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Fear Moves You Into Dogma Thinking

Thyroid Meds Increase Risk of Breast Cancer

The Power of Psyllium Hulls

Success Stories: Colitis Diverticulitis,

Words of Interest from Carol

Q and A


Hello Donna, 

I just want to send a quick personal message to say I am very grateful for the knowledge/products you share at the potlucks and I am still amazed at the divine timing/connection, swept me back to my mid 20 something self. I love/d nature's sunshine products, I took scullcap for months to deal with neuralgia and anxiety/panic attacks back then  and it was amazingly helpful. I learned of the products through a friend back then. 

I just couldn't make a living off it where I lived at that time (very small town). But, with you representing it, reminded me of the passion I had for natural healing and nature cures back then. 

 I've always known we have more control between nature, our thoughts and behavior (which is itself one of the reasons I went into mental health). I just wanted to say thank you. Your knowledge is so helpful to me and many others, and I am scheduling your call next week, hoping nothing else comes up to derail my schedule! 

You're am amazing lady, I am so grateful to have met you and learn from you through all this! 



 We are living in a day when good is seen as bad and bad is seen as good. Herbs also known as plants with all their nutritious qualities, all their incredible natural actives all created perfectly to be used for our healing is something we are afraid of. To bring it further to your awareness these herbs have been used for centuries very successfully for all kinds of ailments. On the other side of the coin, drugs are seen as good yet there is no nutritious value to any drug, it is a prescription, it does have side effects and it does cause inflammation in the body as the body recognizes it as a poison. How did your mind ever come to this point of thinking that drugs are good and safe and herbs are dangerous? I think I can answer this question using one word. FEAR! Fear is the driving factor. If the white coat authority prescribes it than our belief system accepts it willingly without fear even though the consequences can cause further serious health problems. But to take responsibility for your own health is a scary thing to do. With that kind of thinking we have become trapped; more dangerously we have become controlled; put into a box of dogma thinking!

Plato rightly stated that “ignorance is the root of misfortune”, and as long as we remain ignorant of the fact that all too often those who claim to protect us from fear are actually manipulating our fears for their own benefit, then we will be contributing to the misfortune of the world through our ignorant compliance.

All Medications Have Side Effects:

WARNING: Thyroid medication increases your risk of breast cancer by: Dr. Veronique Desaulniers | March 20, 2023

(NaturalHealth365)  Today roughly 27 million Americans, 80% of them women, suffer from “thyroid disease” (a.k.a. hypothyroidism), 14 million in the form of Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, which is also an autoimmune condition.  In addition, an estimated 43,800 new thyroid cancer cases were diagnosed in 2022.

Exactly why there is an epidemic of hypothyroidism in this country can span many subject areas, including public policy.  What doesn’t get enough air time, however, is what happens to most individuals after they receive a diagnosis of thyroid disease.  The truth is that most are prescribed thyroid medication with dire consequences.

Synthetic drugs should never replace natural ways of regulating the thyroid, including nutrition, stress management, and supplementation – especially the use of iodine.  Unfortunately, most doctors are all too happy to write a prescription for the most common thyroid medication out there – Synthroid.  Plus, the biggest mistake, most physicians never test for common underlying issues, such as iodine deficiency.

Thyroid medication becomes a “best-seller” drug

It is no wonder that Synthroid, produced by AbbVie, is the most prescribed medication in the nation, with millions of people currently using it.  Proponents of the drug say that it mimics the body’s natural production of thyroxine (T4).

A further look, however, suggests that Synthroid (i.e. levothyroxine) may not be all it’s cracked up to be.  First of all, there are the known side effects, which include:

Synthroid Side Effects 

fast or irregular heartbeats;

chest pain, shortness of breath;

fever, hot flashes, sweating;

tremors, or if you feel unusually cold;

weakness, tiredness, sleep problems (insomnia);

memory problems, feeling depressed or irritable;

headache, leg cramps, muscle aches;

feeling nervous or irritable;

dryness of your skin or hair, hair loss;

changes in your menstrual periods; or

vomiting, diarrhea, appetite changes, weight changes.

 Synthroid is not the same as thyroxine (T4) – a hormone that is produced naturally in your body; in terms of structure and function, the two are vastly different.  Synthroid’s synthetically-produced T4 may actually be blocking the body’s natural use of thyroxine.  The synthetic version competes with natural T4 hormones for cellular receptor sites.

Finally, Synthroid only replaces T4 hormones.  Many people have a hard time converting the synthetically-produced T4 hormone to T3.  T3 conversion can also be hampered by factors such as selenium deficiency, low omega-3 fatty acids, low zinc levels, environmental toxins, and mental/emotional stress.

The worst consequence of long-term thyroid medication use, however, is its direct link to cancer, especially breast cancer.

A study conducted by Ferdinand-Sauerbruch Hospital in Wuppertal, Germany, found that women taking thyroid medication were twice as likely to develop breast cancer as women who were not taking synthetic thyroid hormone replacement.  What’s more, 20% of the women who had taken this medication for 15 years or more had developed breast cancer.  Those who had taken it for 5 years had only a 10% incidence of breast cancer.

