Monday, June 14, 2021

From the Desk of Donna Roth June 14/21


From the Desk of Donna Roth June 14/21

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Monday, June 14/21

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How did the theory of the Pasteurian virus come about?

Viruses explained in terms of exosomes?

Nitric Oxide Generator resolves spike proteins!

Rejuvenaid, the Nitric Oxide Generator!

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Quotes from TAFYH fans

Anita: Gratitude to you, Donna, for all you have accomplished and how you keep us accountable.

Maggie: One horse can pull one cannon, two horses can pull 4 cannons and imagine how much energy we have as a team of 6?

Dorothy: I love it when everyone says Yes to their accountability reports. Yes, raises the dopamine levels of the brain.

Maggie: I have exchanged bad habits for good habits and doctors are not practicing on me anymore.


Dr Cowan talks about vaccine damaged COVID toes caused by niacin deficiency. My recommendation is to use Liquid Methyl B12 , 20 drops three times a day and take Methyl B 12 capsules.

Sulphur supports oxygen transport in the blood. Eat red meats, liver and egg yolk and add Natures Sunshine MSM tablets.

Glutathione deficiency is a plausible explanation for Covid sick patients. Use raw unpasteurized grass fed whey as found in Nature’s Sunshine NutriBurn Whey

The best yogurt is grass fed, high fat Bulgarian yogurt which provides the gut with the essential gut bacteria.

Salt protects us from EMF’s. Use a nonprocessed salt like Celtic salt, Marina salt. Take 1 ½ tsp during the day.

I love Dr. Cowan’s book The Contagion Myth and so I have based my presentation on his book.

How could generations of doctors, researchers, immunologists, virologists become convinced that many of our common diseases are viral in origin. Thomas S Cowan MD

It is only Western Medicine that invokes the contagion myth that somehow there is person to person transmission of harmful bacteria and viruses and germs.  No other medicine in the world recognizes the word contagion. The word contagion does not exist in the world of Traditional Chinese Medicine, neither does it exist in the world of   Ayurvedic medicine of India.

So how did the theory of the Pasteurian virus come about? It all started in the late 1800’s with the invention of the microscope. Pasteur and other scientists could now look into a microscope and identify bacteria that could be seen and  associated with a particular disease. This so-called bacteria or germ which could now be seen with a microscope was now the explanation as to why drinking sewage water made people sick. In this microscopic world  the cause of sickness from drinking the sewage water  was now the  bacteria and not the toxins in the sewage water. Now if an entire household was involved in drinking the same toxic sewage water and all of them got sick then the cause was the bacteria, and the furthermore the myth now formulated was that the bacteria was contagious. The truth was discouraged and  that common sense idea that the  sickness was caused by the toxins in the water was no longer taken into consideration.

Society was bred to believe that Pasteur and these microscopic scientists were all very well educated and university trained and no one in their common sense mind should ever question their false presumptions. As a matter of fact the scientific world worked hard to discredit common sense and the idea of asking questions.! Dr Cowan. “ The microscope allowed medicine to enter a scientific age and provide a ready and easy explanation for illness; one that circumvented the more difficult and less profitable work of cleaning up the cities, the water, improving diets, mitigating poverty and reducing pollution.”

I love Dr Cowan’s analogy when he says that bacteria are present at the site of the diseased area  just as  firemen are found at the site of a fire. Firemen are at a site to put out the fire to save lives. Bacteria are at the site of the diseased area to gobble up the toxic debris to save lives. To claim that bacteria is the cause of the disease is just as ridiculous as it is to claim that the firemen are the cause of the fire.

Now here is another observation.  At one time I had some pet ducks. One night one of the ducks was badly injured by a bite from a racoon. I cleaned up the wound using  Silver
Guard not knowing if the duck would even survive. The following day maggots just miraculously appeared in that wound. Where did these maggots come from and why were they there ? Maggots by the Laws of Nature appeared at the site of wound to clean up the toxic debris from the bite and to clean up the dead tissue. The maggots cleaned up the  wound  and my duck lived. Once again to say that the maggots caused the wound is just as ridiculous as it is to say the bacteria, or germ or virus cause the disease.

Let’s talk about polio. Scientists could find no bacteria at the site of the polio and the search was on to find the bacteria that caused polio. The eureka moment came with the invention of the electron microscope  where ‘yes’ tiny particles were found at the site of the polio. Immediately these scientists assumed that these were the bad particles that were causing the polio and they called them viruses. Interestingly in Latin the word virus means toxin.

Then scientists discovered that these viruses emerged from within the cell and not from some sort of outside source but the theory of the day that viruses come from the outside world carried on and the virus theory was born. That was the thought pattern of the day and to move into a different thought pattern would simply not be acceptable and would be censored. This false theory is now spread all over the world and is now threatening to kill us all with their lethal vaccination programs.

So what were these scientists really looking at. These tiny particles created inside the body are today known as exosomes. In the book, Pasteur vs Bechamp, A Lost Chapter in the History of Biology there were identified by Bechamp as microzyma and later Dr Gaston Naessens called them somatids. In simplistic explanation when a living organ is threatened with starvation, chemical poisoning, EMF’s, other toxins then exosomes are produced for the crucial detoxification function of all the cells and tissues. The exosomes also act as messengers warning other cells and tissued of imminent danger. So in fact the exosomes are the viruses, the toxic gobbling messengers in our cells that are there to clean up our inner environment to allow life to continue. Research shows that the more toxic exposure there is toxins such as fear, stress, chemicals, heavy metals, EMF ELF’s the more exosomes there are. There is research that implies that these exosomes from healthy people can be transmitted to form a protection for those in our resonance circles. We need each other, to be there for them , for you to strengthen and uplift. If they are not producing enough exosomes because of poor health we can take on our own health and pass on our health and strength to them.  Now you start to understand a deeper meaning to that word uplift.

