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Teleconference Call with Donna Roth and Guests Nov 28/22

Transforming the Health of Nations

A healthy body is warm, full of vigor, beauty, magnetism and power!


Teleconference Call with Donna Roth and Guests



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Powerful comments from TAFYH grads

The herbal combination for the brain and memory

The herbal combination to clear up toxic cholesterol

The herb that lowers blood sugar levels

Infected tooth gone!

The other side of mammograms!

Words of Interest from Carol,

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There are Laws of Nature that govern our health.

Your body has stem cell carpenters always there to repair your cells.

But it is your responsibility to give your stem cells the required building blocks for cell repair.

These essential building blocks are amino acids, minerals, vitamins, trace nutrients, water, oxygen etc.

Adequate nutrients are no longer available in grocery bought foods.

Super food smoothie is the answer: Essential Liquid Minerals, Collagen, Flax Hull Lignans, Solstic Energy, Chlorophyll and water.


TAFYH Grad Janine blood analyst


Lobelia is great for asthma, coughs, sleeping and calming the nerves, pulls toxins out of blood

Focus ATN is nutrition for the brain.

Be prepared for Emergency, food, water, fuel, herbs

CholesterReg is a NSP herbal formula to help clear up congested toxic cholesterol

Lobelia taken in high doses is great for pneumonia.

Berberine lowers blood sugar levels,

Body can create its own surgery to move out tumors and fibroids and cysts.

Peppermint Oil applied at the bottom of the feet helps with teething pain.

Statins strip the fats from the brain and the myelin sheath of the nerves = dementia. MS etc

Teeth were extracted with no antibiotics; used Cat’s Claw and Silver Gel

Kidney Flush is not just for the kidneys; it is for cleansing the fluids, cerebral spinal fluids, brain, arthritic deposits, strengthening the bones, cleaning out kidney stones, back problems

Root canals caused colon damage and worms. BT dropped to 34 C, Health was a mess.Terry

MAMMOGRAMS by Dr. Tim O’Shea

Way back in 1976, the American Cancer Society itself and its colleague the National Cancer Institute terminated the routine use of mammography for women under the age of 50 because of its “detrimental” (carcinogenic) effects. A large study done in Canada in 1992 found that women who had routine mammograms before the age of 50 also had increased death rates from breast cancer, by 36%. (Miller) [27]

John McDougall MD made a thorough review of mammograms. He points out that the $13 billion per year generated by mammograms controls the information that women get. Fear and incomplete data are the tools commonly used to persuade women to get routine mammograms. What is clear is that mammography cannot prevent breast cancer or even the spread of breast cancer. By the time a tumor is large enough to be detected by mammography, it has been there as long as 12 years! It is therefore ridiculous to advertise mammography as “early detection.” (McDougall p. 114 [28])

The other unsupportable illusion is that mammograms prevent breast cancer, which they don’t. On the contrary, the painful compression of breast tissue during the procedure itself can increase the possibility of metastasis by as much as 80%! Dr. McDougall notes that a between 10 and 17% of the time, breast cancer is a self-limiting non-life-threatening type called ductal carcinoma in situ. This harmless cancer can be made active by the compressive force of routine mammography. (McDougall, p. 105 [28])

More recent data on mammograms was brought to light through the research of Samuel Epstein MD. [3] In a 2009 interview, Epstein reminds us that 5 radiologists have been recent presidents of the American Cancer Society. This might help to explain why routine annual mammograms have been their standard recommendation for years, despite any proven upside. The mammogram business is extremely lucrative and very competitive. ACS ads consistently make unsupported claims of 100% detection, with no clinical studies whatsoever to back it up.

Without question, the biggest danger of mammograms is ionizing radiation. That means the mammogram itself can be the cause of cancer. A woman who gets a yearly mammogram for 10 years would get the same cumulative radiation as a woman standing one mile away from Ground Zero at Hiroshima, according to Epstein and others. [44]

Hi Donna, Just wanted to double-check on your protocol for root canal removal. I am having 2 removed on Fri at the same time as they are beside each other. I am taking 6 Cats Claw, putting silver on the gum. The dentist said they put an antibiotic in when they remove it than a collagen plug. Sounds scary. Is there anything more I can do for the prep? Thanks for all your help and wisdom, looking forward to the call tonight. Also, at the store we are getting LOTS of sick kids and infants sick w respiratory, coughs, sore throat, etc.and  adults also, especially  .sinus issues. Still have cust coming in vaccine injured, UTI’s and cancers, other. 


How to address a blood clot?

