Saturday, August 7, 2021

Health Statement


Anita K

I love this life that I've been blessed with!

I am healthy and fearless.

I rise every morning refreshed and excited about the brand-new day.

My body is warm and full of life.

I desire fitness and fresh air, as my body craves only nourishing wholesome food.

My strong immune system functions like protective armour guarding every cell.

My cell membranes perfectly regenerate, so nutrients are easily absorbed.

I have great posture, toned muscles with a strong healthy core and spine.

My metabolism is fired up, thanks to my well-balanced microbiome, which also provides me a clear mind and clear skin.

I have the ability to prioritize, make quick decisions, and complete tasks efficiently.

I have healthy bouncy red blood cells and my endocrine system is on track.

ALL my organs and systems function perfectly.

I am playful and happy, with a full and content heart.

I have a great connection and camaraderie with my husband and children.

My home reflects the pristine body I'm in.

I have more time and space in my life and prioritize spiritual growth and reflection.

Time management is a breeze!

I have a positive light to shine, humble but confident, to share this wisdom of health with everyone. This path I'm on is like the rising of the dawn that gets brighter and brighter.

I am God's girl and glorify Him wholeheartedly with a body that radiates health.

I am extremely blessed and grateful.



Health Statements Team 63



 I am emotionally uplifted every evening and my body is in a state of exuberance and vibrancy.

 I develop a good, healthy routine every evening, preparing for a good night sleep, ending my day

with a gratitude and meditation.

 My blood cells are full of vitality, magnetism, power and beauty.

 My intestinal system is working at the optimal level, bowels moving twice a day.

 My liver is healthy, fully functional and efficient in cleaning.

 My tummy is flat, muscular, my waist is slim, and my weight is perfect at 130 pounds.

 I am flexible, my muscles are strong and toned, my body is lean and sexy.

 My wrists and hands are flexible, strong, fully functional and I can play the most difficult piano

pieces with flair and ease.

 My feet are flexible, fully functional and all the joints move fully.

 I love my beautiful posture and a straight back.

 I am a vibrant, powerful woman in a loving relationship with a perfect partner.

 I feel vibrant, attractive, empowered, energetic, strong, motivated, passionate, loving and joyful.

 I love the positive impact I have on others.

 I’m out of the box thinker.

 My life is full of love, friendship, adventure, purpose, abundance and amazing health.


Health Statement by Gerry

I follow a daily morning routine with reading and exercise.

I love doing my exercises. It makes me feel excellent.

My health is in excellent shape.’

My joints have freedom to move.

My blood and my heart is full of vitality.

My intestinal system is working at optimal levels and my bowels move twice a day.

My belly is flat, muscular, and my weight is slim.

My heart is in perfect health and I am breathing freely.

I enjoy conversing with others in a positive fun atmosphere.

I love taking Nature Sunshine products that give me energy throughout the day.

My meals are tasty.

My body temperature is at a perfect 37 Celsius.

I end my day with gratitude and prayers.

I wake up feeling restored and rested, full of vitality, vigour  and energy.

All in all I feel energetic and look forward to each day.


I see clearly and sharp as an eagle.

My kidneys are healthy and strong and able to work at full capacity.

My liver is healthy, fully functional and efficient in cleaning. It is is clean and free of any stones and is providing maximum support to my healthy body.

My prostate is ultra-healthy and my urinary tract fully functional.

My blood is in perfect balance.

My blood circulates freely with no obstructions and I feel it. I feel like a marathon runner with that special feeling after a long healthy run.

My lymphatic glands and adrenal glands are healthy and vibrant.

I wake up every morning full of energy, gratitude, happiness and motivation.

I start my day with my exercise, ionic breathing and drinking my magic potion and I am ready for a productive day ahead.

My body is flexible and strong and I have no pain.

I am focused and productive every day.

I am emotionally balanced and able to give freely.

I am happy and peaceful, patient and accepting.

I am calm and I fall asleep easily and sleep deeply.

I am very happy with my life.




From the Desk of Donna Roth July 31/21

 From the Desk of Donna Roth     July 31/21

In a world of confusion I urge you to dial into my teleconference call

Monday, Aug.2/21

 At 5:45 pm PST

Dial 604 227 1018


Updates on TAFYH, my teleconference course, Taking Action For Your Health

Guest: Susan, TAFYH grad; her experience in TAFYH.

UtraBiome DTX is What?? Causing dizziness and nausea?? Find out what’s really happening?

The MC remedy for a health crisis?

Iron: Ferrous sulfate is not the same as Ferrous gluconate

Words of Wisdom from Carol

Q and A to

A quote from Laurence Smith

I took 100% responsibility for me.

Come back when you are ready to change your life.

Blood pressure is the symptom of a blockage in the blood.

I got 80% of my results at the end of the program, 5 months later, after taking the MC, Minerals, Hawthorn and 6 Super Omega a day.

Protease Plus enzymes breaks down the outer shell of the cellulose and protein coating of the yeast, fungus, and Candida wall.

Nature's Sunshine spent 1 1/2 years in their science lab to design Protease Plus enzymes.


Celiac disease, and severe gluten intolerance, causes quite a bit of damage and enervation to vital organs, including the pancreas.  A study published in 2007 in the journal Alimentary Pharmacology and Therapeutics found that pancreatic insufficiency causing persistent symptoms in adults with celiac disease is reduced following pancreatic enzyme supplementation.[vi]


Rice, Potato, and Tomato May Be As Inflammatory As Wheat.  In a nutshell, it may be necessary to focus on eliminating lectin-rich foods, many of which already excluded in a Paleo-diet, such as nightshades, beans, grains and dairy products.


