Friday, March 4, 2011

Health Education to Increase Quality Years

Health Education to Increase Quality Years

There have been many people who have used Nature Sunshine products to successfully regain their health status and thereby add quality years to their life. The following people have given Donna Roth permission to share their

successes in hopes that they may help others to a happier healthier life.

Lanny – Colon Cancer gone – Used NSP Paw Paw program

Wes – Lymphatic Cancer gone- used NSP Paw Paw program

Sharon – Diabetes gone- used the NSP P14 program

Glen – Prostate cancer gone- used NSP Paw Paw program

Sheena – Lung cancer gone – used NSP Cat’s Claw program

Wes – Serious infection gone – used NSP Cat’s Claw program

Fred- Rheumatoid Arthritis gone – used the NSP Gold Barley program

Lynn- Lupus and Chronic fatigue – used the NSP Chi Tonic program

Bernice – Arthritis gone- used the NSP ART-A program

Gary – Throat, Lung cancer gone- used NSP Paw Paw program

Gurjit – High blood pressure, cholesterol gone – used NSP MC program

Sandra- Rosasea gone – used NSP Pau d’ Arco program

John- Knee surgery cancelled – used NSP Nature’s Gold Barley program

Glen- Skin cancer gone- used NSP Pau d’ Arco program

Charla- Shingles gone – used RE-X, HRP-C program

Carol – Fibromyalgia gone – used NSP Nature’s Gold program

Fred- Asthma Allergies gone – used the Nature’s Gold program

In a day and age where agricultural practices have robbed our soils of life sustaining minerals it is imperative to have a true high density food health plan written out and followed for the purpose of increasing your quality years. As one psychologist has stated – NO PLAN, NO LIFE

Please take time to fill out the enclosed Life Style Analysis. Then call Donna Roth to help you to organize a written health plan for you. This special will continue until supplies last. . The Life Style Analysis is also available at

Donna Roth BA BEd MH Expert Herbalist, 764 2852


1) Inflammation

One lady had a very bad fall when she was 12 years old and ever since that time for many years she always had pain in the lower back and inflammation of the knees. It was difficult to walk without pain. Then she discovered IF-C , the Chinese combination for inflammation. She started taking 6 capsules of IF-C a day along with lots of Essential Liquid Minerals and UC3J and within the first month the pain subsided by about 70% . Within 3 months she was amazed to find that all pain had totally subsided. No More back pain and no more knee pain.