Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Werner’s Prostate Success story

Werner presented this story on the Donna Roth Teleconference Call in October/2014

Werner’s Prostate Success story
It was December of 2013 when Werner and his wife Barb flew from Edmonton to Kelowna . Their purpose was to put a face to the real person, Donna Roth , who they heard had a totally different approach to cancer. Werner was diagnosed with prostate cancer. His doctor stated, “This is a dense and very aggressive cancer.” Werner was devastated. He was horrified. The world came crashing down on him. He was not prepared for this! At this point Werner decided that an alternative would be the way to go and if that did not work he would do the hormone treatment. That approach did not really appeal to Werner as the side effects were nasty. Even Dr. John, diagnosed with prostate cancer , whose story is written in Donna’s book ,Practical Solution to the Cancer Injury, refused hormone treatment. Werner and Barb listened to Donna Roth share the many testimonials she had witnessed in the past.” I liked the success stories. Donna had worked with a number of people who had cancer very successfully and she had a lot of experience.” Barb also supported Werner’s approach to the prostate cancer,” I am a firm believer in alternatives because it helped my son.” Werner and Barb intently sat through the consultation as Donna explained cancer. “The consultation was really good, very much in depth and very personalized.” Werner was learning that there was another way and that his body was created to heal.
 Now this was Christmas time and Donna had just firmly told Werner that sugar and grains must be eliminated. Sugar feeds cancer. “ It was difficult. I just witnessed a big Christmas package arrive at my door knowing that I could not have any of those goodies in that box. But I was determined and I stuck to the program. I am an electrical engineer and I travel a lot. Everywhere I went, I took a blender with me to be sure I was following the program.” 
One month later, January 2014 , Werner was pleasantly surprised to discover that his blood pressure had normalized and the doctor took him off the blood pressure medication. The PSA test came next.  Werner, previously had succumbed to prostate surgery to have his prostate removed as the doctors strongly indicated that his lymph nodes were enlarged and that they were sure the cancer would spread to the bones. Even though the PSA dropped to 0 after surgery the doctor warned Werner that his PSA would soon be climbing up and that other treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation would be necessary. The PSA test results came back and the PSA was 0. The doctor did not expect this. Werner continued with his program. March the PSA test came back once again with a 0. September 2014 the PSA tests showed a 0.Werner was declared cancer free !No chemo, no radiation! NO hormone treatments! The PSA remains at 0. “I never would have had surgery if I had known about this program sooner.” Today Werner is totally grateful for this simple program. “ This program works and it has no side effects. I’m very glad it works. My energy has increased and I have lost 30 pounds and the weight has stayed off.!” Today Werner knows that he is now in total control of his own health. Here is Werner’s program:
Program for Werner
No sugars, no alcohol, no grains, no legumes, no dairy, no peanuts
Eat meats grass fed, chicken, turkey,  fish, sea food ,eggs, vegetables , cruciferous vegetables, nuts, , seeds, berries, apple

Smoothies : at least  twice a day
Chinese Mineral Chi Tonic  1 oz each time
Flax Lignans 2 scoops each time
Green Zone 1 tsp full
Aloe Vera juice 1  1/2 oz
Zambroza ½ oz
Liquid Calcium 1 T
Solstic Nutrition 1
Water and ice
Options: berries,  avocado, keifir, cocoa, Stevia ,

With meals:
Paw Paw start with 1 twice a day with meals and increase with 1 per meal
HRP-C   5 twice a day
KB-C  3 twice a day
MC work up to 6 twice a day
Celtic Salt

On an empty stomach:
Protease Plus 2 twice a day
Drink water and Chlorophyll , Lemon
The bowels must move .

Household Cleaners; Nature’s Concentrate for washing hair, face, shampoo. Dishes, clothes
Skin Care : Natria Hand and Body Lotion

Cat’s Claw for infection : 4 three times a day
Silver Gel for teeth
Silver for teeth.

Saturday, October 25, 2014


Donna Roth

Nature's Sunshine Convention
Recently I attended the Nature's Sunshine Convention with my son, Dean. It was a wonderful experience and Nature's Sunshine
is all about education. Besides their  excellent products and excellent people, I love Nature's Sunshine for their education.
My priority in life is to educate others to take on their own health. Health =Life = Freedom. What I offer to others is education
through teleconference calls, through courses, through TAFYH and through personal consultations.

Award of Excellence & Bob Shaffer Award
Now each year one person from the many members in Nature's Sunshine is selected to receive a very prestigious award known as the Bob Schaffer
Award of Excellence. This award is given to that one person who does outstanding performance in the field of Nature's Sunshine and one who makes a difference
in the lives of many others. This year I was selected to be the recipient of this amazing award. What an honour it was to stand before
500 people as the Bob Schaffer Award along with a beautiful flower bouquet was presented to me by General Manager
of Nature's Sunshine Canada, Jennifer Cole ! This was the most touching and humbling experience.

My Gratitude and Appreciation
So today I stand before you, Nature's Sunshine Senior Managers, Managers, Associates, Clients, to express my most sincere gratitude for your
faith and support in the work that I do. It is you, who have helped me to achieve this honor. It is you, who have attended my many years of  classes,
seminars and  taken my courses. I  thank you for this. It is you, who have attended my Monday teleconference calls. I  thank you for this. It is you, who have
taken my herbal health education to heart and applied it to your lives so that you, too , could have the health you were searching for. I thank you for this, It is you who have
taken on Nature's Sunshine as a way to educate others to make a difference in their lives.  I thank you for this. It is you who have devoted your health
to TAFYH principles .I thank you for this. It is you who have made me successful! From the bottom of my heart I thank you for this.
Many of you have expressed many kind words of congratulations. I want you to know that your words are meaningful and taken to heart. I appreciate your emails,
your phone calls, and your heartfelt conversations.

