Monday, May 3, 2021

TAFYH by Joss April /21

 Evaluation by Joss

Body Systems Questionnaire:

Before: BSQ 32 Immune 6 Hepatic 5, Structural 4

After: BSQ 10 Circulation 3 Respiratory 2 Immune 2



No longer have heartburn

My energy level is much higher and no longer have consistent fatigue/low energy (now only if I miss a meal).

We are at the beginning of my Hayfever year, so the largest test is yet to come.  So far it has been without any allergy symptoms and I am hopeful that I will have the best allergy year of my adult life!

My acne has nearly been reduced to 0 and my stiff/aching body feels young and able.

In retaking my candida saliva test yesterday, I no longer have candida (as I did when I first took the test 6 weeks ago).

My body temperature has raised to an average of 36.0 from an average of 35.6 in the 6 weeks since I started testing my body temperature regularly.

I have lost 5 lbs during the course. I was a healthy weight to begin with.

 My Health Statement:

My body is strong, fit and healthy.  My mind is clear, focused and loving.  I am an energetic force that is connected to my place on/and contribution to our planet. My liver, structural and immune systems are working are operating to their maximum potential with ease. My family/community are aligned in our shared healthy, harmonious, loving lifestyles.  I love what I eat, how I live, and what I am choosing to do with my life on our planet.


My Health Plan for the year (scheduled re-assess in beginning of August)

A – Activate: With exercise, ionic breathing and Cat’s Claw for the lymphatic system

B - Build: Eat the right foods. Daily Super Food Smoothie with all the energy colors to rebuild cells

• Red: Fire; Nervous System Chinese Mineral Chi Tonic,

• Yellow: Earth; Lymphatic System; Solstic Energy

• White: Metal Vascular System; Collagen

• Blue: Water; Cerebral Spinal System; Water, Berries

• Green: Electrical System; Chlorophyll, Ultimate Green Zone

C – Cleanse: Psyllium Hulls and LBS11, I will be doing a bowel cleanse, kidney flush, liver & gallbladder flush prior to the beginning of August.

D – Direct herbals to your specific body system:

• Digestive: Protein Digestive Aid (which supports a lack of HCL in my stomach – and subsequently my allergies)

• Intestinal: LBS 11, Psyllium Hulls Combination

• Circulatory: MC

• Immune: Cat’s Claw. Histablock – For allergies.

• Respiratory: AL-J.

• Glandular: Chinese Mineral Chi Tonic. HS-C for Adrenals

• Structural: Collagen.


For Emotions:

Air Element: AD-C relieves depression and circulates the lymph energies

Fire Element: HS-C for regret, broken heart; pacifying the spirit and nerves.

Earth Element; UC-C for worry, extreme sympathy, stomach/lymphatic formula.

Metal Element; LH-C for grief, lung formula; white foods

Water Element: KB-C for fear kidney/ spinal fluid formula.

Wood Element; LIV-C for anger, frustration, liver meridian formula


I choose to do these cleanses this year:

Clean Start; bowel cleanse with Psyllium Hulls, Bentonite, LBS11 and Body Detox

Detox Basics; a liver cleanse

One Day Kidney Flush; kidney, bladder, prostate, brain cleanse

Gall Bladder Cleanse


TAFYH Evaluation


·       There are only 4 root causes of all diseased conditions; nutritional deficiency, toxicity, stress and trauma.

·       Cancer cannot grow in a body temperature of 37C.

·       The disease of the brain happens when the probiotic bacteria is overrun by the candida yeast so there is no circulation of O2 and nutrients to feed the brain.

·       Vaccines are harmful to the brain since they contain solvents which break down the fat matter and in addition poisonous mercury and aluminum particles are damaging the brain cells, causing disease.

·       Our organs have the ability to heal themselves from 5 days (stomach lining) to 4 months (blood) with the entire body rebuilding itself in 365 days! Remarkable!

·         Dr. McDougall 2011: studied the cancer of Steve Jobs, “Cells have rules, they don’t divide at their own free will. Cells only divide when there is a wound and they divide to repair the wound. In cancer cells get injured and they start dividing.”

