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March 3/21 Teleconference Call with Donna Roth

March 3/21 Teleconference Call with Donna Roth

From the Desk of Donna Roth Feb 21/21

 From the Desk of Donna Roth Feb 21/21

What is health?

Super Foods; Chinese Mineral Chi, Ultimate Green Zone

Guest Deborah

Chocolate Pizza recipe


Q and A

Kidney Stones, Deborah

Heavy Metal Detox; Jollean

Heart Burn; Bonnie Hiatal Hernia, pain killers, ulcers, H pylori bacteria, ULC-R , Aloe Vera juice


Over and over again I see sick people go straight to a doctor if they feel sick. Now I can understand that it is a good thing to see a doctor if you have a broken bone or a dislocated elbow that I experienced in Jan of last year. Doctors are wonderful in this area. However, note how programmed our society has become when it comes to feeling sick.


The way I see it our fragile unsuspecting society has been well programmed to believe that our health falls under the jurisdiction of the so-called Health Care system. Little does man or woman know that as sovereign persons born onto this Earth plain, you have unprecedented control over your own bodies and over your own health. The Health Care system does not walk in your shoes neither does it reside under your skin covering. Conclusively speaking how can Health Care ever take over jurisdiction over your health or your children’s health. In my world my observation points to an obvious lack of knowledge concerning personal care for one’s health and this lack of knowledge on how to care for one’s health has been intentionally swept under the carpet hoping that no one will ever find it there. Unfortunately for those who do the sweeping these treasured wisps of health truths soon come creeping out from their hiding places. They become discovered by those who seek to find these indelible treasures.

As a mother of three children wanting the best of health for them, I was one of those who began that journey of seeking after I witnessed the hurt and pain the Health Care system caused to one of my babies after a DPT vaccination shot. That memory of painful high-pitched screaming for hours continues to live in my mind as a driving force to find “health” I knew from that moment on health did not come from Health Care System! I knew that I would never trust the Health Care system to care for my children. I knew health for my children was solely my responsibility and I would gladly take on the searching for those hidden health truths. There was one very simple thing that always stood out in my mind and it was something my Mother taught me. “God created this world to be simple.” If God created my body then it must be simple to keep it in health. If God gave me this body then it must be my responsibility to look after it and that I would not turn it over to the so called Health Care System. This is where my journey to finding those indelible health truths began. Looking back I now see that they were not taught in schools, they are not taught in colleges or universities. These health truths were taught to me by the example of my parents and by  people who have crossed my life’s pathway. To them I am forever grateful. Some of these treasures I wish to share with you on this day. I think I will start with what I learned.

There are 2 opposing energy forces in the health world. One is your medical system and the other is your God given inner self created power to uphold your energy and your health.

I learned to stay away from anything the medical system had to offer in terms of solutions to disease, infections, swellings, to joint pain, brain fog, and serious diagnosed illnesses such as cancer, Parkinsons, diabetes, MS and so on. The medical offerings are nothing more than poisons as found in prescription drugs and vaccinations. They then give it the name of health care and prevention and of course in my factious words;  it is all scientifically documented. Of course, the scientific facts are all there to prove that all vaccines are safe and effective, that prescription drugs are all safe because they are prescribed by a doctor.

Now here is one very simple factor that very few doctors have ever looked at. And this is one factor that countless numbers of wise mothers see as obvious. This is what we as mothers really get! Prescription drugs are not foods. Vaccines are not foods! If they are not foods, then what are they? They are either foods or they are poisons. So where do vaccines fall into those 2 categories. Where do drugs fall into these 2 categories? Check out the inserts to vaccines. They are full of poisons! If you placed the vaccine ingredients on a plate for your children to eat and you forced them to eat it you would be called a child abuser would you not?  Yet you freely give permission to white coat authorities to inject these same dangerous substances into your children’s blood stream against their will because no child wants a vaccine injected into their bodies. Intuitively they know it is wrong, but we as adults, as white coat authorities do what? Entice them into having them. Notice how in this day it’s the white coat authorities that have taken control over our health by bullying; calling us all conspiracy theorists, by undermining our intelligence; stating that their education overrides our wisdom and common sense, by  constantly harassing us with their science which they say  is infallible and should always be trusted. To that I strongly say; Do you remember when your so called infallible science trusted thalidomide, a drug prescribed to millions of pregnant mothers who then lost their babies or their babies were born without limbs! Do you remember that? And it is for this reason that today I, as one of those wise mothers, say this; Vaccines should never be injected into anybody’s body, not to babies bodies, not  children’s bodies, not to  Mothers bodies, not to Father’s bodies, not to adults bodies, elderly bodies! Vaccines serve one purpose and that is to make Big Pharma rich. Vaccinations do not prevent any disease. As a matter of fact, they cause the disease they are meant to prevent. I quote Jeremy Hammond from the Lancet.