Transforming the Health of Nations.
With this Award of  Excellence I now wish to state strongly that this achievement is only a stepping stone to greater things. We have a huge work to do. In my eyes Nature's
Sunshine is a movement as much as it is a business. We have the answers that people are searching for. Everyone wants a cure for cancer, for arthritis, for diabetes,
for heart disease and for so many other health issues. The answer lies in not in a silver bullet but in Therapeutic Nutrition. The answer lies not in a product but in a program.
The key here is EDUCATION. I urge you to take on your health,  join TAFYH and become a TAFYH leader. Together let's transform the health of nations!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

My Dear Friend, Bev, is Gone But You Can Make a Difference

My Friend ,Bev ,is Gone But You Can Make a Difference
This year September,2014 a great friend of mine, Bev, was motorbiking with her husband in a small town across the border from White Rock when a car ran an intersection and hit their motorbike whereupon Bev was killed and Micheal , today, is in critical condition in a hospital bed. I am taking a few minutes of silence today to honor my dear friend and to express my gratitude to her for being in my life and for the good times we had in the past. Particularly the time that comes to my mind is when the two of us rented a PT Cruiser Convertible and traveled to our birth place of Oakburn, Manitoba to visit friends, to attend a special Dolony Church service to honor our past ancestors and to go to an old country barn dance in Rossburn. We had such a great and special time together. Thank you , Bev for special memories. The last time I saw Bev was this summer when she dropped in for a quick surprise visit.
I just want to comment on perhaps what may have occurred in this accident. So I am posting a comment from Dr. Mercola:
  • A CDC report reveals that between 1993 and 2010, the number of drivers involved in fatal car crashes found to have three or more medications in their system nearly doubled, increasing from 11.5 to 21.5 percent 

I have been suspicious for quite some time that the cause of many accidents is related to prescription use. It appears that today almost everyone I talk to is taking a form of  prescription drug. They all have side effects, especially when it comes to fogging up our brain capacity which is responsible for neuromotor control and quick action responses.Is it not time that we resort to nutritionally building our bodies, strengthening our brains and  being proud of our health ! Drugs do not give us our health.
Our bodies are created to heal only if we give our bodies high energy nutrient support. This is such a simple concept and yet very few people out there really take this to heart.You can make a difference to your health and to perhaps saving a life. Let us make a commitment to our health by doing 3 things each day:
1. Exercise and breathing in fresh air.
2. Having a colorful Super Food Smoothie with scientifically documented quality controlled:
       Chinese Mineral Chi Tonic,
       Green Zone ,
       Flax Lignans,
       Collatrim Plus
       Solstic Energy,
       water and berries
3. Cleanse with Psyllium Hulls and LBS11

Become involved with the Sunshine Awards Program which gives you:

  • 20% discount
  • free shipping
  • points redeemable for free products

Your obligation is to shop for your super foods at Nature's Sunshine with a $165 order per month.
Call me Donna Roth 250 764 2852 or
Call Nature's Sunshine 1 800 265 9163

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Totally Amazing

Totally Amazing 

Please register for our next Nature's Sunshine sponsored session with :
Jennifer Cole , General Manager of Nature's Sunshine Canada
Lynn Kildaw
Donna Roth

On Thursday , November 6/2014
At 6:45 pm for refreshments
Ramada Inn in Kelowna

Agenda :
Weight Loss and the new products just released
Convention recap.
Success stories, arthritis, cancer, heart , infection,

I am looking for 100 registrations. Please notify me if you are able to help me make this happen.
My gratitude goes out to the following people who have come forward to assist:
Kathy and Gunner
Nick and Sheila

The call with Dr. Joen was inspiring as she related the results her sister received using the Paw Paw program for overcoming cancer. Dr. Joen than proceeded to discuss what she did when her athletic husband underwent a serious heart attack. She was very quickly able to use the Emergency teachings from TAFYH to guide her husband through the heart attack and then drove him to the Mayo Clinic. By the time he arrived to the Mayo Clinic he was no longer experiencing the symptoms. The Mayo Clinic called his heart attack the " Widow Maker"meaning no one ever survives such a serious case. As a result of this experience the Mayo Clinic has asked Dr. Joen to give talks in regards to the Emergency program she used and how to prevent heart attacks from happening.Everyone needs this information as heart disease is one of the leading cause of death next to cancer. I am enclosing the playback number.

Here is what Dr. Joen did:
9 MC all at once with Capsicum opened in water.

This is totally amazing but I have witnessed this same procedure work for others. Preparedness is powerful and this education is offered to you in TAFYH and  Please contact me to register for the next session.

The call next Monday features Werner and prostate cancer.

Every Monday at 5:45 PST
Number: (760) 569-7676
Access Code: 972723

Playback (760) 569-7699

Monday, September 29, 2014

Zerenity , Reduces Anxiety

Zerenity , Reduces Anxiety

The Dr. Jay event was fabulous. Everyone was spell bound as Dr. Jay explained the function of the amygdala
of the brain involved in our long term and short term memory , in our emotions and in sleeping. When the
size of the amygdala grows bigger because  we consume too much junk , take all these drugs then we suffer
consequences of anxiety , loss of memory , confusion, inability to make decisions, insomnia, inflammation,
depression, arthritis, autoimmune disorders and so on.
The answer is sweet! The new designer product , Zerenity , contains just the right amount of Magnesium, B1,
L Theonine and an herb from South Africa to reduce the size of the amygdala. And guess what?
The panic disorders stop,
Insomina is history
Depression goes away
Memory comes back
Foggy brain is cleared up
Inflammation clears up
Stress is alleviated
ADD/ ADHD were discussed
Alzheimers and Dimentia were discussed.
The list goes on!

The presentation was so interesting  that Dr. Jay was not able to address all the questions that came from the floor.
There were 80 people present and there should have been 1000 as everyone is stressed and needs this formula.
The big $400 draw winner in Kelowna went to Marlene from Vernon. Congrats Marlene. And in Calgary to a lady
in Ramona's line. She brought her Mom and was totally excited about her big win.
Calgary had 35 people present.
Thank you for the great response to the Kelowna event.  You are making a difference in the lives of others.
Presently I express gratitude to the following who have so kindly worked hard to make Kelowna and Calgary successful.
Kathy,  Lumby
Shirley ,Kelowna
Lorene , Duncan
Fran, Kelowna
Marlene, Vernon
Daniel, Calgary
Rick , Red Deer
Susan, Vancouver
Chris, Kelowna
Dianne, Kelowna,
Pat, Vernon
Darlene, Kelowna
Chris, Kelowna
Nik and Sheila , Kelowna
Yvonne, Lake Country
Lynn , Penticton
Renee, Kelowna
Gunner, Lumby
Victoria, Vernon
Linda , Vernon
Ramona, Calgary
Merinda, Red Deer

Health =Life
No health=no life
If you don't take on your health where will you live?
You can't create your own health if you don't know how.
You don't know what you don't know.
So what are you eating?
You can't eat 28 apples and 18 tomatoes every day ( this is the number needed to sustain you) so what do you do?
Dr. Jay has been able to resolve his own serious health issues through nutrition from Nature's Sunshine.
Everyone needs to hear this information as it is life saving!