·       Dr. Linus Pauling – 1970’s Father of Vitamin C .” You can trace every disease ailment to a mineral deficiency

·       medical researcher Sayer Ji stated, “What is unique about WGA is that it can do direct damage to the majority of tissues in the human body without requiring a specific set of genetic susceptibilities and/or immune-mediated articulations

·       Cancer is not a death sentence and the Paw Paw program can overcome cancer.

·       Gall stones can be dissolved without surgery.

·       Ginseng, Licorice, and Schisandra as found in Chi Mineral Tonic have saponins that emulsify harmful fats, bind to sugar molecules, and accelerate the body ‘s natural ability to absorb nutrients.

·       When oxygen levels drop to below 35% to an injured area of the body then fungus and yeast start to proliferate in that low oxygen environment

·       Candida also affects the function of the thyroid, resulting in hypothyroid difficulties thereby slowing down metabolism and decreasing body temperature.

·       Our foods today have a fraction of the nutrients they historically had.

·       abnormal gut micro biomes known as dysbiosis concluded that abnormal gut bacteria can result in depression, anxiety, cardiovascular disease, fungal overload, irritable bowel syndrome, colitis, cancer, obesity, insulin resistance, leaky gut, and nonalcoholic fatty liver disease

·       80% of your immune system is found in your gastrointestinal tract, with about 100 trillion bacteria (about 3 pounds).

·       Leaky guy - The yeast grows hyphae roots or tendrils and these tendrils literally poke holes in the lining of the intestinal wall thereby causing a condition known as leaky gut syndrome.

·       Toxic lectins, thereby, enter through the gut membrane into the blood stream and bind to the exposed glucosamine triggering the symptoms of inflamed joints often diagnosed as rheumatoid arthritis

·       It is also important to get some natural salt with your water, especially if you suffer from allergies, asthma or digestive problems

·       Just knowing that if your body temperature drops by a mere .5 degrees Celsius and correspondingly your immune system drops by 35% should move you to increase your body temperature.

·       Your physician can name your disease; he can call it cancer, he can draw your blood and show you everything that is wrong with it, but he is simply describing the process of low body temperature

·       Your physician can name your disease; he can call it cancer, he can draw your blood and show you everything that is wrong with it, but he is simply describing the process of low body temperature

·       Given the proper nutrition the brain can repair itself and heal. We are told however that once brain cells are damaged, they can never be repaired.

·       Cat’s Claw and Silver can heal infections without antibiotics.


For the vast content and detail covered in this course, the time commitment was extremely minimal.  I will be using it as an example of efficient, impactful, instruction in my work.


The daily participation and accountability is a great format and is essential for the high success rate the course achieves.  I would have found it much more difficult to keep this as a priority without this structure.


The material covered and amount I’ve learned is vast.  This is not a subject that can be fully learned in a course.  It takes many lifetimes, just like the referenced information. It is a lifestyle/way of life.

Structure:  The structure was simple and very impactful in the success of each participant in our course.

Information: The information was vast and informative. Organizing the information for my personal uses is a significant project. Making it usable for myself and my life. The information in this course is a huge resource and a gift that I plan to refer to often in the months and years to come.

Commitment: It takes something to hold onto a commitment for the duration of this course. The time commitment is minimal and the structure is a great support.  It is amazing the impact you can make on your health with a small time commitment per day.

Application:  The application is for any experience you or those around you are experiencing.  It is applicable to the human population...


Reaching others:  I have a beginner’s skillset and a expert’s toolkit.  I can support others, where they are willing; with the impacts I have experienced for myself, the differences I have seen in others lives, and the information I have learned as I understand it.

BSQs as a form of measurement:

The BSQ is a great personal check in.  Provides you with an insight into where your body is struggling, which I was blind to as it had become normal to me.  Even over the span of the course, I was surprised to re-visit it and find that many of the things I had been experiencing had stopped during the course without my noticing.  A very useful tool.  I have input it in my calendar every 3 months to do a check in and adjust accordingly.


