Friday, July 20, 2018

Nan’s Success Story; Diagnosed with early stages of Alzheimer’s 2018

Nan’s Success Story; Diagnosed with early stages of Alzheimer’s 2018
Nan is a TAFYH grad and continues to abide by TAFYH principles which follow the Laws of Nature.
Previous to this I had told you my personal story as it pertained to me.
Well , I misunderstood what was needed  to be said. There is so much
more to be said, so here goes.
I actually started TAFYH a week before it became a group of six.
During that week I lost 18 lbs of toxic waste. I was not malnourished.
I had weighed 181.2 lbs before I started. When the TAFYH group formed
I weighed 168 lbs. I am now 156.6 lbs and will probably lose a bit more.
I did the first Candida Test and the spit went immediately down to the
bottom of the glass. In the new test I did today, the spit floated on the top for
a few seconds, then strings started to go down. After five minutes it was all on
the bottom of the glass.
Checking on my blood pressures, I found that the first week of TAFYH, was in a range
of 124/75 to 134/85. It is now 126/78 give a point or two differences. There are no big
spikes in the range. My body remains under the ideal and very often I feel cold.
I will be eating more red meat in the future.
After doing a BSQ on myself, I was totally amazed! The numbers are hard to believe!
They are below. The ones in brackets are the current numbers.
STR-10 (6)