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From the Desk of Donna Roth Dec. 27/21


From the Desk of Donna Roth Dec. 27/21


Teleconference with Donna Roth

On Monday, Dec 27/21

At 5:45 pm PST

Dial 604 227 1018



What is wisdom?

There is wisdom in following the Laws of Nature

There are errors in science that knows no laws and no wisdom.

Honoring the wise in my life.

A Solution to COPD

Histablock with quercetin

The Emergency Protocol: Dr Joen’s story in saving her husband’s life

The Gallbladder Cleanse: Sofia’s success story

Pearl’s wisdom in overcoming cervical tumors.


Back in stock in Calgary warehouse

UltraBiome DTX

Super Trio

Psyllium Hulls combination


Vitamin C TR





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Cat’s Claw Combination




Ultimate Green Zone






But the wisdom that is from above is first pure then peaceable, gentle and easy to be entreated full of mercy and good fruits without partiality and without hypocrisy

James 3: 17

Wisdom makes one wise person more powerful than 10 rulers in a city. Ecclesiastes 7:19


Remember the asbestos debacle? Recall people becoming sick and dying? I remember it clearly. 


Well, we no longer use asbestos because wise and courageous people questioned the science. Imagine what would’ve happened if people didn’t ask “what if?”.


Doctors no longer recommend ๐Ÿšญ cigarettes because wise people questioned “the science”. Remember when doctors actively promoted and recommended cigarette brands over others? 


DDT (insecticide) is no longer ️  sprayed on people like it was in the 1940’s because wise people questioned “the science”. 


Pregnant women no longer take ๐Ÿ’Š thalidomide because wise people questioned “the science”.


Mercury ๐Ÿงช is not used as a cure, and we understand it now as a toxin because wise people questioned “the science”.


Billions of lives saved by simple hand ๐Ÿฆ  washing pre-surgery because a wise doctor called Ignasz Semmelweis questioned “the science”, put in an asylum and humiliated for his beliefs. 


At some point, the wise people questioning “the science” were shunned, just like we are now in today’s society. 


They would have been censored, just like we are now. They would have been ignored, ridiculed, shamed and worse, just like we are now.


But that’s how ๐Ÿ”ฌ science works. By questioning, finding, researching and observing, sometimes “the science” is wrong and has to be changed based on Laws of Nature, the evidence in the real world. 


All of the practices listed above (and there are many more examples) were believed to be safe and effective at the time. 


They were only stopped when enough wise people questioned them and the evidence with honesty, integrity and bravely investigated further.


Questioning the science and the authorities  is not wrong, disrespectful or stupid. It is the wise intelligent, mature and moral thing to do when you notice something is amiss. Ultimately, this is the definition of science.


Tidbits of wisdom from wise people in my life;

Dr Nagasse was kicked out of the hospital for prescribing Ivermectin to 3 patients sick with CoVid. “ Did I beg them for my job back? You think you are saving your job for today but these same people, the nurses, doctors, will be the most hated people in our society tomorrow.  We get tricked into thinking we are slaves. I know that I have a choice. I decided to prescribe Ivermectin. I spoke up. Since then I have met so many people who believe in freedom They give me so much joy in my heart. Someone who speaks with knowledge, wisdom love and light give power to God’s creations. I delivered 120 babies within 2 months. Not one was a still born. Yet  the Women’s hospital  there were 13 still births within 24 hours on November 2021. What one factor caused this to happen.  This should be a big red flag and coroners are ignoring it. We meaning Dr Brusse and I filed criminal charges against Bonny Henry. This jab is a dangerous experiment that has been leashed without any consequences.


David Lindsay’s words of wisdom: If vaccines have to be mandated it immediately tells you that vaccinations are an assault and a trespass against you. No government has power to break the criminal code.

Daniel Bulford. Former RCMP , sniper for PM Trudeau, his job ended when he refused to have the Covid jab. If I do the jab that will psychologically ruin me.the vaccine could harm me more than the disease. Presently Daniel is instrumental in heading Mounties For Freedom. I cannot be silent about this. My duty is to express this to the world. My heart speaks farther than fear. This is a crime against humanity. We can end this if we stand together as RCMP officers and refuse to carry out unlawful orders. There is a significant number that are not complying. When the RCMP say NO than this would end very quickly. And we are close to that number.


