Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Symptoms of MS Disappear in 2 Months

I want to share with you Paddy's story. I have his permission.
Paddy was diagnosed with MS with symptoms of total loss of hearing on the left side and
limited hand and leg movement on the left side. A CAT scan found lesions on his brain. Paddy
decided to take TAFYH after his brother , Daniel, a TAFYH Leader, convinced him TAFYH was essential to his health.
During TAFYH it was discovered that Paddy had taken Lipitor for 7 years of his life. At this point
he was constantly getting ear infections and antibiotics were used frequently over the 7 years
until all hearing on the left ear was lost. Antibiotics no longer worked and he was told to take
steroid drugs and the symptoms just got worse until  he was diagnosed with MS.
One of the things we do in TAFYH is to find the source of the inflammation
and address it. Think about Lipitor. It strips the myelin sheath of the nervous system of the much
needed cholesterol fats which are there to line and protect the delicate nerves. These nerves were
then exposed to all kinds of infections and toxins thereby damaging the nerves in the ear and creating lesions in the brain. When Paddy flipped this around by stopping Lipitor, feeding his nerves and brain with Smoothies, giving his nerves the much needed fats, cleaning up the Candida from antibiotic use, the nerves began to regenerate, his symptoms subsided and his health returned. Within 8 weeks of doing TAFYH , Paddy's hearing returned by 80% and the MS symptoms in his leg and arm disappeared. By giving the body the essential therapeutic nutrition the body heals all on its own. Your body is created to heal no matter what diagnosis you have been given. TAFYH teaches you this.