Monday, March 27, 2017

Thought Provoking Information from Scientific Doctors in Regards to Cancer

Dr. Loffler said point blank that much cancer is caused by vaccines and serums — that these unnatural substances injected into the human blood stream deposit more toxins in one "shot" than a year of injudicious eating and faulty elimination does. For this courageous attempt to spread the truth Dr. Loffler was forever damned .”
Intelligent physicians will tell you that there is only one disease known to the healing arts. Its overall name might be TOXEMIA and it is called by 415 (more or less) different names, depending on where the inflammation is located and who is doing the diagnosing. I call the inflammation , poison. Finding out where your poison  comes from is critical . This is where you do TAFYH or you have a consultation with me to determine where the poisons are coming from that affect your health. So what does the body do once it discovers there are poisons in your blood stream? It takes these poisons and confimes them into a sac surrounded by a strong membrane so that those toxins cannot affect and harm other parts of your body.
A tumor is an accumulation of toxins confined in a membranous sac. Cancer is toxins running wild, and cannot be cured except by cleaning them out of the blood from within. So what does a doctor do once a tumour is discovered. He surgically removes it. But even when the tumor is cut out another one forms. We just do not give enough credit to the intelligence of the cells in our body. What do we need to do to prevent another tumour from forming. We must takes steps to eat and eliminate properly, and prevent the accumulation of excess toxins in the blood.

Dr. Pedersen did over 20 years of research on Silver. The SilverGuard that Nature’s Sunshine houses is a nano Silver embedded in the water molecule for effective absorption by all the cells of your body. We are really talking about a mineral Silver as opposed to a metal Silver that can be toxic to your body. Dr. Pedersen proved that SilverGuard  destroys bacteria, viruses and molds. It has been tested for many  purposes:
Anti-aging   and wound healing
Burns and bites
Parasites and Malaria
MRSA , Strep, Staph, Pseudomonas , Candida, Aspergillus, HIV,
Purifies water in 1.5 minutes
Deactivates harmful hormones
Abnormal cells as in breast cancer, Sarcoma, Leukemia, cervical cancer, Human Papilloma virus,
Epstein Barr virus, Influenza, Parainfluenza, Cytomegalovirus (cancer), SARS, Bird Flu,

Dr. Judy did 30 years of research to develop Crystal Free CoQ10 that Nature’s Sunshine supplies. Thus when a cancer patient takes SIBR Research Crystal Free CoQ10 it is broken down to the g-protein in the liver and then circulated through the body, thus stopping the growth of cancer cells. 87% of cancer patients have low plasma CoQ10.

A 3 year European Heart Health 1997 study with 11,500 participants showed that lowered cholesterol resulted in the greater increase of cancers. In my program we alert people who are taking cholesterol lowering drugs to go to the pharmacist and inquire how to wean off their statin drugs. Cholesterol is known to bind toxic heavy metals from the blood stream to save your artery from bursting or to prevent cancer from taking over.

In research reported by the Price-Pottinger Foundation, it takes three generations of perfect diet to undo the profound health problems seen in the offspring of one generation of lab animals fed the standard American diet. The weakness and predispositions to illness in you are likely the effect of previous generations in your family, as well as the choices of diet and lifestyle that you have made. 

Dr. William Hirzy, So where are mutagens coming from in our daily life? "Fluoride is a broad-spectrum mutagen. It can cause genetic damage in both plant and animal cells." 

X-rays and other forms of non-ionizing radiation are mutagens that have access to the genetic molecules of every internal organ. It is critical to keep your iodine levels high. Here are some suggestions; Kelp, Spirulina, Heavy Metal Detox, Green Zone, MC

Processed foods are loaded with mutagens.
 Personal care products like most of your non-organic soaps, shampoo, and deodorant/antiperspirants are loaded up with mutagens. We are so fortunate to have Nature’s Concentrate in Nature’s Sunshine, an all purpose soap that you can use in your laundry, washing your floors, dishes but you can shampoo with it, shower with it and have a bubble bath with it. It is totally toxic free and you can eat it if you wish but it does not taste good. You can also use Nature’s Fresh enzyme spray known to enzymatically eat away at stains or change unpleasant smells in a room, or you can spray it unto your muscles and bones and vertebrae to break down unwanted toxins that slow down the oxygen flow to those affected areas. Regarding personal care products, if you would not eat it, then you definitely should not put it on your skin. 

Non-organic produce is a big source of mutagens that can unzip and mutate genetic material with the loads of pesticides, herbacides, and fungicides that are not just on the surface of the produce, but have been shown to penetrate the entire fruit or vegetable. You are better off to order some high nutritious vegetable sources from Nature’s Sunshine such as Green Zone and Chlorophyll. They are quality controlled products and require no juicing efforts and they are by far  more economical than buying all those vegetables and juicing them.

So part of healing from genetic mutation problems is to STOP EATING AND USING MUTAGENS! No excuses! You cannot continue using your favorite shampoo, lotions, deodorant..., and eat garbage and expect to not have problems eventually. 

Dr. McDougall teaches that there is a doubling time factor involved in the growth of cancer cells.  It is medically documented that cancerous tumours can double in size every 3 to 9 months.  Steve Jobs was first diagnosed with cancer in Oct 2003, when he was 48 years old.  The 2003 CAT scan measured his tumour to be the size of 2 mm.  At the time of his death his tumour measured 10 cm.  Based on these measurements, medical calculations proved that his tumour doubled in size every 10 months.  Using this information, Dr. McDougall was able to calculate that Steve Jobs was 24 years old when his tumour first started to grow.  This is a very insightful piece of documented information and so I ask, how many 24 year olds+ are harbouring cancer and do not know it.  Why then are we not taking action to take charge of our health well before cancer is diagnosed, thereby avoiding the pitfalls of dread, fear, pain, surgery, chemotherapy, radiation and all their side effects.