Sunday, September 20, 2015

Successful People do Nature’s Sunshine Business.

Successful People do Nature’s Sunshine Business.
Diane and Bill got involved in Nature’s Sunshine products because Diane was diagnosed with MS when she was a young student  at McGill University studying piano. She was forced to give up her piano career as her fingers did not work.  This is when she discovered Nature’s Sunshine products and followed an extensive program for 2 years at which point all symptoms disappeared. She has now been symptom free for 25 years. Today Diane  and her husband , Bill, had 2 clinics where they counsel people on how to take responsibility for their own health. Their Nature’s Sunshine business is driven by the huge number of testimonials they receive every day.
M & R, a husband and wife team came to Canada from a foreign country during the recession. M was mopping floors to make money and R, a vegetarian , was flipping burgers at a fast food restaurant. R had some healthy issues .They were introduced to Nature’s Sunshine and extensively studied the quality control of the product. Within 6 weeks of using the products R was symptom free. The moved to promoting the products in their spare time.The NSP commissions were now big enough so that R could go to naturopathic college and get a degree as an ND. Today M &R  have a very successful Nature’s Sunshine business. They help a lot of people and they both love what they do. “ I love what I do!”
Elise is from Quebec and Nature’s Sunshine is part of her life. She has worked from home for 35 years. She is always there when someone has a need . Many of her clients today are her best friends.She works hard to motivate her people to attend every Nature’s Sunshine event.She loves talking about the company and the product. “ I enjoy my work very much!”
B &E have a very successful Nature’s Sunshine business in Alberta. B was an electrical engineer. He found Nature’s Sunshine through Dr Bernard Jensen. He was very impressed with the quality of the products and decided to start a small office. “ I wanted to help people.” Both B & E, a husband and wife team work full time as practitioners. “ It is something we love to do.”
B & F discovered Nature’s Sunshine when F had some serious health problems. With Nature’s Sunshine products she had amazing results. Then the question came to her mind. “ Maybe I could help people.” Shje started a home business talking about the products and displaying them on her kitchen table.” People got results and I never had to advertise. The products speak for themselves.” Then her business outgrew the kitchen table and they moved into the garage. After 3 years they moved out of the house and rented a spot. Today they operate 4 health food stores with huge success.
V & R started using Nature’s Sunshine products for health reasons. V was diagnosed with cancer and has been cancer free for many years now. She first started using health products from a health food store and that did not go so well. So V started to read and study, overcame her cancer  and transitioned to being a practitioner . She then married Rob and both of them had a very successful Nature’s Sunshine business. Today they only work 2 days a month. V continues to help her down line Managers to establish their businesses. “ I love working with people.”
Gene “ I am privileged to be among great friends. “ Gene was a painter by trade. He ahs a large company with 18 painters. He soon learned that he was spending huge amount of time organizing projects and time was never his own. He was introduced to Nature’s Sunshine by his wife. That was it. “ I’m a creator and I realized that I love business building. I thoroughly enjoy Nature’s Sunshine and I look forward to creating a great structure.”
Marilène was a sick child with asthma and she was being raised by a single Mom who was a nurse. Her Mom discovered the value of homeopathic so when Marilène grew up she became an ND .” Taking care of kids is my passion. We make a big difference for kids. I felt is a privilege to be sponsored into Nature’s Sunshine by Rhea. “ Today Marilène runs 3 very successful clinics for kids. “ I have 30 employees. I have a vision that we have to change the way we take care of our kids.”

Saturday, September 19, 2015

More Exciting Success Stories

Shirley’s Dog Hoochie
It was one late night 2;30 am  when Shirley could hear her dear pet dog , Hoochie panting. She went out to find out what the problem was. There was Hoochie, restless, irritable and panting. His heart was racing and it appeared that he was having heart problems . At this point Hoochie threw up and lay down with continuous heavy breathing. Shirley knew there was something terribly wrong with her dog. She felt she had no time to waste . “ I’ll take this on myself.” She quickly went into her kitchen where she found some cheese and into the cheese she inserted 2 MC tablets, 1 Capsicum, 1 CoQ10. Back out to the garage to find Hoochie. She gave him some water and then the cheese .He willingly gobbled  that up. Shirley sat beside him patting him and waited for a change. Within 15 minutes Hoochie’s heavy breathing subsided and he was a totally different dog. “ He’s been fine ever since.”
Shingles as reported by Kathy
Rose ended up with a serious bout of very painful shingles on her back. The doctor gave her a prescription and here she was one week later still suffering from severe pain. The medication did not work.  Rose decided that there must be another way and this is when she contacted Kathy who designed a very intensive program as this case was a state of crisis. The program included:
12 HRP-C  for the virus
6 IMM-C for the immune system
6 Colostrum to bind toxic lectins and to enhance the immune system
4 Stress Formula and 2 Zerenity for the nerve pain
3 Vit D3
6 Black Walnut as a source of iodine
12 Cat’s Claw to open the lymphatic system
Silver Gel applied topically 3 times a day
Within 3 days there was a huge difference. The pain has subsided substantially . Within 2 weeks the sores were down to 1/3 the size and after two weeks the shingles  are almost all cleared up. Rose is extremely happy with the results.