Arginine Plus with water and 1 caps of Capsicum

Take 2 MC, 2 VariGone

Repeat every hour for 10 times

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From the Desk of Donna Roth Nov. 21/22 


Powerful comments from TAFYH grads

Nutrients lost in transportation of food

Super Vitamin and Mineral Combination





Hot Flashes

Crohn’s Disease

Fibromyalgia by Dr Segelman

French Dressing Recipe

Dr Michelle Perro Pediatrician; What she says about binding graphene oxide?

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TAFYH grads comments:

Lisa: Having the knowledge is only the first step.  Putting it into action, staying positive and making it part of your lifestyle is where the magic happens.

Was diagnosed with Lupus, arthritis, and was told I was just getting old.


Maggie : My daily routine of ionic breathing, exercising, eating right foods and taking my supplements and drinking water with chlorophyl creates healing.

I am blessed with the truth now FOREVER CHANGED.

I am eternally grateful for the divine appointment of meeting Donna in the Monday conference call which has become a ongoing current updating source of truth.  😄

I am healed that I may help others choose to be healed.

There is power in numbers.  I rise daily at sunrise, rested and renewed for my purposeful life, with thanksgiving and joy and peace.


 Dorothy “ No matter what disease you are diagnosed with if you follow the Laws of Nature your body will heal.

I have gained more confidence by reading all the success stories

Its about organ renewal not organ removal

Donna is a born teacher, on track, on time, and committed


Susan : I have become more aware of how important it is the remove my toxic teeth

I have found that this course has changed my whole outlook on our health care system and what I can do differently to bring healing to myself and others.

I have gained more confidence and knowledge to share with others who ask for holistic health advice.

Understanding the 5 Pillars of health and the need to address them with nutrients and proper protocol was very enlightening.


Many people are not aware of the nutrients that are lost in transportation of food. This very fresh food often gets stuck on trucks and in storehouses for long periods of time depleting nutrients. Some fruits and vegetables are stored at high pressure and in inert gas atmospheres that are harmful to enzymes and speed up deterioration. The newest laws have now put into effect the need for irradiation and sterilized filtrations. These practices kill nutrients on the spot as well as introduce radiation to our bodies. One recent test compared 2 sets of oranges that oranges picked the same day from the same field. Group one was tested the same day and found to contain 180mg of vitamin C. Group 2 was put in storage for the typical amount of time it takes to transport and then tested. Both oranges looked exactly the same but the vitamin C content in group 2 had dropped to zero verses group 1! Nutritional supplements such as super supplemental are designed to deliver vitamin and nutrient content to our bodies in an easily digestible form. The benefit from taking quality nutritional supplements is that they have been designed to not degrade or lose potency during storage as compared to fresh fruits and vegetables.

Food Processing is another culprit that destroys essential nutrients. Techniques such as applying antiseptic substance, artificial acidification, adding sugar, salt and ethyl alcohol can cause fruits and vegetables to lose vitamin and mineral content. When fermented alcoholically or with lactic acid, fruits also lose major amounts of their nutrition value. For example, after refining of flour, up to 98% of original mineral content is lost. Nutritional supplements are essential to replace the vitamins that heavily processed food has lost during processing.

Super Supplemental multiple vitamin and mineral combination contains 26 vitamin and minerals coming from a base of vegetables, herbs and phytonutrients. This synergistic blend reduces stress on the digestive system and makes absorption and assimilation of the vitamins and minerals easier. The following plants make up the base for this unusual multivitamin: kelp plant, rose hips concentrate, wheat germ, alfalfa herb, barley grass juice, cabbage powder, broccoli powder, hesperidin, asparagus stem, lemon bioflavonoids, and rutin.

Acne, Rosacea

One woman was not sure if she had an acne problem or a bout of Rosacea. All she could say was that she had these very disturbing puss- filled , inflamed pimples on her face. They were itchy and painful. Even though she would carefully wash her face nothing seemed to relieve the pimples. Upon discussing the situation with Donna Roth, she decided to try an herbal solution. First of all she changed her diet by eliminating sugars and wheat . Then after cleansing her face she applied Pau D’Arco Lotion mixed with ½ capsule of Paw Paw to her face at night. She also took Essential Liquid Minerals 2 ounces a day, 8 Cat’s Claw and 4 Super Oil a day. Within 3 days she noticed an incredible improvement and within a week all the dryness, redness, inflammation and pain subsided. She was totally thrilled and is ready to tell the world.



One man with diabetes had a serious heart condition and was scheduled to go to Vancouver for surgery. But this process was delayed because he could not stabilize his blood sugar levels. His friend happened to have a bottle of chlorophyll water which he graciously gave to his friend. Upon drinking the chlorophyll water the blood sugar levels dropped to 11.0 from a high of 30 . He kept drinking Chlorophyll water and in a few days he was able to undergo his surgery without any difficulties.