Concerned about breast cancer?  Don’t become iodine deficient

There was a study conducted where one group of women were given iodine and the other Synthroid for goiter problems. After four months, the iodine-therapy group had normal-sized thyroid glands, while the Synthroid group saw their goiters return to pre-treatment levels.

There is a direct link between low iodine levels, hypothyroidism, and breast cancer.  This is because the mammary glands have a “trapping system” for iodine, just like the thyroid gland does.  Glands in the breasts compete with the thyroid gland for needed iodine.

90% of the world’s population is iodine deficient.  Less iodine in the body equals less iodine for hormonal distribution in both the breast area and the thyroid. We should be asking why? Here is the shocking answer.

 It was once commonplace for bread manufacturers to supplement their dough with iodine. In the 1960s, that practice was eliminated, and bromide, a highly toxic substance that is known to directly affect the thyroid gland, was substituted instead.  Is it any wonder that the incidences of thyroid-related conditions, especially Hashimoto’s, have skyrocketed over the last fifty years and that the rates of breast cancer in the U.S. also went from 1 in 20 to 1 in 8 during this same time period?

The good news is that when your body is receiving enough iodine to do its job, depleted systems can become vibrant and healthy again in a relatively short period of time. Of course I believe the best wasy to get iodine is from herbal supplements. The products, Kelp, Spirulina and Black walnut are high in iodine.

 Psyllium Hulls is the most popular mucilaginous plant known in the herbal world. What makes it so popular. According to Mark Pedersen author of Nutritional Herbology Psyllium has all kinds of amazing chemical constituents namely astringent compounds, bitter compounds and mucilaginous compounds  that make it a very valuable herb in cleansing the intestinal tract of yeast debris also known as Candida yeast. The bitter compounds  tighten and tone the intestinal tract and it has active alkaloids give it the power to clean out that Candida yeast toxicity and pull out the toxins that raise cholesterol levels. It is known to increase peristaltic activity in the bowels and to slow down transit bowel time to bulk up as in cases of diarrhea.

In India Psyllium is used as a diuretic and in China it is used to lower high blood pressure and to treat blood in the urine. So I ask why is there no transparent information on Psyllium in North America?

 Marvene has been able to help others who suffer from colitis and diverticulitis. Her diet program includes no citrus, no milk, no tomatoes and no wheat. Her herbal program includes Nature Sunshine Psyllium Hulls 1 teaspoon/ 2 times a day with lots of water, Golden Seal combination, Acidophilus, Slippery Elm and Vitamin A&D (Cod Liver Oil). She uses Chromium GTF to keep the sweet cravings down. This program works every single time to stop diarrhea and to overcome the doubling over gas pains.

Here is another great story I want to share.

 In December of 2013 S was not feeling himself. His energy was down . He had a hard time keeping up to the required work needed to be completed in the cabinet business he owned. He had bouts of diarrhea which he thought might be caused by the amount of vegetables he was eating. Things were not right and he became worried. This is when he went to see his doctor. A CAT Scan showed there were restrictions in the lower intestine and that 20 cm of the intestinal wall was dangerously thickened and inflamed. The doctor prescribed medications. S was one of those thinking type of guys and he was a bit concerned about the side effects of taking medications. Besides he had seen how his brother had suffered with the same type of intestinal problems taking those medications and then having a portion of his colon surgically removed. In S’s mind perhaps there was another option. S opted not to take medications and told the doctor he would try to change his diet first to see if that would make a difference. The doctor approved with a warning that if S waited too long than a bigger gun might be needed in the future. That is when the search began. S’s wife heard of Donna Roth from a friend and decided that maybe this might be the alternative.

On April 28/14 S and his wife came to see Donna Roth who did a BSQ, and put together a program for Sid Sid agreed to be totally committed to the program. He changed his diet and eliminated all grains, legumes, dairy and sugar. He made Smoothies with Chi Tonic, Collagen and Solstic Energy. He took Psyllium Hulls with water daily. To clean out the infections and the inflammation S took Cat’s Claw 4 twice a day and to clean the blood S took MC 4 twice a day. Within a short period of time the stools became regular. Where S used to drink about 8 to 10 cups of coffee a day he now was only drinking 1 ½ cups a day. He was now drinking water and eating carrots and celery for snacks. He found that his energy was now restored and he was able to keep up to the demands of the piece work in his business.  Sid was happy to report that he jumped on this program immediately and that he now feels a great success to the healing of his colon. S's wife's comments stuck with me,

We can’t afford for Sid to have surgery with loss of bowel, loss of life and loss of income.”

Often times we think herbs are too expensive but think of the expense of the loss of income S might have had to undergo if he had chosen not to do the herbal program. Expensive is cheaper in this case.

I also  think of Diane diagnosed with MS. This is what she writes. “During the last crisis 1991-2, for over the next 18 months I took over 30 different products at different times. You need to start somewhere. Just trust them the herbs and your practitioner and use the tools like  the Body Systems Questionnaire to help you decide which ones to use.” It took Diane 18 months to regain her health, to be out of her wheel chair and to walk in high heeled shoes once again. She relied on Psyllium Hulls, Cascara Sagrada and Black Walnut extract  daily. She writes this:

C: cleanse with

Psyllium Hulls - bowel, bulking

Cascara Sagrada - to help achieve 3 bowel movements daily - bowel, improve peristalsis action

Black Walnut Extract - 1/2 dropper, 3 times/day – bowel

Headache; Dean

Dean shared Rejuvenate as a remedy for a headache caused by sore muscles.  Within 30 min he had relief.