I was consistently blown away by the research of so many committed researchers and Donna’s commitment to compiling them and assessing their credibility and merit.

I would recommend this course to anyone that was willing to look at their habits and take on their health.  

I was raised without a high level of trust in the pharmacy based medical systems of North America. I am excited to have this compiled information that blocks out a lot of the noise in the alternative medicine world, while also holistically looking at ancient and recent learnings.  


Success by Lynn April /21

 Body Systems Questionnaire:

February 9, 2021 Total 23

Circulation: 5, Nervous: 4, Digestive: 4

April 13, 2021 Total 9

Circulation: 3, Nervous: 0, Digestive: 0

(Still experiencing occasional dizziness, varicose veins same)

 Body Temperature:

Above 36*C 5 times this week compared to once or twice a week for the first 4 weeks. 

(3 times last week).


Candida Saliva Test:

March 1 - Yes

April 21 - Yes 

Candida Cleanse to be completed and added to Health Plan

 Symptoms Change:


Abdominal pain/discomfort: gone 

Absent-mindedness or forgetfulness:  much improved (clearer and sharper thinking)

Anxiety, nervousness, tension: much improved 

Dizziness or lightheaded:  no change

Food sits heavy in stomach: gone

Itchy nose and ears:  not as frequent or intense, but not gone entirely

Varicose veins:  no change 


Other -

Pain in right side:  improved, not as frequent of intense (still a mystery - not ovary, not hip)

Salty taste in mouth: gone

Redness on fingers: gone

Tingling in fingers: gone

Spasms in abdomen: gone

Irregular Bowels: Regular (2/day)

Heart thumping:  gone

Odd tingling in lower right shoulder area:  less frequent and less intense

Tongue is more pink than pasty 

Wake up more energized and ready to take on the day

 Success Story:

Within a week, my heart wasn’t thumping anymore and haven’t experienced any thumping since. 

Also in the first week, I noticed my urine flow was more full.  I had no previous awareness of any issue.

Completing the cleanses was very beneficial and will incorporate these in my annual Health Plan.  I didn’t experience any outstanding effects, but felt better overall - more energy, lighter and clearer.  

My posture has improved, I feel taller and more open. 

Another significant measurable change was my metabolic age dropped from 52 (Feb. 11) to 40 (Apr. 12).  

 Completing the TAFYH program has given me invaluable information about 

overall health (body, mind, spirit, environment)  

the Laws of Nature, 

the power of therapeutic herbs and remedies, 

a healthy daily routine of Super Foods Smoothies, drinking water with chlorophyll and eating the right foods, ionic breathing, exercise, expressing/journaling gratitude, 

an active therapeutic Health Plan (A - Activate, B - Build, C - Cleanse, D - Direct herbals for specific body system, E - Emotions + Identifying Sources of Inflammation) 

 I am now empowered to improve and maintain my health from this day forward and to help others do the same. 

 My healthy body is full of warmth, full of vigor, full of radiant energy, full of magnetism, full of beauty and full of of power. 

TAFYH Evaluation by Lynn April /21


Ahha & Concept Statements:

Choosing only two statements per lesson was definitely a challenge.  However, it really helped to sift through the information in the lesson to gain a better understanding, make it more tangible and be able to apply it more easily. 


The time was easy to incorporate in your day.  It was a very positive and enriching way to start the day! 


Participation is integral in this program.  You not only learn the Laws of Nature, you’re also applying them which definitely gives it more impact.  

Having a team of 6 + Donna was very manageable.  Saying ‘Good Morning!’, sharing our two statements and stating our daily commitment every morning is engaging.  It is our only connection to the other members of the Team, therefore very important. 

The TAG Team is a fun and supportive way to share what we’ve learned. 


The lessons are very well laid out.  They seemed to flow with each topic.  

Incorporating the information with the herbs and the cleanses is very effective. 

Everything we learned in TAFYH relates to our overall health and helps us to develop a healthy daily routine.  


The structure provides a very supportive way to develop and integrate a new healthy routine.