Vincent Gircys; The constitution Act in Canada Section 52 is he supreme law of our land. No other law has any legal power. We need large groups to stand up. You have lambs. You have wolves. Everyone is looking for the shepherd. You are the shepherd. Stand up and be the example to others. Stop wearing a mask.


Christopher James: Over 100 pilots died in 2021. 1500 OPP officers are on sick leave. They were vaccinated with the bioweapon.


Ted Kuntz: President of Vaccine Choice Canada; Live in faith not in fear. We are creating a new society,


Dr Judy Mikovits; Sincere love and condolences are expressed to her after the loss of her husband, David. Dr Mikovits is another very courageous wise woman who took a strong stand against the corrupt Dr Fauci who make decisions that affected the lives of millions. Dr Mikovits is a whistle blower when she reported the horrible wrong doings of Dr Fauci. She suffered horrendous consequences, even spending time in jail,  but in her wisdom she refused to succumb to wrong doings. Even though I admire her strength and her wisdom Dr Mikovits just did not know what could be done for her husband, David when he fell sick from COPD. Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease.

Shortness of breath during physical activity

Frequent coughing,


Noisy breathing

Tightness in the chest


Frequent infections of the lungs

She tried to remedy his situation by relying on drugs. She did stop the prescribing of the dangerous Remdesivir but thought that blood pressure medications would have saved his life. To that I say perhaps. But the wisdom in knowing how to use herbs is missing in this situation. Using the wisdom of herbals this is what I would do for COPD:

Lobelia relaxes the lungs and calms down the frequent coughing 

AL-C the TCM product is useful for moving mucous from the lungs

Hawthorn strengthens the heart.

MC is a blood mover and normalizes blood pressure very quickly.

Histablock with quercetin clears up infections and moves out the allergens that tighten the chest cavity. 90 mgQuercetin, Nettle, Bomelain, Bitter Orange.

From Dr Mercola:

Quercetin works much like hydroxychloroquine, a drug found to be effective against SARS-CoV-2 when used early enough. Both are zinc ionophores, meaning they shuttle antiviral zinc into your cells

The Front Line Critical COVID-19 Care Alliance’s early treatment protocol includes quercetin at a dose of 250 milligrams twice a day, in combination with 100 mg elemental zinc which is 4 Zinc tablets a day  and 500 mg to 1,000 mg of vitamin C which is Vitamin C TR twice a day

In short here is the program for SARS CoVid

Histablock 3 twice a day

Zinc 4 a day

Vitamin C TR 2 a day

HRP-C 4 four times a day


Arginine Plus, Iodine, Collagen, Solstic Energy

Vit D 10 a day

Quercetin also has other mechanisms of action that make it useful in the fight against COVID-19. For example, it may inhibit SARS-CoV-2 spike protein to ACE2 receptor docking. By binding to the ACE2 receptor and the spike protein interface, quercetin inhibits viral attachment and entry into the cell

Quercetin also modulates NLRP3 inflammasome, an immune system component involved in the uncontrolled release of proinflammatory cytokines that occurs during a cytokine storm

Quercetin-rich foods include onions and shallots, apples, broccoli, asparagus, green peppers, tomatoes, red leaf lettuce, strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, cranberries, black currants and green tea


Success Story Dr. Joen’s testimonial re husband Tim’s heart attack in Arizona. This is an incredible story by Dr Joen ND who did not use science but used wisdom.  It was great to have had the opportunity to have met her at one of the Natures Sunshine conventions many years ago. Dr Joen is a TAFYH grad, and this is her story.

Tim had been an athlete all his life—At 67 he was seemingly healthy, never having had any kind of medical scare, or surgery. 

Driving home to Arizona from Texas after a busy cross-State tour in the summer of 2014, Tim had a massive heart attack.   As recommended in the TAFYH class she had taken Dr. Joen had the set of recommended herbals for just such an event.

