adrenals and so does Adrenal Support. SynerProtein powder stabilizes the adrenals and provides the liver with a reserve of glycogen


Melanoma –

One 84 year old gentleman had a melanoma spot of 2” diameter on his head, a small one on the side of his nose and one spot on his thumb. His program for 2 months was Paw Paw 2 twice a day, Protease Plus 2 twice a day on empty stomach. Chinese Mineral Chi Tonic – 1oz a day. He noticed the spots change to a scab and then disappeared to nothing.

Lung Congestion

Lung Congestion –

A serious lung congestion where the ribs were sore from severe coughing was easily resolved by taking Fenugreek/Thyme 4 at a time every 4 hours.


Inflammation –

One man drinks Cat’s Claw Combination in a tea to flush out acids. He then uses Grapine and Pau d’Arco for inflammation.


Hives –

One person would get terrible hives. The skin would crack and blister and get itchy. These hives would then spread to the point where layers of skin would fall off. Then huge rashes would appear on the face. After using 10 Paw Paw and 4 Bwl Bld a day for 2 weeks the skin hives and rashes cleared up.

High Blood Pressure

High Blood Pressure –

One elderly 88 year old had high blood pressure for 30-40 years. She took 3 Capsicum/Garlic/Parsley a day for 1 year and now the blood pressure is normal. She is no longer taking blood pressure pills.

Heavy Tired Heart

Heavy Tired Heart

One lady takes 2 HS-C 2 times a day along with 2 Stress Formula when her heart gets heavy. Energy increases and she can easily get through the day.

Foot Fungus

Foot Fungus

One lady was spending $300-$400 a month for prescriptions for her foot fungus. The fungus was under the toes and under the nails. She tried thousands of different remedies over the period of 6 years. Then she tried Paw Paw 4 a day internally. Externally she opened up a capsule of Paw Paw and mixed it up with Golden Salve and applied it to the infected area. She then covered it with a plastic bag and put a sock on. Within two weeks she noticed a dramatic improvement

Menstrual Problems

Excess Menstrual Bleeding –

Wild Yam and Chaste works wonders for excess bleeding. FCSII also prevents heavy bleeding.

Excess Estrogen

Excess estrogen –

Excess estrogen can cause weight gain along the thighs and hips. It is the responsibility of the liver to break down excess hormones. To effectively decongest the liver use Gotu Kola 6 a day, 8 Lecithin, BP-C and Flax Hull Lignans.


Endometriosis -

A case of a lady suffering from endometriosis was cleared up using high doses of Paw Paw and Protease Plus enzymes.

Emphysema –

Emphysema –

One lady’s Mom who was diagnosed with emphysema and was addicted to smoking was given 2 weeks to live. Her daughter gave her a large bottle of Liquid Chlorophyll. "Mom drank lots of Chlorophyll and water". From December to March her Mom used up 3 large bottles of Liquid Chlorophyll. Today her Mom is doing great. She is cooking and doing dishes and she is BREATHING. Liquid Chlorophyll attracts oxygen into the blood stream and greatly improves the quality of the blood.


Diabetes for 3 years – age 67

One man diagnosed with diabetes was on insulin shots. Upon taking P14 he noticed his stomach was upset. Consequently he quit the P14 for 1 week. His sister, however, convinced him to continue taking P14 and to reduce the insulin accordingly. He then took one P14 in the morning, one P14 at noon and one P14 at supper. He reduced his insulin levels slowly while checking his blood sugar. After 2 weeks of P14 and no sugar and no wheat he no longer needed insulin shots to keep his blood sugar levels at 2-6 in the morning and 8 in the evening. Normal blood count is 7 and under. His kidneys were also only functioning at 14%. At a 10% kidney function one becomes a candidate for dialysis. With P14 the kidney began functioning between 17% -19%.


Diabetes –

Sharon was diagnosed with diabetes and used the drug Medformin to control it. However the morning blood sugar would always be high at around 8.5 Normal is 7. For about 1 month Sharon used P14 and Medformin together. Then she noticed if she stopped eating apples before bed and if she took P14 at bedtime the blood sugar reading in the morning dropped. On April 18, Sharon stopped taking Medformin and her blood sugar reading even in the morning were always in the normal range: 5.4, 5.7, 6.2, 6.7, 6.6. The program she followed:
No wheat, No sugar, No Yeast,
Black Walnut 4 in the morning,
2 P14 at breakfast, 2 P14 at Lunch, 2 P14 at dinner, 2 P14 at bedtime.


