Sunday, May 13, 2018

Your Body is Created to Heal

Your Body is Created to Heal
Your body, your brain, your organs, your glands, your bones are created to heal in every capacity.
But you must do your part in helping the healing process. You follow the Laws of Nature!
You must feed your stem cells! They are your little inner carpenters. Give them the nutrition they need, clean out the toxic debris that obstructs circulation of oxygen, energy and nutrients. And guess what ? Those little carpenters, the stem cells,  do the rest for you. Your health  can 
be accomplished using designer herbal formulas provided for you by Nature’s Sunshine. I express
my deepest appreciation to the wise scientists that have worked diligently at the Nature’s Sunshine
labs to develop herbal formulas that are able to clean out heavy metals from the brain and arteries
and organs of your body. Some of them have spent years in research and study. 
 Dr. McCausland over a year to design our oral chelation tablet, MC .
 Dr. Jerry McLaughlin spent 20 years researching Paw Pawfor cancer.
 Dr. Trip  spent several years developing Zerenity which brings down the swelling of the
amygdala in the brain which controls emotions, memory, anxiety, and pain.
 Dr. Kelly designed ULC-R to wipe out H Pylori bacteria in your stomach. 
Dr. Christopher developed the I-X formula to increase ironcontent in the blood stream.

Not only do we have the best herbal formulas but  we also have thousands   who have taken the Nature’s Sunshine products, followed therapeutic nutritional programs and restored their health. Here is a powerful quote from Diane, a great NSP leader, a great friend, a TAFYH grad with a great success story.
“I know for a fact you can heal naturally. I was paralyzed from my head to my toes with Multiple Sclerosis and eventually learned how to heal symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis, Chronic Fatigue, fibromyalgia. It changed my life. Its why I use that experience and training to help others. “By Diane 

My message to all is that we have the answers! They lie in the power of the Laws of Nature! And no you do not have to go to Mexico or find a guru to heal you. And if it so happens that your body is not progressing in the healing you are expecting then there is a poison causing the inflammation, obstructing blood flow. This is where my years of education comes into play. I help you discover the source of your inflammation.  The power is within you if you just have the know-how! Just know you must learn the 5 pillars to health:
I urge you to attend my Monday night call at 5:45 pm PST.
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Monday, May 7, 2018

Steven Horne and Gastrointestinal Health

Steven Horne and Gastrointestinal Health
The medical model is trained in treating diseases. You first get a diagnosis followed by prescribed codes for the right treatment. They are treating names. It just doesn’t work that way. What they don’t know is that 50% of the time it is a gastrointestinal problem. All chronic degenerative conditions are the result of a GI issue. There are actual marketing companies that come up with new names of diseases for new drugs.
It all starts with acid indigestion. So off to the drug store to purchase antacid pills. Pretty soon that does not work so off to the doctor to get acid blockers.
6 million Americans take antacids 2014
170 million Americans take acid blockers 2014
But neutralizing the acids does not solve the problem. The stomach secretes HCl for digestion purposes. Lack of HCl leads to poor absorption of minerals and proteins which of course results in structural issues. Stomach acids also control the bacteria that enters the digestive tract. With a lack of HCl there is no control of the bacteria and that leads to dysbiosis. It is way more common to have low stomach acids than too much stomach acid. The older you get the less stomach acid you have. Now note it takes zinc to make HCl! Everyone should be taking Zinc!
How do you know if you have low stomach acids?
If foods sit in the stomach
If there is acid indigestion
If there is gas, bloating and belching
Then you have lack of stomach acids HCl.
You are not absorbing your minerals.
You have too much bacteria in the intestines
You have an elevation of cortisol.
Solution is to take Protein Digestive Aids and Digestive Enzymes and have a glass of water with Lobelia.
Drink Water with a pinch of salt.. The chloride in salt helps to make HCl.
Now what happens when you get an infection?
You take an antibiotic.
The antibiotic lowers your probiotic bacteria and the result is:
Leaky gut
With pain in multiple joints, chronic allergies, hives, eczema, psoriasis, chronic fatigue, food allergies, chemical sensitivities.
The antibiotic then crosses the blood brain barrier and you end up with leaky brain. The probiotic bacteria is totally robbed from the brain and the result is migraine headaches, brain fog, chronic depression.
With a total deficiency of probiotic bacteria, the end result is SIBO small intestinal bacteria overgrowth
Disease associated with SIBO are numerous:
B12 deficiency
Celiac disease
Chronic Fatigue
H Pylori Bacteria
Liver Cirrhosis
Fatty liver
Restless leg
Rheumatoid Arthritis
1.       Cat’s Claw
2.       Collatrim Plus
3.       ULC-R
4.       Berberine
5.       LBS11
6.       Berberine
7.       Probiotic
Do the Clean Start cleanse
Para Pak
Candida Clear

Thursday, May 3, 2018

Western Speaking Tour

My next event is on Saturday, June 2/2018 
At the Kelowna Golf and Country Club 
9:30 a,m breakfast meeting.
The fee is $20
Please bring a friend and become part of this great health movement.

