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Newsletter Feb. 2008

From the Desk of Donna Roth 250 764 2852 February 2008

Recently a Dr. Thiel article from our local newspaper grabbed my attention. It’s a real heart wrenching story. A male in his early 60’s, a self made millionaire several times over, with homes in different countries, with a wife and wonderful children has recently been diagnosed with a metastatic cancer. He has been given less than a year to live and here is his comment, “No matter how much money I have, it is futile if I do not have my life, my health and my wife.” Dr. Thiel’s response “I no longer think complementary or alternative care is the right term. I would deem it a necessary care. “And I, Donna Roth, deem alternative care to be a primary care. There is no substitute for good health and it comes with a degree of self management and responsibility. This is where Nature Sunshine education comes in. We empower you with the information necessary to take the responsibility of your health into your own hands. As Dr. Thiel says “ It makes much more sense to stay healthy than it does to become ill and try to recoup our health from a sickly state.” But the majority of us simply do not know how to stay healthy. We do not know what health means and what it takes to be healthy. Health management is not discussed or taught in any educational institution in our Canadian society and the consequences are obvious when such statistics are presented:
1 out of 2 men and 1 in 3 women are diagnosed with cancer.
1 in 10 kids suffer from asthma in Canada.
1 in 12 women die from heart disease in BC.

It is time to stand up for our health. It is time to make health our utmost priority. It is time to take action. This is our life! We need to protect it! Here is the action we all need to take:

1) Partake only of foods that are full of energy, foods that Mother Earth provides for us; hormone free meats, eggs, dairy; organic fruits and vegetables; organic nuts and seeds (soaked is best.) Eliminate sugar, coffee, wheat and junk food. Drink water.

2) Because our present day agricultural practices have depleted our soils so significantly it is extremely important to incorporate Nature Sunshine Super Foods into your daily regimen:
Nature’s Gold; highly dense nutrition with 4000 metabolic enzymes, amino acids, minerals, fatty acids, fibre and antioxidants. –
Flax Hull Lignans; 1 scoop is equivalent to 5 pounds of flax seed. Twenty years of research has shown lignans to prevent lung, colon, breast, prostate and hormone cancers.
Green Zone; 40-30-30 principle: 40%- carbohydrates, 30%-protein, 30%- fatty acids. The nutritious land and sea based herbs, minerals amino acids, fatty acids, bioflavonoid.
Chlorophyll; It is the sun’s energy harnessed in a bottle. The chlorophyll molecule is chemically similar to human blood except that its central atom is magnesium instead of iron.
SynerProtein Powder; A complete meal to build lean muscle and increase metabolism.
TNT Powder; An explosive vitamin/ mineral/ fibre drink. It is also available in a TNT protein bar for those on the run.
Essential Liquid Minerals or Chinese Mineral Chi Tonic; An adrenal energizing tonic to “light up “ and balance the body’s energy systems.

3) Add Nature Sunshine supplements including-
Super Trio: a 30 day supply of complete supplements program that includes vitamin/mineral tablet, Super Omega 3 capsules of anchovy, mackerel, sardine oil with 760 mg EPA 380 mg DHA.—Super NT-OX; Green tea, mangosteen pericarp, Tuercetin fruit, Tumeric, Japanese knot weed, apple skin and fruit, acai berry extract and selenium.

4) Twice a year do an intestinal cleanse of your choice-
Tiao He Pak; 10 day herbal cleanse that targets the intestinal, and digestive system. Para Pak; 10 day herbal program to help get rid of parasites;
Citrus Clean Start; 14 day colon cleanse with Psyllium fibre and Bentonite to completely draw out toxins and mucoid waste materials from the intestinal walls.-
Bod-e-Klenz; a 30 day weight loss cleansing/building program of herbs, vitamins and minerals. It stimulates the body’s digestive and eliminative systems and contains herbs to build the bowel, liver and glandular systems.

5) Health becomes enhanced if you stop putting chemical substances on your skin and using chemical cleaning products in your home. That is where Nature Sunshine chemical free skin care products will help you.They are formulated from vitamin and botanical extracts with powerful antioxidant protection and nutrient replenishment to your skin. These include :
Body Wash; Hand and Body Lotion ;
Shampoo and Conditioner;
Natures Fresh eliminates odours and stains;
NSP Concentrate an all purpose cleansing concentrated liquid soap
Crystal Clear Deodorant

For a complete individualized health program I recommend that you do a Health Analysis which is available at At this point you will require some coaching and that is where Donna Roth comes into the picture.

I know that money is a concern for all of us. But recently I spoke to Kathy who said”My herbal bill is part of my grocery bill. Herbs and Super Foods are a priority in my life and my family’s lives. Super Foods and supplements need to be priority items in our grocery budgets.