In relation to Rejuvenate, Paul stated a competitor swimmer he knew always had beet juice before a competition. 


 Diabetes: Shannon

Shannon shared that a fellow TAFYH student  who started her program in March/2023 started with a blood sugar of 11 and it is now 5.2. 

Her TAFYH student eliminated all white foods and continued her TAFYH protocol.

Smoothie every day

Chi Mineral Tonic


Solstic Energy



Take Cat’s Claw every day

Take Psyllium Hulls with water and Chlorophyll

Take LBS11 as many as needed to move the bowels twice a day.


Sinus Congestion: Ewa

Ewa had a friend with long term sinus troubles.

Ewa had her infected root canals extracted.

The dentist has done bone grafts, but the implants came out. 

Ewa faithfully took SN-X in high dose and Cat's Claw Combination with Silver Guard.

She eliminated all white foods and had super food smoothies every day.

Her smoothies: Essential Liquid Minerals, Arginine Plus, Flax Hull Lignans, Collagen and Solstic Energy.

Her sinuses cleared up and she can breathe freely.

Even  her dentist was surprised.


Constipation: Shannon

Shannon has a neighbor who has dementia along with having a problem with constipation.

He had not had any movement for over a week.

Shannon introduced him to LBS11. 

He reported back that “an animal had been released!”

He is now regular and will continue to take LBS11.

 He has also added Zerenity for his anxious episodes.


Root Canals; Infection, Stroke; Donna

Donna spoke of a TAFYH Grad, Susan, who was reluctant to get her root canals extracted.

Going to the dentist terrified her.

Then I got the phone call. Susan was in the hospital. She had a stroke.

Susan then did the Oral Chelation Program taking MC, Super Oil and Smoothies every day.

Donna reminded her that her root canals needed to be extracted.

Susan called Donna 1.5 weeks ago and shared that she was terrified of the procedure.

But Donna encouraged her and asked Susan to call different dentists to find one she would be comfortable with.

Donna clearly stated No Antibiotics!  Cat's Claw was taken prior to the procedure and on the day of the root canal extraction.

Cats Claw and Silver were taken after the procedure. 

Saturday last week Susan sent a text stating that she had her root canals extracted.! Everything went well.

She was very excited and was in no pain.

Donna asked her, “Was there an infection?” The answer was yes. 

100% of the time when root canals have been extraction an infection was witnessed.





Monday, March 20, 2023

Teleconference Call with Donna Roth and Guests

From the Desk of Donna Roth March 20/23

Contact Donna Roth for consultations;

Contact Donna Roth to register for the TAFYH course.

Transforming the Health of Nations

A healthy body is warm, full of vigor, beauty, magnetism and power!


TAFYH team 73 now opened for registrations.

Comments shared.

Success Story: Large Kidney Stone Dissolved

Medicinal Alkaloids in Herbs

Discussion of Comfrey and Parsley

Power of Herbs

Words of Interest from Carol.

Q and A sent to

 I'm having a day of intentional gratitude. Sharing it with those who I consider god-sent.

You are one. I have met you at a very challenging and difficult point in my life. Major transformations and yes...still growing pains.

Your presence, strength, knowledge and steadfastness energize my heart and keeps me on the right track. The track that God and life also nudges me on.

Most importantly, this is not just about me. The ripple affect of your presence and work is the most essential part of all this.

So thank you ❤️


 Kidney Stone Dissolved

 Hope you are well. Just wanted to share with you a little success story. Remember my friend Aggie, who had the Kidney stone (6.9 mm).

Well she finally did buy the products for the Kidney flush and Did it 3 times. (Once Every week). She had an appointment today for surgery. I just finished talking to her and guess what. the stone was gone.. They just had to remove the tube that they left in there.

Tell her to do the One Day Kidney Flush;

1 glass water with lemon

Take 2 K, 2Magnesium, 2 Marshmallow.

1 glass of water with Chlorophyll 2 T.

Take 2 K, 2Magnesium, 2 Marshmallow.

 Take lemon juice and Lobelia straight up for pain any time and as many times as needed.

I also want to mention Comfrey. Nature’s Sunshine at one time has a capsule called Comfrey Pepsin with incredible healing properties of the digestive system. Then along came one scientist who did a study in a lab to prove that comfrey is harmful. I then searched the internet to find this information. I am totally amazed at the limited thinking that is expressed in this article. Just listen to this:

 I won’t quote the name of the author. I just know he does not understand herbs and the fact that all herbs contain these alkaloids even the potatoes he is eating from his garden. He just see that. He has decided to fear monger an innocent herb such as comfrey. Here it is.

 “Even today, years after pyrrolizidine alkaloids were found and identified in Comfrey (aka Symphytum officinale), herbalists continue to recommend its use. A few years ago, after I had commented on an online site about the dangers of using Comfrey, a well-known animal herbalist called me on the phone. “Comfrey isn’t dangerous”, she told me. “It is just a scam by Big Pharma to stop us using it so that they can make more money.”