“I shook a bottle of MC into his mouth—no idea how many—and Capsicum.  10 minutes later, Tim threw up, but no pills emerged.  Back in the car we went, to the nearby Mayo Clinic.  Aghast, the ER doctor asked Tim: “do you realize you’ve just had a major heart attack?”  Yes, says Tim. His blood pressure was 195/198.  “you should have stroked out!  You’ve just had a Widow maker—your left coronary artery was blocked.  Only 3% survive this kind of heart attack”.   Tim was too fragile for surgery.  At the end of a 12-hour wait his blood pressure was down to 150/90. 

He then had surgery to insert a stent, as the coronary artery was 95% blocked.  The surgery was at 9 am, and he was discharged 15 hours later.  The Head of Cardiology said he had to know how Tim had survived the heart attack in the car.     

Dr. Joen explained how she had got the formula from TAFYH.  The doctor asked her to return that October to speak to 120 cardiologists at that Mayo Clinic.  Some were very interested, others skeptical, but some young interns were really thrilled about it.  They asked about the cancer program too.  At the October event there was a lengthy Q & A session.  The Mayo Clinic offered Dr. Joen a job doing prevention at the Mayo clinic.  “I felt super-honoured”.



Sofia just did the Gall Bladder Cleanse and passed hundreds of dissolved stones.

“I had 5 bowel movements already and oh my. All together probably 200 green blobs came out. No wonder the doctor told me that my gallbladder was full of stones! Amazing products!! Thank you so much for walking me through this journey diligently. So appreciate your love and support.” Sofia

Here is what I want to say about the GB cleanse. The gall stones cannot get stuck in the bile duct as they do not move out unless they are dissolved. The entire cleanse softens the stones so they can slip out. That is why  many times it is required to do the cleanse more than once so that the big ones can soften and move out when they are totally dissolved. I have done the GB flush many times in my life and I have moved out some stones that were the size of big marbles. No, they did not get stuck. They just dissolve and slip out. The wisdom of the Laws of Nature state that if mercury can dissolve gold than olive oil and lemon juice can dissolve gallstones.


Our bodies are created to heal. This we must come to know.

On one of my calls I had a wonderful guest speaker on my call, Pearl, a wise woman who took 100% responsibility in dealing with her own serious cervical  cancer. The most incredible part of her talk was how she overcame fear just by staying in touch with her inner self and when she hit the healing crisis with profuse bleeding she knew that her tumours were cleaning out. A doctor confirmed that there was no cancer in the cervix. The body healed all on its own using the energy from the therapeutic nutritional plan she was following; in other words the ABCDE plan.

A Activate the lymphatic system with Cat’s Claw

B Build energy and build your body temperature by eating the right foods

Super Food Smoothie

Chi Mineral Tonic

Flax Hull Lignans


Zambroza and water

Ultimate Green Zone

C cleanse with LBS11 and Psyllium Hulls and Chlorophyll and water

D Paw Paw , Colostrum and Protease Plus on an empty stomach.

Pearl is a TAFYH grad. She is dedicated to telling the world.

 The wisest part of your Health Plan is to identify the poisons that are obstructing your blood and oxygen flow.

Throughout the years I have worked with thousands of people and I find that it is the most difficult part of this wise Health Plan that follows the Laws of Nature is to really understand that vaccines and  medications are all poisons. There is a reason they all have side effects. The side effects are telling you that you are being poisoned. We are so very deeply programmed after so many years of building trust in the medical institution that we are no longer able to discern a poison from a nutrition. I once had a client that tried to convince me that his flu shots that he succumbed to every year for many years had no correlation to his diseased condition, that science proved there was no correlation. In this case science does not matter. Its wisdom that really counts. Its knowing the Laws of Nature; to know the very simple fact that poisons do not belong in anybody’s body be it sick or healthy. I do not need science to tell me that a poison whether it is taken via injection or swallowed by mouth will harm me. This is such a very simple wise Law of Nature.