One lady had a terrible spell of insomnia where she always felt on edge and jerky. She went off all sugars and carbos and started to take Chinese Mineral Chi Tonic 2 oz a day and Pantothenic Acid 4 capsules during the day and 4 capsules at bedtime. It appeared that this program was starting to work, then the insomnia got worse than ever. That’s when she called Donna Roth who recommended an increase of Pantothenic Acid to 5 twice a day and told her that sometimes things get worse before they get better. And they did. Shortly thereafter the sleep patterns returned to normal where she was getting 6 hours of full sleep a night. This lady is so very grateful that she can live a normal life once more.

Hot Flushes

One lady was experiencing terrible hot flushes where she had a difficult time sleeping peacefully throughout the night. She decided to listen to Dr Kim Balas‘ teleconference educational session and received the information that Collatrim in high doses would alleviate the problem. Consequently she started a program of Chinese Mineral Chi Tonic 2 T a day along with Zambroza 2 T a day and Collatrim Capsules 6 twice a day. Within 10 days the hot flushes totally subsided and the sleep patterns returned to normal. This to her was so very exciting. Life was normal again! No more hot flushes!



One lady had suffered from painful Shingles for about 3 years and nothing she tried remedied this problem. Her friend told her to do a Nature’s Sunshine herbal program and in desperation she consented to the plan. The following is the program she used:

No sugar, no wheat, no yeast

Chinese Mineral Chi Tonic 1 oz 2 times a day

HRP- C 4 capsules 2 to 3 times a day to destroy the virus

RE-X 4 capsules twice a day for nerve pain

She pursued this program for about 4 months but she finally got results and as of lately her shingles have all gone.



No sugar, no wheat, no yeast, no pop

Magnesium Malate – 2 capsules 2 times a day

ST. John’s Wort – 1 capsule 3 times a day

Cat’s Claw 4 capsules 2 times a day

Super Oil – 2 capsules a day

Lecithin- 6 capsules a day

Chinese Mineral Chi Tonic – 1 ounce twice a day

As researched by Dr. Alvin Segelman


Crohn’s Disease

No sugar, no wheat, no yeast, no pop

Chinese Mineral Chi Tonic -1 ounce 2 times a day

Cat’s Claw -4 capsules 2 times a day

UC3-J – 3 capsules 3 times a day

Flax Hull Lignans 2 scoops a day


French Dressing for Salads

• 1 TBSP Dijon mustard

• 1 TBSP Apple cider vinegar

• 2 TBSP Zambroza

• 6 TBSP organic, extra-virgin olive oil

• Celtic Salt

• Capsicum


Dr Michelle Perro Pediatrician

We should look at our kitchens as our health centers and our larders as our medicine chests as both the cause and cure of our declining public health is due to what we eat, how it is grown and how it is prepared, all of which we can regain control over. Special points she noted included:

Drink filtered water with added fresh squeezed lemon juice.

A daily spoon of Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar is very good for breaking down glyphosate, as is humic acid.

Folic acid binds graphene oxide.( Nature Sunshine houses a powerful Methyl B 12 complex with Folic Acid)

Eat as many fresh herbs as you can especially cilantro, parsley, rosemary, oregano, basil and tarragon.( Nature’s Sunshine houses Parsley in capsules.)

Dandelion greens are excellent for the liver, which is critical for detoxing.( Dandelion comes in capsules, quality controlled from Nature’s Sunshine.

Make your own fermented foods from cabbage, onions, garlic etc.

Eat as many onions as you can as they contain quercetin and organic sulfur, both of which are very important.( The new Natures Sunshine product is Quercitin in capsules)

Avoid commercially grown wheat and potatoes as they are loaded with glyphosate

Home grown sprouts are very healthy and if your kids help grow them they will be much more willing to eat them.

Borax helps remove some of the nanoparticles found in the jabs.

Be particularly careful while you are pregnant, as what you eat during pregnancy is what your baby will crave. Better that it is fresh fruit and vegetables than fast food and alcohol!


Corporal Richard Mehner, RCMP fired for refusing the CoVid shots.

Here’s a sample. At the end of 2018, the world population was 7,631,091,040 and that year 57,625,149 people died. This showed an overall death rate of .76%. I know some of you are shocked by this, but yes, 57 million people died of all types of causes in 2018. When you reach the end of your life, you die. At the end of 2019, the world population was 7,713,468,100 and 58,394,378 died. Naturally, because we had more people reaching the end of their lives, more people died. The death rate that year was .76%. Now let’s see what 2020 brought us. The year of the pandemic. At the end of 2020, the world population was 7,794,798,739 and 59,230,795 died. The death rate was .76%. Yes. That’s right. In the year of the deadly pandemic the world’s population grew by 81,330,639 people and the death rate did not change by even a hundredth of a percent. The media never once pulled back the lens to show this, they continued to show the narrow focus of case counts and Covid deaths.


