Monday, February 24, 2020

Teleconference call with Jody and Wynne

Jody: reports on breast cancer
Wynne reports on blood sugar dropping from 9.2 to 6.1 , Kidney functions increase from 55 to 72

TAFYH team 55 registrations for March are now opened
One person has registered.
Phyll’s story from TAFYH team 53 is attached.
At least one member in every family needs TAFYH so that you know what to do before the crisis happens and fear and panic  sets in and you cannot think straight and your resort to white coat authority to solve a problem that is solely your responsibility.

Vaccine Stats
Over half of America’s children (54%) have one or more chronic health conditions.
• One in every two (49.5%) 13-18 year olds have been diagnosed with at least one mental health disorder.
• One in every six American children (17%) has a developmental disability according to the CDC.
• One in every eight American children (14%) requires special educations services.
• One in twelve American children has asthma (8.4%).
• One in every 13 American children has at least one food allergy and two fifths of those with food allergies
have a history of severe reactions including deadly peanut allergies.
• One in 285 U.S. children will be diagnosed with cancer before their 20th birthday.
Each year, an estimated 15,780 U.S. children and adolescents ages 0 to 19 will be diagnosed with cancer

I am here to say you will never learn the secrets of taking action for your health via the internet as your authority.

TAFYH (Taking Action for Your Health) is a structured result oriented 20-minute daily teleconference call with an expert TAFYH Grad Leader. It is a unique program where you work with a team of 4-6 people following a committed health protocol. TAFYH is coupled with meticulous quality controlled therapeutic nutritional products. The 38 TAFYH lessons, which are emailed to you daily, educate you about the sources of inflammation and how to address them, how to use foods, super foods, supplements and herbal combinations to prevent and overcome numerous health challenges. TAFYH teaches you how to become responsible for the health of your own body and educates you on how to empower family, friends and clients in a perpetual healthy lifestyle

TAFYH addresses every diseased condition imaginable because it teaches you how to fuel your body so your body can heal itself. It teaches you what poisons are obstructing your healing process. And if you don’t identify those poisons that cause inflammation then you can take all the herbs in the world with little or no results.
Goal is to identify the poisons, address them, clean them out and raise your body temperature.
If your BT drops by a mere .5 degrees C your immune system drops by 35%.
I have yet to find one TAFYH student whose BT was registering normal first thing in the morning.
So many doctors somewhat give recognition as to what to do to raise BT such as
Infrared saunas,
Crystal mats
These are all temporarily raise BT for an hour to 3 hours but the key is raised BT 24 hours a day.
In TAFYH you are given specific instructions as to how to raise BT and you commit to follow those instructions so at the end of TAFYH everyone’s BT goes up significantly.

Money is a huge issue. You don’t think twice about spending $377 on a broken car ; good luck if its that cheap but you will hesitate, procrastinate, stall, wait, tell yourself you don’t have the money until you convince yourself that you don’t have the money while your health continues to plummet day by day!
Finally it may even be announced to you that you only have 5 months to live or that you may have a heart attack any minute!
There are Laws of Nature that govern our health, but they are not known by the medical profession and we are manipulated to believe that long held dogma that only a drug or a vaccine will save your life. What if there is another way?
What if what you have been taught to believe is not true?
You know what you know. I know I can ski, ride my bike,  I know cancer can be overcome. I have witnessed at least a 100 times in my life.
You know what you don’t know; I know that I don’t know how to pilot an airplane.
But you don’t know what you don’t know. Here is where it gets tricky. I know that cancer can be overcome with my Paw Paw program but you have never heard of that. Your medical doctor does not know that and you do not know that. The key is to be opened minded to listen to a different way of thinking to find out what you do not know about cancer. If you shut down and pull down the blinds then you will never find out what you don’t know!
I am going to quote Gloria, a TAFYH grad who was able to raise her heart function from a low 12% to 40% within 2 months of doing TAFYH:
I was reluctant. I didn’t know what to expect. It costs too much money. I don’t have the money. Am I going to bite the bullet?
Why did it take me so long. Why was money holding me back? It’s the best money I have ever spent. I didn’t know I would do so well. ( Here it is ; Gloria did not know what she did not know.) She bit the bullet and now she tells everyone., It is the best money I have ever spent. Why ? My heart function went up from 12 % to 40%!
Corona Virus

You never know when some health authority with all the power decides to shut down the infrastructure in your city where your city is under quarantine and you are now responsible for your own household, your children’s health, your health. If you decide not to do TAFYH then at least do this:

Be prepared:
Food supplies
Water supplies
Fuel to heat your surroundings
Ultimate Green Zone
Cat’s Claw
Vit A & D
Vit C like Rosehips or Vit C TR
Zinc; NSP Zinc gluconate is combined with kelp, thyme, and alfalfa for the most efficient absorption.
Fights disease
Found in bone and muscle
Heart is a muscle, so it strengthens your heart.
Heals wounds
Fights free radicals
Regulates testosterone
Loss of taste
Growth and mental alertness
White spots on your fingernails
Protests liver from chemical damage.
The process your body uses to find, fight and destroy a virus is complex as it employs different types of cells.5 Zinc is an effective natural remedy that has demonstrated its ability to reduce the length of your cold by an average of 33%.6

Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Success Story Lymphoma Cancer of the Spleen – Phyllis Thompson

