Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Monday August 31 Call with Donna Roth and Kris and Carol


Monday August 31 Call with Donna Roth and Kris and Carol


What is TAFYH?

             TAFYH is 20 minutes a day via teleconference call

             It is a course of guided action for your health.

             Each day you receive a 5-minute lesson that is sent to you.

             You measure your progress using a Body Systems Questionnaire.

             You work with a team of 6 people.

             Each TAFYH session is led by an expert leader.

             You receive individualized instruction.

             All your questions are always answered.

             TAFYH addresses the 5-pillar formula: Injury, Inflammation, Elimination, Infection, Circulation

             Elimination, Infection, Circulation

             You are empowered to take responsibility through daily commitments and accountability

             TAFYH is outside the box thinking.

             TAFYH is exceedingly more powerful than any medicine!

             TAFYH is backed by science and follows the Laws of Nature

             You will get results after 8 weeks of TAFYH!

             TAFYH will be with you for a lifetime.

             TAFYH is for everyone seeking HEALTH!

Recently 4 people completed TAFYH

Kelly from Vernon

Randy from Vernon

Ian from Korea

Farren from Surrey


Presently 6 members are doing TAFYH.

Bob and Pat from Vernon

Merina from Vernon

Sandy from Vernon

Claudia from Kelowna

Tara from Kelowna


The calls are archived on www.donnaroth.com.

This site is full of great information, so I invite you to have a look.


Next Monday evening the call is at 5:45 pm PST.

604 227 1018


The Grand Solution Event on Saturday Hugs over Masks

Started our assembly by singing O Canada

Darlene asked everyone to give hugs

The Canadian Constitution with our rights and freedom were read:

Intention was set with a silent meditation and prayer.

About 200 people attended the assembly.

People  of all nationalities, mothers with babies, families with children and little puppies.

David Lindsay

If you don’t wear a mask you are exposing other people to danger.

The media has the power to make the innocent look guilty.

There is science to prove that mask wearing is dangerous in that it causes CO2 poisoning & mask mouth

Think outside the box.

Disregard your past beliefs and ask questions and think critically.

Bonnie Henry placed restrictions on May 16/2020

But David specifically asked via letter format

Where is the science

Where are the facts?

No answer!

Further questions:

Has any scientist isolated the virus? The answer is NO.

And think, said David, you have all been exposed to viruses; so what!

There is transmission of viruses even CoVid if it exists! So what

Why the mandates of masks ? There are no facts.

They do not prevent transmission.

Masks are a security blanket for superstitious people.

Social distancing is forced isolation.

There is no science behind the 50 people ruling.

How are the death rates really calculated?

How many cases of CoVid deaths are there?

Have they died of CoVid or have they died from compromised health with CoVid?

How accurate are these PCR tests? 30 to 60% error

It is not a yes or no test!

CoVid is not a death sentence.

There have been 14000 bank rupt businesses since the Lock Down!

Vaccines have never been test in 32 years. They just blindly release it into the market.

Vaccine industries are 05 liable!

There can never be a vaccine because the CoVid virus has never been isolated.


Ted Kuntz

Were into the second wave and the second wave is us!

They are threatened as we wake up.

This is all a social control experiment.

They care about control, control of the entire population.

People are recognizing the fraud.

But they wont step down nicely as there are far too much political investments into CoVid

Planning this for 100ès of years

To capture us, succumb to their obedience, compliance

The media on the other hand makes us feel selfish if we don’t wear a mask.

We all feel that there is a responsibility.

Time to stop it!

I stood up!

We need super heroes to stand up.

The epidemic is not the virus it is the fear. And I say if you have faith why do you fear!

They are all following the same narrative world wide:

Social distance

Wear masks

Stand 6 feet apart!

The programming is intense and we are massively being deceived.

Our govt is not acting on behalf of our best interest.

The medical industry took away my son. They killed my son.

It hurts to know they participated in that.

I asked the questions, many of them.

Where is the evidence

They did not answer.

CoVid is not true

Stand up for freedom

Hired Rocco Gallati, the lawyer to sue the federal govt and a number of health ministers and Premiers.


Gary Fong

There is a huge shift in awareness

Kelowna is the 5 G pilot study in Canada.

A govt official shut down Garys videos regarding the dangers of 5 G.

5 G is like having your microwave oven on night and day.

Causes migraine headaches and joint pain.

It is also known to cause hypoxia.

5 G towers were turned down by the Sikh community who own a lot of farm land.

Known to destroy the bee population which is essential to good farm crops.

The 5 G towers are very high frequency

But they will not work because they get rusty very quickly and fall apart.

Rainfall destroys them.

Spend time meditating, looking up to God and raise your own vibrational frequency.þ


I am also excited to have Kris as our guest speaker this Monday.

Six years ago Terry, her husband, was diagnosed with cancer.

Terry and Kris went on a search..

They studied the Gershon clinic, Dr. Caldwell, Dr. Campbell, Food Matters, Forks Over Knives.

They exposed themselves to many different ideas.

Kris even interviewed 3 different Naturopathic doctors.

Everything they researched so far was just too wish washy.

Then Kris discovered Donna.

“We looked on Donna’s website and I was numbed by the number of case studies.”

Guest speaker: Kris presents Terry's story on how he overcame cancer.


Q and A

Varicose veins Cathy

Thyroid issues; young 6 year old; Vit K shot

Concussion; Jollean