The entire B group vitamin series is synthesized by friendly gut bacteria, if found in appropriate quantities and ratios. Their absorption depends upon the health of the vili, which are severely damaged and flattened in celiac disease, and non-celiac gluten-related enteropathies.  A 2009 study published in the journal Alimentary Pharmacology and Therapeutics found that supplementation with B vitamins improved the health of patients with celiac disease already living on a gluten-free diet. They noticed "Adults with longstanding coeliac disease taking extra B vitamins for 6 months showed normalized tHcy [plasma total homocysteine] and significant improvement in general well-being, suggesting that B vitamins should be considered in people advised to follow a gluten-free diet.

I recommend Liquid B 12 with Folate and Methyl B 12.

Natures Harvest protein powder with Solstic Energy

UC3 J capsules to heal the gut.


I have many experiences in the work I do. So today I will share some of them with you. I recently got an email from a client. Hi Donna  I don’t know what to do, as I am not feeling good at all. I have head aches I can’t see properly I’m dizzy ,can’t sleep, and feel sick to my stomach my kidneys are hurting. It is usually when I take the Ultra Biome. What can I do? So most often it is a normal reaction to assume that the client is on the right track and the Ultra-Biome is the problem. Of course, clients do express their concerns and I do believe that they have the symptoms they are worried about.

What to do is the question?

Should she stop the UltraBiome?

Can it be a side effect?

Should I be concerned and worried that there is something in the UltraBiome that is negatively affecting my client?

This is when you as a practitioner and you as a responsible consumer of herbals need to think outside the box.

What did I do?

I simply asked her a question and it was this:

 Are you taking any medications?

Answer: Yes!

 But you must know that immediately they will defend their statement that they have taken the medications for many years and never had a problem.

My question then was what medications are you taking?

Answer: Blood pressure medications and Cholesterol lowering drug for over 7 years!!

This is when I do the most logical thing. I google the drug and there it is in plain sight. It causes dizziness and headaches and lower back pain which could mean kidney pain.

My Observation: There is fear in taking innocent herbal products. Health Canada lists Risks on all the herbal supplements. There are no risks. No one has died from taking a herb. It is a God given plant full of nutrients for our stem cell carpenters so that they could do their job of healthy cell replication.  Every organ and gland in our body has stem cells and their job is healthy cell replication for organ and gland repair. Our body is created to heal. I do not know where they get their information. These are govt employees who have never taken a herbal course in their lives and have never consulted with herbal experts in the fields. They rely on information that they receive from pharmaceutical companies, and I don’t know where they get their information from either.

My other observation is that the Cholesterol lowering drugs has caused my client dizziness and nausea many times in the past but of course you just pass it off as a nothing thing and it will just go away and it does. But when it comes to a herbal formula such as UltraBiome DTX and the symptoms happen then the client comes to the conclusion that this is side effects of the herbal formula! And I say NOT! The manipulated psychological fear to prevent you from using herbal formulas is real and I want you to become aware of it.

Client number 2.

Is suffering from back pain, muscular pain the legs and can’t stand for long periods of time, bowels only move twice a week,.  shortness of breath, weakness.  He then goes to the doctor who simply prescribes a heart medication. Here is the answer to his problem. He has as taken a statin drug for over 7 years . I looked up at the side effects of the statin cholesterol drug he was taking and there were= 68 side effects. Drugs cause the problem and its never the herbs that are the problem. Drugs are chemicals or poisons with absolutely no nutrition in any of them . The fuel for your body is nutrition and nothing else. Its not a drug and its not a vaccine. Its nutrition and the it the only thing that will heal your sick body.


Rosuvastatin side effects.

Difficulty in moving

joint pain or swelling

muscle pain, cramps, spasms, or stiffness

Less common

Blurred vision

chest pain, discomfort, tightness, or heaviness

muscle tension or tightness

trouble breathing

bleeding gums



general feeling of tiredness or weakness


I am presently working with a lady who has cancer of the lungs. She is doing TAFYH and following my program to a T. In cancer we work hard to raise the body temperature to 37 C because it is at this temperature that cancer cannot live and that is scientifically documented. So my client was eating the right foods with meats, fish, eggs, vegies and so on and avoiding all sugars, starches, grains. She was having a Super Food Smoothie twice a day. She took Cat’s Claw, Paw Paw and the MC to clean out heavy metals. She also do the Navarro Test that tests the HCG hormones in the urine. I have those instructions if you are interested. When the HCG hormones are over 50 that indicates there is still cancer in your body. That number can be anywhere from 50 to 1000. This lady recently did another Navarro test and it dropped from 52.6 to 51.8 and this is after 1 more month on the program.  So you can see that she is very close to the 49 mark at which point she would have no cancer in her body. This is when I shout Yahoo! I want to give this lady all the accolades.

She is doing TAFYH Taking Action for Your Health.

No you don’t have to go to Mexico to an expensive clinic. You can do this in the comfort of your own home with no atrocious costs or inconveniences and you have me as your cheerleader saying Go Go Go!!


Susan is my guest this evening. She is a TAFYH grad.


Ferric citrate: This type of iron binds to phosphates in foods and is used to lower phosphorus levels in those with chronic kidney disease.

Ferric sulfate: Ferric sulfate is a compound of iron and sulfate and is not often found in supplement form.

Ferrous sulfate: As one of the most common iron supplements on the market, ferrous sulfate is one of the first lines of defense against anemia.

Ferrous gluconate: This form of iron is also a common supplement made from the iron salt of gluconic acid.

Ferrous Fumarate is the fumarate salt form of the mineral iron. Administration of ferrous fumarate results in elevation of serum iron concentration, which is then assimilated into hemoglobin, required for the transport of oxygen