Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Success Story of Suspicious Blood Clot and Extreme Pain and Swelling in the Leg Sept/2019

Success Story of Suspicious Blood Clot and Extreme Pain and Swelling in the Leg  Sept/2019

Over a period of 3 weeks Donna’s right leg behind the knee became painful and this pain got worse and worse and just would not subside. It became so painful that Donna could not do any chores and she just could not handle it. So off to the doctor she went to find out what was causing the pain. The doctor examined the painful area and was suspicious that this was a blood clot. He then scheduled an ultrasound to happen 3 days later. Donna, being frantic, fearing that this could mean death,  then called me to explain her situation. I immediately recommended the Emergency Protocol. I have witnessed this protocol work for people experiencing a heart attack and coming through with flying colors, a suspicious stroke and it worked, chest pains and it worked. I have total confidence in the Laws of Nature When they are followed using high quality controlled herbal supplements using them in high doses and taking them long enough the symptoms will subside. Donna was on board and agreed to follow my suggested protocol.
MC 8 all at once with a glass of water and 2 opened capsules of Capsules
CoQ10 2
Repeat the capsicum and water 15 minutes later.
Repeat the Capsicum and water 15 minutes later.
Drink water with a tablespoon of Chlorophyll throughout the day.
Donna did the protocol on Wednesday night.
Donna did the protocol three times on Thursday
On Friday morning Donna woke up and the pain was almost all gone. However, she did the protocol once more on Friday morning. Then off to the doctor’s office for an ultrasound. To the doctor’s amazement there was no deep vein thrombosis, there was no blood clot, there was no swelling. Everything was totally fine! Donna was ecstatic! Her big reason for being so thankful was that she was scheduled to go on a cruise in about 2 weeks. Yahoo! She would not have to cancel her cruise. Donna’s words:
I feel elated!
I feel free!
My depression is gone!
It feels like the whole world has been lifted off my shoulders.
She is now sharing her miracle story with her family , her children and her friends. She wants the world  to know that they also can be free. On an interesting side note the doctor was genuinely interested in the protocol she followed.
I love the words of Dr. Jay “If you lose your health, you lose everything.” and “May you never know the disease you prevent.”
Donna did not know if her painful leg was caused by a blood clot. But none of this matter. A diagnosis is not needed to do the simple Emergency Protocol.  Donna may have prevented a blood clot from happening. This is freedom!