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A/ Activate: Exercise; mountain hiking, lake, and ocean swimming, bicycling or stationary bike, elliptical trainer, weights, gardening, yard work, firewood. Ionic breathing.

B/ Build: eat the right amount of the right foods: land and sea vegetables, hemp hearts, flax, sunflower and pumpkin seeds, berries, apples, plain grass-fed yoghurt, good oils, and clean protein (meat, fish, eggs, chicken, and plants with protein). Avoid lectin containing grains and legumes, sugar, sweets, starches, processed foods, and chemicals additives. Anti-inflammatory, low glycemic, reduced sodium, reduced oxalate diet. 3-4 litres per day of water. Build the intestinal biome with prebiotic and probiotic intake. Superfood smoothie TBA.

C/ Cleanse: Psyllium hulls, high fibre intake, high fluid intake with lemon water. Declutter environment. I release all guilt, shame, and blame that encumbers.

D/ Direct herbals: Omega 3 oil, borage, or evening primrose oil. Other vitamins and supplements. Consider Oral Chelation program MC, Chi Tonic and Lecithin 5 more months and Para Pak for 20 days.

E/ Express sought after found and realised Gratitude daily: locate and nurture the green shoots of joy and optimism. Respect and care for earth.

F/ Focus on the positives. Allow and accept God’s peace. Build in accountability to others. Reach high. Accept the facts. Practice humility and compassion to all beings including and perhaps, especially self.

G/ Going forward: stay with a health and healing community process including faith and men’s grouping. Complete structural integration series and transformational energy work. By commitment, seek virtue, integrity, sincerity, honesty, honour, and trust. Establish and maintain healthy productive routine that incudes fun, flexibility, availability to others, prayer, and contemplation.

H/ Health as priority number one; with spiritual, physical, emotional, social, financial, ideological, and behavioural congruence.

I/ Deal with inflammation: reduce emotional stress, avoid drive and rush, seek peace and contemplation, avoid overeating, get adequate rest and recovery. Seek to improve and stabilize sleep. Incorporate meditation. Avoid alcohol. Minimize medication. Avoid personal, interactional, and environmental toxicity.

My Nutritional Plan – TAFYH class 62


My Nutritional Plan – TAFYH class 62

A – I will continue to activate each day with Cat’s Claw, ionic breathing, walking in the water, walking on the sand – great exercise to build the strength in my legs and massage my feet and sing a happy song while I walk...uplifts my soul. I will walk in the forest among the trees and do my ionic breathing because trees emit so much life force energy and sequester a lot of the environmental toxins that are air borne.

B – I will continue to build my body mind by eating the right foods and having a super smoothie with:

       Red – Chinese Mineral Chi Tonic - substitution

       Yellow – Flax Hull Lignans, Solstic Energy

       White – Collagen

       Blue – water is blue and I use blueberries and Haskap berries.

       Green – Chlorophyll and Green Zone (I love it)

C – I continue to cleanse with psyllium hulls, LBS, water and chlorophyll to help my kidneys flush daily.  I will continue with my supplements to keep my lymphatic fluid flushing and clean, building my structural system and strength in my body and maintaining a healthy immune system.

D – Hepatic – I will continue to use LIV-C, Hydrangea, Lecithin. I will do the 3 day liver flush quarterly.

       Circulatory – I love MC

       Nervous – I use B12 drops, Stress Formula; I will be adding Zerenity for calmness and support for my nervous system.

       Glandular – I use Master G Formula; will be adding Adrenals HS-C because Adrenal Support has been on back order for too long.

       Structural – I will add KB-C

I am using daily herbals Super Omega 3 EPA. Colostrum, Protease Plus and the NS probiotic.

E -  Expressing gratitude to Mother Nature who gives of her bounty so freely everything I need to enjoy and appreciate a healthy body, mind and spirit. I also meditate daily, sometimes as I walk reviewing all the things I am grateful for.  It puts a smile on my face and gladness in my heart.  This is a daily practice for me.

Inflammation: EMF’S, environmental toxins, grains, legumes, candida (ringing in the ears), coffee, sugar, vaccinations, mercury fillings (removed 30 years ago) stress (now feeling more peace and serenity as I continue to eliminate the above toxins from my diet and lifestyle.

Staying in the emotion of gratefulness and appreciation for my life, I sing as I walk and I consciously hum to raise my vibration throughout the day.

I have eliminated grains and legumes from my diet, I am slowly eliminating heavy metals using the Paw Paw program. I have almost let go of the bad sugars and using healthy substitute sweeteners like Monk Fruit powder instead.

Additions to my personal plan: Doing the bowel cleanse quarterly.

Doing the kidney flush at least twice a month.