Sunday, September 28, 2014

14 Reasons Why You Need Nutritional Supplements

14 Reasons Why You Need Nutritional Supplements

1.Poor Digestion — Even when your
food intake is good, inefficient digestion
can limit your body’s uptake of
nutrients. Digestive Enzymes

2. Laxatives — Overuse of laxatives can
result in poor absorption of vitamins
and minerals from food, by hastening
the intestinal transit time.Chinese Mineral Chi Tonic

3. Vegetarian Diets — Vegetarian diets, which exclude meat and other foods from animal
sources, must be very skillfully planned to avoid B12 deficiency, which may lead
to anemia.Liquid B12 , SynerProtein Powder

4. Overcooking/microwaving — Overcooking, microwaving or reheating of meats and
vegetables can oxidize and destroy heat-susceptible vitamins and minerals.Super Trio Pack

5. Convenience Foods — A diet of simple carbohydrates, such as sugar, white flour,
white rice, starches, and fast foods places greater demand on additional resources of
vitamins and minerals to process the refined carbohydrates and food additives.Super Trio Pack

6. Antibiotics — Some antibiotics (although valuable in fighting infection) also kill off
friendly bacteria in the stomach, which would normally be producing certain vitamins
to be absorbed through the intestinal walls .Probiotic 11

7. Food Allergies — The omission of whole food groups from the diet, as in the case of
individuals allergic to gluten or lactose, can result in a lack of key nutrients.Smart Meal

8. Accidents & Illness - Surgery increases the body’s need for nutrients involved in
cellular repair and healing.Chinese Mineral Chi Tonic, Collatrim Plus, Solstic Energy

9. Stress — Chemical, physical and emotional stresses and pollution, alcohol and smoking,
can increase the body’s requirements for certain vitamins.Stress Pack, Zerenity

10. Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS) — Research has demonstrated that up to 60% of
women suffering from PMS can benefit from better nutrition.Candida Clear and Super Trio Pack

11. Pregnancy — Pregnancy creates higher than normal demands for nutrients, to ensure
healthy growth of the baby. Doctors now routinely recommend supplements for
expecting moms.Three Combination, Chlorophyll, Chinese Mineral Chi Tonic

12. Oral Contraceptives — Oral contraceptives can decrease absorption of some vitamins
and minerals.Super Trio Pack

13. Seniors — Seniors have been shown to have a low intake of vitamins and minerals,
due to a reduced appetite and the aging process MC.Essential Liquid Minerals, Chinese Mineral Chi

14. Athletes/Physically-Active Individuals — Athletes are subjected to large amounts
stress and increased nutritional demands. Supplementation can meet the need for
increased amounts of vitamins and minerals.MC, Chinese Mineral Chi, Super Trio Pack

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Dr. Jay Event

Dr. Jay Event 
First I would like to inform everyone that I will be away from Sept. 12 ( happens to be my birthday) to Sept. 23.
I am off to Europe to attend a Nature's Sunshine TAC trip with the top Managers and herbal educators in the world.
Please correspond with me via email as I will have access to email on the cruise line I will be on. I am always happy to
respond to your concerns and help with your health issues. If you are in the Kelowna area and wish to pick up herbals
please leave a message on 250 764 2852 and Dean will be happy to fill your order. Thank you.

I am starting a TAFYH session on Monday , September 29/14 at 8:30 am. Please let me know if you are interested
as there are 2 spots left in this team. I can also fill a team for 7 am and 6:30 am if there are interested people out there.
I love TAFYH. It is my passion and my vision here is to educate you to become responsible for your own health as noone
else out there offers this type of education. Please contact me asap or 250 764 2852

The Dr. Jay event was fabulous. Everyone was spell bound as Dr. Jay explained the function of the amygdala
of the brain involved in our long term and short term memory , in our emotions and in sleeping. When the
size of the amygdala grows bigger because  we consume too much junk , take all these drugs then we suffer
consequences of anxiety , loss of memory , confusion, inability to make decisions, insomnia, inflammation,
depression, arthritis, autoimmune disorders and so on.
The answer is sweet! The new designer product , Zerenity , contains just the right amount of Magnesium, B1,
L Theonine and an herb from South Africa to reduce the size of the amygdala. And guess what?
The panic disorders stop,
 Insomina is history
Depression goes away
Memory comes back
Foggy brain is cleared up
Inflammation clears up
Stress is alleviated
ADD/ ADHD were discussed
Alzheimers and Dimentia were discussed.
The list goes on!

The presentation was so interesting  that Dr. Jay was not able to address all the questions that came from the floor.
There were 80 people present and there should have been 1000 as everyone is stressed and needs this formula.
The big $400 draw winner in Kelowna went to Marlene from Vernon. Congrats Marlene. And in Calgary to a lady
in Ramona's line. She brought her Mom and was totally excited about her big win.
Calgary had 35 people present.
Thank you for the great response to the Kelowna event.  You are making a difference in the lives of others.
Presently I express gratitude to the following who have so kindly worked hard to make Kelowna and Calgary successful.
Kathy,  Lumby
Shirley ,Kelowna
Lorene , Duncan
Fran, Kelowna
Marlene, Vernon
Daniel, Calgary
Rick , Red Deer
Susan, Vancouver
Chris, Kelowna
Dianne, Kelowna,
Pat, Vernon
Darlene, Kelowna
Chris, Kelowna
Nik and Sheila , Kelowna
Yvonne, Lake Country
Lynn , Penticton
Renee, Kelowna
Gunner, Lumby
Victoria, Vernon
Linda , Vernon
Ramona, Calgary
Merinda, Red Deer

Health =Life
No health=no life
If you don't take on your health where will you live?
You can't create your own health if you don't know how.
You don't know what you don't know.
So what are you eating?
You can't eat 28 apples and 18 tomatoes every day ( this is the number needed to sustain you) so what do you do?
Dr. Jay has been able to resolve his own serious health issues through nutrition from Nature's Sunshine.
Everyone needs to hear this information as it is life saving!

Friday, September 5, 2014

Learnings Continued : Leadership Convention

Learnings Continued : Leadership Convention
From Rhea:
Take a Costco calcium and drop it into a glass of water. It drops like a rock and stays like a rock. No action here! Now take another glass of water and drop into it a SynerPro calcium tablet from Nature’s Sunshine . In a few short minutes it starts to break down and bubbles up.
Take a Lecithin capsule from another company. Open it up and smell it. It smells like sewing machine oil. Now open a capsule of Lecithin from Nature’s Sunshine and smell it and taste it. It smells really good and tastes really good. Lecithin is used to digest fats.
Express gratitude to:
Your upline
Your success line
Your daily clients
Your family members
Your neighbours
Your teachers
Your education
Your daily improved health

