Monday, March 2, 2020

TeleCall with Lillian and Donna

Lillian reports on TAFYH and her health results.
Donna Roth presents Cancer Starts from an Injury

Cancer Starts from an Injury

Cancer starts from an injury. How do I know this? There is continuous cell replication happening in cancer. It is the body’s natural attempt to repair an injury. One thing everyone must know is that cells do not randomly replicate in your body.  As Dr. McDougal says, Cells have rules. They don’t randomly replicate. They replicate when there is a wound and they stop replicating when the wound is healed. In other words, cells in your body follow the Laws of Nature. There is an injury, a wound and the stem cells are called upon to repair that injury. Your body is created to heal weather the healing is on the outside as in a broken bone or there is an injury in the inside as in cancer this is the Law of Nature; your body will heal.
There are many reasons why cells get injured in your body. So lets investigate some of these reasons:
Physical injuries; a fall; in my case in January I had a bad ski fall and I dislocated my elbow. The doctor put it back into place and now it is in the process of healing. Car accidents and other accidents.
Radiation burns
Root canals
Radiation burns
Nutritional deficiencies: you get chapped lips from a deficiency of Omega 3; Thyroid injuries happen from an iodine deficiency. Black Walnut, Kelp and Green Zone, Spirulina are loaded with iodine. Infections happen when there is a Vit A, D and C deficiency. Rosehips are great to fill this void. Scurvy happens when there is a Vit C deficiency. Joints don’t heal when there is a collagen deficiency. Cavities in our teeth happen when the calcium and minerals are leached from our teeth sugar. Think of what sugar does to your inner organs. Cancer happens when there is a whole plethora of nutrient deficiencies. We are eating energetically dead foods in our society. It is scientifically documented that you would have to eat 10 tomatoes today to give you the same nutrient value that one tomato gave you in 1941.
There is an injury in your body. The brain sends a message to the injured area and sets up an ionic fried that trigger the stem cells into action. They are your little inner carpenters. Every organ and gland and bone have stem cells ready to take action when they are called to replicate healthy cells to heal an injury. This is when the whole process of cell replication starts. So why are the stem cells replicating mutated cells?
Inflammation answers that question.
Think of the foods you have been thoughtlessly putting into your body.
Grains; contain lectins that are known to cause leaky gut. Lectins poke holes in the gut and get into the blood stream and make the blood sticky and heavy. They then settle in vulnerable areas of your body and cause inflammation, an irritation of the cells and tissues. They prevent nutrients from reaching those areas. Lectins can accumulate in the gall bladder and cause gall stones. Lectins can accumulate in the joints and cause joint injury. Interestingly it is glucosamine that can bind these lectins and move them out. Glucosamine is then awesome for healing of joints as in arthritis.
Glyphosates as found in Round Up used as a herbicide is found in all wheat, barley rye, oats. It was initially used as a descaling agent to clean out boilers and steam pipes in the 1950’s. It is a chelator. It is known to grab minerals and make them bio unavailable to the plant and to anyone who consumes it. It is known to lower the mineral content of the plant and the minerals content of animals. It decrease conception rates in pigs by 30% and causes pseudo pregnancies where the there were no pigs born. It wipes out the good bacteria and exposes the body to harmful pathogens. It has caused botulism in cattle and infections in chickens. It mimics glysine, an important protein in our body and our bodies become protein and collagen deficient.

Candida fed my sugar, antibiotics, drugs causes inflammation. Candida grows tendrils that poke holes in the gut membrane causing leaky gut. It gets into the blood stream and slows down oxygen and nutrients flow.  It robs the good microbiomes. It makes xenoestrogens that affect the functions of your thyroid. It slows down metabolism. It makes ethanol alcohol and causes non alcoholic liver disease. It stops the production of collagen in your body.
Vaccinations with aluminum, mercury, foreign proteins are injected directly into your muscular structure. They settle in vulnerable areas and cause inflammation. They cross the blood brain barrier and settle in the brain. They cause a whole host of problems.
Over half of America’s children (54%) have one or more chronic health conditions.
• One in every two (49.5%) 13-18-year old’s have been diagnosed with at least one mental health disorder.
• One in every six American children (17%) has a developmental disability according to the CDC.
• One in every eight American children (14%) requires special educations services.
• One in twelve American children has asthma (8.4%).
• One in every 13 American children has at least one food allergy and two fifths of those with food allergies
have a history of severe reactions including deadly peanut allergies.
• One in 285 U.S. children will be diagnosed with cancer before their 20th birthday.
Each year, an estimated 15,780 U.S. children and adolescents ages 0 to 19 will be diagnosed with cancer