Western Speaking Tour
What a great adventure! I was honoured to be asked by our General Manager of Natures Sunshine to be the designated guest speaker for Western Canada during the month of April. First stop was Winnipeg with 47 people in attendance. I thank my really great Winnipeg friend, Marianne, who so graciously invited several people to attend my event. I was pleasantly suprised by the excellent reviews I received from this crowd. They could see that  by following the Laws of Nature your body can heal. Your body is created to heal. Every organ and gland of your body  has stem cells to replicate healthy cells for you but you must do your part. You must stop putting into your body toxic waste debris that blocks the flow of oxygen and nutrients to the stem cells and you must provide your body with high dense nutrition as necessary building blocks for your little carpenters , the stem cells, so they can do their work.
Present at the Winnipeg event was my friend, Allan the pharmacist, who had a long time ago changed his pharmacist career to a holistic practitioner. He made a profound comment that made everyone think.He once challenged a doctor that he would take one of every 10 herbals from his shelf if the doctor would take 1 of every drug that was on his shelf. Guess what!! That challenge never happened. The doctor was too afraid to take any of the drugs that he was prescribing to sick people! Then my pharmacist friend said this," Every poison is a drug and every drug is a poison."
Next stop was Saskatoon with 53 people in attendance. Thanks to Marilyn and her team who helped to organize this event in Saskatoon. It was great to see Wayne and my  TAFYH grads, Marilyn and Kim.Once again my presentation was very well received. But it amazes me that people are hesitant to do a herbal program even in their suffering state. " Drugs are free and herbs cost money!" I am proud to say that I have not taken a drug for 35 years even though they are free! I do not want even free drugs to be poisoning my body!
St. Albert was an exciting stop. This is where I had an opportunity to meet Matin and his wife. In 2015 Matin's Mother from Kazakhstan was diagnosed with cancer. She could only speak Russian but with Matin's translation and my education Matin's Mother was on board and Matin sent out 3 packages at three different times so she would do the Paw Paw program in her home territory. Today Matin's Mother is cancer free! Matin was happy to stand up in St. Albert to confirm that his Mother is cancer free!! It was great to see Bev and Danika from  Williams Lake and some of my TAFYH grads, June and Colleen who were excited to attend this event.
Red Deer was also well attended with 63 people thanks to Cheryl and Terry and their work in this area. Cheryl is an ND who does great work with Blood Analyses, Both Cheryl and Terry attended the St. Albert and the Red Deer Event. At this point I want to acknowledge, Shannon, also a Blood Analyst , who drove all the way from Dawson Creek to attend not only the Red Deer event but also the St. Albert event. Shannon, Cheryl and Terry totally understand the significant value this educational presentation has on health so that they can better help others to a healthier happier life.
Vancouver was the next stop with 20 people in attendance. Vancouver was fun, interactive and the attendees totally appreciated the information that I presented to them. Thank you to Phyll who told us how she overcame Rheumatoid Arthritis using the program along with doing the One Day Kidney Flush once a week for 6 months. Even the new people who attended got on board to better their health.
Kelowna, the last stop with 57 people. Thank you to Lynn and her team for organizing this event.This is my home territory and I thank my great supporters who attended this event and brought guests.Thank you to Bill and Sharon who drove from Nelson to be there. Bill and Sharon both lost over 30 pounds and Bill has restored his memory. Nan was there and she got great results after being diagnosed with Alzheimer's.
Thank you to the many people who came up to me to thank me for my profound presentation.It is a very different way of thinking! This is about transforming the health of nations. I will continue to educate this truth because I know that truth eventually prevails." You can fool some of the people some of the time but you can't fool all of the people all of the time." The truth is that drugs cannot fix your sick body and the truth is that you need to clean out that debris that is blocking the blood from delivering nutrient energy to you cells and tissues and the truth is you need nutrition to fix it!

My Vitality Fuel Package:
Red: Essential Liquid Minerals ( instead of Chi Tonic at this time) Stem cells need minerals.
Yellow: Flax Hull Lignans to bind toxic xenoestrogens
Orange: Solstic Energy
White : Collatrim Plus , collagen powder to heal leaky gut
Blue: Water with Zambroza
Green: Chlorophyll to clean the blood

My Vitality Herbal Package:
Red: Brain and Nerves: Focus ATN and Super Oil
Yellow: Lymphatics;  Cat's Claw
White: For all your tubes : Probiotic 11
Blue:Cerebral Spinal Fluids and kidneys : K
Green: Electrical System and liver; LIV-C