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From the Desk of Donna Roth November 14/22

Transforming the Health of Nations

A healthy body is warm, full of vigor, beauty, magnetism and power!


Words of kindness

What I just discovered from Paul, TAFYH Grad!

What are the missing links in the Budwig Diet in 2022?

The one big reason juicing did not work for Wes!

Dr. Kim Balas : NutriBurn Whey Protein is an A2 Protein; what does that mean?


Turmeric Curcumin

TAFYH, Taking Action For Your Health; register for Team 71

 Hi Donna,

I hope this email finds you well.

I wanted to reach out and tell you HOW RIGHT YOU WERE! We spoke a few weeks ago when I was feeling a little wobbly after seeing my doctor about my abdominal sarcoma. As you know, I have been on the Paw Paw program and following the diet and smoothie regimen over the last 8 months. 

 I had a CT scan in December 2021 and was told that radiation therapy and an operation were needed immediately - however a little voice in me told me that there was another way. I joined the Tafhy program and learned so much starting in February 2022. 

 My follow up CT scan was in late September 2022 - the doctor seemed to think that my sarcoma had grown by 2 cms and that we should operate shortly. I called you to discuss this as I was feeling a little discouraged - thankfully you reminded me that CT scans are far from accurate at times (and doctors too). My doctor said she would present my case to a board of experts to see what would be the best way to approach a "tricky operation on such a rare cancer."

 Well, guess what? She called me back this week and said that after looking closely at the CT scans, they realized that there had been NO GROWTH of the sarcoma. 

I was cheering inside and told her that I would continue with the Paw Paw program and talk to her next spring.

Reality is truly in the eye of the beholder......

I want to thank you so much for your pep talk as it really helped.


 Our inner voices, our inner thoughts, positive thinking, energy of love, our love for our Earth, ourheart felt gratitude’s energetically uplifts every member of the team. And that is what we are all about; uplifting each other with energy, thoughts, acknowledgements and love. Our inner thoughts cause certain energy vibrations that help our inner bodies to heal and these same thoughts are dispersed into our universe to affect others that come in contact with them. Wow! Think about it. We, as a team, are creating that energy that is transforming the health of nations just by how we think!



This lesson on cholesterol is an eye opener. We are taught in our society that cholesterol is dangerousand that statin drugs are the hot saving items. But what do statin drugs really do ? They strip the fats off the myelin sheath of the nervous system and expose the nerves to potential yeast infections. When this happens the neurotransmitters in the brain are not able to fire properly and the end result is loss of memory, dementia and Alzheimer's and who knows what else? Bill is a TAFYH grad who had memory loss. He had taken Lipitor for 12 years. Upon going off Lipitor and completing TAFYH all memory was restored and he lost 50 pounds!

 The Budwig Diet

Many have inquired about the Bugwig Diet for overcoming cancer. Dr. Budwig was born in 1908 in Germany. She was instrumental in helping over 2500  cancer patients overcome cancer in her 50 year period of practice. She was nominated 7 times for the Nobel Peace Prize with a condition that she promote chemotherapy and radiotherapy with her protocol. For the sake of humanity she refused to support these damaging treatments. Dr. Budwig studied fats extensively and was able to prove that the electron rich highly unsaturated Linoleic and Linolenic fatty acids were critical in the oxygen respiratory  function of cell replication. She discovered that linolenic acids are instrumental in electromagnetic functions for all nerve functions, secretions, mitosis, as well as cell break down.

As I read this impressive information I am reminded of the time period of the Budwig protocol ; 1930’s, 40’s 50’s. That was about  70  years ago. This was a time when flax seed oil was cold pressed and the oil was a high quality from flax seeds that were grown in soils that were not sprayed with chemical fertilizers, the plants were not sprayed with chemical insecticides. The soils in those days were respected, honored, cared for and given rest. I absolutely know that because my father was a farmer in the 50’s. He grew flax seed on his land. He knew to rotate his crops. He knew that no soils should be burdened with more than 2 consecutive seasons of crops. He knew that the soils must be given rest where it could replenish and restore its nutrients and microbes. I vividly recall that one year when in his older age my Father rented a piece of his land to another farmer who used chemical sprays on my Father’s land. My Father cried!

 People of that time were connected to their land. Their wisdom told them that soils give life and need to be kept alive. My Father understood that the soil was alive and needed care. He was not university educated but he intuitively and wisely had deep respect for his soil that produced food to feed his family and produced crops to acquire a living. So I bring it to your attention that the Budwig Flax Oil was authentic and dense with Omega 3 oils grown in healthy soils with no dangerous chemical sprays.

