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TAFYH team 75 is off the ground with 7 enthusiastic participants.

TAFYH team 76 to launch about April 15/ 24 now has 2 registrants.

What Dr Suzanne Humphries Says about Vax

Shingles Gone? Grant’s Success Story

Apple Pectin in Garden Essence, Liver Support, BWLBLD for radiation etc

Apple Pectin Research

Side Effects of Herbal Programs: Are They Harmful or Beneficial?

Discussion of Successes: Migraines, Weight Loss, Tremors, Health in Trouble

Oral Chelation with MC tablets

Words of Interest from Carol


Susan’s recipe book, Beyond Mudpies


From Children’s Health Defense

Nearly every aspect of our healthcare system is captured, controlled, or bought-off, leaving us all at risk.


From Donna Roth

I was given the opportunity to explain the Terrain Truth.

I call it truth and not theory. Here is the simple explanation.

Viruses if there are such things or  if you choose to call them that are part of the Laws of Nature.

I first read about the true explanation of viruses many years ago in a book that was banned at that time.

It was called Bechamp vs Pasteur, The Lost Chapter in the History of Biology by E Douglass Hume.

It is now available on Amazon.

I believe it is there for anyone to read because people have bought into the Germ Theory dogma.

Consequently, that book no longer can influence the masses.

However the truth that was  written at that time in the 1900’s still applies today as truth does not change. The Laws of Nature do not change.

Bechamp discovered these very tiny microscopic particles he called microzyma that exist in our bodies.

As a matter of fact they are found in every living thing on this earth.

They are inert until Nature calls them into action.

When there is an over abundance of toxic debris that needs to be cleaned up these microzyma are called to action.

These microzyma then convert to germs or viruses or parasites for the purpose of cleaning up the toxic debris to allow life to continue.

Imagine what our world would look like if debris could not be broken down!!

Viruses are my friends and not my enemies!!

Now I will state this question:

Who tells you that you have no ability to heal your own body?

Who gives you that vision of defeat?

I am reminded of the poem by Mary Howitt:

Will you walk into my parlor?” said the Spider to the Fly,

“‘Tis the prettiest little parlor that ever you did spy


From Dr. Mercola interviewing Dr Suzanne Humphries

The vaccine industry intentionally deceives us about the risks and benefits of vaccines in order to make a profit, with complete disregard for human suffering and the destruction of public health over time

One of the reasons the polio vaccine doesn’t work is because polio isn’t caused by an infectious virus. It’s caused by toxins. Poliovirus is a commensal virus that is completely harmless in the absence of toxic onslaught

The changing of definitions is part of the vaccine industry’s playbook. The definition of a “vaccine” was radically altered to allow for the use of experimental modified RNA gene therapy

Another part of the fraud is using another vaccine as the control in lieu of a true placebo. You simply cannot prove a vaccine is safe by comparing it to another, most likely unsafe, vaccine

According to Dr. Suzanne Humphries, there are no worthwhile vaccines, not even smallpox or tetanus. Tetanus can be successfully treated using high-dose intravenous vitamin C and other essential nutrients

Vitamin C works because tetanus is a bacterial disease caused by an obligate anaerobe that cannot survive in the presence of oxygen. Other oxidative therapies that could be used if the infection is related to a wound include hydrogen peroxide and ozone therapy

Success Story : Shingles Grant

In January 2024 Grant called me to inform me he was suffering from excruciating pain. There were blisters on  his body and they were very very painful. He described it like this: It was like  hot pokers burning your skin. Grant even tried Advil to alleviate the pain but it did nothing for him.

 That’s when Grant called me. I advised him to use Pau D’Arco lotion. He had some in his bathroom cabinet. Pau D’Arco lotion, there it was and he used it as an  after shaving lotion. I organized a program for Grant and he placed an order for his required products immediately after our conversation. It took a few days to receive the products and Grant learned to breathe the pain away. He had a hard time sleeping because the pain was so bad and it was affecting his sleep. The herbal products finally arrived and Grant started his program immediately:

HRP-C 4 four times day

RE-X 4 at a time once or twice a day

Pau D’Arco capsules about 8 a day

About 7 days later he noticed the pain was alleviating and he could sleep. It took about 4 weeks to totally clear up the Shingles. The program worked. And on Feb 21/24 Grant called me to report his success in overcoming Shingles. He believes that the Shingles happened because his liver was detoxifying. He thought that it could be the toxic vaccines that perhaps were moving out through his skin. He recalled being a young boy lined up in the library getting vaccinated. Grant also thought that stress from the toxic work environment could be the cause as well.

Grant is a TAFYH grad and has learned that he can take control of his own health as he did when he was diagnosed with cancer many years ago. He took control of his own health and was able to overcame cancer following the Laws of Nature. He  used foods and superfoods and herbals to clear up a sarcoma tumor in his leg. Grant knows that your body is created to heal. He stayed in his power and took responsibility. Grant intuitively knows that he could address any health problem with quality herbs and foods and superfoods.