From Dr. Davis :author of Wheat Belly
In order to reverse heart disease it is required to have normal blood sugar. To do this eliminate all grains. The proteins in all present day grains are all different with a gene added called GIOA9 and these can induce mutations and are the cause of all kinds of intestinal disorders such as celiac , ulcerative colitis, diarrhea, joint pain, heart palpitations, paranoia, schizophrenia, hallucinations, ADD, violent behaviors, depression .
Dr. Dohan worked in New Guinea in the 1960’s and studied the wheat foods. When wheat foods were added to the diet there was a 35% increase in schizophrenia.
Gliadins have been added to present day wheat strains that act like opiates and these opiates cause appetite stimulation and leaky gut. These gliadins then leak into the blood stream and trigger immune responses and cause autoimmune disorders Dr. D Jenkins stated that wheat has a glycemic index of 72 compared to sugar which is only 59. Wow!!
Lectins in wheat cannot be digested . They destroy the intestinal tract and get into the blood stream to block bile release and form gall stones. This is also one reason why  there is a new surge of asthma, eczema, anxiety.  Lectins also block the leptin receptors that make you feel full.
Whey , commercialized. usually comes from milk cows that are milked during pregnancy and this whey has a high estrogen content. This type of whey increases insulin resistance. ( My comment here is to use NutriBurn from Nature’s Sunshine that comes from grass fed , non pregnant cows from New Zealand)
Oats and oatmeal in today’s market are manipulated with seeds of other grasses and this causes toxicity. There is also the problem of tooth decay, iron deficiency and zinc deficiency. Oats cause high blood sugar. Rice is 99% starch and contains toxic lectins.
 Quinoa causes blood sugar issues.
All chronic diseases are diseases of modern grains.
What to do :
Hydrate and use Celtic or Himalayan salt.
Magnesium Malate 1200 mg 2 times a day
Probiotics on an empty stomach
Iodine as in Kelp or Black Walnut
Vitamin D 6000 IU a day. It increases bone density and blood sugars decrease.
Super Omega 3 3000 mg a day for inflammation and blood sugar normalization.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Learnings from Nature’s Sunshine Leadership Salt Lake City 2014-08-28

Learnings from Nature’s Sunshine Leadership Salt Lake City 2014-08-28

Wynn Robertson Chief Operating Officer Nature’s Sunshine
Our ( Nature’s Sunshine) compensation plan is the best in the world.
There are no better people than Nature’s Sunshine people.
The supplement industry is fast growing .

Adrianna , President, NSP
Predict the future by creating it.
Do something you have never done before.
Have Shakes every morning.
Didre Henderson, Senator , Utah
Don’t take counsel from your fears.
Be brave enough to fail.
Experience rejection.

Doug Corrigan: VP , Canada and US
Are you laying bricks or are you building cathedrals?
Allow health , wealth and happiness to flow through us and to us.
Stop prospecting for customers.
Start attracting partners in prosperity.
Find, Develop, Transform
Finding is the most difficult.
 Try the Sunshine Reward Program. Order $200 a month and enroll 2 more members.
The only time herbs don’t work is when people don’t take enough and don’t take it long enough.

Josh, InForm instructor
Those that are crazy enough to say they’ll change the world actually do.
I believe in it so much I am teaching it.
We want 15 of 100 people’s efforts.
Mike lost 65 pounds, triglycerides dropped from 340 to 84, blood pressure 125/75, blood sugar levels dropped. He had been on bad eating habits for 22 years and these results only took 9 months.

Became anorexic as a teenager and dropped 188 pounds to 82 pounds. Nature’s Sunshine products are the best products in the world. No other company out there that deals holistically with weight loss. InForm teaches you about internal beauty.

If you get your 100 grams of protein a day you are not hungry at all.  2 scoops of NutriBurn is 30 grams, a great way to start off the day.

Dr. Luis Pachecho MD
Nature’s Sunshine products are second to none in quality. They show:
Result oriented
Forbes 2013 Magazine reported America’s most trustworthy companies. Only 1 company made this list : Nature’s Sunshine.
Take care of your body. It is the only place you have to live.
1.       Cleanse and detoxify
2.       Build with natural proteins
3.       Supplement to maintain health every day.
Daily Essentials:
Super Trio
Cur Q Min
Smart Meal
Be the change you want to see. Be awesome.
For us quality is not just a word. Quality is how we show care and respect.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Zerenity, Relieves Anxiety in 20 Minutes, Dr. Jay Presentation in Kelowna and Calgary

Zerenity , the New Product is Amazing
Dr. Jay , ND, PH
In Kelowna on
Monday, September 8, 2014
At Ramada Inn at 6:45 pm

In Calgary
Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Zerenity, the new product, relieves anxiety, restores composure within 20 minutes.
Mineral Chi Tonic, an electrifying demonstration on its power
Success Stories
Biotracker , the new scale that tells you your Metabolic Age, Visceral Fat( the dangerous fat) etc.
Show up early and discover where your health is at.
TAFYH ,Taking Action For Your Health registration for the September sessions.
"If you don't take on your health where will you live."
Register with Donna Roth 250 764 2852

Nature's Sunshine is providing us with a $400 basket given as a draw to that person who invites guests.
We have a great team of about 25  people working hard to promote this event. Please come forward and become part of this great health movement . Contact Donna Roth 250 764 2852

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Cancer Success Story by Terry June 4/14.

Cancer Success Story by Terry June 4/14.
It was January, 2014 when Terry was diagnosed with cancer. He knew something was not right after so many bouts of suspicious vomiting. The diagnosis indicated that there were numerous tumours outside the duodenum and that some of these tumours were attached to the kidney. The tumour was placing an intense pressure on the urethra and to alleviate this, a surgical procedure was performed where a stint was placed into the urethra. Common medical treatments were recommended and Terry underwent 5 out of the suggested 8 chemo treatments. But each treatment gave him violent vomiting to the point of aspiration which gave him pneumonia. Then he got the flu and then more chemo. He was so very sick from these horrible side effects. Things were really rough and Terry could hardly walk.  If that was not bad enough there were also the radiation treatments to look forward to. This meant 5 weeks of more treatments. This whole thing just felt wrong.
 This is when Terry and Kris went on a search,  for a different way. They studied the Gershon clinic, Dr. Caldwell, Dr. Campbell, Food Matters, Forks Over Knives. They exposed themselves to many different ideas. Kris even interviewed 3 different Naturopathic doctors. Everything they researched so far was just too wish washy. Finally they came upon Dr. McLaughlin and studied his research on Paw Paw. Something felt right about his research and they called Nature’s Sunshine. This is where Donna Roth came into the picture. “ We looked on Donna’s website and I was numbed by the number of case studies.” Terry was very careful about taking on any program. He was skeptical and kept doing his research.. “ We listened to Barry’s  talk about the success he had with lung cancer using Donna’s Paw Paw program on the teleconference call that Donna has every Monday.” There was something very different here compared to all the other studies that Terry and Kris had done. “No one out there had a program like Donna Roth had and she was very confident about her program. She had studied herbs and had an MH with lots of testimonials and lots of experience. She had done her homework.” Terry finally called Donna even though he was very skeptical. Kris was determined to stand by him,” If this doesn’t work, you don’t have a future. It had to work.” Kris also interviewed the customer service lady about Nature’s Sunshine. “ They are clean, powerful and have integrity. We were pretty serious. There was no going backwards now. “Terry purchased the program and was ready to take this on. All sugars, alcohol,  grains, legumes, milk was eliminated. All medications that were being used for the prostate and for Rosacea were stopped. Terry began eating meats, proteins, lots of vegetables, nuts, seeds, berries. Each day Terry had two of those high dense Super Food Smoothies with Mineral Chi Tonic, Aloe Vera juice, Flax Lignans and Solstic Energy. He took Cat’s Claw and Paw Paw  with his meals and Protease Plus and Colostrum on an empty stomach. He took the oral chelation, MC to clean out heavy metals as there were mercury fillings to deal with. Terry visited his dentist to have all mercury fillings removed. With Donna’s instructions he took only Cat’s Claw and Silver to keep any infections from setting in. He did the One Day Kidney Flush and took Psyllium Hulls and LBS11 to keep his bowels moving.  Terry did exactly what Donna Roth asked him to do. Within 5 weeks Terry’s colour changed. The mucous he used to have was no longer there. Terry was no longer clearing his throat. He was able to sing and his legs got stronger. I have never seen him look so good. And we were able to go for a bike ride.”