I like how the program is organized.  It follows an order that is very well thought out and it ties in with each topic. It flows seamlessly. 

The group size is perfect (6) - not overwhelming and it gave us time to ask questions.

I wasn’t sure if I was going to like the conference call set up, but it works very well and is effective. 

I enjoyed hearing the gratitude statements and the weekly accomplishments. 


Much of the information was familiar to me, however, through this program, I learned how to put it together.

Applying the information and experiencing the benefits first hand is also crucial in the success of incorporating this program in our daily health routine. 

I really enjoyed your additional comments in the daily emails as well. 

Including practical recipes (e.g. flaxseed bread, chocolate avocado pudding, peppermint patties, DIY household cleaners, essential oils) is very helpful. 

Adding the herbal supplements and remedies to the different body systems and conditions was effective and was important to me. 

Adding quotes and cartoons are a fun way to bring the messages into focus. 



Saying out loud ‘I commit to...’ at every class definitely made me keep my commitments - very powerful! 

I am thrilled that all members of Team #60 stuck it out and completed the program. 

I was also amazed at the support and encouragement of my TAG Team. 


Applying what we learned in the lessons is very effective in understanding and retaining what we need to do to stay healthy as well as help us to start a new daily routine. 

Completing the cleanses were very effective. 


Everything that we learned is relevant to our health and overall well being.  Developing a healthy daily routine is vital to the success of maintaining good health. 

 Reaching Others:

Win-win situation with having the TAG Team - Support for me (the participant) and great information for the members of the TAG Team.  I so appreciated their comments, encouragement and questions. 

The reports to the TAG Team is an excellent way to make the information more tangible and ‘stick’ better.  It reinforces what I learned during the lesson. 

 BSQ’s as Form of Measurement:

The BSQ is an easy high level measurement to determine your overall health by body systems and to monitor your progress. It is a very good starting point for measuring your health level and which body system is most in need of nutritional support. 


I appreciate your passion for health, the Laws of Nature, and your dedication to sharing your extensive knowledge through the TAFYH program.  

Thank You for your commitment to Team 60 - always being on time, prepared, supportive and encouraging.  

I also appreciate the simplicity in which the information is laid out - one topic/lesson, easy to understand concepts and the repetition of the daily assignments. It works!! 

I also appreciate the dedication of our team and look forward to hearing their success stories. 


Thank You for empowering me to Take Action For My Health and to help others do the same. 



TAFYH Team 60


TAFYH by Cynthia April /21


Success Story: 

·         Candida saliva test became clear 

·         Weight from 131 lbs to 119 lbs 

·         Body temp went from 36.0 to 36.4 

·         Sleep is better and able to wake up in the morning without feeling groggy 

·         Eczema went from severe to mild 

·         Tingling and pain from hands and feet are gone 

Body System Questionnaire: 


Before: 54 - Circulatory 6, Nervous 8, Immune 6, Glandular 12 

After: 14 - Circulatory 2, Glandular 3, Structural 3, Reproductive 2 



·         Yes, others will urge you into their educated beliefs, luring you away from your desired health vision. 

·         Grains contain opiates. 

·         Since the dawn of recorded history plants have been the primary source of medicine for people throughout the world. Plants have been used for medicinal purposes for thousands of years. 

·         The oral ingestion of herbs plays a significant part in optimal health. 

·         Candida is the state of having more harmful bacteria and yeast than beneficial bacteria. 

·         As Candida is fed it produces all kinds of poisons that enter the blood stream and impede with nutrient and oxygen flow. 

·         “Super Foods” is a term we use to describe those foods we do not buy in the grocery stores. They are loaded with high dense nutrition that are easily assimilated and used by the stem cells. 

·         If antibiotics are used within the first 6 months of life the gut bacteria can permanently shift and may be associated with future childhood problems such as digestive issues, tooth decay, increased inflammation, changes in mood, sleep patterns, fecal incontinence, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and obesity. 

·         The yeast grows hyphae roots or tendrils and these tendrils literally poke holes in the lining of the intestinal wall thereby causing a condition known as leaky gut syndrome. 