Dr. Hamer states that acid toxins inflame the body when there are strong emotions; anger, hatred, unforgiveness.
We are eating GMO foods, energetically dead foods.
There are chemicals in our household products, toxins in our water from all the drug and vaccination, agricultural sprays. There are chemicals in our air. These all contribute to inflammation.
All of these poisons clog up the entire circulatory system The body temperature drops. The blood is sticky and heavy. The oxygen and nutrients cannot reach the injured area. When the oxygen levels to the injured area drops to below 35% then oxidation process for the purpose of healthy cell replication can no longer take place. If there is enough sugar in the injured area then oxidation flips into fermentation fed by sugar. This process produces ammonia, and this toxic debris of Candida, lectins, acids, drugs, glyphosates, parasites and fungus and viruses become active. The fungal DNA then integrates into the stem cell line and mutates the cells as they replicate so now your stem cells are continuously replicating mutated cells trying hard to repair an injury. We call this cancer.
 Here is where you have to do your part. It is your responsibility to provide the stem cells with their building materials. The law of nature states that stem cells cannot use energetically dead foods to repair your injury. This is where you make some super food smoothies with Chi Mineral Toni, Collagen powder and Ultimate Green Zone , Solstic Energy. This is where you eat grass fed red meats, eggs, fish, greens, vegies, seeds, berries.
Cat’s Claw combination opens the lymphatic system to drain the poisons out.
Colostrum binds toxic lectins.
Protease Plus cleans up undigested foreign proteins in the blood.
MC cleans out heavy metals, triglycerides, metabolic wastes from the blood stream.
Ultra-Biome Detox cleans out intestinal toxic debris and restores the natural microbiome.
Pau D’Arco cleans out fungal infection.
E-Tea cleanses the blood and supports the thyroid gland
TAFYH (Taking Action for Your Health) is a structured result oriented 20-minute daily teleconference call with an expert TAFYH Grad Leader. It is a unique program where you work with a team of 4-6 people following a committed health protocol. TAFYH is coupled with meticulous quality controlled therapeutic nutritional products. The 38 TAFYH lessons, which are emailed to you daily, educate you about the sources of inflammation and how to address them, how to use foods, super foods, supplements and herbal combinations to prevent and overcome numerous health challenges. TAFYH teaches you how to become responsible for the health of your own body and educates you on how to empower family, friends and clients in a perpetual healthy lifestyle

TAFYH addresses every diseased condition imaginable because it teaches you how to fuel your body so your body can heal itself. It teaches you what poisons are obstructing your healing process. And if you don’t identify those poisons that cause inflammation then you can take all the herbs in the world with little or no results.
Goal is to identify the poisons, address them, clean them out and raise your body temperature.
If your BT drops by a mere .5 degrees C your immune system drops by 35%.
I have yet to find one TAFYH student whose BT was registering normal first thing in the morning.
So many doctors somewhat give recognition as to what to do to raise BT such as
Infrared saunas,
Crystal mats
These are all temporarily raise BT for an hour to 3 hours, but the key is raised BT 24 hours a day.
In TAFYH you are given specific instructions as to how to raise BT and you commit to follow those instructions so at the end of TAFYH everyone’s BT goes up significantly.
Money is a huge issue. You don’t think twice about spending $377 on a broken car ; good luck if its that cheap but you will hesitate, procrastinate, stall, wait, tell yourself you don’t have the money until you convince yourself that you don’t have the money while your health continues to plummet day by day!
Finally it may even be announced to you that you only have 5 months to live or that you may have a heart attack any minute!
There are Laws of Nature that govern our health, but they are not known by the medical profession and we are manipulated to believe that long held dogma that only a drug or a vaccine will save your life. What if there is another way?