Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Cancer of the Ureter

Cancer of the Ureter

On the day of September 8, 2009 Marg’s bathroom experience was traumatic. She had just witnessed a lot of blood flow in her urine. The urine was dark and bloody. She immediately made an appointment with her physician who scheduled Marg for an ultrasound cystoscopy and pylogram. The cytoscopy showed there was nothing in the bladder but the pylogram indicated that there was a 2 cm blockage in the ureter and that the ureter was almost entirely blocked with only a 7% opening. The urine then was backing up into the kidney and the urine had to be rerouted to the other kidney. A general scope was recommended and Marg then underwent a general anaesthetic surgery where the area of the ureter was thoroughly scoped and the doctor confirmed that the blockage was a cancerous growth in the ureter. It was diagnosed as transitional cancer of the ureter. The doctor recommended surgery and if the ureter could not be reconnected removal of the left kidney and ureter would be necessary. Marg did not want the kidney to be removed as there was the future possibility of dialysis down the road. She started to look at all of the alternative options and it was her husband’s cousin , a doctor of chiropractic that gave Marg a copy of Donna Roth’s book, Practical Solution to the Cancer Injury Manual .

On November 13, 2009 Marg and her husband came to see Donna Roth who proceeded to educate them on the cause of cancer and how it can be totally eliminated provided they agreed to follow a specific foods program and the Paw Paw program . Enthusiastically the agreement was made and Marg started on her new journey. However to say the least there was a lot of anxiety on the part of Marg as to whether the Paw Paw program would work as there was no way of finding out if this Paw Paw program was making a difference. Now the Paw Paw program was not always a smooth road. Soon after starting Paw Paw Marg started to feel nausea . With the expertise knowledge of Donna Roth she was reassured that there was nothing to worry about and that the Paw Paw was in fact doing its job and that it was detoxifying the unwanted toxins through the lymphatic system of the intestinal tract . Specific instructions were given and Marg continued to take the Paw Paw program as directed. Then there were on occasion bouts of diarrhea lasting about 20 minutes at a stretch. Finally there was all kinds of anxiety and fear around the decision that Marg had made : not to have surgery and to do the Paw Paw program instead.
In January of 2010 Marg ended up with symptoms of gout where her toes were inflamed and the foot was very painful. This is where Donna suggested a one day kidney cleanse and some kidney herbs to further flush the kidneys. The Zyto scan recommended the herbals Marg needed to take at this time and once again Marg agreed to take responsibility. She did the kidney flush. It is the belief of Donna Roth that the gout symptoms were nothing more than a healing crisis. In the middle of January Marg went in to have another ultrasound and the results sounded very promising. The doctor said that kidney was no longer conspicuous as previously noted. In other words the size of the kidney had reduced. Marg felt much more confident in the Paw Paw program and continued it faithfully.

Then on June 18, 2010 Marg had one more ultrasound scan indicating that the kidney was back to its normal size. However the doctor said that perhaps the kidney might have gone into necrosis where it had totally shrunk and would no longer be functioning. Marg allowed for the doctor’s interpretations but felt it was just an over cautious outlook because of the normal creatine test, normal kidney function and general fine health. Marg believes her kidney has healed and the cancer disappeared by following the Paw Paw program without any surgery . For this reason she has agreed to share her story with others so that it may help someone else with cancer.

However Marg’s story would not be complete without mentioning the side benefits of the Paw Paw program. Firstly over a 4 month period she lost 30 unwanted pounds; secondly, and more importantly, her blood pressure dropped to the point where she could discard her hypertension medication after 38 years of use.

Many thanks to Marg for sharing her story.