From Sayer Jy

The 1986 Chernobyl nuclear power plant catastrophe blanketed surrounding areas with dangerous radioactive particles. Cesium-137 (137Cs) comprised a large portion, its decades-long persistence inside the body steadily inflicting tissue damage. Thirty years later in neighboring Belarus, children's health still suffers, burdened by chronic 137Cs contamination from local food and milk sources. Desperately seeking protective solutions, researchers have uncovered an intriguing candidate to reduce this internal radiation -- a purified fiber extracted from apples.

In these published studies, children and teens from high cesium regions of Belarus showing signs of radiation-linked cardiovascular illness took daily oral apple pectin powder. Control groups consumed an inactive lookalike placebo powder. After just 16 days, pectin takers' 137Cs body concentrations dropped an impressive 62.6%, placebo only 13.9%.1 Remarkably for kids already eating non-contaminated foods, pectin still accelerated cesium excretion proving its specific binding ability in the gut.

Pectins comprise indigestible polysaccharides which constitute a large part of the sheer biomass of the plant kingdom. Apples feature nearly 10% pectin content.3 In making jellies and preserves, pectin crosslinks water molecules enabling gels that thickly coat and penetrate food surfaces. This viscous binding trait also grabs contaminant particles like 137Cs in the intestines, preventing their transit into blood circulation. Already confirming pectin's ability to remove lead, mercury and other toxins,4 this radiation protection adds incentive for abundant pectin consumption from apples and other fruits.

There are three products with pectin in them. These Natures Sunshine products are: Liver Support, Garden Essence Enzymes, BWL BLD.

A combination of apple vinegar drink with Bacillus coagulans  for weight loss, insulin resistance and hepatic steatosis.

AUG 18, 2020

The consumption of apples is inversely associated with the risk of developing various cancers.

NOV 01, 2005

The consumption of apples is inversely related to the risk of colorectal cancer.

Apple pectin and Lactobacillus casei inhibit liver cancer metastasis.

DEC 01, 1999


Apple pectin decrease the number and incidence of colon cancer.

The consumption of apples can prevent the decline in cognitive performance that accompanies dietary and genetic deficiencies and aging.

AUG 01, 2006


From Sayer Jy

Twice as Deadly? Statin Drug Crestor Associated with Over Double the Mortality Rate in ARDS Trial

Stay away from statin drugs. Use Dr McLaughlin’s oral chelation tablets to clean out the blood instead. Steven Horne MH states that you need to take at least 4 twice a day along with Essential Liquid Minerals and Omega 3 capsules. The instructions is to do this program for at least one month for every 10 years of your age.

Oral Chelation; 1 month for every 10 years of age

MC 4 twice a day

Essential Liquid Minerals 1 oz twice a day

Super Omega 3 capsules 2 a day.

For example Bee was diagnosed with breast cancer at age 30. She did the Oral Chelation program for 3 months. Today Bee is cancer free and attends Advanced TAFYH.



Side Effects of Herbal Programs

Success Story: Migraine Headache and Becet’s

Peter was visiting Kelowna and suffering with a severe migraine headache. His host in Kelowna said that that there was another way. He could go and see Donna Roth.  This is what Peter said,” I was skeptical, I must admit. How could some supplements out there fix my migraine headache when drugs could not touch it. . Then I thought about it . What’s the worst that could happen…. just $300 more in the hole.

“Peter spent the money to give it a good try. He went off sugar and gluten foods and started on Zambroza, BP-C as a blood purifier along with ULC-R to clear up the ulcers , Paw Paw and Protease Plus enzymes.

And to his pleasant surprise he started to see results within a month. Where he used to get 2 headaches a week he was now getting 1 headache every 2 weeks and within 3 months the headaches totally disappeared.

Now there were some side effects that Peter experienced that he never thought would ever happen. He failed to tell me that he also was diagnosed with Becet’s syndrome where he lost 70% of his vision in one eye and his knee was very swollen and painful and he would get frequent mouth sores. He had gone to all kinds of doctors for a solution to this problem. No one could help him and he was told he would have to live with this for the rest of his life and that he had to be on a drug for the rest of his life.

Not so once he started his Habit of Health. The swollen knee totally subsided, and the mouth sores cleared up. Within 3 months this all cleared up and he was able to wean off his drugs because there just was no more Becet’s happening.

Side Effects of Ida’s Herbal Program for Migraine Headaches

Ida’s life was run by pharmaceuticals because she was not able to overcome migraine headaches. Her friend, Elva, told her about the TAFYH program. Ida wanted more than ever to clear up the migraine headaches. So when Elva, who had overcome cancer, explained TAFYH to Ida, Ida was on board 100%. She faithfully followed the program. She ate the right foods. She had a smoothie once a day and when things were off, she had another one. She took Cat’s Claw Combination, LBSII and Psyllium Hulls.   She took FE Formula, & she drank water and Chlorophyll.  She did the exercises. By the end of TAFYH Ida overcame migraine headaches but what were the side effects to Ida’s program?