 Just recently Terry returned from seeing his doctor who gave him the results of his tests. The blood  came up from where it was at the start but the really big thing was that the PET scan showed no tumours. They were gone! “Thank you so much , Donna for giving Terry back his future.”

Dr. Jay in Kelowna and Calgary

This is our Lucky Day!! And we are looking for a team!
If you recall Dr.Jay was not able to make his appearance in Kelowna due to stormy conditions in JUNE!
But he has agreed to do something special for us here in the WEST on:
Monday , September 9th @ 6:45 pm ( Smoothies)
In Kelowna at  the Ramada ( that will soon be confirmed)
Tuesday , September 10th
In Calgary , venue TBA.

New Product Launch with Dr. Jay
·         Dissipate anxiety in 20 minutes.
·         Repeat sales of 86% in the US.
·         Restores energy
·         Totally relaxes you
·         Composed and in control
·         I  take this one every day
·         If you can’t eat 10 tomatoes and 28 apples  every day do 1 oz of Chi!
·         Every single success story in my book Practical Solution to the Cancer Injury took it!
For every guest you invite your name goes into a $400 draw basket.
Last draw was won by Lynn and she shared it with all her guests  ! Lynn is so awesome!
I am looking for a team to help me reach the 100 registrations for Kelowna and 80 in Calgary.
Presently I express gratitude to the following who have so kindly offered to be on our team to help:
Kathy,  Lumby
Shirley ,Kelowna
Lorene , Duncan
Fran, Kelowna
Marlene, Vernon
Daniel, Calgary
Rick , Red Deer
Susan, Vancouver
Dianne, Kelowna

Pat, Vernon

Monday, August 4, 2014

From the Desk of Donna Roth August /2014 Updates

From the Desk of Donna Roth August /2014 Updates

Health = Life and Health =Wealth
Enjoy your summer fun and remember to take those Super Food Smoothies every day with:
Chinese Mineral Chi Tonic
Flax Hull Lignans
Collatrim Plus
Solstic Energy
I add NutriBurn and frozen berries to mine.

I see a lot of people suffering with colds lately. I think it is from too much ice cream, sugar foods and
air conditioners.  Just have Smoothies and use high doses of Cat's Claw 4 twice a day to move that out for you.
Please use my website for any herbal program  information you are searching for.

Many of you have been inquiring about TAFYH. I will be taking on
TAFYH teams starting the end of September. You can review TAFYH
on To date I have 19 people registered for the fall  TAFYH sessions.
The TAFYH leaders taking on teams presently are:

I am amazed as to how many people are afraid to use herbs. They have been told that herbs
are dangerous so here is my comments on this:
Herbs are all plant foods and safe and that is why they require no prescriptions.
Herbs grow in my garden: parsley, chives, horse radish, raspberry leaves, oregon grape.
They can also be pulverized and put into capsules. This does not change the safety of them.
Herbs are high dense nutrition qualified by scientific nutritional analysis.
Today you would have to eat 10 tomatoes and 28 apples to get the same nutrients that I tomato
and 1 apple gave you in 1941. All foods today have lost their nutrition by  present day agricultural
practices. That is why diabetes, cancer, heart disease, arthritis etc are all in epidemic stages.
We need to get this," We are suffering from serious nutritional deficiencies." Super Food Smoothies
and herbs are the answer!

The health results in doing TAFYH for 7 weeks is incredible.
 The price of TAFYH will be increasing in the new year.

Many of you have been asking me about my teleconference calls.
They will resume in September .
However you can go to the playback # to listen to the last call with:

Melissa  talks about autism and ADD/ADHD. Her 2 children no
longer have these diagnoses. Her little girl with autism has now been sent
to public school and her little boy no longer has violent ADD/ADHD outbreaks.

I talk about cancer , what it is and how to overcome it.
1 760 569 7699

Paw Paw
Many of you have been asking me about Paw Paw which is no longer available from the Nature's Sunshine warehouse.
The NPN# for Paw Paw has not been received as yet and this may take a year as Health Canada is behind in this work.
The law states that herbals without NPN#'s can no longer be sold in Canada .
Some of you have gone to your MP to try to speed up the NPN # for Paw Paw . That may work.

Other products:
Most of the products that are available from Nature's Sunshine have NPN #'s .
Nature's Sunshine is  happy to announce that they have received the NPNs for Super Trio (20), Stress Pack (3033) and Tei Fu Massage Lotion (3538).
These are the products that do not have NPN #'s and will not be available after August 31/2014.

Stock No.             Brand Name
557         Cholester-Reg II
964         IGS II
874         Enviro D-T-X
1078       All Cell Detox
4107       Bod-E-Klenz
4005       Tiao He Pak
4066       Noni
1112       X-A
1884       HS-C
515         Paw Paw

1517       Adrenal Support

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Newsletter From the Desk of Donna Roth June, 2014