 Then he aggressively states this:“It isn’t a scam by Big Pharma. Comfrey can kill. Pyrrolizidine alkaloids are very toxic to the liver and are also carcinogenic (cause cancer). The way that they work is by blocking small blood vessels in the liver. This leads to cirrhosis and eventually liver failure. In humans, use of comfrey for as little as 5 days (in children) or 19 days (in adults) has resulted in severe liver damage and death. Even long term use of very small doses can be harmful, as the damage is cumulative and the damage is irreversible.”

 This author just does not see that in this article he does not see the difference between the whole plant, comfrey and the active alkaloid, Pyrrolizidine. If the active alkaloid, Pyrrolizidine were to be isolated and eaten then yes it would cause the liver problems as stated in this article. But it is not Pyrrolizidine alkaloids that we are eating, it is the whole innocent comfrey plant. As a whole plant there are nutritive properties that work synergistically for protection and healing purposes and not for harming purposes as does the drug or the isolated alkaloid.

 The author then continues to ostracize this God given herb by referring to Pyrrolizidine.

 “What about topical (skin) use? Pyrrolizidine alkaloids can be absorbed through the skin as well. So, if you’re going to use a cream or ointment, make sure that the daily amount applied to the skin doesn’t exceed 100 micrograms. You might find that it is difficult to ascertain the correct level as most preparations don’t put the amount onto the label. Also, the analytical method used to assay these compounds is a bit unreliable.

 Both the leaves and the roots of Comfrey have been shown to cause cancer. Rats fed Comfrey (0.5% roots and 8% leaves) developed hepatomas (liver cancer) and died.”

Now I have to speak to this study regarding the mice that died in this study. First of all the mice were not fed comfrey leaves and roots, The roots and leaves in this study were prepared into a liquid infusion and injected into the rats or force fed into the rats not for just a few days but for 179 to 600 days that’s almost 2 years. Well guess what the life span of the average lab rat is? Its about 2 years!!

 It is totally unfair to force feed these poor lab rats and then make false claims that it caused a health problem. Then I also read that it was only 3 of the rats that actually developed tumors, It was not all the rats that developed cancers and those that got the tumors that 96% were not carcinogenic tumors they were benign tumors. So I also ask about these rats. They were bred in a lab so how many of them already had co morbidity disorders. Who tells you how they were bred or what they were fed before the comfrey study.

 Here is an article I found that talks about this Comfrey and Rat study.

 All dosing levels in this study were significantly higher than expected human intake at therapeutic levels.”

 “No research has been undertaken to determine the validity of the traditional use of comfrey in the treatment of broken bones, tendon damage, ulcerations in the gastrointestinal tract, and lung congestion. However, documented anti-inflammatory analgesic  wound healing , and immune modulating  effects support the use of comfrey as a vulnerary. Other research has shown components of comfrey to have cholinergic action and the ability to inhibit tumors.”  2004 Dorena Rode 

 Now listen to the author of the article I mentioned earlier.

 “What are the symptoms of pyrrolizidine alkaloid poisoning?

 jaundiced skin (from impaired liver function)

rough, unkempt appearance


prolapsed rectum

edema of tissues of the digestive tract



abnormal behavior. 

cattle may have a bloated appearance.

 There is no mention of Comfrey here but a lot of information on the poisoning affects of pyrrolizidine.

 Mendel FriedmanCarol E. Levin 2016 write

“Potatoes contain two classes of alkaloids: the glycoalkaloids and the calystegines. The presence of glycoalkaloids in potatoes and their toxicity have been known for more than a century and much has been written about them.”

Then these authors conclude:

Glycosidase-inhibiting calystegine alkaloids (polyhydroxylated nortropanes) probably also contribute to the beneficial health properties of potatoes (Friedman et al., 2003; Friedman and Levin, 2016). In conclusion, the results of this study are not only of fundamental interest that might help our understanding of the composition and biological functions of different samples of whole potato tubers, peels, and cortexes, but also have important implications for nutrition and human health.”

 Now I want to talk about Parsley. I remember it was in the late 1990/s when Health Canada decided to take Parsley capsules off the market. Yet you could go to any supermarket at that time and buy Parsley. But Health Canada decided to take Parsley off the market. So for a short time Natures Sunshine was not allowed to sell Parsley capsules. I remember writing a letter to the Health Minister at that time asking her why parsley was taken off the market. Here is the  letter from Leona Aglukkaq, Minister of Health May 13/2011. Her response shocked me.

 Dear Ms. Roth:

Thank you for your correspondence of March 22/2011, concerning the Natural Health Products regulations NHPR. Your member of Parliament, Mr. Ron Cannan has also written on your behalf. I regret the delay in responding.

Maintaining health and safety of Canadians is a priority for the Government of Canada. Health Canada’s mandate is to ensure that Canadians have access to the safest possible products. The NHPR help assure that Canadians have access to a range of natural health products that are safe effective and of high-quality whole respecting freedom of choice as well as philosophical and cultural diversity.

I introduced the natural Health Products ( Unprocessed Product License Applications) Regulations to ensure that products with applications that have been waiting longer than 180 days for approval which meet basic safety criteria can legally be sold while their applications undergo a full review.