One of my favourite Christmas carols is We Three Kings

Verse 3 – We Three Kings

 Frankincense to offer have I;

Incense owns a Deity nigh;

Prayer and praising, voices raising,

Worshipping God on high.

 The Three Wise Men

This season I once again contemplated on the 3 Wise Men and what they have taught me.

The wise men came from afar as they searched for the Christ Child so many years ago. It took a journey of perhaps  2 years to find Him.

In their journey the faced many trials and tribulations but not once did they think of givng up. Imagine their many difficulties and the courage they had to face in their predicaments;

 They crossed over desolate isolated desserts where no man lived;  the sand storms they had to overcome, the violent winds, their meagre shelters if they in fact had any, relying  on their camels, the lack of water, eating sparingly. However ,they had a specific vision in their minds and a goal to accomplish. Nothing would prevent them from reaching their destination even though at the start of their journey it appeared almost impossible. Imagine the faith they had. There was no GPS to guide them. There was no map to give them specific directions. There was no guide to lead them. They relied solely on their faith and  the Star that guided them

 And there was opposition aplenty ! The biggest was the wicked King Herod  and his evil intents. So these wise men had some deep thinking to do, devising a plan of action and having faith that it would work. This they continued to do over a two year period.

Now imagine how they felt when they finally arrived at their destination and witnessed the manifestation of their vision, seeing with their own eyes the Christ Child that they had so long searched for.

It is said that they  were overjoyed and immediately bowed their heads. I would assume in prayer and worship presenting precious gifts of gratitude to that Christ child; Frankincense, Myrrh and Gold.

 These three wise men have a lot to teach us all.

We, in our own lives all have our own tribulations to overcome. No one goes through life without them. In our present day our common tribulation is health challenges.

Without health life is limited. So what can we do in those trying times of health challenges ? Do as the wise men did!

1.         The wise men taught us to have courage to take the path least travelled .Robert Frost puts it so nicely in his famous poem The Road Less Travelled.

So it is in these trying times. You have chosen to be wise and to take that road least travelled by with courage.

2.         Those wise men taught us that no goal is so far reaching that it cannot be achieved. Sometimes in our serious life challenges it appears that the goal is far reaching and that we will never make it.

3.         The wise men taught us to have strong faith. They taught us not to doubt and not be discouraged but to move forward.

4.         The wise men taught us to have a vision. They taught us to be focused and see in your mind’s eye your personal  destination.

5.         The wise men taught us that perhaps we too have a star to follow which can ultimately lead us  to our desired perfect state of life’s destination.

6.         The wise men taught us to be prepared to meet opposition , those wicked King Herods lurking in your life always ready to be destructive. Stick to your vision. Stick to  your journey regardless of opposition.

7.         The wise me taught us to stay in peace and to rely on your inner guide that tells you , yes, you are on the right track.

8.         The wise me taught us to be patient and allow time to be on your side. It took them perhaps two years to reach their destination. And yes we have endured present day  challenge for two years and it is all coming to an end.

9.         The Wise Men taught us to keep  going no matter what came in their way and they never gave up. They faced violent storms violent winds, perhaps loss of food and water but they kept going.

10.       The Wise Men taught us to have a plan , a route to follow and never deviate from that plan

11.       The Wise Men taught us how we will feel once we reach our destination. They were overjoyed when they finally arrived at the sight of the Christ Child. Imagine how our feelings  when we finally reach your destination of freedom.

12.       The wise men taught us to express gratitude. They bowed their heads and worshipped in gratitude. So it is with us. All along our journey we need to  express heartfelt gratitude to the guidance from above and to the angels on our Earth ,to our friends, our neighbours, our elderly , our teachers, our bodies, our food and so on.

13.       The wise men taught us to be humble

14.       The wise men taught us to share gifts that we have perhaps of  love, of service just as they  gave the Christ child gifts of Frankincense, Myrrh and Gold .

Lets think about the  Wise Men and their courage, their faith, their strength, their ability to face opposition, trials and tribulations, their ability to overcome, their humbleness, their determination.