Now here is the last statement I wish to make before I end this newsletter. According to Dr. Thiel, it is estimated that over $7.8 billion was spent in the year 2005-2006 on complementary and alternative medicine and that number is fast climbing. This is evidence that most Canadians are choosing to pay for herbal supplements out of their own personal expenses. I feel we are on a verge of a major herbal explosion here and I welcome those of you out there who wish to join us in the Nature Sunshine movement. We offer excellent educational training and a business opportunity for you to make an excellent income. Please identify yourself if such a business appeals to your interest by contacting me, Donna Roth at .

Brain Tumour

Brain Tumour Story from Rose 
 One day in the spring of 2005 Rose woke up to a heart flutter that left her uncomfortable and concerned. Upon seeing a doctor it was discovered that she had cancer in the R lung. This diagnoses led to 35 radiation treatments and to 3 day chemotherapy treatments within the next year. However, one year later in the summer of 2006 it was discovered that now Rose also had tumours in the brain area. Surgery was not possible at this time so radiation treatments continued, this time, on the brain area. In December of 2006 Rose and her husband learned about the Paw Paw program which is available exclusively through independent distributors of Nature Sunshine. She therefore contacted Donna Roth and began a new adventure .Rose started the Paw Paw program using: Chinese Mineral Chi Tonic about 2 to 3 ounces a day, Chlorophyll and water several times a day, Super Oil about 4 a day, Paw Paw up to 12 a day and Protease Plus enzymes about 3 in the morning , 3 at night on an empty stomach. She also eliminated sugar , wheat, yeast and junk food of any kind from her daily diet. Rose also took supplements to make sure her bowels were well emptied every day. In February of 2007 Rose experienced an attack of severe spasms similar to a stroke. She called Donna for some coaching as she really felt that the Paw Paw was somehow contributing to her spastic attacks . Donna reassured her that Paw Paw has absolutely no side effects but it could be possible that she was experiencing a healing crisis as described in her book , The Practical Solution to the Cancer Injury, Manual. Rose also consulted with her doctor who recommended 2 sets of radiation treatments of 5 days each and a prescription drug to help reduce the swelling in the brain. Rose agreed and stopped the use of the Paw Paw program for a number of reasons. She felt very apprehensive in using Paw Paw and thought that perhaps the Paw Paw was contributing to the stroke symptoms she was having. She also noticed that the taste of food had changed and that she wasn’t sleeping well. She , therefore ,felt quite comfortable in not taking Paw Paw during the 5 days of the radiation treatments. Upon resuming Paw Paw she noticed that Paw Paw really had nothing to do with the symptoms she was experiencing. She did, however reduce the dosage from 12 a day to 8 a day. Rose admitted that she wasn’t about to reveal this Paw Paw program to her doctor because she was very sceptical and didn’t think it was doing her any good. But interestingly enough she continued just in case it might be of some value to her health. At the end of February of 2007 Rose once again underwent stroke- like symptoms where she temporarily lost the movement of her right leg and arm. Once again she visited Emergency . The symptoms lasted only a brief time and passed within 24 hours. No damage was done and once again she used the drug to reduce the swelling of the brain. Such occurrences such as loss of speech and number memory loss appeared a few more times during the year. In January of 2008 Rose visited her oncologist who declared that now he would be able to operate on the brain tumours to remove them. On January 29, 2008 Rose had her first surgery where the surgeon removed 2 tumours that were the size of golf balls. They came out very easily and told Rose that these tumours were empty. Two weeks later Rose had her second surgery and 3 small tumours were very easily removed . It was at this point that Rose was told she had no more cancer. Rose recuperated from her 2 surgeries very quickly . Rose is very grateful that she followed the program and she attributes her healing to the Nature Sunshine Paw Paw program. She is totally glad that she did not stop taking the Paw Paw. Today Rose continues to stay on this program and has now incorporated it as part of her lifestyle.

Serious Lung congestion

Serious Lung congestion

One lady had serious congestion in the lungs and she was using Asthma medication and two types of breathers a day twice a day to help her breathe. In October of 2007 after a referral from a friend, she came to see Donna Roth . At the beginning of November , 2007 she started her program which included
Paw Paw about 4 a day
MC to improve blood circulation
SN-X to clear up the sinus and lung congestion
Chinese Mineral Chi Tonic about 2 ounces a day
No sugar, no yeast, no bread.
About 2 months of pursuing this program she got very sick. There was a high fever, chills, and terrible coughing spells where tons of mucus was being released. “ I was scared “ Her family was very concerned and she finally went to see a doctor who prescribed antibiotics. She decided not to take the antibiotics because she had used antibiotics in the past and it would take 2 months before she would feel better. Besides ,she said she had seen what antibiotics could do to a person . Her past husband had been a pharmacist. She realized that antibiotics were only suppressing the immune system from healing her body. She took high doses of Cat’s Claw instead .After 2 weeks of being sick she recuperated only to find out that the heaviness in the chest was totally gone, she could breathe without the puffers and she no longer needed her asthma medication. She is so very happy she followed through with the healing crisis without taking an antibiotic. Her comment is , “I get it.” Today Nature Sunshine herbs have become part of her lifestyle.