Thursday, September 3, 2015

From the Desk of Donna Roth September /15 Kuwaii TAC

From the Desk of Donna Roth  September /15   250 764 2852 Nature’s Sunshine TAC Trip 2015 Kuwaii

First of all I express my gratitude to all of you who have supported me in this business of transforming the health of nations. Thank you for helping me achieve the prestigious award of Top Sponsor at the recent International TAC trip in Kuwaii. This was an amazing trip with helicopter rides, catamaran cruise of spinner dolphin watching, awards dinner, luau dinner, all with great Nature’s Sunshine friends who are really my family. Thank you for getting me to this position of Senior Diamond status.  Thank you for sharing your success stories so willingly. Thank you for making a difference in this world lost in a state of confusion. Thank you for being brave and taking a strong stand for the health of your own body. Thank you for taking ownership of your own health and life.
I am empowered by a young man’s conversation about his refusal to have vaccinations even though 4 white coat authorities were there to coerce him to do so. He took a strong stand all alone with no one by his side except his own spiritual intuition that told him this was so wrong. He soon discovered that they would not dare vaccinate him against his will. He won his case not through arguments, not through vicious exchange of words but by taking a strong noble silent stand of “ No!” No amount of intimidation could overthrow his decision.  I am not only empowered by this man’s incredible ability to overcome such intense pressure but also by his deep inner knowing and standing for the rights of his own body. Just recently this man broke out his first Manager in Nature’s Sunshine.
I am moved by a young Mother who is presently nursing her second baby on only one breast because at a tender young age of 29 she succumbed to having her right breast cut off as a result of a so called diagnosed cancer. Following the orthodox chemo procedures only gave her cancer in the same breast area 3 years later. This time she took control, got educated, followed the Paw Paw program , gave birth to 2 boys even though she was told to forget about having children and today  has been cancer free for 5 years. She wants to empower women to take control and not allow fear to rule their decisions. Just recently she has requested becoming a TAFYH leader.
I admire the strength and the deep compassion of one woman who nursed her husband back to health using an intense herbal program after he underwent a severe stroke even though her husband vehemently refused herbal nutrition in the past.
I am privileged to be the recipient of the many phone calls I receive from people telling me their success in overcoming their serious health issues. I loved the excitement of hearing one man’s voice tell me that his PSA is now in normal range and that his biopsy was cancelled. There was no more prostate cancer!! What did he do? He followed the Paw Paw program.
I thank you from the bottom of my heart for spreading the word , for helping us all come back to our senses, for empowering us all to take responsibility for our own health not through the use of drugs but through common sense nutrition. This is my business, the business that I love , the people that I love. It is you who bring joy into my life continually. For this I say Thank You.
I want you to know that there is a great business opportunity with Nature’s Sunshine. If you like health , if you have a desire to help others to stay healthy , to overcome health issues through nutrition, I  am here to tell you that Nature’s Sunshine is the perfect business for you. You can choose your own hours , set your own working parameters and set your own financial goal and you will achieve it. The herbal industry is booming and is the best business to get into. So give me a call 250 764 2852. We also need to get the word out. There is a different way.
I wish also to share some outstanding moving remarks that were shared with us during this trip.
Bryant Yates: I am overwhelmed by the intelligence and knowledge of our Canadian people. I have watched what you have accomplished and all the good you have done in this world. You’re truly making the world a better place.
Doug Corrigan: The spark, fuel and engine of Nature’s Sunshine is the 3 P’s, passion, purpose, prosperity. We all have a passion in healing and giving someone back their vibrant health. Our purpose is to guide people to become who they really want to be and to transform into their God given potential. As leaders with a prosperity mindset we look beyond ourselves and develop other leaders in becoming true achievers.
Greg Probert: Your passion inspires us, the passion to help people to build better lives. This is a very special place , a special company with special people. You make the world a better place.  You have a mission greater than the cheque you receive each month. Your cheque is the by-product of doing the right things. Our secret is you. You are our greatest asset. You are our brand. You are our Nature’s Sunshine brand. Keep sharing your stories.
Jennifer Cole GM Nature’s Sunshine Canada: A Math teacher with his wife had some health concern, resolves it with NSP products and today has a very successful Nature’s Sunshine business. A single Mom decides to make health her business and today manages 3 stores with NSP products. A house painter reviews the hours he spends on painting and becomes a great Nature’s Sunshine leader and educator. An immigrant couple come to Canada and end up flipping burgers and their quest leads them to a very successful Nature’s Sunshine business. You are the elite of the elites. You have a purpose , you live with passion and you have a prosperity mindset. You have overcome many adversities and you stayed the course and you are winning big time. Our growth in Canada this year has been over 10%.  I love you guys. You are what inspires me.
Nature’s Sunshine is a growing company that stands on solid ground with solid people and we as people hold the secrets to your health success. I urge you to join me. Come forward and allow me to present you with the business plan.
Love and Gratitude,