Let’s apply some to these marvelous characteristics into our lives this year.

This year I express gratitude to each one of you as you have supported me in this road less travelled..

 My thoughts are with all of you as we contemplate  a New Year..

Your strength and support for life and freedom have kept my inner flame flickering.

Your continuous kind words and appreciation have touched my heart.

Thank you for being part of my life, inspiring me each day.

As a token of my gratitude to you I am sharing with you a musical number as recorded by  my son, Devin, a music composer and my daughter-in-law, Jenn as she sings, Mary Did You Know?

This piece speaks some very insightful  and powerful words.

Let’s embrace these words and stay strong in our love for life and in our God given power.

 Wishing you and your family blessings of strength, wisdom and health during the New Year.

May our Savior keep you and your loved ones in His guided and protected care.



Teleconference Call Donna Roth Dec. 27/21


From the Desk of Donna Roth Dec. 27/21


Teleconference with Donna Roth

On Monday, Dec 27/21

At 5:45 pm PST

Dial 604 227 1018



What is wisdom?

There is wisdom in following the Laws of Nature

There are errors in science that knows no laws and no wisdom.

Honoring the wise in my life.

A Solution to COPD

Histablock with quercetin

The Emergency Protocol: Dr Joen’s story in saving her husband’s life

The Gallbladder Cleanse: Sofia’s success story

Pearl’s wisdom in overcoming cervical tumors.

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Monday TeleCall Dec 20/21


Monday TeleCall  Dec 20/21

At 5:45 pm PST

Dial 604 227 1018


The Causes of Sickness; its not what you think!

Solutions for antibiotics, thyroid, depression, etc.

Are Probiotics the New Prozac?

Twas the Night Before Christmas

Your Health Has Been Hijacked by Dr Tom Reed

 More than half of our drugs after being deemed safe by the FDA and then prescribed to millions of people are subsequently detected to have previously unrecognized medically serious side effects.

I have now met so many TAFYH participants who have taken Synthroid not for 2 year but for 20  or 30 years. No doctor ever tells you that there are side effects to Synthroid. Then you are told you must stay on Synthroid for the rest of your life. Today I sent out a success story from Maria who was diagnosed with cancer. She had taken Synthroid for over 30 years and then she was diagnosed with cancer. Cancer just does not randomly happen in someone’s body. It happens because you have been taking a poison for over 30 years. I have to give our bodies credit because they are so very resilient always working to benefit your health and never to rob your health.


Stop the intake of all grains, legumes, juices, alcohol, pop.

Eat meats, fish, eggs, and raise your body temperature.

Have a smoothie with Essential Liquid Minerals, Collagen, Natures Harvest, Solstic Energy, Rejuvenaid

Take KC-X capsules about 4 twice a day

Check your body temperature first thing in the morning. When it gets to be about 36.5 or higher you can start to wean off the medications.

Synthroid side effects

Chest pain or discomfort

decreased urine output

difficult or labored breathing

difficulty with swallowing

dilated neck veins

extreme fatigue


fast, slow, irregular, pounding, or racing heartbeat or pulse


heat intolerance

hives or welts, skin itching, rash, or redness

irregular breathing


menstrual changes


pain or discomfort in the arms, jaw, back, or neck


swelling of the eyes, face, lips, throat, or tongue

tightness in the chest


 Now listen this stat from Dr Tom Reed,

Nearly 70% of Americans take at least one prescription drug and more than half take 2 drugs. The most common drugs:

Antibiotics 17% : Cat’s Claw and Silver

Anti-depressants 13%;  St John’s Wort with Passion Flower

Sleeping pills; HTP Power has Tryptophan in it, It is an amino acid 5-HTP (which stands for 5-hydroxytryptophan) is a precursor to the neurotransmitter serotonin. It is made from the amino acid (the “building blocks of proteins”) tryptophan.

