Monday, July 24, 2017

Your Health is Headed for a Crisis if You Don’t Clean Up Your Heavy Metals

Your Health is Headed for a Crisis if You Don’t Clean Up Your Heavy Metals
There was one time where someone asked me, “What causes inflammation?” My response “ toxins” Of course the next question was where do they come from. It comes from the most commonly accepted practice in our society. Unknowingly you, as people, of this society line up for this. In ignorance they have it injected into your body. Fervently they told you it would save you from serious diseases. Trustingly you believed it would save your life. Scientifically, you have been told it is safe and effective. What if what you have been told is not true? What if the science that states it is safe and effective has been manipulated. What if science is ignoring the Laws of Nature? So what is it that you are injecting into your body that is so harmful? It is vaccinations!
Have you ever read the ingredients to vaccinations? Today I want to share what I have discovered about 2 of the ingredients present in all vaccinations including tetnus shots, Shingles shots, flu shots, and so on and what you can do to clean them out.
Here they are; just 2 of the very dangerous ingredients in all shots:
 Thimerosol which is 50% mercury; you do know how toxic mercury is from all the information you have received from Dr. David Suski who did all the studies regarding mercury in fish. Recently Robert J Kennedy stated that in his studies of coal plants  1 in 6 American women had enough mercury to reduce the IQ of children. He stated this, “There is a myth out there that if there were no vaccinations people would die. But the truth is autism is an epidemic and genes do not cause epidemics. Mercury is the culprit. And vaccines are a $30 billion industry with no liability. A study was done on Maca monkeys where ethyl mercury was injected into these monkeys and it was proven that the mercury leaves the blood and crosses the blood brain barrier.” Then he said vaccines are cruel and lethal and it is difficult to convince a man of a fact if it diminishes his salary. Final quote, “ I cannot stand by and watch these kids being poisoned.” I also cannot stand by and watch our people get poisoned.
Aluminum; Dr. Seneff clearly states that aluminum causes depression and that suicides happen after vaccinations.
Dr. Wakefield discovered that perhaps there was a link to the MMR vaccine and autism. He spent his time treating the bowels of these children and their brain got better and they stopped biting. By doing so he lost his position, medical licence, his career and his country. Yet, this is what he said, “ It is a small price to pay.”
In the year 2000, Dr. Goldberg discovered  50% of the children vaccinated with Chicken Pox vaccine got Shingles. Dr. Goldberg , after serving 8 years for the LA Health Service,s resigned as he did not want to be part of a research fraud.
In 2009 and 2010 it was reported that after pregnant women received the flu shot and H1N1 shot there was a huge spike in fetal deaths , an increase of 4000% and this spike was due to Thimerosol mercury. Dr. Goldberg.
Just knowing that there are 2 very toxic heavy metals in vaccinations should make you stop and think and take action; never to have them injected into your body again and to have them cleaned out.
The Laws of Nature has provided our body with a covering of skin to protect toxins and poisons from entering it and harming it. Consequently it just makes common sense to stop putting harmful substances into our bodies and that includes vaccines. They cause inflammation and inflammation leads to disastrous diseases such as cancer, MS, Parkinsons , heart disease, depression, autism and so on.
Just imagine what these heavy metals, mercury and aluminum, are doing to your blood. They make your  blood thick and heavy. Consequently circulation slows down and your heart needs to work harder to pump the blood throughout your body. If your blood circulation slows down that means that body temperature drops. And did you know that cancer cannot live in a body temperature of 98.6 F ? If the core body temperature is cold every organ and gland becomes hypo functional. Dr. Jernigan quotes, “Stagnant blood and lymph leads to infectious conditions and the diagnosis is cancer, fungus, Candida. The overcooling of the peripheral blood returning from the cold legs and feet causes the slowing of metabolic processes in the brain and medullar center. There is a shift in the body’s polarities and the diagnosis is Bi-Polar disorder, confusion, dementia, depression, ADD, ADHD.”