“The belief that vaccines can cause autism originated with a study ( 1998) by Andrew Wakefield published in The Lancet in which he claimed to have found an association between the measles, mumps, and rubella (MMR) vaccine and autism, but which study was later retracted for being fraudulent, and Wakefield was stripped of his medical license." I

If you have carefully listened to this statement you would have heard the year 1998. So I ask how many children today have autism? How many have lost their lives as a consequence of vaccinations? I don’t have an answer to it all but I can give you this stat. 496,000 Children In India were paralyzed Between 2000 & 2017 from "Bill Gates Polio Vaccine”

So, what then is health then  if it is not vaccines!

Health is energy. It comes from sources of  good foods, herbs, exercise, sunshine, gratitude, hugs, and so on. Health comes from raising your thoughts and seeing your own greatness and seeing the greatness of others.

I know how frequently I have mentioned super foods and their importance to health. So briefly I repeat that those super foods. Come to know them as your health friends. Know that God created them for you to live in health but today in 2021 there is a huge problem. All of our agricultural crops are poisoned with glyphosates and  you would have to eat 10 tomatoes that one tomatoes gave you in 1941. Know that you could not eat enough vegetables to provide you with sufficient nutrients that you require to sustain health. I am so very grateful to Natures Sunshine , a company that has taken on the role of finding high energy sources of super foods. The super foods come from Natures Sunshine which I can trust because of the thousands of health success stories I have witnessed. You can find them on

Chinese Mineral Chi; is the key as it provides the essential electrolyte minerals to charge up your entire glandular system also known as the endocrine system. The endocrine system consists of glands —such as the thyroid and adrenal glands — that produce hormones for a wide range of functions. These include regulating growth and development, metabolism, sexual function, sleep, mood and raising body temperature. The endocrine system is part of the Fire Element which needs the color red for stimulating heat. If the temperature is at 37 C or 98.6 F then the blood circulation is optimum and all electrical circuits are charged up and running to provide your entire body with energy needed for healthy functioning.

Chinese Mineral Chi is red. Think of other red foods, meat, salmon, walnuts, capsicum and I also like the new product Rejuvenaid excellent to build the blood and provide energy for the glandular system.

Chinese Mineral Chi benefits:

It balances all 12 acupuncture meridians.

It balances blood sugar levels.

Loaded with minerals from plant sources,

 Astragalus to feed the adrenal glands. Reduces stress, builds immunity,  increase stem cell production

Reishi mushroom counteracts Candida yeast and cancer proliferation, reduces stress,

Siberian ginseng reduces physical and emotional stress, balances hormones

Gingko Biloba increases circulation, builds brain energy, alertness, clarity , focus,


The other great super food I love is Ultimate green zone with the color green

Ultimate Green Zone benefits:

Loaded with enzymes , proteins, fats, fiber

Promotes good digestion and elimination

Excellent for the liver

Fights bacterial and viral infections

Stabilizes blood sugar levels.

Strengthens the connective tissue, alleviates muscle pain

Relieves swollen legs and ankles,

Promotes good sleep,

Energy endurance, stamina, immune system

Burns fats, reduces inflammation and increase blood count.


The secret to health is not vaccinations and drugs but high energy super foods. You can easily put then into a smoothie:

Chinese Mineral Chi 2 oz

Green Zone 1 scoop

Solstic Energy ½ stick

Add frozen berries of your choice

Add 3 /4 glass of water

It is simply delicious.


To reinforce my mission of staying away from those vaccines and especially the CoVid vaccine I want to introduce you to Deborah. She called me today and the stories she related really reinforced my take on vaccines.


Today I want to share with you my Chocolate Pizza recipe:

In a round saucepan heat up

3 T of coconut oil

2 T of seed butter or walnut butter

2 T of cocoa powder

3 T of sweetener such as Splenda or allulose

1 scoop of Collagen

Place into the freezer to set.

This is the most wonderful, delicious chocolate guilt free.


What I recommend that you have on hand for those times that you are feeling sick:

Cat’s Claw combination with astragalus, echinacea,

Silver Guard


MC : the most incredible vitamin mineral tablet on the planet

LBS11 for moving your bowels

Protein Digestive