Since the NHPR came into force Health Canada has issued over 28,000 NHP licenses representing 38,000 products and over 7000 Exemption numbers under the Natural Health Products (Unprocessed Product License Applications) Regulations (representing 9654 products.

Health Canada recognizes that NHP’s are generally safe; however there are rare circumstances when recalls are necessary to protect Canadians. Since the NHPR came into force, Health Canada has issued 150 recalls, 40 of which were for serious health risks. The Department continues to follow a risk-based compliance and enforcement approach. And will focus its enforcement efforts on those products that’s pose an unacceptable risk to the health of Canadians. Page 2 is missing.

 Here is the answer to my  question: Why was Parsley taken off the market?

“Parsley ( Petroselinum crispum) is considered to be a medicinal ingredient for an NHP”

 She plainly stated that there was an active ingredient in Parsley that was dangerous. Of course that part is true. There are medicinal alkaloid in Parsley that are dangerous if they are extracted and consumed. There are bitter compounds called coumarins that is part of the parsley plant. And it is these active compounds that are powerful in dissolving kidney stones and gallstones. Parsley is a great diuretic that has the ability to clean out some very toxic harmful debris from the body. Now you can understand how confused this Health Minister was. She thought Parsley was the same as the active coumarins. Nature has the ability to create plants with active alkaloids that have powerful dissolving properties. You can also see how Gabriela’s friend was able to use the combination of herbs known as K to dissolve her big kidney stone. K has parsley in it.

 There is something else that I would like to point out in this discussion. We tend to think that we could just go to the grocery store and buy Parsley and dissolve kidney stone with it. Here is the question that you need to entertain if you think store bought Parsley has the medicinal coumarins in it. You do not know if that parsley even has any of the medicinal compounds in it. Where was it grown? Is it the correct species of Parsley? What was sprayed on it? And one thing I do know is that the parsley from the grocery store is not standardized. Nature’s Sunshine ensures that their products are pure, potent and standardized. So when I give you the instructions to do a One Day Kidney Flush to clean out kidney stones, or arthritis or brain fog or allergy symptoms I know you will get results.

 Last week I talked about a man who had arthritis, stiff neck, sore back, congested sinuses. Her followed the instructions for the One Day Kidney Flush where he was drinking water and Chlorophyll or water and Arginine every hour and every hour he was  taking 2 K, 2 SN-X, 2 Cat’s Claw combination. He did this flush 9 times, once a week for 9 weeks with amazing results. I really don’t know why people are suffering and don’t do these flushes. They are simple and easy to do.

 Finally, I want to remind everyone that plants have power. They are loaded with energy and nutrients and active alkaloids to perform amazing tasks in our bodies if we would just stop to think about it.

A tomato seed has the energy and power to build a 5 foot tall plant that can produce about 50 or more orange sized tomatoes.

An small acorn that any child can hold in her little hand can produce a massive tall oak tree that produces millions of tiny acorns.

Does it then not stand to reason that 60 small capsules of K with parsley taken over 3 days can dissolve a large kidney stone?

Does it not stand to reason that 180 capsules of K with parsley in it can clean out arthritic deposits in the neck joints and in the back joints over a period of 9 weeks?

Does it not stand to reason that 180 capsules of SN-X herbal capsules taken over 9 cleanses can clean out sinuses?

Does it not stand to reason that the herbs Paw and Paw and Cat’s Claw and super food smoothies taken over the course of a year can clean out the toxins that cause cancer?

We have become so blinded by white coats, and universities and science and drugs and vaccines that we have lost our connection to the earth and its laws of nature and all the goodness and power and ability of those humble herbs to clean out poisons and to restore our health.


Tuesday, March 14, 2023

Teleconference Call March 13/23



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Success Story: Neck Pain, Back Pain, Arthritis Gone!

Dr. Cowan; How did Covid Get Started in Italy?

CoQ10 and Statins

Herbs and Their Medicinal Alkaloids

Words of Interest from Carol

Q and A to be sent to


TAFYH was designed for working people and their busy time schedule. No matter how busy you are you can fit TAFYH into your busy life.

Now just take a moment to think about how much time you are spending on the internet searching for answers. That takes hours of your

time. TAFYH gives you all the secrets and produces results. It is a compilation of 30 years of work by Donna Roth. Why wait until you are

diagnosed. A diagnosis does not give you health but a disease name. TAFYH is about building your health and giving you your life back!


I love listening to the very much common sense presentation and very well researched information I get from Dr. Tom Cowan. This is what he says and I want to share it with you.

Dr Tom Cowan states no virus has ever been isolated.   The "virus" is the body cleansing out toxic debris.

Then Dr Cowan talked about Italy. Wow! This was an eye opener.