 Let’s talk about the significance of Omega 3. 60% of your nervous system is made of fat, your brain is fat and water; every cell of your body is made of fat. Omega 3’s make your cells pliable so oxygen can easily move into the cells and toxins are move out.

Omega 3 prevents blood clots from forming. Omega 3 reduces inflammation and pain and swelling at the cell level.

 One other important factor that is significant for Flax Oil to be effective is enzymes which convert the oil into the EPA and DHA components. As I present this session it is now 2022 and  many of us today are lacking in essential enzymes needed for this conversion to take place. Consequently the best choice for Omega 3 essential fats  is the products Super Oil or Super Omega 3  a quality controlled source like Nature’s Sunshine. Dr. Keith Scott Mumby states that the best sources of Omega 3 is found in grass fed red meat.

 Let’s discuss the cottage cheese that Dr. Budwig promoted to her clients. The milk came from grass fed cows who were not treated with antibiotics or with hormones, The raw milk was simply placed in room temperature and allowed to ferment naturally. What this kind of cottage cheese contained was a excellent source of probiotics to restore the micro biome of most important system of your body; the intestinal system. These good bacteria keep the bad Candida yeast in check. Candida yeast is fed by antibiotics, root canals, heavy metals from vaccines and fillings in the mouth and by sugars,  breads and grains that we are consuming. When the Candida yeast count is too  high it results in the slowing down of blood circulation, decreasing of oxygen and nutrient energy flow, lowering of the body temperature and decreasing thyroid functions. It was Dr. Otto Warburg who proved that fermentation of sugar feeds cancer when the oxygen levels drop to below 35%. Cancer lives in a toxic environment where the oxygen levels are too low and the body temperature is low. Cancer cannot live in a body temperature of 98.6 degrees F.

Let’s analyze the store bought cottage cheese of 2022.There are 3 big issues with today’s cottage cheese. I quote Dr. Axe:

  1. Ultra High Temperature Pasteurization (280 F) – This heat can damage many of the vital nutrients including the proteins and probiotics.
  2. Chemicals – Most Dairy today is loaded with hormones, antibiotics, pain killers, and pesticide residue.
  3. A1 Casein – There are two types of protein in milk, Casein and Whey.  In the last 1000 years there has been a genetic mutation in some dairy cows that has caused them to produce an irregular type of protein called Beta-Casein A1.  A1 Casein is a protein that for some people can be highly inflammatory similar to Gluten.  This type of dairy isn’t found in certain cattle and is never found in human, goats, sheep, buffalo, and A2 cows
  4. A note of interest here is that  Nature’s Sunshine NutriBurn Whey Protein powder is   an A2 protein whey that comes from A2 cows found in New Zealand and Australia. It is a digestible protein that the stem cells easily use for cell replication.I learned this valuable information when I attended one of Dr. Kim Balas talks.

During Dr. Budwig’s time 1950’s, inflammation could easily be addressed just by using the Omega Oils found in Flax Seeds. People of that time were not exposed to chemicals in the air and soils, chlorine and fluoride in water, mercury and aluminum found in tooth fillings and heavy metals in vaccinations of all kinds, root canals, micro waved foods, heavy metals, GE foods, GMO foods, high fructose sugar foods and so on. I think you can see the picture. Dr. Budwig was not faced with these issues. You start to see the limitations of Budwigs protocol in 2022.

 My program addresses every aspect of inflammation. Cat’s Claw herbal combination is a huge part of  any program for any type of diagnosed problem as it is instrumental in opening the lymphatic system to allow the poisons that may have accumulated in vulnerable organs, glands or blood to drain out through the elimination channels, the bowels, the kidneys, the lungs and the skin.

My program  addresses all the elimination channels; the bowels with LBS11 and Psyllium Hulls, the kidneys with the One Day Kidney Flush, the liver and the respiratory tract. My program includes the oral chelation protocol and heavy metal detoxification with MC taken at least 4 tablets twice a day and UltraBiome DTX.

In addition to the Flax Seed Oil and cottage cheese protocol Dr. Budwig also recommended the following lifestyle strategies:

Juicing Vegetables; The vegetable grown in her years of 1920 to 1970 provided a large concentrated dose of enzymes, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Today juicing vegetables from a grocery store simply will not provide you with enough minerals and nutrients for the much needed minerals and antioxidants.

So what about  my Paw Paw program? Add Mineral Chi Tonic or Essential Liquid Minerals and Arginine Plus for the color red, Flax Lignans for yellow, Collagen for white, Zambroza for blue, Green Zone for green as a high dense nutritious Super Food Smoothie. The nutrients from this colorful smoothie are critical for  the stem cells that use all those nutrients for healthy cell repair. At this time I wish to relate this story.

