Sunday, June 19, 2016

Antioxidants and Paw Paw

Paw Paw research by Dr. Kirk Pomper
 Recall that our product Paw
Paw contains a Paw Paw twig
extract. This extract is composed of
over 50 active acetogenins. The fact
that the twigs needed for extraction
are expensive to source (collect)
prompted me to conduct more
research. A collaborative research
project with Dr. Kirk Pomper from
Kentucky State University yielded
some surprising results. “ We found
that ripe Paw Paw fruits contained
higher concentrations of active acetogenins
as compared to the twigs.
These findings may lead to a less
expensive product because ripe
fruits are much easier to collect and
extract than the twigs.
For a long time it was assumed
that Paw Paw could not be combined
with antioxidants. This old
view suggested to avoid this combination
because the Paw Paw
induced cell apoptosis (programmed
cell death) would be
blocked by antioxidants. The current
view, based on our research
efforts, is that antioxidants have no
effect on Paw Paw’s action. In collaboration
with the Ford Cancer
Center, we have demonstrated that
with cultures of HCT-116 (human
colon cancer) cells, Paw Paw, in
combination with a wide variety of
different antioxidants, including
Zambroza, showed the same effect
as when Paw Paw was used alone.
Furthermore, it appears that antioxidants
may actually complement
Paw Paw. Recently published data
show that antioxidants block cellular
HIF-1 (Hypoxia Induced Factor)
by depriving this protein of needed
free radicals. Without free radicals
HIF-1 does not function and without
HIF-1 cancer cells cannot grow
in anaerobic conditions that occur
when tumours are rapidly growing.
Therefore, it appears that Zambroza
and Paw Paw is a beneficial combination
in most cases.
The science behind pharmacognosy
is fascinating and in this article
I have presented a brief scientific
tale of two products. I believe
that you can now see a correlation
of ingredient actives with the health
benefits of these products. These
correlations are supported by scientific
evidence, much of which came
from our original research. This
original research contributes to the
scientific substantiation of product
value and is a mark of distinction
that characterizes Nature’s
Sunshine. And finally, through this
article you have come away with an
understanding of how an industry
leader creates knowledge that facilitates
the development of their truly
outstanding products.”