Finally we must understand that these viruses or exosomes are our friends. They are there to keep the environment healthy and strong and to detoxify the toxins that cause the illnesses. There is no such thing as a dangerous contagious virus out there to kill you. The Germ Theory is false. The Virus Theory is false.  A war on viruses is a war on life. The weapons of this CoVid war are vaccinations  and it is the vaccinations of all kinds that destroy life. I believe that the CoVid dilemma was initiated by all those flus shots that have been administered to the elderly on a yearly basis for many years now. Who really knows what was in the latest flu shots given to the elderly during this CoVid season. And have you ever read the ingredients to the vaccines, to the CoVid shots. Do you really know what is being injected into your body if you decide to take that shot? Do you know the consequences of that shot?

With this I once again strongly reinforce the fact that more than ever in history it is critical for you to stay in health. In case there is a disruption of the food chain or food production or food transportation Have on hand some supplies for Emergency purposes: Super Trio, Collagen powder, Whey protein or Natures Harvest plant protein powders for at least a month’s supply. Also have on hand :

Capsicum to prevent bleeding

Cat’s Claw combination for infections

Silver Guard for infections and for purifying water.

Pine Needle Oil to protect yourself from the spike proteins that may be shedding from these vaccines,

Vitamin D 3 and Zinc to keep your body strong.

Let me give you an example of how striking the effect of nutrition can be. Consider the humble honeybee. Queen bees and worker bees are genetically identical, yet queen bees lay up to two thousand eggs a day, while worker bees are functionally sterile. Queens live up to three years; workers may live only three weeks.105 The difference between the two is diet. When the hive’s queen is dying, a larva is picked by nurse bees to be fed a secreted substance called royal jelly. When the larva eats this jelly, the enzyme that had been silencing the expression of royal genes is turned off, and a new queen is born.106 The queen has the exact same genes as any of the workers, but because of what she ate, different genes are expressed, and her life and life span are dramatically altered as a result

Knowing this information should move us to be sure that we are taking a super food smoothie every single day!

Nitric Oxide Generator

In my world I know that whenever there is a problem there is also a solution. Nature is just so good and so kind. God created solutions for us,  harm free solutions to all negative health problems. Once again my ears perked up as I listened to Jessica Rose give us the very simple solution to the disconcerting spike protein problem

The solution is nitric oxide. It binds these spike proteins and totally neutralizes them Was I ever excited to hear this answer. Natures Sunshine has had the products that provide the solution, and they are Arginine Plus and  Rejuvenaid. I want to explain  the L Arginine that is found in both of these products. IT has been documented by 1000’s of scientific studies that L Arginine converts to nitric oxide in your body. In 1998 a Nobel Prize was awarded to the scientists who discovered the therapeutic value of L Arginine.  When you read the label on the Rejuvenaid box it specifically states Nitric Oxide generator. I could now further understand why Marg’s friend got such dramatic results when he drank 4 of those Rejuvenaid sticks a day.

It helps to form red blood cells.

It supports energy production.

It helps in energy production and in tissue formation.

It helps in collagen formation to maintain healthy bones, cartilage, teeth and gums,

It helps to support the immune system functions.

IT helps to maintain proper muscles functions and tissue formation.

TI helps to maintain heart muscle functions.

It provides electrolytes for the maintenance of good electrical health.

It helps to maintain a healthy digestive system.

It is loaded with L Arginine involved with protein synthesis.

IT is a great workout supplement.

It is a source of antioxidants to keep free radicals in check.

We have 2 products that contains arginine that produces nitric oxide; L Arginine and Rejuvenaid

The science behind nitric oxide action is huge

In the cell – NO interferes with mRNA transcription and replication

Antibacterial – NO Interferes with those things that interfere with DNA repair

Antiviral –

Antifungal –

Anti-inflammatory –

Increase blood flow

Enhanced wound healing –

NO is successful in Alzeheimers Disease and vascular dementia

It plays a role in immunonutrition.’

It has been used for treatment of interstitial cystitis.

It improves peripheral and hepatic insulin sensitivity in Type 11 diabetes

It has had beneficial effects on chemical induces diabetes mellitus

Science proved modutaion of tumor infiltrating hymphosytes in patients with colorectal cancer and breast cancer

It lowers hepatic fatty acid oxidation.

High dose of nitric oxide alleviates erectile dysfunction.

It normalizes platelet aggregation.

It is beneficial to airway hyperresponsiveness to histamine in asthma

It is beneficial for airway responsiveness in exercise

  Someone asked me for recommendation on a fat burning program to lose weight.

I told her to eliminate all gluten, sugar, dairy, need to exercise, have good sleep; what products would you recommend apart from the Ultra biome DTX, Chinese mineral chi, Greenzone, and Cat’s claw? 

Teleconference Call

 From the Desk of Donna Roth June 14/21

Donna Roth Teleconference Call

Monday, June 14/21

Dial in 604 227 1018

How did the theory of the Pasteurian virus come about?

Viruses explained in terms of exosomes?

Nitric Oxide Generator resolves spike proteins!

Rejuvenaid, the Nitric Oxide Generator!

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