One of my clients who used my Paw Paw program for overcoming cancer decided after about 5 years of using Nature’s Sunshine Super Foods to resort to a Vita Mix and vegetables for juicing purposes. He did fine for about a year. But then one day I received a call from him to inform me that a lump had reappeared on his neck where he previously had cancer. My immediate advise was to go back to Nature’s Sunshine Super Food Smoothies using the Natures Sunshine products: Mineral Chi Tonic or Essential Liquid Minerals and Arginine Plus for the color red, Flax Lignans for yellow, Collagen for white, Zambroza for blue, Green Zone for green and within 3 weeks the lump totally went away.

Dr Budwig also recommend Frankincense essential oil  especially for those afflicted with  brain tumors. Her suggestion was to  rub this essential oil on your body (neck area) 3x daily and take 3 drops internally 3x daily. Nature’s Sunshine houses the Authentic Essential Oil, Frankincense That word authentic is significant as it indicates that the oils have gone through the SureSource process where the oil is tested for its purity and authenticity right at the source thereby bypassing brokers who often dilute the oils.

Sunshine therapy with getting 30 minutes of direct sunlight exposure daily was recommended to increase low vitamin D3 levels which can help fight cancer. Nature’s Sunshine Vit D3 comes from the lanolin of BSE free sheep’s wool fat from Australia and New Zealand. D3 is critical for mineralization of bones, teeth and organs, crucial for healthy hormones which tell me it would help with the elimination process of toxic estrogens. It also regulates lymphocyte functions which enhances the immune system and the lymphatic system.

Turmeric Curcumin – Dr. Budwig recommended turmeric and black pepper. There is more research on turmeric (curcumin the active ingredient) fighting cancer than any other herb in the world today.  It’s been shown to decrease tumor size and fight colon and breast cancer. Note that Nature’s Sunshine Turmeric Curcumin is equivalent to 32 capsules of turmeric. To enhance the bioavailability and absorption black pepper extract piper nigrum was added.

Did you know? In India turmeric root has been safely used as a spice and medicine for centuries. Today, it is consumed as a regular part of the Indian diet, at approximately 2-2.5 grams daily for an adult. This amount would provide approximately 40-100 mg of curcumin (powdered turmeric root contains about 2-4% curcumin). In traditional Indian Ayurvedic medicine, it has been used to assist rheumatic and inflammatory conditions, support digestive, gall bladder health and as a general tonic. Ongoing and cumulative studies have revealed that curcumin has powerful properties that have a beneficial effect on pain and inflammation. Many of curcumin’s beneficial effects are attributed to its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects. Numerous animal, pre-clinical and clinical studies have demonstrated that curcumin has antioxidant, immune-modulating and anti-inflammatory activity. Curcumin is a potent free radical and nitric acid scavenger, helping protect cellular membranes in oxidative stress-mediated conditions. Curcumin inhibits several enzymes that mediate inflammatory processes, such as COX-2.

The program I designed to overcome cancers, Parkinson’s, MS, diabetes, arthritis, has 5 pillars.

Dr. Budwig;s Diet covered the following 3 out of the 5 pillars that

Injury was addressed with cottage cheese, and vegetable juicing.

Inflammation was addressed with flax seed oil and sunshine therapy.

Infection was addressed with Turmeric and Black Pepper.


My Paw Paw program addresses all 5 pillars;

Injury; Super Food Smoothies

Inflammation; Cat’s Claw and discovering all the poisons that cause inflammation.

Elimination; LBS11 and Psyllium Hulls for the bowels and the One Day Kidney Flush

Infection with Paw Paw or Pau D’Arco

Circulation with the Oral Chelation tablet MC and today I would add Liver Support and UltraBiome DTS.

Dr. Budwig also discovered that her protocol wasn’t just effective  for cancer, but also for healing heart disease, diabetes, eczema, psoriasis, arthritis, hormone imbalance, and neurological conditions.

In my world there is no such thing as cancer, diabetes, heart disease, arthritis ; there is only a toxic overload and a serious nutritional deficiency. Those clients that I have worked with who followed the program also overcame  heart disease, diabetes, eczema, psoriasis, arthritis, hormone imbalance, and neurological conditions. My book Practical Solution to the Cancer Injury has sold over 5000 copies. It houses 60 cancer success stories. Go to to read all the success stories.