Constipation -

One 13 year old had one bowel movement every 3 days. He took 1 LBS and had diarrhea the next day. Now his bowels move every day regularly.

Canker Sore

Canker Sore –

One person had a canker sore under the tongue, which refused to disappear. He did a program of 3 Heavy Metal Detox, and 4 Black Walnut. When the sore disappeared his comments were "I am so pleased! I am so pleased."

Cancer - Liver, Immune Sytem

Cancer - liver.

After chemotherapy the medical immune system reading dropped to 1.4, normal is 5..
Cat’s Claw – 8 a day,
2oz Aloe Vera juice 2x day
Protease Plus 2 in the mornings, 2 in the evenings.
In 6 days the immune system went up from 1.4 to 4.7.

Bone Marrow Cancer

Bone Marrow Cancer –

One man’s bone marrow cancer readings began at 37.5 and the Creatin readings of his kidneys were at 223. After using Paw Paw 4 a day (any more caused nausea), Protease Plus one 2x a day (any more caused diarrhea) for about 3 months his readings on May 13, 05 showed cancer was 18 normal is 3. Kidneys – Creatin levels are 160. Normal is 90. This man continued to do this program along with high doses of Spirulina for one year until the cancer was gone.

Blood Pressure

Blood Pressure

One lady with a blood pressure of 146/90 used Adrenal Support and P14 regularly instead of medications. Today her blood pressure is 132/78, which is within the normal range, and her doctor is very pleased.


Autism –

A 7 year old is having success over coming autism using Gingko Biloba, Chinese Mineral Chi Tonic, Focus Attention, and Super Oil.


Alzheimer’s –

One flu shot and the rate of getting Alzheimer’s climbs up 100 times. MC, Chinese Mineral Chi Tonic, and Heavy Medal Detox provide a powerful program to detoxify the residues of flu shots.


Sheena’s Sarcoma Story

At age 22 diagnosed with sarcoma in the leg ,the
same cancer as Terry Fox.
Sheena underwent surgery on the leg.
She had 36 radiation treatments
Then every year thereafter she had MRI scans for 5 years.

April 1997
Scan detects spots on the lungs
Chemotherapy is recommended.
Sheena is given 3 months to live.
In despair Sheena chooses alternatives.

May 1998
Read Donna Roth's Newsletter, Saw Donna Roth
Changed the diet – no sugar, no junk food, no wheat products
Parasite cleanse with Black Walnut
Cat’s Claw for anti fungal purposes. Paw Paw was not available at this time.
Cascara Sagrada for the bowels
Chinese Mineral Chi Tonic

August 1998
Sheena knew her cancer was gone by intuition. She had learned to listen to her body.

Sheena is alive and well and continues to have good health. She continues to listen to her body, to nourish her body faithfully and to take Nature Sunshine supplements according to the needs of her body.

Paw Paw Works in 4 Ways

Paw Paw works in four different ways.
1. Cancer cells gobble as much glucose as they can get. Paw Paw inhibits the glucose energy from producing and reaching these cells.
2. Paw Paw inhibits the development of blood vessels growing near tumors-(angiogenesis). Blood vessels cannot carry the glucose to the cancer cells. Cancer cells cannot be fed and cannot metastasize and spread throughout the body.
3. Paw Paw inhibits the DNA and RNA of cancer, the blueprints of life, from replicating so that these abnormal cells (fungus) can’t divide.
4. Some cancer cells have a unique pump that pumps out chemotherapy before they enter the cells to kill them. That’s why chemotherapy is not always effective. Paw Paw, instead, inhibits the energy that keeps the pumps working and Paw Paw can enter these fungal mutated cells and these cells die. In vitro studies done in Wayne State University shows Paw Paw’s ability to destroy these multiple drug resistant cells – cells resistant to different forms of chemo. At Wayne State University a study showed that compared to a standard chemotherapy drug, adriamyacin, that Paw Paw was extremely powerful in knocking out cancer cells. The Abbott study on mice leukemia and lung cancer showed Paw Paw to be almost a million times more powerful than adriamyacin in destroying these types of cancer. A study at Purdue with the Upjohn Company again on mice leukemia proved Paw Paw to be 300 times more potent than the standard drug called Taxol. This study cost $66,000. All this work was completed in 1993 and Dr. McLaughin stated, “I’ve been stuggling trying to get people to recognize this ever since. This was published in the Life Sciences journal in 1993.”


