Monday, March 20, 2017

In My World There is No Cancer

In my world there is no such thing as cancer. There is only an injured area of toxic waste debris and a lack of oxygen and nutrients to heal the injury. Cancer is only a name of a diagnosis that implies a death sentence and tremendous fear. The consequence of fear is a huge production of acid waste that further enhances the accumulation of waste debris causing inflammation and hampering the digestive system from functioning properly.
In cancer the first action one must take is to get to know cancer, to understand why it happens and to trust the world of nutrition that is never addressed in the medical world. This takes education and that is what these Monday night teleconference calls are all about. I strongly suggest that you continue to attend the call until you are so well equipped that you can do this presentation yourself. The other option is to do TAFYH, the course of Taking Action For Your Health. I am here to say that you  and  only you are responsible for the health of your own body. The medical doctor is not responsible for your health; he abides by a certain protocol and his licence gives him the legal authority not to take responsible action for your health but to follow his licensed protocol.  The same applies to all other practitioners. They are all bound by a licence be it a massage therapist, an acupuncturist or a naturopathic doctor. Note no practitioner gives you the education you need to overcome cancer. You cannot suppose that you can go to Mexico either and someone out there will save your life. Once again it is not a treatment you need but an education so you can take responsible action for the health of your own body.
I think about people who have come to Kelowna and have been excellent speakers here.
Dr. Jay did the Therapeutic Nutrition program using exclusively Nature’ sunshine products to overcome a serious bladder cancer. It took him 5 years. Was the 5 years tedious. Not! Every day he avoided the sugar foods, the junk foods, took high dense nutritious super foods smoothies and supplements and Paw Paw. The cancer never got worse. It never debilitated him , he never stopped working and he did not go to Mexico to drop his sick body at the doorstep of a treatment center , pay $50,000 and say cure me. He simple did what  I do every day. He took responsible actions. What does Dr. Jay do today. He educates others diagnosed with cancer to do what he did.
I think about Dr. Brenda Montrello who was a speaker here in Kelowna a few years ago. Her story goes like this.
One day just a few years ago Dr. Brenda’s sister called to invite her to a Nature’s Sunshine meeting. It was all about Parasite cleansing. Dr. Brenda decided to be adventurous and attended this home presentation. She was so impressed with the education, the quality control of Nature’s Sunshine that she decided to open a shop. She wasted no time. Within a week she opened a store front. Shortly thereafter her husband became ill with a cancer in the colon and tumour in the liver. The tujour in the colon , the size of a softball was surgically removed but the liver was not touched. With the education Dr. Brenda had she organized a therapeutic nutrition program for her husband to save his liver. He totally followed the program without any other intervention. There was no surgery and no medical treatments of any kind. Three months later after being examined by a medical doctor it was reported that no cancer or tumours could be found in the liver and the colon was clean and healed. That was 19 years ago and her husband is to this day free of any cancer. Did Dr. Brenda drop all responsibility and fly to Mexico to get so called treatments?  She got educated, worked with her husband until he overcame the cancer. What does Dr. Brenda do today? Dr. Brenda has a passion and a drive to help others , to serve them ,to educate them to take responsibility for the health of their own bodies.  She knows that anyone diagnosed with cancer could overcome cancer if they follow the steps of eating right, having Nature’s Sunshine Fast food Smoothies, keeping the elimination channels opened and cleansing the blood of heavy metals and metabolic wastes. Nature’s Sunshine is her product line of choice as she witnesses results from the many people she works with who use the products as designed by Dr. Brenda’s education. I loved her passion as I have the same passion that she does.
Then I think of Gail who turned over her cancer illness to the medical way and she ended up in a psychiatric institution after 2 chemo treatments that gave her a violent reaction. She then found the Paw Paw program , took responsibility  and today is breast cancer free and 100 pounds lighter. Gail is a TAFYH Grad.
Shawna comes to mind. At 29 years old she was diagnosed with breast cancer , had one breast surgically removed, did all the chemo and radiation treatments and 5 years later the cancer returned in exactly the same spot. The medical route did not work. Then she turned to TAFYH, did the Paw Paw program and within a year she was cancer free and has been cancer free for 6 years now! Nutrition always works.
There are so many others I want to mention:
Michael; prostate cancer and kidney cancer. After 5 years of searching he discovered TAFYH which gave him all the answers he was looking for. Today he is cancer free and a TAFYH leader.
Liz; breast cancer, followed the conventional protocol. It did not work. She found TAFYH and today she relies on therapeutic nutrition to heal her body.
There are about 60 cancer success stories in my book Practical Solution to the Cancer Injury which has sold over 5000 copies. I know there is a movement and people are slowly turning to therapeutic nutrition. Get a copy of my book at
Nutrition is therapeutic when you take enough of it and you take it long enough and you never quit! This is a simple concept and so very neglected in our medical world. I urge you to do TAFYH and to take responsibility for your own precious health.