To understand how you can overcome your own diagnosed diseased condition I urge you to do TAFYH, Taking Action For Your Health, where you work with a team of 6 people with  me as your coach and leader 20 minutes a day , 5 days a week for 2 months. You will be blown away with the information each lesson gives you  on the Laws of Nature to help you overcome your own health issues. It does not matter what you are diagnosed with. Lend an ear as Health Canada recently announced that 1 in 2 people are diagnosed with cancer. Check your body temperature, If it is below 98.6 F first thing in the morning you may be that person harbouring mutated cell growth! TAFYH gives you all the answers!


Sunday, November 6, 2022

From the Desk of Donna Roth November 7/22


From the Desk of Donna Roth November 7/22

Transforming the Health of Nations

A healthy body is warm, full of vigor, beauty, magnetism and power!


Monday Teleconference Call with Donna Roth

At 5:45 pm PT

Dial 604 227 1018



Don’t Quit

Anne: Fatty Liver Disease

Judy; Fatty Liver Disease

Gail: Breast Cancre

Diane: MS, Her words about quitting

Cat’s Claw Combination: Blood Analysis

Bladder Infection Gone!

TAFYH team 71 is now taking registrations.

Words of Kindness


Don’t Quit Poem

When things go wrong as they sometimes will,
When the road you’re trudging seems all uphill,
When the funds are low and the debts are high,
And you want to smile, but you have to sigh,
When care is pressing you down a bit,
Rest if you must, but don’t you quit.

Life is queer with its twist and turns,
As every one of us sometimes learns,
And many a failure turns about
When he might have won and stuck it out;
Don’t give up, though the pace seems slow;
You might succeed with another blow.

Often the goal is nearer than
It seems to a faint and faltering man,
Often the struggler has given up
When he might have captured the victors cup.
And he learned too late, when the night slipped down,
How close he was to the golden crown.

Success is failure turned inside out;
The silver tint of the clouds of doubt;
And you never can tell how close you are,
It may be near when it seems afar;
So stick to the fight when you’re hardest hit;
It’s when things seem worst you mustn’t quit!

                                               Author Unknown Quercetin and Vit K


Maria says that this is a miracle. “God put me in this path. I am so grateful I did the TAFYH course.” The knowledge Maria gained from TAFYH gave her the education and the confidence to step in and save her brother’s life.

Anne: Fatty Liver Disease

Anne also discovered in TAFYH that the flu shot she reluctantly received was the contributing poison that totally affected the health of her liver. “ I never felt good about having that flu shot but I was talked into it. This was the first flu shot I ever got in my life and I could not believe that I actually had one!”

 In December Anne went to have more lab tests done. The ALT liver enzymes were still high at 36 and it should be less than 30. The cholesterol levels were still slightly on the high side. “I was discouraged! That’s when Anne sent Donna an email to let her know that the program was not working and that she was discouraged. Donna’s response was simple,” Don’t quit!” Anne kept following the plan; doing smoothies every day, taking LIV-C, Cat’s Claw, LBS11, MC taking Minerals and drinking water and Chlorophyll.

 “I did 3 more months of smoothies and supplements and decided another blood test was essential.” April 11/ 2018 the test results came in and that’s when Anne was ready to shout from the roof tops. The liver enzymes came down from 36 in December,2017 to 24 in April 2018, well below the normal range of 30 and less. Wow! From 36 to 24! “ I was elated! I am really proud that I did that; that I was able to get my liver back to health.” Today Anne feels totally different. She totally knows that when the liver is sick nothing works. She has also lost weight from 215 pounds down to 194 and her blood pressure is down to normal. “I am thrilled the weight is coming off. I am not tired any more. I could see muscle tone in the back of my arms. My whole body was swollen, my face was swollen, and all that swelling is gone. It is so great to see the veins in my hands and my legs once again.

Judy; Fatty Liver Disease

TAFYH broadened my horizons and challenged me to look outside the box.   Doctors are human too and do not have ALL the answers for our health.    I found out that doctors need to be educated about nutrition just as much as we do.  TAFYH gave me the education I needed to make an informed decision about my liver problem.

Almost 8 weeks later after taking supplements, eating the right foods, off grains, sugars and starches hI have not only  helped my liver but my whole body.

My last liver blood test indicated that my ALP -protein found in the body tissues ( liver, bile and bones) dropped to 106.  Normal is 105. My ALT (amount of enzymes in the blood) dropped to 34, normal is 30. When the ALT is up it means that there could be liver damage.  No Hep C was found. I have more energy than I know what to do with. To date have lost 14 lbs.

The program is not a guarantee.  You are the guarantee.  It takes perseverance, dedication, commitment and a willingness to stick to the program.  **Discipline is the bridge between goals

Gail was diagnosed with breast cancer. She did the radiation treatments and she then did one chemo treatment and the side effects put her into the Pscyh ward for 3 weeks. When the doctor recommended more chemo treatments she was shocked. This is when the “ Do Not Quit” syndrome kicked in.

