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From the Desk of Donna Roth Jan 18/21`

From the Desk of Donna Roth Jan 18/21`

There is a great quote with a profound message I would like to share.

If you don’t spend time and money on your health now you will be forced to spend money and time on your illness sometimes in the future.

Today I want to talk about your eyesight.

Stats Canada states:

cataracts: 3,541,000 people.

age-related macular degeneration: 1,574,000 people.

glaucoma: 294,600 people.

diabetic retinopathy: 749,800 people.

Most eye diseases are signs of deeper health problems such as stress, free radical damage, diabetes and poor circulation and  poor nutrition.

Dr Blass 1922 stated this: OXIDATION is the source of Life and Health - the mainspring of beauty, vitality, power, energy, heat, electricity, and even of magnetic personality and the happiness of the individual. The entire cellular structure is maintained by means of oxidation. When the cells wear out, they must be broken down and replaced by new ones; the rebuilding process keeps pace with the tearing down only when the oxidation is adequate, and this is only possible when the constituency of the vital fluids is normal.

Oxygen is needed. It is iron that keeps your oxygen levels high. Grass fed red meat, red beet root and chlorophyll are rich in iron. Natures Sunshine has a herbal combination recommended by Dr Christopher known as I-X. It is rich in iron. It contains, red beet root, yellow dock, red raspberry, chickweed, burdock, nettle and mullein. I love it. Mullein keeps the lungs healthy and the whole I-X combination is loaded with iron to aid in the binding of oxygen and the transportation of oxygen to the cells and tissues. There is another awesome product known as Rejuvenaid that is also high in iron. It helps to form red blood cells, supports energy production, helps with metabolism and tissue formation, provides electrolytes for a healthy electrical system which means the heart will work at its optimum levels the electrical charges in each cell will spark up efficiently. It is a rich source of antioxidants to keep the free radicals in check. IT contains red beet root, pomegranate, L Arginine, the nitric oxide generator, Glutamine the amino acid protein that repairs neurotransmitters in the brain, and the nerves for our eyes.it repairs leaky gut.

Lets talk about nutrition. When you look at all the beautiful colors of the many fruits and vegetables, the reds, purples, yellow, greens, blues, you are looking at nutrients important to you eyes. These nutrients are known as antioxidants. These antioxidants carry an extra electron. Let me tell you why this extra electron is such a critical factor.

When your stem cells, I call them carpenters, are in the process of replicating healthy cells for you to repair your damaged cells they use oxygen in a process known as oxidation. The oxidation process releases free radicals. These free radicals are known to damage the cells and steal oxygen from the cells. Why? They are missing an electron. And it is the extra electron from the antioxidants that donate an electron to free radicals to “calm” them down and to neutralize them.

Our bodies produce free radicals as by-products of cellular reactions, metabolism of foods, the oxidation process, breathing and other vital functions.

We need antioxidants. Even if we are eating all those colored foods most of them are grocery bought and treated so the antioxidant levels are low. This is why we need to resort to super foods such as the product Rejuvenaid but there are also vitamin that are great examples of antioxidants and they include vitamins C and E, selenium, and carotenoids, such as beta-carotene, lycopene, lutein, and zeaxanthin.

Vitamin A keeps fats in the eye from oxidizing.

Vitamin E with selenium is found in the retina and the lens of the eyes in and inhibits macular degeneration.

Vitamin C protects the capillaries that nourish the eye tissues. It reduces pressure that causes glaucoma. It reduces cataract formation, and it rebuilds the cornea.

Another major antioxidant is the amino acid known as N-Acetyl/Cysteine and it increase the glutathione levels to protect the eyes from free radicals.

Knowing what antioxidants and amino acids and vitamins and minerals the eyes need, the Natures Sunshine scientists have put together a formula called Perfect Eyes. It contains, lutein, zeaxanthin, carotenoids, Flavonoids, N-acetyl-cysteine, Taurine, turmeric which is a potent anti inflammatory, the herbs, eyebright, bilberry,  and the trace minerals zinc, selenium,


Perfect Eyes, Super Omega 3, LIV-C for the liver, Rejuvenaid, and Vitamin C in high doses.

Spray Silver Guard into your eyes twice a day


This is usually caused by a pressure build up in the eye caused by poor circulation.

Blood Pressurex contains coleus to reduce ocular pressure.

Ginkgo Biloba and Capsicum for circulation to the brain area

Perfect Eyes combination

Super Omega 3

Macular Regeneration

The macula is the center of the retina. Degeneration of the macula is caused by high blood pressure, hardening of the arteries, heavy metal damage and inflammation.

Perfect Eyes combination




 In all cases avoid starches, sugars, grains of all kinds, legumes, alcohol, pop, junk foods.


Eyes, Pain in the Head

Edith’s eyes bothered her terribly. She experienced a lot of pain in the back of the head. She started using Perfect Eyes about 4 capsules two times a day along with Chinese Mineral Chi Tonic about 2 ounces a day and Cats Claw Combination and Super Omega 3. She is excited to report that the pains in the head have totally subsided, and the health of the eyes has been totally restored.


One lady was diagnosed with Glaucoma and she was very concerned about the building up of pressure to her eyes so when she was in town she came to visit Donna Roth. Her program consisted of a diet change with no sugar, no wheat, no yeast and with the following herbal supplements:

Chinese Mineral Chi Tonic 1 ounce twice a day

Bilberry 4 a day

Perfect Eyes 4 a day

In two months, time she visited her doctor who measured the eye pressure and he was amazed that the eye pressure dropped from 20 to 18 within 2 months. He said he had never seen eye pressure drop in Glaucoma previous to this. Needless to say this lady is very excited and wants everyone to know that there is a solution to Glaucoma.


In January, 2008 Hilary was diagnosed with Macular Degeneration and Cataracts. She was told to take a drug, but she refused. Instead, she took Perfect Eyes- 3 per day with Chinese Mineral Chi Tonic and Super Oil for 1 year. She recently went to the optometrist who tested her eyes. He said the Macular Degeneration was so mild there was no need for for any testing. There also was no sign of cataracts.


I cannot emphasize the importance of taking on your own health before illness happens.

Dr. Jay says," May you never know the disease you are preventing by taking TAFYH."


Just this past week I had a call from an elderly lady in her 80’s who was diagnosed with bladder cancer. She made a firm decision to take on her own health regardless of what the doctors told her. She followed the program I designed for her and soon thereafter I would say in about 2 months all bladder bleeding subsided, she was off all medications such as blood pressure and cholesterol, that in my world cause the problems in the first place and her energy was back. She resumed “cooking for her men” as she called it. One night she could not sleep so she took her blood pressure, and it was high. Here it was at 4 in the morning and she decided to take a blood pressure medication. It always interests me how we are programmed to resort to medications instead of herbs. When she woke up to do the “cooking for her men”, she felt faint. Her son took her to the doctor. She told him she was on a herbal program and this is what he said. “Those herbs caused the problem, You are full of cancer and it will spread and you will die so don’t come back. Now these are her words and her interpretations. After our conversation she realized it was the drug that caused the problem, that caused her to feel faint. I am relating this story to you as a word of warning. All drugs are poisons, and they all have side effects and cause problems. Stop blaming the herbs for side effects. There are none! No one has ever died of a herb. And I am going to add that in my world no one has died of CoVid. Note the people that die are elderly in nursing homes. They are in nursing homes because their health was so deteriorated that they could no longer stay at home. All elderly in nursing homes are on medications. All medications are toxic and have side effects such as lowering of the oxygen levels. Disease, viruses happens when the oxygen levels in the body are too low, the body temperature has dropped, and blood circulation is very minimal.

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