She  lost 10 pounds. She was sleeping through the night. Anxiety was not so prevalent. She gave up being uptight. Here was the biggest side effect;

One day Ida decided to cave in and have a piece of bread and the headache happened!

Today Ida confidently states:

“it’s total freedom. I don’t have to go to the doctor. I can sort it out myself.”

Ida is fired up and has been sharing this with many others, friends and family.

 Side Effects of Rosalyn’s Herbal Program for Weight Loss

Rosalyn was overweight and her goal was to lose weight. She signed up for TAFYH because her Mom, Cindy also a TAFYH grad insisted that Rosalyn do the TAFYH course. Rosalyn registered for TAFYH. She was committed and she drank her super food smoothies with Collagen, Power Greens, Flax Lignans and Solstic Energy. She took LBS11 and Psyllium Hulls for good intestinal movements. She drank water and Chlorophyll to flush the kidneys. By the end of the 2 ½ month of TAFYH Rosalyn lost 14 pounds. Here are Rosalyn’s side effects to the herbal program for weight loss:

No more cravings for sugar

Fall asleep easily now. 

Sinus Congestion and mucous drainage is much less

Bloating in stomach gone

Feet feel much warmer and can go barefoot without feeling any cold and pain in my feet

“Hungover” feeling in the morning gone (was caused by food and not alcohol)

Feet and legs no longer have any pain when I first stand up in the mornings

Aching in neck when I wake up is gone

Abstained from alcohol

No more caffeine addiction

Kept going even though I wanted to give up

Stayed in my power


Side Effects of David’s Herbal Program for Tremors

Health Plan

A activate with Cat’s Claw

B eat right and have a super food smoothie with Chi Mineral Tonic, Collagen, Solstic Energy

C Kidney Flush once a week, Liver Cleanse and taking Psyllium Hulls,

D Paw Paw for prostate cancer

MC for circulation and pain

Protease Plus for cleansing the blood

Colostrum for immune system

Focus ATN for repairing the blood vessel malformation in my brain

Dentist: root canals,

Medication : noticed it has side effects affecting my kidneys, back and digestion.


By the end of the TAFYH program David reports:

Tremors in my hands are has virtually disappeared.

My fine motor coordination has made a great shift.

Excessive urination gone.

 Used to get up about 11 times a night. Now only once or twice a night.

 Had trouble passing water now vastly improved.

Asthma symptoms are not a problem any longer.

Used to use a puffer because of wheezing and now don’t use it anymore.

Improved mental clarity.

There is a general sense of optimism.

I have that feeling that my body is capable of healing in ways I did not see.

I am empowered.


David  The Side Effects to His Program.

David’s health was in trouble. Antibiotics did nothing for his staph infection. He had no energy. He did the program to improve his skin and to clear foggy head.  Here ae his words:

 A year ago, I was feeling terrible.  I was fearful for my health.  I was positive something serious was wrong with me.  I went to the doctor and they said I had a staph infection and gave me antibiotics.  The antibiotics did nothing.  I knew the answer was not through traditional medicine.  I searched everywhere I could for the answers.

 Finally, I decided to try to cleanse my body using of Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide.  For six months I drank it every day.  I did start to feel better, but I knew that alone would not cure my lack of energy, my foggy head, my skin. I was pretty sure I had a parasitic infection from the information I had read and the appearance of my skin.  It was not something I wanted to discuss with anyone.  The people I did discuss it with thought I was crazy.

 I continued to search.  Then a few months ago, in the summer of 2019, I was talking to a friend of mine and she had stated she had signed up for a course and asked if I would be a part of her tag team.  My initial thought was I am not really into wrestling, but sure I would do that for her.  She stated she would send me, most every day, an email about what she had learnt.  As I started to receive the information, I knew that what she was sending me had truth and substance to it.

 Later that summer she asked me to go to a breakfast at the Kelowna Golf and country club, where Donna Roth and other people were having an informational meeting.  I said “absolutely”.

 After experiencing the people, the positivity and the information I ordered some products from Nature’s Sunshine.  I started to feel even better, and my energy increased, and I noticed my skin started to clear up.

 I started to really pay attention to my diet, and I started exercising again.  I have always been a fitness buff, but for the 5 years prior to 2019, I had lived a very unhealthy life.  I knew I had to get active again and start living my life and stop being afraid and negative.

 The TAFYH course has been over the top.  It has taught me so much.  I will never go back to the way I lived before.  My diet has changed.  My weight has decreased.  My body fat has decreased, and my muscle increased.  My energy level is high.  My athlete’s foot is gone, the crack on the bottom of my foot that has bothered me for the past 5 years is gone.  My skin has cleared up and I feel incredible.

 My sleep was another thing that has changed.  I used to wake up all the time in the night.  Now I sleep right through the night and I feel great again.