Friday, August 1, 2008

Going To The Bathroom in the Night

Garry used to get up 2 to 3 times every night to use the bathroom. He started taking 4 Men’s Formula a day along with 2 scoops of Flax Hull Lignans in water. This program solved the bathroom trip problem.

Energy and Attention

Recently, I drove to Manitoba to attend my aunt’s funeral. Everyone was amazed that I was able to drive such a long distance without tiring out. Actually so was I! Here is my secret. I sipped on Zambroza the entire way. I found it kept me aware and mentally alert so that fatigue was not an issue. So I told this story to a friend who was also traveling a long distance . He also sipped on a bottle of Zambroza on his trip and called me when he reached his destination. He was totally impressed that he felt so mentally alert to the point of saying that Zambroza saved his life. He said that at one point another car passed him on a double lined curve with another car coming in the other direction. This man’s quick thinking and quick response made him to veer unto the shoulder very quickly to avoid an accident. In his opinion Zambroza helps you to act fast.

High Blood Pressure

One gentleman who had high blood pressure and was on medication began the oral chelation program with MC 4 /2 times a day and Chinese Mineral Chi Tonic 1 oz. 2 times a day. Recently he went to see his doctor and was told that his blood pressure was normal and that he would no longer have to take medication. The doctor was suspicious that the medication was causing the kidneys to fail. This gentleman is now taking kidney herbs to correct the kidney problem. Stay tune to the results in the next newsletter.

Barry's Lung Cancer

I also met Barry at Rising Star and at one time he was diagnosed with lung cancer. He followed the Paw Paw program using Zambroza, Super Oil, Colostrum, Bifidophilous, Paw Paw and Protease Plus. He followed the directions as stated on each bottle. Barry decided he would not do any chemotherapy treatments because he had witnessed his Dad die a very painful death after he had been treated with chemo for multiple cancers. Barry quotes, ”There was no way I was going to do drugs after I saw the way my Dad died. “ Today he is cancer free and he attended Rising Star as a special guest to tell his story. He has now devoted his life to being a Nature’s Sunshine distributor so that he could help others who are undergoing cancers. I ,Donna Roth , share the same passion about helping others with cancers. Please purchase a copy of my book, Practical Solutions to the Cancer Injury Manual, to discover what cancer really is and how you can overcome it and also prevent it. I know that neither Barry nor Donna Roth are medical doctors but we both have something to tell you about cancer if only you would lend us your ear. The answer to cancer will never come from the conventional medical institutions . They were not designed for that purpose. So is it not time you looked else where? Please remember to take in my cancer teleconference call on Wed. July 23 @ 5:30 pm BC time.

Linda's Cancer Story

At the Rising Star convention I spoke to Linda, a very educated person with a Degree in Chemistry and Microbiology as well as a Masters in Quality Management. Five years ago in 2003, she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Along with her chemo treatments which lasted for 4 months, she also followed this program:
Protease Plus 3-4 times a day between meals; Chinese Mineral Chi Tonic 4 oz. a day; Super Oil 4 per day; Paw Paw 4-3 times a day.
She also drank 1 bottle of Natures Noni a day 1 week before her surgery to remove the cancerous breast lump. Every day she drank Liquid Chlorophyll and water and stopped sugar and yeast breads. She reports that she felt absolutely no pain, no energy loss, no side effects from the chemo treatments and she never missed one day of work. Even though her doctor did not approve of Linda’s taking all this good nutrition, Linda decided to take responsibility for the health of her body into her own hands. How could nutrition hurt anyone? Within 4 months she was cancer free and has been cancer free for over 5 years. Linda absolutely loves Nature’s Sunshine products.

Linda’s Mom is in her 80’s and takes 4 Noni capsules 3 times a day as a pain killer for her arthritis and it does the job - no pain.

Linda also opens up the Noni capsules and puts it in the dog food for her German Shepherd dog and its problems of hip Dysplasia have totally subsided.