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Children’s Health a by Marilene Naturopathic Practitioner

Children’s Health as per presentation by Marilene Naturopathic Practitioner
Children all suffer weak livers from the time they are born. Babies in the womb are exposed to pesticides, chemicals, heavy metals and so on.  Many babies are even jaundiced for that reason. The recommendation is to give them Oregon Grape; 20 drops and this could be given to them once, twice or three times a day depending on the severity of the situation. Oregon Grape. 20 drops a day, is recommended until the baby is 2 years old. It is in a pleasant tasting liquid form. Oregon Grape strengthens the liver and helps the liver to detoxify and in so doing helps to prevent mucous formation and many illnesses. All babies also need Probiotic. Just open a capsule, put some on the finger and give it to the baby.
After 2 years of age Zambroza 1 teaspoon twice a day.
Once the children go to school to keep their immune system strong then twice a day :
1 teaspoon of Chinese Mineral Chi Tonic
 1 teaspoon of Zambroza
Sunshine Heroes Vitamins and Minerals.

If there is sleeping problems, clenching teeth, itchy nose there could be parasites.
Black Walnut 20 drops three times a day for 21 days.

Colds and Coughs, Viruses
To prevent colds and coughs Zambroza. “Kids love it.
For colds and coughs HRP-C liquid and Probiotic and Zambroza
Every household needs to have HRP-C in Liquid for children and HRP-C capsules for adults

ADD and concentration
Work on the gut. The gut produces serotonin.
Purify from Natures Sunshine will heal the gut.
Probiotic restores the microbiome
Focus ATN for the brain.
Super Oil for the brain and nerves.

For 12-year old’s with anxiety
AD-C to strengthen the adrenals and STR-J to build the nerves
Magnesium Complex to help with sleeping.

For children that stop growing
Take Zambroza

For no appetite
Oregon Grape
LB extract to get the bowels to move
Licorice extract

Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma

Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma
Marilene’s Mom was suffering with belly aches and pain. She also had a few big spots on her skin that were painful. That’s when she was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma cancer. Marlene jumped right in to help her Mom by declaring, “You are now going to be my client.” Marilene then called me to purchase my book, Practical Solution to the Cancer Injury and the recipe book, Mud Pies. I then discussed the program with her. Marilene’s Mom was very willing to do the program;
Avoiding all grains and sugar
Having a high dense nutrient smoothie twice a day
Taking Protease Plus and Colostrum on an empty stomach.
Taking Cat’s Claw and Paw Paw in high doses
Within 3 months the belly aches and pain were all gone. The doctor then said she did not need to have another visit with him for another year. All the symptoms of Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma were all gone. It is now several years later, and Marilene’s Mom is in good health. “ I really love her!”

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Success Stories TAFYH team 43

BSQ  dropped from 93 to 27, Intestinal 10 to 5, Respiratory 11 to 6, Glandular 13 to 5, Nerves 10 to 2
Body temperature increased from 35.1 to 35.9
Anxiety has dissipated
Food allergies are gone and BSQ Digestive is now at a 0 so improvement is great
Sleeps like a baby
Mental sluggishness is gone
Mind is clear and focused
Memory has improved and childhood memories are returning
No alcohol for 2 months; used to have 3 tonics every night
Skin allergies gone
Shortness of breath is gone; it is now so easy to run, and muscles are not sore
I am now training to be a TAFYH leader

Dr. Sue
BSQ dropped from 30 to 10
My mental approach to my body is now totally different
Indoctrinated in Western medicine I was taught to go to the GP when sick
I thought I would have to get those diseases they talk about.
I learned that I am in charge
I now have access to new information, a focus and a purpose.
I was resistant to this program; I had seen many ND’s and I gave up on alternatives.
I now have a mindset of movement.
My body is now toned
I lost 9 pounds
My skin is glowing
Alcohol and sweet cravings are gone. It was dominating my life.
Emotional swings are gone; I am more balanced
I love the simplicity of life.
It is fun and simple, and it makes me happy.
I am now concerned about other people and I am telling others about this.

BSQ dropped from 108 to 51 Intestinal 12 to 7, Structual 14 to 6, Digestive 11 to 6
Body temperature was 96 and now it averages 97.3
I am more alert in the morning
More mental clarity and more connected
I am diagnosed with MS and my feet were painfully sore and so cold like blocks of ice; I used a space heater in the summer time
That pain is now gone and no more heater
I have not had a pain injection for a long time now.
My desire for sweetness is gone
Optimism and hope is restored.

