Thursday, October 24, 2019

Lunch and Learn HVP

HVP Hops, Valerian, Passion Flower

Hops have been used for well over 1,000 years to brew beer, but it has also been used since medieval times to produce medicine.
The flavonoid found in hops is classified as a phytoestrogen (a plant-based compound that mimics the activity of the female hormone estrogen). It is believed by some that such flavonoids can help increase estrogenic activity in the body, overcoming symptoms of estrogen deficiency.
Since estrogen levels are known to drop during menopause, hops may help alleviate the hot flashes and night sweats that typically accompany the condition.
According to a 2010 study from Finland, menopausal women provided an eight-week course of a hops extract experienced a reduction of hot flashes, night sweats, and even low libido compared to those provided a placebo.
Cardiovascular Disease
 There is a  compound in Hops  that helps relax blood vessels and improve blood circulation.  Hops can  therefore, provide relief for hardening of the arteries, a condition where  there  is an accumulation of plaque inside an artery can lead to a heart attack or stroke

Valerian is derived from the personal name “Valeria” and the Latin verb “valere” (to be strong, healthy).
Valerian has been used as a medicinal herb since at least the time of ancient Greece and Rome. Hippocrates described its properties, and later prescribed it as a remedy for insomnia.
Valerian root is a safe and natural way to help with one of the most annoying and common health problems — poor sleep. With minor and rare side effects, it can really trump prescription sleep aids when it comes to its overall effect on your health.
Many prescription sleep aids leave you feeling groggy the following morning, not to mention all the other scary and more serious risks on those long labels. Valerian root works with your body’s chemistry to help get your nightly rest back on track.
In addition, valerian root offers relief for many other common health concerns through its natural sedative abilities. It’s helped many people with:
menstrual cramps
high blood pressure

Passion Flower is the official wildflower of Tennessee
There are many passionflower benefits —inflammation from skin irritations and burns, ADHD, high blood pressure and asthma,

May Help Reduce the Effects of Menopause, Including Hot Flashes & Depression
Lower Blood Pressure
Reduce Anxiety
Addresses ADHD Symptoms
Helps Reduce Insulin Levels
Improves Your Sleep
Reduces Inflammation
Improves Your Sleep

Natures Sunshine scientists have now put these three herbs together in 1 convenient capsule which is called HVP, Hops, Valerian, Passion Flower.
I love the quality control of Natures Sunshine herbs. There are numerous tests that all herbs must undergo in order to be accepted as authentic high energy, free from all contaminants herbal supplement. All of their herbal combinations are known as therapeutic because their quality is so meticulous. So it is with the HVP herbal combination In short HVP is a synergistic combination with the following overall benefits:
Relaxes spasms in the digestive and urinary tract
Promotes restful sleep and great to resolve insomnia when you take about 4 at bedtime
Reduces high blood pressure and excitability when taken with every meal 2 each time
Increases the flow of urine
Great for anxiety, dependency, hyperactivity, seizures, muscles spasms, cramping, Nervous headaches, cardiovascular disease, menopausal symptoms.
HVP is particularly helpful for those individuals who awake repeatedly during the night due to nervousness or an active mind.
It is high in calcium, niacin, potassium, selenium, vitamin C and zinc.

One young man used it for anxiousness very successfully.

Ultimate GreenZone

Written By: Steven Horne
Vegetables & Green Drink Ultimate GreenZone is a convenient whole food supplement you can use as a quick meal replacement to maximize your overall nutrition.  It provides whole food nutrients that are easily absorbed and is gluten-free and pH balancing.  It also contains a proper balance of fats, proteins and carbohydrates for stabilizing blood sugar and promoting weight loss.

Unlike protein powders and diet drinks, the nutrients in Ultimate GreenZone are derived almost exclusively from foods and herbs, many of which are considered superfoods. These whole foods help to support the body’s immune functions, strengthen connective tissues, enhance detoxification and increase energy and overall well-being. Ultimate GreenZone is a great food supplement for a healthy pregnancy, athletic training and recovery from chronic illness. It  has a low glycemic index, making it a great whole food supplement for people with blood sugar problems as well.

Here are the ingredients in this green superfood supplement.

Seeds (chia, flax, quinoa, amaranth, millet and brown rice)
These seeds are a great source of proteins, carbohdyrates and healthy fats. Seeds are loaded with nutrition because they have to support a growing plant when they sprout. Many of these seeds are considered superfoods because of their nutritional density. They are also good sources of fiber, vitamin E and monounsaturated fats that help keep our heart healthy and our body disease free.

Vegetables (kale, spinach, broccoli, asparagus, artichoke, beet, carrot)
Most Americans don’t eat enough vegetables, so GreenZone supplements vegetable intake with these vegetable powders. Broccoli and kale are cruciferous vegetables, which means they contain sulfur compounds that aid liver detoxification and reduce the risk of cancer. Kale and spinach are dark, green vegetables, which contain chlorophyll, a great source of magnesium which is missing in most American diets. Beets have historically been used to build the blood and nourish the liver. Artichoke is also beneficial for the liver, while asparagus supports kidney function. Carrots are rich in carotenoids, precursors to vitamin A that promote the health of the eyes and immune system.  These are just a few of the many benefits these vegetables provide.

Spirulina and chlorella
These algae are a great source of amino acids. They help to stabilize brain and nerve function, balance blood sugar levels and increase energy.

Papaya and Acerola Cherry extract
Papaya fruit is a source of the protein digesting enzyme, papain. It is also a source of antioxidants like vitamin C, carotenoids and lycopene. Acerola cherries are a natural source of vitamin C and bioflavonoids.

Herbs (alfalfa, licorice root, lemon grass, chicory, horsetail, pau d’arco bark, parsley)
These herbs provide both nutritional and medicinal benefits to Ultimate GreenZone. Alfalfa is rich in trace minerals and other nutrients which have earned it the reputation of being the “king” of herbs. Horsetail is also a good source of minerals for building healthy bones, skin, hair and fingernails. Licorice root helps to stabilize blood sugar levels and increase stamina. Pau d’arco helps fight intestinal yeast and bacteria. Parsley supports kidney function and chicory helps feed the friendly bacteria in the colon.

Sodium Copper Chlorophyllin
This is a stabilized form of chlorophyll, the green “blood” of plants. Chlorophyll helps oxygenate the blood and has powerful deodorizing and antioxidant properties.

This is a form of fiber that is indigestible by the human body, but helps to feed the friendly bacteria in the digestive tract, promoting intestinal health.  These friendly bacteria or probiotics, play a role in the immune system by inhibiting yeast and unfriendly bacteria in the colon.

Other ingredients include lemon bioflavonoids, soy lecithin and bromelain from pineapple.

Recommended Use
Mix 2 scoops (21g) in 8 to 12 ounces of water or juice once daily. It combines well with pineapple or apple juice. You can also add it to smoothies. You may want to start with 1/2 scoop and work up to 2 scoops, as this product can be very detoxifying if you’re not used to eating whole foods.