Newsletter  From the Desk of Donna Roth June, 2014
I just want to extend my greatest appreciation to the 80 people who attended the Dr. Jay event in Kelowna. Unfortunately Dr. Jay’s flight was delayed by several hours in Green Bay, Wisconsin due to severe storms and he was not able to get to Kelowna. Consequently in the last hour our Nature’s Sunshine General Manager , Jennifer Cole, asked if I, Donna Roth,  could do a presentation for that evening. I quickly organized my thoughts and phoned a few people to help me. I want to thank these people who came forward in the last minute and stood up at the event to share their success stories.
Fran shared the story of her husband who cancelled his transurethral bypass surgery . He did the Paw Paw program. Fran is a TAFYH grad and leader.
Terry was in a serious car accident and after a kidney cleanse she went through back pain and a rash for a few days. Her back pain and rash is gone. Terry is a recent TAFYH grad.
Jacquie talked about TAFYH and how she has decided to join me in the vision for TAFYH. “ Donna’s vision for TAFYH is huge.” Jacquie is a TAFYH grad.
Bernice talked about the results she got for her heart problems. Bernice is a TAFYH grad.
Leif had a suspicious lung congestion and Paw Paw cleared it up.
Jan was diagnosed with double breast cancer. She had no surgery, no chemo, no radiation. She did the Paw Paw program and is in amazing health. Jan is a TAFYH grad.
Yvonne was acknowledged for helping Garry overcome throat/lung cancer in 2003 and to this day Garry who takes nutritional supplements daily is still cancer free. Garry was at the event only temporarily. Yvonne is a TAFYH grad.
Lynn was acknowledged for helping Jaunita overcome uterine cancer and for helping Ellen overcome colon cancer.
Juanita was there. She did the Paw Paw program and overcame uterine cancer. Juanita is a TAFYH grad.
Val talked about a lady she worked with to overcome soft cell carcinoma using the Paw Paw program.
Lillian talked about her experience with a serious infection and how she overcame it using the Cat’s Claw program. Lillian is a TAFYH grad.
Shirley talked about her serious intestinal dysfunction after taking antibiotics for infection. She overcame this issue by doing TAFYH. Shirley is a TAFYH grad.
Lisa talked about her little boy who no longer needs an assistant in school and gets A’s in his report cards by doing a therapeutic nutritional program.’
Pat was acknowledged for her wise comment,” And you don’t have to be a lawyer from Philadelphia to understand the lessons in TAFYH.” Pat is a TAFYH grad.
Val briefly talked about  the quality control labs in Nature’s Sunshine.  Val recently attended the Rising Star convention in Utah where she visited the Nature’s Sunshine quality control labs. Nature’s Sunshine houses 9 Research and Development Labs and their quality control is meticulous. It is beyond pharmaceutical grade.” Nature’s Sunshine products are the best quality controlled products in the world.”
Congratulations to Lynn Lindberg who won the $500 Nature’s Sunshine gift basket. She called her guests together and shared the basket with them.
The Dr. Jay Event in Vancouver
Dr. Jay did appear in Vancouver on Friday and I attended this event. There were 38 people in attendance. The person whose name was drawn for the big  Nature’s Sunshine gift basket did not show up with her party and consequently the basket went to Jacquelyn Johnston. I would like to share the high lights of Dr. Jay’s talk.
Everyone today is looking for that way to get more energy and therefore they spend money on energy drinks. Over 8 billion dollars was spent in 2012 on energy drinks. Energy drinks contain glucoronolactones which is a type of amphetamine that goes straight to the brain and causes addiction.
There is one important factor missing in the concept of energy and that is vitality. Life requires vitality and consciousness  (the ability to choose correctly). Today’s science and faulty medicine does not take consciousness into account and considers only the materialistic world which is only 3% of what the world has to offer. Just because we can’t see 97% of the universe does not mean it does not exist. We cannot see consciousness but it is there.  It allows us to choose dis ease or health. However to be able to freely choose we need empowerment and the knowledge of all that we are. OPTO  ERGO SUM I choose therefore I am. Stem cells injected into DNA in a lab setting cannot make life because consciousness is missing. In other words life is infused into matter by injecting consciousness.
Science is not for health . It is only for chronic care. 75% of all medical costs are due to chronic care. And chronic care does not take into account vital energy. It is vital energy that is needed to sustain health and that does not come from materialistic science.
There is a popular brand of vitamin/ mineral tablets on the market today that is totally toxic. It contains sodium selenite, nikelous sulfate, sodium borate etc.  that  are all man made ,are poison and cancer causing. It contains chemical isolates that have no vitality. This product is totally synthetic with no vitality and yet it is considered safe. What is missing in this product is consciousness and vitality. It is up to us to bring this awareness to the world and to choose a product with vitality. Choose Super Trio which is vital nutritional support with consciousness and a unique blend of macro and trace minerals.
If we want to heal our bodies we must put into our bodies something that is alive. You need to know what you are buying. What do the majority of the population do . They buy drugs and take them too. All drugs are chemo therapy. There is no vitality in them.  “Every single drug known to man depletes CoQ10  and all of you need to be taking crystal free CoQ10 from Nature’s Sunshine.”Many go to various stores to buy herbs and minerals. “You are wasting your money on what you are buying as there is no vitality in these products.”
To demonstrate vitality Dr. Jay used a light bulb attached to 2 prongs and inserted these prongs into 3 different mineral solutions;
Undisclosed brand name liquid mineral , the light bulb showed a faint light
Nature’s Sunshine Ionic Minerals, the light bulb showed a little brighter light.
Nature’s Sunshine Chinese Mineral Chi Tonic , the light bulb glowed with intensity.
Dr.Jay talked about the vitality of Green Zone. It is nutrient dense , high phytonutrient , high vitality protein with 36 green whole and super food ingredients from the land and the sea plus minerals , amino acids, fatty acids, chlorophyll, bioflavanoids and antioxidants. “ Put it into your Smoothie!”
Why must you choose with consciousness the brand , Nature’s Sunshine?
1.Nature’s Sunshine has been in the vital energy business since 1972.
2. Nature’s Sunshine’s quality ensures there is no contaminant in any of their supplements and whole foods to change the vitality of the products.
3.Nature’s Sunshine has a vast Herbal Proprietary inventory of vital energy.
4. Most of the Nature’s Sunshine products are wild crafted and from the wild.
5.Nature’s Sunshine ensures that all dried herbs have a 20% moisture content which is crucial for the dried herbs to maintain that vitality. “You have to know what you are doing when drying herbs.”

In conclusion Dr. Jay stated that we need to pay attention to vital energies using vital energy products from Nature’s Sunshine. “ You have to fix yourself. The practitioner cannot fix you. Natural health is common sense. Bones knit all on their own and you can heal your own body. Take vital nutrition and allow time and patience and you will heal.”

Maria was present at the Vancouver event.
Maria was diagnosed with a tumour in her brain area near the pituitary. She was eating the right foods and purchasing supplements from a health food store and this she did for a period of a whole year. When she went to the doctor for tumour marker testing to her dismay her tumour markers increased and now the tumour markers were at 349 and normal is 180. What was she doing wrong?  She was following what appeared to be a decent program. This is when a friend asked her to call Donna Roth and at the beginning  of May, after a consultation with Donna Roth,  she started the Paw Paw program. Within 9 days her tumour markers dropped by 75 points down to 276. Maria was elated and wanted to know what was different from the program she was previously following. My response to this was quality control. All the products from Nature’s Sunshine are vigorously tested to ensure high energy and high nutrient contents. She continued the Paw Paw program and when the next test happened her markers were down by 50 more points to 226. She is almost back to the normal range. Yeah for Maria!!