BSQ dropped from 49 to 24, Hepatic 8 to 5, Glandular 6 to 2, Structural 5 to 2
Achy joints are gone
Commitment to exercise was tough but now I can ride a bike for 8 k and can do yoga
I lost 5 pounds and lots if inches
Lots more energy
Skin is healthier
Cysts are shrinking and some have gone away
I am eating less; cravings are gone
Bloating has decreased
This is the best thing I could have done.
I am getting old and now I I know that  I don’t have to be in pain or lose my memory.
I feel invigorated, empowered and I love it  and I am sharing it.

Monday, August 13, 2018

Success Story by Diane diagnosed with MS August 2018

Diane, Diagnosed with MS Has Now Been Out of Her Wheel Chair for 25 Years!
 But the MRI doctor said it had progressed??     “That’s when I decided to walk away.”

I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 1982 while majoring in music at McGill University.  That was my original life passion and dream.
I landed in hospital paralyzed from my shoulder to my toes on the right side, considerable speech loss due to facial paralysis, little colon/bladder function and 90% vision loss in one eye.  That was just the beginning … Looking back, I had no idea I faced many challenging years on my journey back from those Multiple Sclerosis Symptoms to good health …
The prognosis of the doctors, neurologists, psychologists and psychiatrists was at best a 50-75% MS recovery to a cane, no children, no career … over the next 10 years, I would regain my health for short periods, but I could never stay healthy for any meaningful length of time.  My doctors said with MS, it was simply the nature of the disease … so just accept it.
During my final crisis in 1991-2 there were too many weeks I could not drive my car, walk properly without holding to walls, could not even climb up or down the stairs, … eating, getting dressed was difficult, you name it. I had tried everything that western medicine had to offer … and more.  I decided I could not wait for a miracle and I would not wait for the Multiple Sclerosis Symptoms to consume me, I resolved to continue, no matter what. I remember refusing the offer of a handicap license; I did not believe I was.  For me, accepting it, would have meant I gave up hope of recovery.
I remember I was so scared that I would never come back from those debilitating Multiple Sclerosis symptoms that I consciously decided never to be put in a situation like that again – I did not ever want to have another crisis.  I chose not to be at the mercy of this disease ... living with the fear that some mornings I could not walk, drive my car or even hold my child.
In looking at my health conditions during those years, I began to question medical proficiency because surly there are cause and effect relationships to be drawn when a series of events happen! By the way, I ended up being diagnosed with 4 other significant diseases before the age of 30:
Erythema Noueux
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
I remember asking a specialist “if there could be a connection between the 5 diseases, because I simply could not believe that somebody could be so doomed” and I was told “No, no connection at all – that is the way it is”. 
Well it didn’t make sense to me at all, they had given me so many labels.  I was much more tired than the typical MS patient – so CFS made the list”.  “I had tremendous pain and according to their book, MS is not painful, so Fibromyalgia was another label” And on they went …
I pointed out to them that 8 out of 10 people in the waiting room were in pain … so who said MS is not painful? – By that time, I’d had it with the medical system and got very angry/frustrated by that 5th label
So, I Began Researching Natural Remedies
When we get sick, it is usually not overnight - often it is just the final drop that makes the vase go overboard. And it usually happens over time, even years … one symptom, then another one … then another … until they call it a disease.
My research led me to eastern philosophies, nutritional strategies, herbal medicines, mental visualizations, alternative therapies and so on.  The more I studied them, the better all these pieces of the puzzle seemed to fit. When I finally started to get well, they all mysteriously disappeared …the MS, Sarcoidosis, Erythem noueux, CFS and Fibromyalgia.
My family doctor was a staunch supporter and simply said “whatever you’re doing Diane, don’t stop!” and my neurologist finally threw up his hands and said it’s gone, I don’t know why, but it’s gone, check-in annually so I can document this… and I did, though I stopped going several years ago…
I believe people need to know they have choices ...
You do have options and choice ... and they are a powerful combination
I had finally decided to take ownership for my own recovery! 
I did not think or say if … I said once I would come back ... this is a very important point and I believe crucial to successfully fighting any illness or disease (or achieving any goal for that matter). You see, in my mind and in my heart - there were no doubts.
I did not know how long it would take
I did not know what I would have to do
I did not know how much money it would cost.
My one burning desire was to get well, then stay well.
I wanted to enjoy life without depending on others - I wanted and still want to do everything I choose, when I want, as long as I want, and I still do whatever it takes to stay healthy.
The years of nutritional support I required to get my body functioning normally included a clean diet with lots of whole foods plus large quantities and correct formulations of nutrient dense herbal medicines and nutritional supplements. Through early trial and error with a number of herbal product lines, I eventually found the correct formulations in Nature's Sunshine Products and today, they remain a part of my maintenance program and my natural health practice. These were core products I took:
Bod-e-Detox to heal my chronic intestinal problem, to heal my liver and to heal my colon.
I-X; it is fantastic for numbness and tingling, for circulation, for energy and circulation to the head.
Stress Formula: it has lots of B’s, C’s bioflavonoids and herbs to heal the nerves.
Super Oil; it has 6 good fats with lecithin and vitamin E to heal the myelin sheath.
Herbal Ca; a herbal combination loaded with calcium and magnesium and great for spasms.
K; it healed my bladder; I would get up 10 times a night to go to the bathroom and I took high amounts about 12 a day
Perfect Eyes: as I had lost sight in one eye and this is an excellent formula for eyes.
Over the next 8 months I took over 30 different products. You need to start somewhere. Just trust them and use the tools like the Zyto Scan or the Body Systems Questionnaire to help you decide which ones to use.
I owe a debt of gratitude to Nature's Sunshine Products for my recovery and ongoing good health.  They have put the science, research and quality into an exceptionally complete line of herbal products which is why I recommend Nature's Sunshine to others. Used appropriately and properly, their nutrient dense all-natural plant sourced herbal products simply work.
Good health is a proactive, individual choice. The human body requires basic elements consistent with its long evolution, yet western society imposes inconsistent and incompatible influences on our ability to be and stay healthy.
Today I'm playing the piano again, have 2 healthy grown children, travel and own my own wellness centres.  I am continuing my education and pursuing my passion of helping others avoid what I had to endure through my counselling and education programs.
2018 Update
It's now over 30 years since the crisis that landed me in the hospital.  Yes, the doctors diagnosed Multiple Sclerosis in 1982 and the other diseases were to follow but I never took ownership of them, they were simply names of conditions I worked very hard at healing naturally "Your body has the amazing ability to naturally realign and heal itself, if you’d just give it some basic attention!".
Did you have people that discouraged you from doing your herbal program?
Many people insisted that I go to the doctor. Some of my best friends told me I was being taken for a ride by using herbal products to heal. I decided that if they were not supportive of my choices I would just cut ties.
Did you take pharmaceutical drugs?
At first, I didn’t know any better, so I took them and they just made me worse. I had to give them up. After taking them for 5 days my bed would be turning, I had to crawl to the bathroom. The doctor told me it would take 3 months for the drugs to work. My thought was that if it causes so many side effects then how it could heal my body.
Did you feel improvement?
Very little. But I would celebrate my victories. If I had spasms, then I would time them and find that they would not last as long as the last time. So that was a victory. I did reflexology, I did ankle rotations and I went to the chiropractor. I now work with one lady who could just now barely move her toe, but she could move it and that is a victory.