Doing the liver flush for more than 3 days and quarterly.

Doing the oral chelation/ Ultra Biome DTX heavy metal cleanse once a year at least.

I choose the Fire Element to help with my nervous and glandular systems. Red foods, super food Chinese Mineral Chi. To regulate my body temperature, emotion is hate and joy….focusing on bringing the joy back into my life.

TAFYH Team 62 Evaluation from Wind


Tafyh Tean 62 Evaluation from Wind

There were aha’s in every lesson although the lessons that had the largest impact on my physical health and mental health were the lessons on the Chinese Constitutional Elements and learning all the herbal Chinese formulas to address each element that we studied. I’ve always wanted to learn more about the Chinese herbals and how to use them.  Learning that the purpose of the 6 constitutional is to see the body/mind as a whole as opposed to separate organs and glands. Also how the elements and body systems are interdependent; to become aware that in healing the physical body, the emotional and mental body body is healed as well. 

Learning about the emotional and mental and yes, spiritual component of Chinese elemental medicine and its practical application was huge for me given the score I had on the BSQ under Nerves which was one of the systems that I needed to address immediately.

Previously I had come to Donna Roth seeking her help. My beloved husband was struggling with a very painful and debilitating cancer and I was in shock and on the brink of a total collapse, physically, emotionally and spiritually. I was devastated because I couldn’t help him live and I was starting to feel suicidal thus it was at that point I knew that if I didn’t seek help for myself, I wouldn’t make it.

Donna saved my life.  She put me on a health recovery program and I started to thaw out and ‘feel life’ again and my vital life force energy started to come back.  And now with the Tafyh program I see how far I have come and I am so grateful to Donna for her guiding me along the way. Any time I needed a question answered, Donna’s response time was impeccable.  I could count on her to get back to me almost right away.  I trusted her answers and her intuitive muscle testing ability is such a gift to us.

Overall every lesson was a huge aha for me, given in the perfect order to understand how all the body systems work together in synergy to bring our bodies back to balance and homeostasis. 

Doing the cleanses: one day bowel cleanse, one day kidney flush, and the 3 day liver cleanse, were the key highlight of the 8 weeks. After completing the liver cleanse which was rather uncomfortable because of all the negative emotions rising to the surface, I continued to move through it and I am so amazed at the rise in the renewed energy I feel in my body and my mind.  I will definitely continue to do all 3 cleanses regularly and they will become a key component of personal health plan.

The Best Is Yet to Come!

TIME:  timing in the morning was perfect after my brisk walk on the beach and ionic breathing, feeling totally energized to participate and share on the calls.

EDUCATION: In my opinion I believe the TAFYH course should be considered a world class health and nutrition program, given that every lesson is backed by proven science, research, documented studies, and credible references. The lessons were delivered professionally, connecting all the dots in a brilliant presentation each day.  The success stories of hundreds that have recovered and healed from serious diseases, degeneration, serious inflammation and seemingly terminal illnesses gave confirmed credibility to the Tafyh course.

I felt honoured to be invited to join a Tafyh team. 

STRUCTURE:  The way the course was structured with daily call-in lessons made me accountable not only to myself but to my Tafyh team and our leader.  We had all made a commitment together and I so enjoyed hearing each members gratitude every morning and being supported by our positive emotions and what we were creating for ourselves. Thank you Donna for being our guiding light and fearless leader.  It lifts my spirits to know that I’m not alone out there anymore. 

COMMITMENT:  I am feeling so amazingly strong and happy that I kept my commitment to myself, to my Tafyh team and especially my Tag Team who tracked with me all the way. And now there are a few who are asking a lot of questions about the aha’s that I learned and I am so pleased to share what I have learned and what I have accomplished.

Overall I kept my commitment to eat the right foods; I love my super is so nourishing, exercised every day and the ionic breathing which I will keep up for the rest of my life. I studied the lessons daily, wrote in my journal, which is unfolding into a wonderful story of my life’s journey.

SUCCESS STORIES: the success stories from others offered so much confidence and trust in healing from any disease or challenge/setbacks that we may face in our lives. Our bodies are miracles and have the

God-given gift to self regulate and heal, coming all the back to our original blueprint.

COMMENTS:  I have so enjoyed being a member of a community of health conscious, like-minded team player who care about their own health and who really care about the health and well-being of others world wide.  Just by our commitment and our healthy vibration thats get emitted to the world, we can lend a hand to others and impact the community at large.

At the end of each lesson I really appreciated sharing our gratitudes and what emotion we were creating in our lives. This has inspired me to  see the world through the eyes of love; giving up all judgements and giving thanks daily for my health, my loved ones, friends, family and larger global family. We are all in this together.