Sleep disorders, including insomnia

Mood-related issues, like depression and anxiety

Headaches and migraines

Obesity and overeating

Pain, including from fibromyalgia and PMS or premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD)

ADHD symptoms

Parkinson’s disease symptoms and other neurological issues

Alcoholism withdrawal symptoms

Seasonal affective disorder

The herb to use along with 5HTP Power is Ashwagandha. It helps to slow down the mind chatter.

Helps to Overcome Adrenal Fatigue

Do you struggle throughout the day with fatigue, brain fog, moodiness and food cravings?


Animal studies show that consuming ashwagandha helps to counteract many of the biological changes that accompany extreme stress, including increased cortisol levels and adrenal weight.


2. Fights Stress and Anxiety

Because ashwagandha tea works as an adaptogen that reduces the negative effects of increased cortisol levels, it helps to reduce the symptoms of chronic stress and anxiety. Ashwagandha works to improve your resistance towards stress and has shown to improve quality of life in a human study published in the Indian Journal of Psychological Medicine.


3. Improves Mood

Research shows that ashwagandha root has antidepressant effects and may work as a natural mood stabilizer. This, again, is due to ashwagandha adaptogenic properties — helping the body to cope with the physical, mental and emotional responses to chronic stress.


4. Boosts Immune Function

Ashwagandha  helps to reduce inflammation and enhance immune function by increasing immunoglobulin production. It works to promote an anti-inflammatory environment by suppressing pro-inflammatory cytokines


A simple cytokines definition: A group of proteins made by the immune system that act as chemical messengers. Cytokines are proteins, peptides or glycoproteins secreted by lymphocytes and monocytes that regulate immune responses, haematopoiesis and lymphocyte development.


These small proteins act as messengers between cells, carrying vital information that impacts and decides so many things in the body from embryonic development to modulating bone structure to maintaining homeostasis. Cytokines are probably best known for their key role as mediators and regulators of inflammatory responses. They are actually able to stimulate the movement of cells towards sites of infection, trauma and inflammation. When these cytokines detect a dangerous situation where the body is being seriously poisoned then a cytokine storm can be the result. Following the Laws of Nature it is critical to stop the consumption of sugar foods and grains with their lectins and glyphosates and address anything that could be poisoning your blood such as all those medications we have mentioned.


5. Improves Concentration and Focus

Ashwagandha tea may help to increase concentration by sharpening your brain function, lowering stress hormones and improving your ability to focus. It also helps to alleviate pain that’s brought on by inflammation or chronic stress.


Statin drug to lower cholesterol 11%; These drugs strip the fats from your brain and from the myelin sheath of the nerves and expose the brain and nerves to infection mostly Candida yeast infection. Then you end up with depression, sleeping problems, foggy brain, and even more serious problems such as Parkinson’s disease and MS, dementia, Alzheimer’s Disease:

Brain food: fats like Super Omega 3 or Super Oil, Flax Seed Oil and the herbal combination known as Focus ATN; •               

Focus ATN, is a marvelous combination to enhance brain functions. Studies conducted using Focus ATN proved improvements in the following areas:


 neuromotor control.

Decreased anxiety,

remarkable improvement in learning and behavior problems such as ADD,

 improvement in attention span,

decreased irritability,

improved scholastic ability

elevated IQ levels

Animal-sourced omega-3 deficiency. Research has shown that kids low in omega-3 fats are significantly more likely to be hyperactive, struggle with learning disorders, and display behavioral problems. Omega-3 deficiencies have also been linked to dyslexia, violence, and depression. In one study, fish oil was found to be more effective than Ritalin or Concerta for children with ADHD, and krill may be even more effective, as evidenced by other clinical studies. For example, a 2007 study11 examined the effects of krill oil on adults diagnosed with ADHD. By taking 500mg of krill for six months oil, this group experienced improvements in their ability to concentrate by more than 60 percent, their planning skills by 50 percent, and their social skills by nearly 49 percent

As explained by Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride, a medical doctor with a postgraduate degree in neurology, toxicity in your gut can flow throughout your body and into your brain, where it can cause symptoms of autism, ADHD, depression and numerous other mental disorders. Reducing gut inflammation is imperative when addressing mental health issues,10 so optimizing your child's gut flora is a critical step. There is even research underway to investigate whether Streptococcus bacteria, which cause strep throat, may also be responsible for OCD in children. To learn more, please see my previous article, "Are Probiotics the New Prozac?.