How much did it cost?
For me there is no cost. We borrowed the money, so I could do this program. I can’t put a price on it. If I am not healthy I can’t do anything.  I could not work without health. I could not look after children without health. I would be a burden without health.  There is no cost. You are never too old, you are never too young. And you need to stick to it. I decided to do the program until it worked. I made a decision and I became involved in taking control of my own health. I took courses and I got to know that nobody could help me to get healthy but me. Money was not going to stop me from getting healthy.
One day after doing the program for many months and still seeing no results I called my Mom and I cried. I had spent all my money. I had taken all my supplements. I was ready to give up. I cried all night. Then something happened. During the night I got this inspiration. I would not quit, I would not give up. Where would I be if I quit. I would do the program until it worked.
What about taking drugs for bladder and colon control like I do? Can you take herbs with them?
You just keep taking the drugs and add the herbs. As you start to feel better you can decrease the drugs and increase the herbs. Herbs rebuild your body. Its like mending a sock. It takes time for the herbs to build.
What about fear?
Feeling fear is normal. You really don’t know fear until you are in a crisis. Its like going out in the night. You can’t see ahead, and you don’t know what is coming. But just know one thing. If you are doing the right thing your body will heal!
How long did it take?
From the time I was in a wheel chair it took a year to get out of my wheel chair. During that time I took about 30 different products some in very high doses..
Have you ever had an MRI?
Yes, the last time I had an MRI was about 4 years ago for a totally different reason. The doctor told me that my MS was progressing! Progressing??? I had been out of my wheel chair and walking for 20 year and he told me my MS was progressing! That is when I decided to “walk away!”
Sequel by Lorene
I know of someone who was diagnosed with MS just after Diane was. She had been travelling and had a full slate of vaccinations; tetanus, cholera, etc. She smoked and drank. Contrary to Diane she decided to take the medical route. Today she could barely walk with no quality of life. Honor to Diane who took charge of her own vision and today does have quality of life and is helping all kinds of people overcome MS. Diane today owns 2 clinics.
Comment by Jean
Donna is a treasure. It had taken me 4 years of healing and its always bit by bit. We’ve been taught to get a quick fix. Sometimes it’s just a very slight change. I am not going backwards, I am 79 years old and bit by bit I am getting there. I can’t expect it to happen overnight.