May we all give life to what really matters and what we value is the key to embodying it. From my Tag Team friend, Sheri Green, who has just recently overcome ovarian cancer and gives pause to what really matters in her life.

May all Beings have peace of mind, have vibrant health and may we be free to choose.

With Gratitude, Wind


Teleconference Call Aug 2/21

August 2/21

Update on TAFYH

Susan guest ; TAFYH experience

UltraBiome DTX


Not all iron is the same.

Words of Wisdom from Carol


August 9/21 Recording

 August 9/21 Recording

Evaluation of TAFYH by Dr David MD


Here is my evaluation of the program:

This is my second TAFYH program this year. I started this second program with some enthusiasm including a seven-day combined bowel, kidney, liver cleanse followed by gallbladder cleanse. My goal was to do a very thorough job on outcome and components of the program including elaborating on my health vision statement, my health vision board and particularly my personal health plan. I wanted to try to deal with ongoing issues of anxiety, depression and poor sleep as well as brain fog, tinnitus, and fatigue. I also wanted to see my weight come down so that I could eliminate remaining really fat. My weight was actually quite reasonable at 144 pounds for BMI 22.4 to start with the weight loss achieved in the first program earlier in the year. I wanted to see if I could get my weight down to 135 pounds and my activity level up so my muscle mass would increase and say good bye to more belly and omental fat. I also wanted to get my temperature up from a reading of 36.2 more towards 37° C.

I was able to get my weight down to low of 137.2 pounds briefly after the cleanse series. It did rise toward the end of the program  and stabilized at 143 lbs (with some added muscle mass in legs). My temperature did rise in the mid-part of the program to 36.4 to 36.7 but dropped a bit towards the end of the program. I did increase my activity level significantly as a part of the program such that I was doing a 2-hour steep mountain hike almost every day and some other activities as well including addition of hill climbing bike ride. My weight went up and my temperature went down after a trip to the city and my brother’s birthday party and some lapse in the diet discipline in the later part of the program. This was good learning about the importance of consistent resolve, fortitude and planning to avoid pro-inflammatory influences. During the program I encountered some faint blood in my urine likely due to a kidney stone and I became aware that I had elevated oxalate secretion in my urine and that my dietary intake of oxylate was too high and had to be curtailed. I did quite a lot of research on this and have made adjustments including eliminating almonds, rhubarb, spinach, chard, beets, and black tea and raising my fluid intake to 3 to 4 L per day and to reduce sodium and high dose of vitamin C intake.

I had a very large TAG team of 40 supporters. Many of them were quite actively engaged in support.

During the duration of this program I was exposed to significant psychosocial stressors. This did certainly impact my results. Nevertheless I saw my BSQ (body systems questionnaire) dropped from 43 to 32. Digestive 2 down to 1, hepatic 3 down to 1, intestinal 4 down to 2, circulation 7 down to 2, glandular 7 down to 10, immune 2 down to 0.

TIME:  I enjoyed the time which was from 9 until 9:30 each weekday morning which worked out very well for me and my schedule. I believe I was able to attend all the calls with the exception of one or two.

EDUCATION: I enjoyed the second round through the lessons and the extra learning that occurred. Because it was my second time through, and I had greater clarity on the program I was able to carry out a coaching and support role for one of the other participants.

STRUCTURE: the structure of this program is excellent. The daily check-in and commitments. The sense of joy and positive thinking that was consistently delivered is very helpful as is the expectation of our best effort. The length of the calls was appropriate. Donna was very clear on her instructions, and she was very considerate of everybody's individual needs while at the same time addressing the needs of the group and time constraints etc.

COMMITMENT: the design of the course expecting accountability for commitments is its strength. The expectation of following the diet, exercise, the TAG team reporting, showing up and being on time, supplements, the water with chlorophyll and the ionic breathing, created a democratic circumstance of reasonable expectation that if delivered would produce optimal results. It was very helpful to hold us to account.

IMPLICATIONS: the focus on committing oneself was reinforced and this has a ripple effect that spreads to other individuals in one's family and community to direct one to strive for optimal health. Creating this vision in our minds and belief in our soul’s possibility is another of the strengths of this program.

COMMENTS: Donna Roth has put together an exceptional program over 30+ years and has brought hundreds of people and certainly thousands indirectly to health improvement efforts and commitment to themselves to be the best they can be. This is an incredible lifework achievement by an individual with a background in education, who clearly was born to be a healer. She has combined her knowledge of education and simple processes of learning and of personal progress to the realm of health. We are the beneficiaries. I have immense gratitude for Donna, her knowledge and commitment, a consistently positive attitude and cheerful can-do approach to the betterment of our health and of our lives.

Thank you, Donna, and may God bless,