Friday, May 23, 2014

My Learnings from the I Inspire NSP Cruise May 2014

My Learnings  from the I Inspire NSP Cruise  May 2014
I have always said that my University is the people that I come in contact with as I travel and listen. Those incidental  inspired moments of conversation are precious. The I Inspire cruise  was, of course, ideal  for such learnings  and I would like to share them with you.

Jasse is from the Vancouver area. Her job was prestigious . She was the Principal of her school. However, there was one serious complication that prevented her from continuing the career she so loved and that is that her health was in serious trouble. She was forced to quit her Principal’s job and focus on her health. In doing so she started a practice, a health practice. Her health slowly improved over a period of 6 years with the vitamins that she was taking. But she was looking for more than just vitamins. She knew that there was more to this than vitamins. In her silent decision to search out the “more” she came across Nature’s Sunshine products at the Dr. Jerry McLaughlin event in Vancouver. Wow! This was it! A meticulously quality controlled product line that offered a wide variety of herbs, super foods and supplements. Jasse was on board! The first thing she did was try out a program designed for her own specific health problems. “ In 6 weeks of doing this program I got 6 years of health improvement!” To date Jasse has used Nature’s Sunshine products in her practice. She has helped many people and as a result she was able to win the I Inspire cruise.
Kathy was there from the Okanagan area. She is the upline to Jasse. She has used Nature’s Sunshine products for about 20 years with amazing results in her clinic. Her profound words,” Nothing happens by chance. We are all here at the right place at the right time. This is about bonding and friendship.”
Lucy was the winning NSP Manager from Nanaimo. She is a massage practitioner in her own Health Centre  and she has also chosen Nature’s Sunshine products as her product line. Her object is to build a team when it comes to Nature’s Sunshine events. The Dr. DeVisser event in Nanaimo boasted an amazing attendance of 80 people. Her motto, “ 10 people bring 10 people. Success stories speak loud and clear. It is about commitment and accountability.”
Loretta was another winning Manager from BC. She is the owner of a Wellness Center 

She was a looking for a reliable quality controlled product line and discovered Nature’s Sunshine online. I loved her excitement and enthusiasm when she discovered the changes that these products had made in the lives of the many people who won this cruise. She looked me straight in the eyes with a statement of authority, “ I will make you a millionaire!”

Paul and his wife are from Austin , Texas. They met at the University of Waterloo in Canada where they both received their university degrees . Paul received his degree as an Electrical Engineer and his work was in the area of cellular communication. Then one day the tide turned. Paul became afflicted with a type of allergy asthma. For 20 years Paul regularly visited the same doctor in Austin, Texas who followed the same procedure during every visit and that is write out a prescription. One day, after hundreds of visits over the span of 20 years, Paul discovered that something was not quite right with this picture. Nothing changed in his health . He still suffered with allergies and asthma. He proceeded to tell the doctor that there must be another way. The doctor’s response was ,” We’ll see you in the spring,” That was the last visit Paul ever had with this doctor. He found the other way. It so happened that his wife took on the search. She was at home surfing the internet for herbal remedies for allergies and asthma. Shortly thereafter they bumped into a friend who told them to go to the neighbouring store to inquire about Nature’s Sunshine products. The store owner advised Paul to take high doses of AL-J and AL-C . Paul took him up on this advise .” I took high doses of both products as recommended and within 15 minutes I noticed a significant difference.” This was a huge discovery and a big turning point in Paul’s life. Paul gave up his career in cellular communication and today he and his wife do a full time Nature’s Sunshine business helping people to a happier healthier life.
One day when the wind was blowing and the rain was coming down my husband and I decided to have lunch in the classy dining hall. It wasn’t long before Karen was guided to sit at our table and of course we struck a conversation. Karen is a practicing medical doctor who happened to be on the cruise because she qualified to attend as a Nature’s Sunshine business associate. I immediately asked if she found this to be in conflict of interest knowing that she was obligated to hold a professional membership with her College of Physicians. She confidently replied that she freely uses Nature’s Sunshine products in her practice with the 30 or so patients that she sees on a daily basis. “No one has told me otherwise and I continue to do this. I am helping a lot of people.”She also told me that there are a lot of doctors out there who share the same beliefs that she does ;that nutrition is needed to heal a sick people. When I told her about my book, Practical Solution to the Cancer Injury, she immediately ordered a copy then proceeded to tell me something I thought I would never hear from a doctor. “There will come a time when you will be teaching us, the medical doctors, what it is that you know about herbal healing.” I loved those words. There is a silent movement out there even among the practicing doctors to embrace herbal nutrition , to embrace our teachings and to stand on the same grounds as we do for the same purpose “ to make a difference in this world. “

Jerry and Kathy are store owners of a country store in Illinois.. The main product line in their store is Nature’s Sunshine. They were the chosen winners of the top Nature’s Sunshine distributors of the year at the recent NSP convention in Cincinnati, Ohio. Jerry was one of our speakers. “ There are so many folks out there that need to get this message. We have a life changing message, a powerful message of hope and health for the world that desperately needs it.” Then he said something that really struck me. “ We don’t have to say much in portraying our message as 93% of the message comes from nonverbal communication.” Then Jerry proceeded to demonstrate his nonverbal method with a few chosen simple words using the power of passion, passion to proceed , pursue and prevail ! This was so profoundly simple yet so moving! It became very clear to me that it is our passion behind the message that reaches the hearts of people more than any other trick in the book. And passion requires no education. It speaks for itself.

Marta was one of the speakers. She had only been with Nature’s Sunshine for 3 years and doing a very successful business. Her method is also very simple. There are 5 Chinese constitutional elements and for most people these elements are all in a weakened state. Marta recommends that everyone purchase all 5 herbal combinations to strengthen all 5 elements, HS-C  for Fire, UC-C for Earth, LH-C for Metal, KB-C for Water, BP-C for Wood . “Take 2 of each every day.” Results are profound!