How did Covid start in Italy? Why didn't it spread to nearby towns?  The location was Po River Valley.  It turns out that this particular valley has the worst air pollution, filled with nitrous dioxide. This is the same toxin released from the train fire in Palestine, Ohio recently.   The population of this valley had the highest lung disease in Europe.  They were also exposed to asbestos.  There were high rates of cancers of the chest and abdomen.  90% of the beds in the hospital were caused by the flu before Covid was announced. At this time while doctors were busy administering drugs, an  iatrogenic epidemic was taking place.  The use of morphine rendered the patients paralyzed and many ended up with respiratory failures.People in nursing home  were  given flu shots. Then the PCR tests came along with  97% false positives. To make matters worse this portion of Italy was also under severe economic stress and was on the verge of bankruptcy. Along came a CoVid solution. Italy was offered a lot of money if they acknowledged a CoVid epidemic. Deceptive photos were then shown of many coffins indicating a high death rate of CoVid in Po Valley. It was later discovered that these photos were not from the Po Valley by  from a past incident in 2013 when an African ship capsized and many African people lost their lives.  


Program for Dennis

Concerns; can’t get to sleep, neck issues, the back 5 yrs ago. Arthritis in hip, pain, sinus clogged, high iron in the blood.


No sugars, no grains, no cereals, no legumes, no dairy, no peanuts, no alcohol, no pop, no junk food, no fruit juice, no fruit except for berries and apple

Eat meats grass fed, chicken, turkey, fish, eggs, vegetables, cruciferous vegetables, salads nuts, seeds, berries, avocado , coconut oil

Smoothie: twice a day minimum

Red: Arginine Plus 1/2 scoop 

Yellow: Solstic Energy ½ stick

White: Collagen ½ scoop

Blue: water and frozen berries

Green: Ultimate Green Zone 1 tablespoon

 With meals:

Cat’s Claw 4 a day


At bedtime

Take Lobelia


Drink water and Chlorophyll 2 tablespoons a day

Add some grey salt or pink salt


One Day Flush

1 glass water with lemon and Arginine Plus 1/3 scoop

2 K and 2 Cat’s Claw and 2 SN-X

1 hour later

1 glass of water and Chlorophyll 1 T

2 K and 2 Cat’s Claw and 2 SN-X

By the end of the day you will have taken 10 glasses water, 20 K, 20 Cat’s Claw, 20 SN-X

On the day of the cleanse you do not need to take any other supplements.


Arthritis, Neck Pain, March 7 Results

Dennis has now completed 9 One Day Flushes. He is now adding 2 MC each hour to his flush.

Dennis no longer has to wear a neck brace. It was especially difficult when he had to drive a car. But the neck issue is now totally gone.  The stiffness in the neck is gone. He can now easily rotate his neck from side to side. He is now able to sleep through the night without pain. His sinuses are no longer clogged up. Dennis is really happy with his results.

Previously he had tried to solve his health problems in a natural way. Dennis explained that it was very complicating and expensive, and he did not get the results that he did with this program.


Co Q10 and statins

We are learning about the importance of CoQ10 and how critical it is to  health.  We have learned a lot about cholesterol and how it is not the enemy like we were always told it was.  With so many people diagnosed with high cholesterol, many are put on statin drugs to lower the cholesterol, which we have learned is really linked to inflammation.  Dr. Kim Balas states that people that are on cholesterol lowering statins have their CoQ10 levels depleted by 49% in 2 weeks!!! To have the CoQ10 levels depleted so quickly and to realize the health consequences that come with low CoQ10 levels, one can see how statins and the side effects of them can cause much more damage than they are repairing in the body.  If you know anyone on cholesterol lowering statins, you would do them a huge favour by educating them and getting them to replenish their CoQ1o levels.  You would do them an even bigger favour by educating them about the oral chelation program and CoQ10 so they could throw their statin drugs in the garbage! 

I had a client who was on cholesterol pills and had severe muscle pain.  Once I spoke with her, she began CoQ10 and her muscle pain went away.  When she told her doctor about the effects of her cholesterol pills, he said, "Oh yeah, those ones are pretty bad!"  What kind of a statement is that? I asked her, "Did you question him as to why he would put you on a pill that he knew was pretty bad?"

This is just an example of the stunts that the pharmaceutical industry is playing with our health and why we HAVE to be adamant about taking care of our own health and looking into things for ourselves.


MS, Statins,

Recently my colleague brought it to my attention that Canada has the highest rate of MS in the world.

Here is my thought regarding MS. Everyone that goes to a doctor today is prescribed a statin drug to lower cholesterol. All doctors are taught that cholesterol is the culprit to heart disease. The truth is that statin drugs strip the fats from the brain and the myelin sheath lining the nerves leaving it vulnerable to infections and I would add tumor growths. When the yeast/fungal DNA integrates into the stem cell line of the spinal cells the end result is MS. This is the Law of Nature. This is exactly what happened to my client, Paddy, who was diagnosed with MS. He was on statin drugs for 7 years. He then ended up with many ear infections, took lots of antibiotics and finally a lesion was detected in his brain. He stopped the use of statins,

cleaned out all heavy metals, rebuilt the microbiome, and rebuilt the brain and the full use of the left arm and left leg returned within the year. Paddy is a construction worker in New York. He has his life back.

 Another client, Bill,  was totally losing his memory. He also took Lipitor for 12 years. He stopped taking Lipitor, took TAFYH and his memory has been greatly restored. In this case Lipitor stripped the fats from the brain.

Think of all the people suffering from dementia, Alzheimer’s, MS, Parkinson’s disease. The solution is to clean out the heavy metals take high dense nutrition and stop taking statin drugs.