NSP leads the way: “Guaranteed Pure” vs “Natural” June 2002
by Spence Masson
Look at manufacturer’s labels – “Guaranteed Pure Ingredients”
Have you ever taken a close look at our product labels? Pretty free of fluff and marketing hype, aren’t they? But one phrase we do like to use is one that you won’t see on any other manufacturer’s labels – “Guaranteed Pure Ingredients”. Why don’t other people use it? Sure, there are lots of other companies out there putting some statement about the “natural” content of their product on their labels - “Natural Ingredients”, and so on. And why, for that matter, doesn’t Nature’s Sunshine follow suit and do the same?
Well, we didn’t make our reputation by following trends, but there’s also an important distinction here. In Canada, you need only a very minimal content of natural ingredients in a product to be allowed to call it “natural” on the label. A product with as little as 10% natural ingredients can be called “natural”, or labelled as “contains natural ingredients”. We obviously want to be able to distinguish ourselves from products like that.
Now, let’s have a closer look at the term “natural”. There are many natural ingredients that people avoid, due to food allergies or personal preference. Things like wheat, yeast, soy, and lactose are all natural, yet some people cannot or choose not to consume them. Crude oil is natural, but you wouldn’t want to drink it. Microorganisms such as bacteria are natural, and bacterial contamination is very common in the natural products industry. When you pull a plant out of the ground, you never know what’s coming along for the ride.
So you can see that simply labelling a product as “natural” doesn’t really mean much. And to rely solely on that statement as an indication of quality would be a big mistake.
NSP has put “Guaranteed Pure Ingredients” on its labels for many years, even though there are no standards or criteria used to evaluate the term. Think of it as our personal guarantee to our customers. Guaranteed pure means that customers can be sure of the purity of the ingredients used by NSP. NSP tests all its raw materials and manufactures its own product – two things that many competitive companies don’t do. Our raw material testing has detected such things as E. Coli and salmonella, heavy metals such as lead, mercury and arsenic, fillers such as lactose, incorrect plant parts and species, incorrectly identified plants and mislabeled drums of raw materials. We would never have picked up any of these problems if we simply relied on the Certificate of Analysis provided by our raw material vendors as proof of quality. Believe it or not, many manufacturing companies rely on the C of A as their only “testing method”.
NSP has set the standard for quality for over 30 years, and has developed many of the quality procedures that are now in wide use in the herbal industry. We have had “Guaranteed Pure” on our labels for many years, and will continue to guarantee the purity, potency and quality of our products.

Super Foods

Super Foods
Our health today is in big trouble. Our agricultural practices have depleted our soils so significantly that today we would have to eat 10 tomatoes to get the same amount of nutrition that one tomato would provide us in 1941. Statistics tell us that 1 in every 2 men and 1 in every 3 women will get cancer and JAMA tells us 140,000 Americans die from drug reactions each year. Dr. Hugo Rodier stated that one third of today’s children will suffer from diabetes. It is estimated that 90% of the money spent on groceries is totally non-nutritious. The list goes on and we get the picture. Let’s stop this process and reverse this vision. Let’s focus on health as the number one priority in our lives. Non of us need to become victims of disease, or of cancer or of diabetes. The answer to all health issues lies in the incorporation of Super Foods into our every day diets. Super Food is highly dense nutrition that is absolutely essential for increasing our energy levels, for strengthening our immune systems and for raising our health levels to greater heights.
Caesar once said “Friends, Romans, Countrymen, Lend me your ears” Today we plead ,”LEND ME YOUR EARS and hear about the solutions.