Imagine what these toxic heavy metals are doing to your brain.  The heavy metals are crossing the brain barrier thereby preventing life giving oxygen and nutrients getting into the brain. Each year 25,000 Canadians  are diagnosed with dementia. Do you want to be one of those cases? Do you someone who is one of these cases. The annual cost to Canadians to care for those living with dementia is $10.4 billion. About  234,000 young Canadians aged 15 to 24 experience depression and suicidal thoughts. I have been given a copy of a SPECT Scan of one young person’s brain that was completed at Dr. Amin’s brain clinic This young person suffers from depression and suicidal thoughts. She was given a series of vaccines in her teen years. The SPECT scan shows holes in the brain. I believe these holes were caused by toxic heavy metals that crossed the brain barrier.
Now that you get the picture of the horrendous effects of heavy metals in your body , you can take steps to detoxify them and address 1 of the 5 pillars in overcoming  cancer and other diseased conditions; depression, muddled thinking, dementia , heart disease, and so on. What can you do?
It is called Heavy Metal Detoxification. Each and every one of you have had vaccinations at some point in your life. Those heavy metals live in your body even if your vaccinations were done 40 years ago. How do I know this? In 1950’s Dr. Bernice Eddy was vaccinating hamsters in a laboratory setting and noticed how all these hamsters were getting cancers and tumours. She warned her colleagues that if the vaccination program was instituted into our society then we would have an epidemic of cancer within 20 years. She was fired. And just this year Health Canada announced that 1 out of 2 people are diagnosed with cancer! You need to do the Heavy Metal Detoxification. The  Oral Chelation therapy is a safe and effective method for removing toxins, heavy metals and metabolic wastes from the blood stream. This program regulates blood pressure, decreases cholesterol levels, increases blood circulation and normalizes triglycerides. Here is how you do it and I give gratitude to Steven Horne for sharing the Oral Chelation program with us:

Week One
Take1 MC with breakfast and 1 MC with dinner
Take 1 ounce Essential Liquid Minerals
Take 1 Super Oil with each meal
Take 2 Heavy Metal Detox with each meal.
Take 1 or 2 packets of the fiber product called Purify
Week Two
Take  2 MC with breakfast and 2 MC with dinner
Take 2 ounces of Essential Liquid Minerals
Take 1 Super Oil with each meal
Take 1 or 2 packets of the fiber product called Purify
Week Three
Take 3 MC with breakfast and 3 MC with dinner
Take 2 ounces of Essential Liquid Minerals
Take 1 Super Oil with each meal
Take 2 Heavy Metal Detox with each meal.
Take 1 or 2 packets of the fiber product called Purify
Increase up to 4 MC with breakfast and 4 MC with dinner or more according to your weight.

Continue a full dosage for a minimum of 1 month for every 10 years of your life. Individuals with serious circulatory problems may require a longer period of time.  Other supplements:
·         If there is a backache add 1 KB-C with each meal to strengthen the kidneys
·         For heart problems add 2 Hawthorn with each meal
·         For Alzheimer’s add 2 Gingko Hawthorn with each meal
·         For concentration and memory add 2 Focus ATN.
·         For varicose veins add Vari-Gone
·         For slowing brain aging and cleaning up of plaque buildup linked to Alzheimer’s add 1 CurQMin with each meal.
Taper off gradually the same way you built up. Then continue to stay on 2- 3 MC twice a day.

IN.FORM Purify is a patent-pending formula with nutrients that support healthy microbiome, detoxification, digestive and immune system health after periods of physical stress. This exclusive formula promotes bowel movements by increasing bulk volume and water content, to provide gentle relief of constipation and/or irregularity. Additionally, Purify is a source of a patent-pending phytonutrient blend that helps protect against free radicals.

Purify contains psyllium husk fiber, L glutamine, Inulin, a specific type of flax seed, Chlorophyll, Apple fruit, zinc, Olive Leaf extract.

Each serving (13g) contains Plantago ovata (psyllium) husk 3.1g; L-glutamine 2.5g; Inulin 2.5g; Linum usitatissimum (flax) seed 600 mg; sodium copper chlorophyllin 100 mg; Malus domestica (apple) fruit 30 mg of a 500:1 extract standardized to 75% polyphenols; Camellia sinensis (green tea) leaf 15 mg of a 10:1 extract standardized to 80% polyphenols, 60% catechins, 30% epigallocatechin 3-gallate; zinc 7.5 mg; Olea europaea (olive) leaf 5 mg of a 5.5:1 extract standarized to 12% oleuropein.