 Today I planted tomato seeds and cabbage seeds into soil cells. I thought about that seed that went into the soil as I planted it. A tiny seed the size of the eye of a needle has the power, the energy and the strength to produce a tomato plant that can be 4 feet tall and yield anywhere from 50 to 90 tomatoes the size of a large orange. That means 1 tomato plant could feed me for about 2 months if I were to eat one tomato a day.

To use this as an analogy I thought about the herbs that are dried and tightly packed into a little capsule. These herbs also came from tiny little seeds the size of the eye of a needle. They also have the power, the strength and the energy to produce plants that do not lose their power, energy and strength but actually that power is enhanced as it grows collecting the sun’s energy and the energy from the earth and water to produce minerals, vitamins, phytonutrients for your body’s healing purposes. Those herbs are also mysteriously  able to create medicinal active alkaloids that are able to perform certain healing functions in our bodies.

I first discovered active alkaloids when I learned about Paw Paw from Dr Jerry McLaughlin. He taught me that Paw Paw has these alkaloids called acetogenins in them. It was the acetogenins that he isolated and used in deactivating cancer cell growths in the lower animals in a laboratory setting. He said that these alkaloids were so powerful that they were 1 million times stronger than adriamyacin chemo drugs that are used to treat cancer patients. These are significant studies that were scientific and were published in medical journals.

Here is the insight that comes to my mind. The acetogenins in that Paw Paw herb are 1 million times more powerful than those chemo drugs. No man can create a drug in a lab to overcome cancer compared to the ability that humble plant has to overcome cancer proliferation.

Yet we are made to believe in our medical society that drugs have more powerful healing ability than drugs. Today I want to correct that statement. Drugs have powerful killing properties.  Herbs have powerful healing properties. The goal of any diseased condition is not to kill the cancer or the tissue  but to remove the poisons that are killing and to heal the tissue that is damaged. If one tomato seed has the power of creating 90 tomatoes then one Paw Paw herb has the power to clean up the poisons that cause the cancer to keep growing.


I remember one lady who was trying to convince me that herbs don’t have the power to protect her from viruses and that she needed a vaccine to serve as her protection. Under no circumstances would I have a vaccine because I know it is filled with poisons. Poisons cause cancer and other diseased conditions no matter what name you call it. Poisons do not belong in my blood stream. Even if I did not use any herbs it is unmeasurably  safer not to inject a vaccine into your blood stream.


What about other herbs and their medicinal alkaloids.

Black Walnut for instance has tannin type of alkaloids that are able to precipitate free proteins found and damaged and inflamed tissues. If you think of tannins than think of the acids that are used in tanning animal skins. These tannin alkaloids then have the ability to destroy, worms, parasites and any other undigested foreign toxic proteins lingering in our body cells.

 Capsicum has the active alkaloid known as capsaicin that has stimulant properties. Consequently Capsicum has that ability to move the blood and the lymphatic system because it heats it up. In any diseased condition the poisons need to move out and they do once the active capsaicin hits the blood and lymph fluids.  It raises the body temperature and the fluids in our bodies move. I bet that you never thought that a humble herb like Capsicum could heat your whole body. Dr. Christopher was famous for using Capsicum in every ailment he treated as an herbalist. He knew that the blood had to move to provide life saving energy and oxygen to the areas that were suffering from oxygen and nutritive deprivation.


Alfalfa is a plant that everyone is familiar with. Our animals love alfalfa hay which is why farmers grow alfalfa in their fields. Yet little do we think about the medicinal part of that plant. And little are we aware that Alfalfa has some incredible active alkaloids with powerful healing properties. There are 3 specific alkaloids in Alfalfa; trigonelline, stachydrine,  and homostachydrine. This all sounds very impressive! And it is! Medicinally speaking Alfalfa has he ability to address inflammation very powerfully. Think of the inflammation in the knee joints or finger joints that are responsible for arthritic pain or rheumatoid arthritis. Along comes Alfalfa with its 3 powerful alkaloids that has the ability to clean out the toxic debris that causes the inflammation. These powerful alkaloids also make Alfalfa a great blood detoxifier. Think of your liver making cholesterol because there is an overload of toxic debris in the blood. No need for the liver tot do that when you add Alfalfa capsules which has the active alkaloids to bind toxic debris from the blood.

Monday, March 6, 2023

Teleconference Call

 From the Desk of Donna Roth March 6/23

Contact Donna Roth for consultations;

Contact Donna Roth to register for the TAFYH course.

Transforming the Health of Nations

A healthy body is warm, full of vigor, beauty, magnetism and power!


TAFYH team 72 with 7 very dedicated participants is well on the way.

Registrations for TAFYH team 73 is now happening  for April. 3 registrations so far.

Guest Speaker, Maria; TAFYH grad; Can now open a jar! Pain in gone! Great energy

Test Your Thyroid at Home: Herbals for the Thyroid

Foods to Eat

Words of Interest by Carol

Q and A

 Quotes from TAFYH Grads:

In the past I found it difficult to get a good understanding of the full potential of the supplements but with Donna’s program she explains the supplements in detail and relates the use of the products to real life experiences. This course has brought me a newfound confidence. Janine

. I am empowered to make better choices concerning my health and can help my family and friends with the knowledge I have gained.  I am forever grateful to Donna Roth for her efforts in educating the public and arming us with truth. Storm

Donna is a superb coach and instructor.  Having the team on time and engaged was effective and energizing.  Expressing daily gratitude, motivating testimonies was especially effective.