Success Story Lymphoma Cancer of the Spleen – Phyllis Thompson
I have had many successful experiences using products from Nature’s Sunshine.  One was doing weekly kidney cleanses for six months and eliminating painful symptoms of Rheumatoid Arthritis. 
Another experience, many years ago, I awoke about 5 am with painful pounding pain in my kidney.  I could barely walk; the pain was so bad.  I made it to the bottle of Silver Guard and took several gulps.  At 7 am I repeated the process. It was somewhere between 2 Tbsp and 2 oz. I’m not sure.  By 9 am, I was in the office and functioning without pain.  I continued taking about 2 Tbsp. morning and evening another few weeks before discontinuing.
I was bothered by reoccurring skin cancers, Basal cell, Squamous cell, Melanomas and I finally went for a photographer.  It showed the source of the cancer in my front tooth.  Donna had spoken to me repeatedly on root canals and I had refused to listen.  I didn’t want to be without my front tooth.  But that day, I left the naturopath’s office and went straight to my dentist and persuaded him to pull the tooth.  A kindly denturist quickly made up an upper plate with a false tooth. 
This last bout has been with Lymphoma and cancer of the spleen.  I thought I was doing everything I should, but I had gotten away from my TAFYH way of thinking from the course I took many, many years ago.  I accepted that gluten free meant it was safe for me to eat.  I was eating grains, way too much fruit and not enough vegetables.  Because my white blood count was so low (1.4), I was eating lots of red beets almost daily.  I wasn’t eating potatoes, but I was eating rice with every meal.  I didn’t recognize that as a grain.  I thought maple syrup and honey were safe alternatives to sugar. 
The doctors agreed that for my white blood cells to go from 4.0 (normal) to 1.4 was probably caused by an environment incident.  I knew exactly what they were talking about.  We are in the process of remodeling a house build in 1960.  I developed horrendous painful raw rashes on my body but more so on my legs from the mold that was in the bathroom area.  This did not affect my white blood cells and the rash stopped coming back when the drywall was replaced and I was able to use Pau D’Arco. Aloe Vera Gel, and Frankincense to clear it up.  However, when my husband took the wall out between the kitchen and utility room, the ceiling came down.  This filled the room with a goodly portion of asbestos insulation.  Without gloves or mask, I cleaned it up, and then to compound the issue, I used a heat gun and putty knife to lift all the asbestos tiles on the floor – again – no mask – and lots of times without gloves.   STUPID!!                    
The original diagnosis was a type of Leukemia.  A family doctor explained that I should wear mask and gloves when out in public.  Apparently he felt that with such a low white blood cell count, if I picked up any kind of cold, flu or infection, I would not be able to fight it off, giving me the impression that if I got any of these ailments, I would die.   Several months after a ultrasound and a very painful bone marrow biopsy, I was sent to Dr. Delorme, a cytologist/oncologist in Kelowna.   His diagnosis: – Lymphoma, cancer of the spleen.  My spleen measured 13.7 cm.  He was supportive of the program I was on (even though he wasn’t interested in detail) and surprised that a doctor would tell me I had to wear mask and gloves when out in public.  He advised to definitely wash my hands frequently but nothing more.  He was also concerned that the family doctor had advised NOT exercising and quitting the gym.   His orders were to get back to the gym.  I really didn’t have the stamina to go back to the gym and because a new TAFYH class was starting the same time as my gym class, I opted to take TAFYH first.
In my journal at the beginning of TAFYH, I wrote comments like, “I feel so rotten.” “I feel like crap.”  “I can barely do yoga stretches for 10 minutes without everything hurting”.  “I coughed all night and have such a rotten cold.”  “I am barely getting up in time for TAFYH and I find it hard to understand what we are supposed to be doing.”   
What a relief when I finally learned....” There is no cure for the common cold.... the cold is the cure”.  Several weeks later when all the cold symptoms abated, my energy started coming back.  My ability to concentrate improved.  I discovered that we were eating so many foods that were not recommended for someone wanting to regain their health.  My husband who was diagnosed with liver cancer decided to jump into the program with me.   Support from a Tag Team was a great idea.  I really became accountable. 
I was nearing completion for TAFYH when I went for another blood test and ultrasound.  White blood cells are on the upswing - 2.6 and my spleen in 12.5cm. (Normal 12 cm.)  My red blood cells and all the other readings were within the normal range.   The pathologist wrote under Impression: “Interval decrease in the size of the spleen, now measuring within normal limits.”  I believe the cancer in my spleen is gone! 
My BSQ has dropped from 51 to 18.  My weight dropped from 133.4 to 125.2 (my love handles are gone).  My body temp did manage to get up to 37 plus a few times but its back to 36.2.  It started at 35.6.   I am back at the gym and loving it.  I’ve learned how to plan nutritious menus and find recipes using healing foods. 
My Vision is becoming a reality.  I am living with an attitude of gratitude.  I am enjoying life and my skeleton system has definitely been strengthened.  I can walk to town with vigor (when the wind isn’t blowing).  I am enjoying being able to focus on important facts and my recall has improved considerably.  I am no longer fearful when sharing my knowledge of Nature’s Sunshine’s nutritional products and their healing powers.
I am back at the gym and enjoying the wonderful support team I have there.  My muscles are regaining their strength.  I have a healthy skin color and it will continue to as I spend more time outdoors. 
My vision is for a wonderfully abundant garden and I’ve started ordering my seeds for this year from the seed catalogue.  I am going to be able to have a garden this year!
I am connecting with family around the world thanks to technology and I am able to help so many people with their family research.  I can concentrate and look for hidden clues.
Construction on the house is nearing completion, just a few cupboards to go and I do have the energy to keep on task.  My vision has become a reality in just 2 short months.
So my Vision now is a new bucket list.  I want to climb a mountain, do more travelling, further my education and be an example to others.                 

Monday, February 3, 2020

Donna Roth Teleconference Call

Donna Roth Teleconference Call

Paradigm Shift
Tips for arthritic pain, sleeping, stress, bleeding,indigestion
Bee's Advise in Overcoming Cancer
Cancer is injury, inflammation, elimination, infection, circulation