“I was determined to take on the Paw Paw program and do it until  I got over the cancer. Finances were tight for me and I really had to budget to pay for my products. I have taught my children to know the difference between what you need and what you want. I knew what I wanted, and I set aside the money I needed for my supplements and I made it work!

I continued the Paw Paw program until in January of 2016 I was told there was no sign of cancer. The medical tests proved that there was no cancer at all. In June of 2016 all tests once again proved that the cancer was gone. I even had my ovaries tested and there was no sign of any cancer. The doctor told me that I did not need to see him anymore. “


Diane’s response to never quitting.

My decision was crystal clear. Note that I did not think, “I might not recover”. I did NOT say,” If I recover.”  I strongly stated, “when I recover.” And I strongly emphasized, ‘once I would come back to health.” This is a very important point and I believe crucial to successfully overcoming any illness or disease or achieving any goal for that matter. You see, in my mind and in my heart - there were no doubts.  I created my own vision where I was symptom free, playing in the grass and running after my children, having a career and living a life full of joy and fulfillment.

I did not know how long it would take.

I did not know what I would have to do.

I did not know how much money it would cost.

My one burning desire was to get well, then stay well.

I wanted to enjoy life without depending on others. I wanted to be in control, to do everything I wanted to do, when I wanted to it and as long as I wanted to do it and to do whatever it takes to get healthy and to stay healthy. I wanted it so badly!!

I now knew I had an option and I started to make changes. During these years I nutritionally supported my body and I did all that was required to get my body functioning normally. This included a clean diet with lots of whole foods plus large quantities and correct formulations of nutrient dense herbals and nutritional supplements. Over the years I always followed the medical advice first and it didn’t work for me. Out of desperation looked for other answers. I visited dozens and dozens of practitioners always searching and never giving up. Somethings worked to a certain degree and other times it didn’t work. The three times I came back to 100% healthy I discovered there was a common denominator. Each one of them used Natures Sunshine products. Later on, after extensive research I discovered why Nature’s Sunshine worked. It was the company with the highest quality and   the correct formulations. To this day Nature’s Sunshine continues to be part of my maintenance program and I use them in my natural health practice.


Did you have people that discouraged you from doing your herbal program?

Many people insisted that I go to the doctor.  I had done everything the doctors asked of me with no success; doctors had nothing else to offer to me at that point.   Some of my best friends told me I was being taken for a ride by using herbal products. I decided that if they were not supportive of my choices I would just cut ties.  As difficult as it might be sometimes to do that, I felt it was necessary.

Did you take pharmaceutical drugs?

At first, I did: I didn’t know any better, so I took them and they just made me worse. I had to give them up. After taking them for 5 days my bed would be turning, I had to crawl to the bathroom. The doctor told me it would take 3 months for the drugs to work. My thought was that if it causes so many side effects then how it could help my body.

Did the herbs make a difference for you?

One day after doing the program for many months and still seeing no results I called my Mom and I cried. I had spent all my money. I had taken all my supplements. I was ready to give up. I cried all night. Then something happened. During the night I got this inspiration. I realized I could not quit and wait for a solution to be handed to me on a silver platter. I decided  I would not quit, I would not give up. I be if I quit. I would do the program until it worked. I did it and it worked.

What about fear?

Feeling fear is normal. If you didn’t feel fear you would be abnormal. You are a very special person but you are normal. It is very scary when you are given a diagnosis, when you hear what the doctors are saying. There is a lot of uncertainty. Usually there is not much positivity. You really don’t know fear until you are in a crisis. It’s like going out in the night. You can’t see ahead, and you don’t know what is coming. But just know one thing. If you drive 50 feet you can now see the next 50, your drive 50 you see the next 50 and you keep going until you get there. If you are doing the right thing your body will repair itself! Do the right thing and come back to health and balance.

How long did it take before you got out of your wheel chair?

From the time I was in a wheel chair to the time I was almost functioning normally it took a year but I was not in the wheel chair the whole time .

Have you ever had an MRI?

Yes, the last time I had an MRI was about 4 years ago for a totally different reason. The doctor told me that my MS was progressing! Progressing??? I had been out of my wheel chair and walking in high heels for 20 year and he told me my MS was progressing! That is when I decided to “walk away!”


There is a specific enzyme in Horseradish that binds graphene oxide.

KB-C helps to break down stones; use it instead of Hydrangea in the Kidney Flush

Kidney Flush is not just for the kidneys; it is for cleansing the fluids, cerebral spinal fluids, brain, arthritic deposits, strengthening the bones, cleaning out kidney stones, back problems

Vari- Gone breaks up blood clots; take 4 twice a day

Catnip Fennel is great for gas and bloating