Choose every day to stay in the path of health following the Laws of Nature to avoid the path of deception that permeates our daily lives.

Donna – you are an incredible coach and inspiration.  Thank you for making a difference in so many people’s lives.  I feel this is just the beginning.  Truly an amazing course. Rose

Maria is our guest speaker this evening. She has done the TAFYH course twice and has some amazing success stories to share. Maria is also in Advanced TAFYH.


I have witnessed so many women who have taken Synthroid for years and it appears that there are no side effects. Do not be fooled. Those side effects are very subtle and you have no idea that the symptoms you are experiencing are related to the side effects of the thyroid medication you are taking. I remember very well how one of my clients, Fay suffered from extreme fatigue for 10 years. She was then diagnosed with a rare type blood cancer and given a year to live. She had gone to many different doctors, medical doctors and naturopathic doctors and not one doctor checked her Synthroid medications. Fay had taken this medication for over 20 years. I heard how she told me she never experienced side effects from it. Her energy was so low that her voice had no power. She talked in a whisper to tell me she did not think it was the Synthroid. How wrong that assumption was. Her side effect was the loss of voice and the extreme fatigue she was experiencing. The program I recommended was a smoothie 3 times a day with Rejuvenaid, Chi Mineral Tonic, Green Zone, Zambroza, Collagen, Flax Lignans, and Solstic Energy. I also included some herbals like Pau D’Arco to clean the blood. In 10 days she called me back with a voice that was audible and she had her energy back.

Then I also want to tell you about the number of women that get breast cancer and then I discover they are taking Synthroid. I remember working with Maria diagnosed with breast cancer and yes, she had her breast surgically removed and she was told that there was aggressive cancer. When there is aggressive cancer it is because something is poisoning you. And you guessed it. She was taking Synthroid for many years.  Maria was able to wean off the Synthroid and she followed my program diligently until her cancer was gone. It took a year on the program. Here is what Maria said.

I now feel better than ever and am continuing my program with Donnas’ help and encouragement.  I have lost a lot this year, my breast, my teeth, and my faith in the medical profession.   But I have also lost 40 lbs which will help me recoup and be better than ever.  I have learned a tremendous amount in how our body works, what is best for it and how we can make major improvements in our lives.  I look at food in a different way and my aim is to be in the best of shape ever.

What can you do to raise your thyroid energy levels and thereby raise your body temperature levels? 


rapid heartbeats, insomnia, hair loss

Magnesium about 6 to 8 a day

STR-C to regulate the heartbeat. Take about 2 twice a day

CoQ10 about 3 capsules a day

Hawthorn. About 4 capsules a day

Master G Formula about 4 a day



Feeling cold, weight gain

Potas about 6 a day

MC 4 twice a day

KC-X 4 twice a day


Eating the right foods to raise your body temperature is critical.



Foods to Eat

As you are now well aware I am a fan of Dr Thomas Cowan and Sally Fallon Morrell from the Weston Price Foundation. They authored the book, The Contagion Myth Why Viruses ( Including Corona Virus) are Not the Cause of Disease. I have addressed the topic of : There are no viruses, many times and you can go to and click on Teleconference Calls and listen to past archived presentation that I have done on this topic ! I am not going to talk on this topic in this session but I do want to reiterate that viruses do not kill people, that no virus in history has ever been isolated the reason being is that a virus if there is one must have a non-living or toxic host. I want to say thank you for those germs that keep our environment clean. Imagine the cesspool of stagnant debris if there were no such things as germs to clean that up for us. Germs clean up our lakes, rivers, air, soils, and our inner bodies. But we must also take responsible action to feed our bodies and provide our stem cell carpenters with the nutrient materials needed for healthy cell repair. You are in fact in charge of your inner genes and not as propagandized in society where we are taught that genes are in charge of you. You can take control of your inner genes and you need proper foods provided for us in Nature. So today I want to talk about Foods To Eat.

Avoid margarine; use butter

Avoid cooking oils; use lard or bacon fat

Avoid Cool Whip; use real whipping cream

Avoid processed snacks; eat natural raw milk cheese and artisan salami

Avoid French fries; make your own with lard

Avoid wheat pizzas; make your own using coconut flour

Instead of commercial baked goods make your own with eggs, butter, natural sweeteners

Instead of soft drinks enjoy, kombucha. Kefir, Solstic Energy and efferent bubbly water. I make my own.

Instead of candy eat fresh fruit

Instead of breakfast cereals make a cereal with seeds soaked in hot water overnight.

Avoid processed white salt ; use grey or pink salt instead

Purchase your eggs from the farmer’s market

Purchase grass fed meat from a farmer

Eat liver and other organ meats

Avoid farm fish and eat wild fish instead

Eat raw sauerkraut and homemade pickles with grey salt.

Have a nutrient dense smoothie to get your vitamins and minerals and phytonutrients; This comes from Nature Sunshine: Collagen powder, MCT oil, Green Zone powder, Zambroza, Essential Liquid Minerals