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From the Desk of Donna Roth August 2018 250 718 2852

 Sending you love and gratitude as I express my thoughts. Thank you for being active in the movement of Transforming the Health of Nations!

Our Next Vitality Meet at the Kelowna Golf and Country Club is on Sat. Sept 29. Please RSVP.

TAFYH Team 44 is Now Opened for Registrations.
Four people have reserved a spot and there are 2 more spots remaining,
Here is a quote from Anne. When you read it you will know why she is excited about TAFYH.
Anne’s quote. “I overcame Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease.
TAFYH is the most powerful course you will ever take in your life.
You learn to take action for your own health.
You discover that your body can heal with nutrition.
You discover what it is that is poisoning your body to create your illness internally.
You learn how to resolve it.
TAFYH is guided and structured.
It is designed to make you accountable and committed.
TAFYH empowers you, uplifts you and gives you a sense of accomplishment.
You are never alone with TAFYH as you work with an expert leader and a team of TAFYH members.
 It is simple, easy, and takes 20 minutes of your time a day to be on the morning call.
 The assignments are easy and take little time.
The results for your health are huge!”

My Observation
If you don’t enroll in TAFYH then your health option is taking medications.  In my world medications serve you well in emergency situations but should never to be taken for life long purposes.  They are dangerous. That is why you need a prescription for them. Every drug causes side effects and there is no such thing as a safe drug. Side effect is a nice cushy term for inflammation. A drug cannot be digested. I can’t help sharing Fran’s story of her husband who just had no energy for a year. Fran totally knew why. The doctor had prescribed blood thinners for him. And her husband being respectful and obedient submitted to the doctor’s request. But there were huge consequences to that obedience. It left him listless with no health. Fran had mentioned this to the doctor many times, but her words fell on deaf ears for an entire year. Then one day the doctor heard Fran and he realized that the drug was the culprit. The minute Fran’s husband was off the blood thinners the energy came back. The listless feeling was gone. He has his life back. So, let’s talk about blood thinners. They thin the blood. Thin blood means less oxygen flow and less flow of nutrient energy. The Law of Nature states thin blood equals no energy. So, what can you do instead?  You can turn to our God given herbs. Ginkgo Biloba is the herb that:
 dissolves blood clot
 gets the blood to circulate to the brain and the extremities
 slows the aging process, prevents Alzheimer’s
 promotes optimum circulation
gives you a healthy heart and a healthy brain
 provides oxygen to every part of your body.
gives you energy.
Ever thought of taking Ginkgo/Biloba instead?

There is So Much Confusion Out There Regarding Innocent Herbs.
In the medical world herbs are no longer plants but deemed as drugs and of course that means they are dangerous and risky. Health Canada has put herbs into the drug category and that means every herb must have a “risk information” attached to it. Innocent plants are scrutinized according to the active properties in the plants as opposed to the plants as wholesome nutrition. In other words, scientists are analyzing the plants according to their medicinal properties. Parsley, for example, was at one
point taken off the market because Health Canada deemed Petroselinum as found in parsley to be a dangerous medicinal ingredient. Let’s be clear about this. Parsley is parsley, it is not Petroselinum which is found in parsley.  God created these plants to be nutritious. In their wholesome state Parsley is digested and the nutrient energy is extracted and used by the cells. Drugs, on the other hand,
are not digested but enter into the blood stream as a foreign chemical that the body needs to detoxify. If it so happens that the body is not able to detoxify it, then the consequences of inflammation or “side effects” happens. In cases of blood tests taken drugs can be detected in the blood tests. In cases of parsley or any other plants that are consumed no blood test would detect any parsley in the blood
stream because it has been digested and broken down.
There is no risk in taking any Nature’s Sunshine herbal products!

