Saturday, October 25, 2014


Donna Roth

Nature's Sunshine Convention
Recently I attended the Nature's Sunshine Convention with my son, Dean. It was a wonderful experience and Nature's Sunshine
is all about education. Besides their  excellent products and excellent people, I love Nature's Sunshine for their education.
My priority in life is to educate others to take on their own health. Health =Life = Freedom. What I offer to others is education
through teleconference calls, through courses, through TAFYH and through personal consultations.

Award of Excellence & Bob Shaffer Award
Now each year one person from the many members in Nature's Sunshine is selected to receive a very prestigious award known as the Bob Schaffer
Award of Excellence. This award is given to that one person who does outstanding performance in the field of Nature's Sunshine and one who makes a difference
in the lives of many others. This year I was selected to be the recipient of this amazing award. What an honour it was to stand before
500 people as the Bob Schaffer Award along with a beautiful flower bouquet was presented to me by General Manager
of Nature's Sunshine Canada, Jennifer Cole ! This was the most touching and humbling experience.

My Gratitude and Appreciation
So today I stand before you, Nature's Sunshine Senior Managers, Managers, Associates, Clients, to express my most sincere gratitude for your
faith and support in the work that I do. It is you, who have helped me to achieve this honor. It is you, who have attended my many years of  classes,
seminars and  taken my courses. I  thank you for this. It is you, who have attended my Monday teleconference calls. I  thank you for this. It is you, who have
taken my herbal health education to heart and applied it to your lives so that you, too , could have the health you were searching for. I thank you for this, It is you who have
taken on Nature's Sunshine as a way to educate others to make a difference in their lives.  I thank you for this. It is you who have devoted your health
to TAFYH principles .I thank you for this. It is you who have made me successful! From the bottom of my heart I thank you for this.
Many of you have expressed many kind words of congratulations. I want you to know that your words are meaningful and taken to heart. I appreciate your emails,
your phone calls, and your heartfelt conversations.

Transforming the Health of Nations.
With this Award of  Excellence I now wish to state strongly that this achievement is only a stepping stone to greater things. We have a huge work to do. In my eyes Nature's
Sunshine is a movement as much as it is a business. We have the answers that people are searching for. Everyone wants a cure for cancer, for arthritis, for diabetes,
for heart disease and for so many other health issues. The answer lies in not in a silver bullet but in Therapeutic Nutrition. The answer lies not in a product but in a program.
The key here is EDUCATION. I urge you to take on your health,  join TAFYH and become a TAFYH leader. Together let's transform the health of nations!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

My Dear Friend, Bev, is Gone But You Can Make a Difference

My Friend ,Bev ,is Gone But You Can Make a Difference
This year September,2014 a great friend of mine, Bev, was motorbiking with her husband in a small town across the border from White Rock when a car ran an intersection and hit their motorbike whereupon Bev was killed and Micheal , today, is in critical condition in a hospital bed. I am taking a few minutes of silence today to honor my dear friend and to express my gratitude to her for being in my life and for the good times we had in the past. Particularly the time that comes to my mind is when the two of us rented a PT Cruiser Convertible and traveled to our birth place of Oakburn, Manitoba to visit friends, to attend a special Dolony Church service to honor our past ancestors and to go to an old country barn dance in Rossburn. We had such a great and special time together. Thank you , Bev for special memories. The last time I saw Bev was this summer when she dropped in for a quick surprise visit.
I just want to comment on perhaps what may have occurred in this accident. So I am posting a comment from Dr. Mercola:
  • A CDC report reveals that between 1993 and 2010, the number of drivers involved in fatal car crashes found to have three or more medications in their system nearly doubled, increasing from 11.5 to 21.5 percent 

I have been suspicious for quite some time that the cause of many accidents is related to prescription use. It appears that today almost everyone I talk to is taking a form of  prescription drug. They all have side effects, especially when it comes to fogging up our brain capacity which is responsible for neuromotor control and quick action responses.Is it not time that we resort to nutritionally building our bodies, strengthening our brains and  being proud of our health ! Drugs do not give us our health.
Our bodies are created to heal only if we give our bodies high energy nutrient support. This is such a simple concept and yet very few people out there really take this to heart.You can make a difference to your health and to perhaps saving a life. Let us make a commitment to our health by doing 3 things each day:
1. Exercise and breathing in fresh air.
2. Having a colorful Super Food Smoothie with scientifically documented quality controlled:
       Chinese Mineral Chi Tonic,
       Green Zone ,
       Flax Lignans,
       Collatrim Plus
       Solstic Energy,
       water and berries
3. Cleanse with Psyllium Hulls and LBS11

Become involved with the Sunshine Awards Program which gives you:

  • 20% discount
  • free shipping
  • points redeemable for free products

Your obligation is to shop for your super foods at Nature's Sunshine with a $165 order per month.
Call me Donna Roth 250 764 2852 or
Call Nature's Sunshine 1 800 265 9163

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Totally Amazing

Totally Amazing 

Please register for our next Nature's Sunshine sponsored session with :
Jennifer Cole , General Manager of Nature's Sunshine Canada
Lynn Kildaw
Donna Roth

On Thursday , November 6/2014
At 6:45 pm for refreshments
Ramada Inn in Kelowna

Agenda :
Weight Loss and the new products just released
Convention recap.
Success stories, arthritis, cancer, heart , infection,

I am looking for 100 registrations. Please notify me if you are able to help me make this happen.
My gratitude goes out to the following people who have come forward to assist:
Kathy and Gunner
Nick and Sheila

The call with Dr. Joen was inspiring as she related the results her sister received using the Paw Paw program for overcoming cancer. Dr. Joen than proceeded to discuss what she did when her athletic husband underwent a serious heart attack. She was very quickly able to use the Emergency teachings from TAFYH to guide her husband through the heart attack and then drove him to the Mayo Clinic. By the time he arrived to the Mayo Clinic he was no longer experiencing the symptoms. The Mayo Clinic called his heart attack the " Widow Maker"meaning no one ever survives such a serious case. As a result of this experience the Mayo Clinic has asked Dr. Joen to give talks in regards to the Emergency program she used and how to prevent heart attacks from happening.Everyone needs this information as heart disease is one of the leading cause of death next to cancer. I am enclosing the playback number.

Here is what Dr. Joen did:
9 MC all at once with Capsicum opened in water.

This is totally amazing but I have witnessed this same procedure work for others. Preparedness is powerful and this education is offered to you in TAFYH and  Please contact me to register for the next session.

The call next Monday features Werner and prostate cancer.

Every Monday at 5:45 PST
Number: (760) 569-7676
Access Code: 972723

Playback (760) 569-7699