Rebuilding the probiotic bacteria: Take about 10 to 20 Probiotic 11 with the evening meal once a day and do this for about 2 to 3 bottles, Then take Bacillus Coagulans about 2 a day

In his own words, Dr Saul, "Not a single individual -- not even the person who finds it close to impossible to pay attention or sit still -- is afflicted by the disorder called ADHD as we define it today."

You are not drug deficient. You are not Ritalin deficient, antibiotic deficient, Synthroid deficient, Lipitor deficient. You are none of those things. You are low in body temperature from taking all those drugs, you are deficient in energy and you have a toxic overload from all those drugs, antibiotics, statin drugs, you have taken for many years. You have suppressed your immune system with flu shots, tetanus shots, coVid shots and all those shots. It never even crossed your mind that those shots were robbing your natural immune system, that those shots are loaded with poisons, I recall a lady telling me once that she did not realize that a tetanus shot was a vaccination shot and that it was dangerous.


‘Twas the Night before Chris

‘Twas the night before Christmas,

When all through the house
Not a creature was sickly,

Not even the mouse;

The Parsley was hung

By the chimney with care,
In Hops that St. John’s Wort

Soon would be there;

The kids were Nettled

All snug in their beds,
While visions of Sunshine Heroes Chewable

Danced in their heads;

And I in my Cap - sicum

And Ma in her Wild Yam,
Had just settled down

For their winter’s Psyllium,

When away down the hall

I flew like a flash

The famous Cascara

Sagrada – mad dash!!!


When down the lawn

There arose such a clatter

Una de Gato!

What could be the matter?


Than to what to my wondering

Eyes should assail

But a Silver Shield sleigh

And eight tiny Horsetail.


And the little old guy

Who soon would report?

I knew in a flash

That he was old St. John’s Wort.


Such a wise Passion Flower

So Ginger and quick

It had to be him

I smelt the Garlic.


He was not at all chubby

His belly muscular and trim

It was than that I learned

He relied nightly on Collagen.


Fiber Boost, Chromium,

He called them by name

And I knew that we would

Lose weight cause he came.


Now Silver! On Paw Paw!

Protease! E – Tea!

On Green Zone!

On Cat’s Claw

And HRP – C!


Arginine, Lignans

NutriBurn Whey, too

These all make a great smoothie.

Better than stew!


To the tops of their heads

To the tips of their toes

Those energy products

Cleanse away woes!


So unto each home

The coursers they flew

A sleigh full of herbs

They’re NSP too!


A bundle of products

He had flung on his back

And than in a twinkling

He gave herbs to his pack.


Dandelion, Alfalfa

And the famous Green Tea

Hawthorn, Hydrangea
And EnerG -V


There were capsules of Licorice

To sooth a rough Thyme

Stress Pak and Solstic

To make them feel fine.


Their eyes how they twinkled

Their dimples how merry

Their cheeks are like Rosehips

And they love Elderberry.


With our droll little mouths

We watch waiting in line

To receive all those products

From Nature’s Sunshine.



He spoke not a word

But snickered in glee

And filled up our stockings

With Chinese Mineral Chi.


And tapping a finger

Aside of his nose

He left us some Ginseng

To vanquish our lows.


And we all heard him say

As he wished us good cheer

Take those herbs every day

Let me make this quite clear.


And being Crystal Clear

He twinkled with gleam

That we should all do

The Super Trio regime.


Then I heard him exclaim

As he drove out of sight

“Healthy Christmas to all

And to all a  good night.

Banana Bread

8 eggs

½ cup coconut milk

½ cup xylitol

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

1 teaspoon almond extract


Blend and add

½ cup coconut flour

2 teaspoons baking powder



¼ cup chopped walnuts

2 tablespoons poppy seeds

Pour into a loaf pan

Bake at 350   for 1 hour.