Jennifer has been with Nature’s Sunshine for 38 years and her residual income brings her about $30,000 a month. She knows people who make well over $100,000 a month.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Linda, No Energy, Low Iron

Linda, No Energy , Low Iron

Linda came to see me in Dec 2013 because her energy levels were extremely low , her iron levels were extremely low and her muscles felt like mush. As in every therapeutic nutrition program that is designed foods that cause inflammation are all eliminated including all sugars, all grains, all legumes and milk.  Linda agreed to do this and to eat meats, veggies, nuts, seeds , berries and drink water . Being on a limited budget , Linda took on just the basic products , Mineral Chi Tonic 1 oz twice a day, Cat’s Claw about 8 a day to activate the lymphatic system to move out all that waste debris from the blood and move out all that infection through the elimination channels . Then she took Cascara Sagrada to help her bowels to eliminate this waste and magnesium to help restore muscle strength. Linda did this program faithfully for 6 weeks during which time she had blood work done. And guess what! The iron levels were back to normal and the blood work was all normal for the first time in many years. The other very noticeable thing was the menstrual cycle for Linda. Where she in the past suffered from heavy abnormal bleeding in the past , now the menstrual bleeding was half that amount and half the time. Linda felt really quite well and never really thought that the therapeutic nutritional program was needed any longer .So she did what most people do . She fell off the program . Three months later she felt a lowered energy and off she goes to see the doctor for more blood work. The iron levels are down once again. Linda now knows that high dense therapeutic nutrition is essential for her good health maintenance and she is back on the program. “ This is really good stuff!” She has since purchased a Mud Pies and has signed up to do the next TAFYH session.


Have you been surfing the internet for hours on end looking for a solution to your health problem only to find confusion , contradiction and conspiracy ?
Are you frustrated with all this information overload ?
Have you had enough?
 Are you will willing to commit to change ?
 TAFYH is the answer you have been looking for.
 TAFYH,  Taking Action For Your Health is the excitement of this day.
Everyone is talking TAFYH.

Description   Daily Science-based action steps for your health.
Yes!  All in 15 minutes a day!
Imagine one member of each family taking part in the TAFYH project.
They would be equipped to confidently tackle most health issues,
be they headaches, ‘flu, arthritis, or cancer.

Format: interactive
Time: 15 minutes via teleconference calls daily, Monday-Friday. 
Duration: 34 lessons
•          Daily interaction
•          Daily accountability and commitments 
•          Daily educational presentations
•          Daily script e-mailed after each call.  
One-on-one coaching
Increasing confidence levels.
Maximum 6 per group. 
Investment: Launched at  $277.00 plus cost of herbals. 
Opportunity :  Train to become a TAFYH leader and lead your own team into health and wellness.
Please contact Donna Roth to register 250 764 2852

TAFYH Successes from TAFYH Grads
Dr. Bill reduced his heart medications by 90%.
Dr. Joen has lost 15 lb and her thyroid meds have been reduced by 50%.
One lady has seen a decrease of 30% in the breast tumour and her mobility has returned (arthritis).
Dr. J used the TAFYH information for a serious heart attack incident.
Frank’s prostate cancer is gone.
Donna was able to wean off all asthma, blood pressure and cholesterol medication.
Victoria's brain fog is gone and her energy is restored in following TAFYH.
Val’s husband did not have to have a phlebotomy for 10 weeks when previous to this the phlebotomy was happening twice a week.
Diana says TAFYH has saved her husband's life.
Lara’s eczema is gone.
Susan’s eczema is gone.
Bonnie reduced her depression medication from every day  to once in 4 days.
Jan diagnosed with breast cancer has her energy back .
Baljit’s insulin dropped from 63 units per day to 12 units per day.

Intention for the project:
1.         To improve health dramatically and to be empowered to do so.
2.         To set the stage for your health for the rest of your life
3.         To help others to do the same
4.         To be committed to being on time and to do the assignments.
"A healthy body is warm, full of vigor, radiant energy, magnetism, beauty and power. " Dr. Blass

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Lung Cancer Success Story

Hello everyone, This my husband’s experience, his fight with lung cancer. For one year prior to his being diagnosed he battled a terrible, terrible cough and was prescribed  antibiotics about every two or three months. The lower lobe of the left lung was partially collapsed and Ralph had experienced a heart attack in July 2009. He had been a very heavy smoker for many years.  We both thought this was a smoker’s cough. We went to the walk- in clinic in July 2012 and asked if he could have an x-ray. He got an x-ray then we went to our doctor to get the results and were told that they wanted him to have a C-T scan because there was a growth in the lung. He had a C-T scan. He was called to come in for results from his doctor and then he was sent to a Thoracic Specialist in Kelowna.The specialist  told us my husband had lung cancer. They wanted to do a biopsy of the growth that the CT scan had shown in the lung. They said they would call and set up the appointment. When they called, my husband said, " No." He had watched his brother die from lung cancer and he did everything the doctors required ; biopsy, chemo, radiation . There was no quality of life Even after having completed the doctors’ recommendations he died in less than 6 months. He was all drugged up, his hair had all fallen out and he was not himself.
“ No! “Ralph said no to it all. He knew that what the doctor was offering him would not help. Ralph said,
 “  If it is going to kill me I want to enjoy whatever time I have.” Thanks to our knowing Chuck & Juanita. Juanita had beaten her own personal cancer and we found out about the Paw Paw and the change of eating. Ralph agreed to see Donna Roth and to follow the same plan that Juanita had followed. He was willing to try this program. Ralph was a heavy coffee drinker with cream and sugar 12 or more cups a day, loved his bread and potatoes. Ralph knew that if it worked for Jaunita then it would work for him . He had total confidence that it would work for him as well. He would do this without informing his doctor. Cold turkey he quit iti all: all coffee, sugar, all grains, dairy & starchy foods in the first week of Aug 2012 and started the Paw Paw herb capsules working up to 12 a day along with Protease Plus, Cat’s Claw and Smoothies with Chinese Mineral Chi Tonic , Collatrim Plus , Psyllium Hulls, Flax Lignans. In August when he started  he could not walk up 2 steps. He just had no strength in his legs and he had a very difficult time breathing as he also had a case of emphysema. In September he was very grey looking and it appeared as if nothing was really making a difference. He still had a bad cough and felt very weak. But we just kept going because nothing is going to get better if you have had a problem for such a long time In October he ended up with a case of drop foot where he couldn’t pick up his toes to walk properly.Ralph was very concerned about that and went to see a chiropractor. At this point Ralph decided to do certain exercises. By November the drop foot was gone and he began to start walking up flights of stairs which just  kept continually improving. In January of 2013 he noticed the cough was not so bad and he was breathing better. We had another CT scan done in January  2013 and they could not find the growth but there was still something in the lung and in the bronchi.Ralph just kept up with his program.  By Feb. 2013 his cough was totally gone and he was walking up 4 flights of stairs with no shortage of breath at all. We just continued our new way of eating (Ralph went from 235lbs to 165lbs) I thought he looked great. We had another CT scan done in June 2013 and the lungs were totally clear but the bronchial showed something. Ralph continued to stay on the program. We just had another CT scan in Dec. 2013 and got the results in Jan 14, 2014. The lungs are still clear and the bronchi is 100% clear as well. Not only has the cancer gone but so has the emphysema. We are extremely happy. Thanks to Paw Paw and to Juanita & the change in eating. Thanks to Lynn and to Donna for their help. Thanks to Nature’s Sunshine for the excellent products .Very well worth it! ····Val