Saturday, March 9, 2019

Successes from TAFYH team 46

Successes from TAFYH team 46
BSQ dropped from 51, Intestinal 6 to 3, Circulation 5 to 3, Nerves 7 to 3, Glandular 9 to 4, Reprod, 7 to 3
Cravings are gone
Absented mindedness gone
Dry patches of skin gone
Feeling of fullness gone
Thyroid is working better
Lost 7 pounds
Balanced hormones
More energy
Huge success in getting rid of Candida
Body temperature increased to 36.5
I am 100% responsible for my own health.
TAFYH takes away all the fear
TAFYH teaches you to have a relationship with foods
Diet in TAFYH is about rebuilding not about taking away.
A diagnosis is a symptom of a toxic overload

BSQ dropped from 10 to 8, Circulation 4 to 2, Glandular 2 to 0
Weight decreased from 138 to 130.6
Low blood pressure has increased
Foggy brain is gone
More positive attitude
General health has improved
Sleep is better
Gained an understanding on how to use herbs.
I have 2 kids and 3 jobs so it was hard for me but I made it work.
Diet changes are difficult at first but  then a routine was established
Well-rounded and well versed
In regards to vaccinations I now have a better feel for opinions.

BSQ dropped  Urinary dropped from 12 to 6, Circulation 10 to 2, Nerves 8 to 4, Glandular 12 to 6
High white blood cell count has dropped to normal,
Body temperature has increased from 36.2 to 36.8
Blood work has improved
Lost 5 pounds
One medication is gone
Strengthened my heart
I loved the course and got my whole family involved in taking this course
I have to address my 40 year old root canala
TAFYH is 35 very informative lessons

BSQ dropped  31 to 22 Dig 2 to 0, Nerves 4 to 3, Intest 4 to 3, Hepatic 3 to 2, Urinary 3 to 1, Gl 5 to 3
Candida saliva test improved dramatically
Body temperature increased from 97.2 to 98.4
Stopped nail biting
Plaque is crumbling off my teeth
Night sweats are gone
Muscle pain is gone
Bladder urgency is gone

Feels so much better
Confidence is up
Learned to cheer for people
TAFYH takes all the guess work out
We feel the difference and we are the difference
TAFYH gives you a clear set of tools for health success
All the success stories give people hope
MS. Cancer, Parkinson’s can be overcome and have been overcome

 BSQ dropped from 59 to 24, Structural 9 to 2, Glandular 8 to 4
Candida Saliva test showed clear
Lost 12 pounds
Body temperature increased from 97.1 to 98.4
Mental sluggishness is gone
Bloating is gone
Energy is up
Dry stools gone
Stiff achy muscles gone
Backache gone
Rosacea disappeared
Painful knees gone and can get up and down easily
Got the rest of my family doing this.
Easy to grasp concepts
Vaccinations, root canals, and 150 chemicals cause inflammation and toxic overloadf
Down to Earth and honesty in health
We don’t have to fear
We learned how to stay away from doctors except in emergency situations

Successes from TAFYH Team 47 March 2019

Successes from TAFYH Team 47 March 2019
BSQ 83 dropped to 23. Immune from 11 to 3, Respiratory form 10 to 2
Body temperature increased from 36.6 to 36.9
Lost 4 pounds
Energy levels jumped up
Muscle and joint tightness gone
Flexibility improved
Dry cough and anemia gone
Bloating gone
Resolved grief
Shortness of breath gone
Infection is gone
Singing up a storm
Sleeping well.
People are searching outside the box and TAFYH makes that happen,
We can be the change we want to be
We can take back our power and take control
In TAFYH we witness tangible changes
We can touch multiple generations through TAFYH.
TAFYH leadership training.

BSQ dropped from 18 to 9 Nerves from 6 to 2, Glandular from  5 to 4 Circulation from 4 to 2
Body temperature 97.9 to 98.4 is perfect
Sleep improved dramatically
Coping with stress improved
A lot more in control in high stressed work
I love the routine and structure in TAFYHt
If you don’t take care of your body where will you live.
Visualizing your perfect state of health is powerful
Success stories tied to the learning was powerful
Makes us think what is important; thorough and in depth
Take what I have learned and lead by example
There are many things that pull us into a different direction.
Its your life, its your health
TAFYH leadership training

BSQ dropped from 29 to 14. Circulation  7 to 2, Nerves  5 to 3, Digestive  3 to 2 Glandular 3 to 2
Body temperature 98.1 to 98.3
Candida saliva test improved
Absent mindedness and fogginess gone
Fatigue gone
More energetic
Spring out of bed
Best Mom
Cravings for sugar gone
Hair color brightened
This is to notch material
Health is wealth and the price of the course is of great value.
It’s my job to share this knowledge in a respectful manner
TAFYH leadership training

BSQ 51 dropped to 45, Circulation 6 to 5 , Glandular 9 to 8, Nerves 8 increased to 10
Body temperature increased from 36.4 to 36.8
Sleep is better
Good kidney flow
Achy knees and ankles gone
Blood pressure is normal and off medications
I learned something new every day
We need to remove the wrong information from the past
No where is there a mention of herbs and vitamins in the health care system.
Follow your true and clear conscience.

BSQ 65 dropped to 28 Glandular 11 to 5, Digestive 9 to 2, Nerves 9 to 4
Body temperature increased from 35.5 to 36.5
Weight decreased from 171 to 154 ; lost 17 pounds
Blood sugar levels dropped from 11 to 7
Insulin levels reduced from 28 units to 20 units
Cravings for sugar gone.
Right lung pressure and soreness have alleviated
I stepped out on the limb and its not a popular choice

BSQ dropped from 92 to 65; Hepatic 10 to 6, Structural 8 to 2, Immune 11 to 6,
Weight decreased from 282 to 254; lost 18 pounds
More energy
Candida saliva test improved
Extreme vertigo has improved
Major migraine headaches have subsided  in the last 2 weeks
The constant daily headaches now have less impact
Function so much better
Improvement in brain injury and off the drugs
Each year they give one more medication to offset the side effects
Mentally stronger
Depression gone
Blood pressure is normal, and medications are gone
No longer on medications
This is the tool to my recovery
Learned to talk only to those who listen