Canada is the Nation with the Highest Number of MS Cases in the World
Recently Canada has announced that it is the nation with the highest number of MS cases. One of my colleagues commented, “I bet MS is being caused by statin drugs!”  Just about everyone I know of these days that goes to the doctor is prescribed a statin drug like Lipitor or one of those cholesterol lowering drugs. Little does anyone know that a statin drug strips the fats off the myelin sheath of the nervous system or the fats from the brain thereby exposing the brain, the spinal cells and the nerves to infection. The fats are there for a purpose. They protect the nerves and the spine and the brain from being attacked by foreign dangerous entities that get into the blood stream. The Law of Nature states that when there are no fats to protect the spinal cells then fungal DNA integrates into the stem cell line of spinal cells and the result is MS! I have personally witnessed one man end up with loss of hearing on the left side diagnosed with MS because he had taken Lipitor for 7 years. This man did TAFYH      and he is symptom free!  Another man was losing his memory because he has taken Lipitor for 12 years. This man did TAFYH and he got huge results.    And one doctor just could not think straight because he was taking Lipitor. Every drug has a side effect and the side effect of statin drugs is to strip the fats from your brain, your nerves and your spine. Just think about all the people who have dementia or those stuffed into an institution because the have Alzheimer’s! If you are diagnosed with high cholesterol you don’t need statin drugs! You need to clean your blood of toxic poisons and toxic heavy metals. You need to put good fats back into your body. Ever thought about doing the Oral Chelation program? Ask me about it! Then enroll in TAFYH.  

 The Oral Chelation Program
Chelation therapy is a safe and effective method for removing toxins, heavy metals and metabolic wastes from the blood stream. This program regulates blood pressure, decreases cholesterol levels increases blood circulation and normalizes triglycerides. Here is the program:
Take MC with breakfast and with dinner. Work up to taking 6 twice a day.
Take Essential Liquid Minerals each time
Take Super Oil each time.
Continue a full dosage for a minimum of 1 month for every 10 years of your life. Individuals with serious circulatory problems may require a longer period.  Other supplements to take with this program:
             If there is a backache add 1 KB-C with each meal to strengthen the kidneys
             For heart problems add 2 Hawthorn with each meal
             For Alzheimer’s add 2 Gingko Hawthorn with each meal
             For varicose veins add Vari-Gone
             For heavy metal poisoning add Heavy Metal Detox
             For cleansing fiber add Psyllium Hulls

Quote from Lawrence Smith Who Did the Oral Chelation Program After 2 Heart Attacks at Age 37
Lawrence Smith:” I got 80% of my results at the end of the program, 5 months later, after taking MC, Minerals, Hawthorn and 6 Super Omega a day and Protease Plus Enzymes. Protease Plus enzymes breaks down the outer shell of the cellulose and protein coating of the yeast, fungus, and Candida wall. Nature's Sunshine spent 1 1/2 years in their science lab to design Protease Plus enzymes.” Today Lawrence is well into his 70’s and he has not experienced a heart problem since. He continues to use Nature’s Sunshine products to maintain his healthy heart.

Oral Chelation for Alzheimer’s
There was also a man suffering with Alzheimer's and his wife started him on therapeutic nutrition.  She gave him Para Pack as parasites can also cause debilitating brain injuries, then followed with Chi Tonic, MC, Gingko Biloba etc. In about 2 weeks time, she noticed his walk was better as he would shuffle his feet. After a few weeks more, he was interacting with people in the meeting room of their building, began reading a book and just became more "alive" each day.  Imagine her happiness when she stated, " I have my partner back!". From Tina

Low Kidney Filtration Functions Resolved
One lady completed my TAFYH course with great results. Yep! She was able to go off her anti-depressant drugs. But slowly over time grains crept back into her diet. Just think of that word; Die It! And once again she did not feel good. The energy was low, she felt depressed. Off to the doctor she went only to find out that her kidney function was low and there was a high creatinine count. That did it! She was not going to take any drugs!  She was determined to feel better. That’s when I got the phone call. The answer was simple, “Go back to what has worked for you in the past when you took TAFYH.” Little did she know that what Dr. Davis said was true,” Grain is an opiate! “Off the grains and on with a herbal program! Back to following TAFYH principles! She did this for one month. Then I got the phone call. She was ecstatic. Here is why:
Creatinine levels dropped from a high of 105 to 72 and normal is 52 to 84.
GFR kidney filtration rate increased from 47 to 71; excellent kidney functions.
She also dropped weight, energy is back, and depression is gone! This took all of one month!!
You don’t need a drug! You need TAFYH!

My Final Statement

It always amazes me how we go to the doctor, get diagnosed with a " no hope "disease and immediately fear sets in, our light stops shining, and we shrink into oblivion. Our whole mind, our entire body and all our decisions are preoccupied by fear. TAFYH is about liberating you from fear so you can take action responsibly, so your light can shine, so you can change the world view about the "no hope" stuff.
I know it is hard work. I know your challenges. But each time you feel like you are drifting into that abyss, become aware, take control, get out, and make your light shine. TAFYH gives you that power so your light shines. TAFYH is about Transforming the Health of Nations!