·         In diabetes lectins have been known to cause inflammatory response in the pancreatic islets. 

·         We have learned about leaky gut and how sugar, Candida, lectins, drugs, and heavy metals can cause leaky gut. 

·         Optimal core body temperature is 98.6F (37C), the temperature in which all body chemical reactions occur to maintain health. 

·         The liver detoxifies the blood as a “backup system” for the elimination channels. 

·         The secret is to carry Cat’s Claw with you wherever you go. It is one herbal combination I never leave home without.  I urge you to have Cat’s Claw and Silver Guard at home for those times when you might harbor an infection. 

·         Note that there will never be a cure for the cold because the cold is the cure in and of itself. 

·         Your liver can move toxins out through the skin and you end up with skin conditions such as dandruff, rashes, etc. 

·         It is my belief that many common drugs such as antibiotics, steroid drugs, birth control drugs, vaccinations are also getting into the water system thereby affecting our health unknowingly. 


Starting at 7:30 am worked out perfectly. 20 mins of this course worked out around my schedule, especially when it came to getting my children up and around for school. This also helped with being on schedule and remaining self-disciplined. I am not a morning person but being in this course and looking after my health has made major improvements and I am now someone who has energy to get up in the morning without feeling groggy.  



It was amazing to learn that we can heal our bodies with herbs and not medication. As indigenous I have always known this but school teaches us differently. Our ancestors used herbs as healing and sacred practices. Nowadays we have lost many of those teachings. Learning the use of all this through TAFYH brings this back into perspective and relearn what we have lost.  



The structure of this course was beautifully designed. Very simple to follow and go back to re-look at everything we learned. It was amazing to be on call and interact with everyone else and share our commitment, AHHAS statements, and our gratitude and creating of the day. 



From the beginning of this course, we had to comit ourselves to TAFYH. Each day we had to be accountable and in charge of completing the required assignments. It took up very little time but very crucial for our health. This also help with self-discipline.  



Balancing our health is part of our physical being, in hand with our spiritual, mentally, and emotional being.  Looking after our health is just as important as looking after our mind, body, and spirit.  A healthy being is looking after all four components of our being.  


BSQ’s as form of measurement: 

I found the BSQ’s helpful. They help target where you need to work on in your health areas.  



As I said under education. I as indigenous, my ancestors lived of the land. They knew how to use medicine in their own back yard. Since residential school happened, a lot of this knowledge has been lost. Not only that, our language was lost. Bringing this back and having the knowledge of herbs as medicine again will be a life changing effect. This will be a rippling effect on planet Earth. This information needs to get out there. It’s time we start changing the world for the better, especially when it comes to our health. No more relying on Pharmacare. We need to be healthy, not sick! 



Success by Daniel April /21


Success story:

Introduction: On January 9, 2021 I had a spontaneous fulminating event in my lower neck. It was subsequently diagnosed as a hemorrhagic cyst associated with my thyroid and was sizeable: 7.5cms or so in diameter.  I developed a number of related symptoms….pain, headache, hoarseness and low energy that were largely relieved by partial draining of the cyst in mid-January and early February. I was advised by the specialist that it would probably fill up again over time with compressive symptoms returning and that I would require further aspiration or a partial thyroidectomy. I had done TAFYH 7 years previously and had largely followed TAFYH principles in the intervening years with periodic slippage rationalized by a range of excuses. I contacted Donna and she advised a paw paw/chelation protocol which I started in early February and also thought that doing TAFYH again would be a good idea. So for the month prior to starting TAFYH 60 I was doing my own pre-TAFYH whence the duration below on weight loss.


December 8, 2020:          197.1lbs

January 9, 2021:                197.1lbs (estimated)

April 22, 2021:                    179.7lbs

Weight loss:                       17.4lbs

Losing 17.4 lbs has me at a weight I haven’t recorded as an adult and it actually feels quite comfortable. My physical abilities are the same. 180 lbs is my calculated optimal weight based on BMI and other metrics. So very pleased about this. There may be some muscle loss as I haven’t been doing a lot of weight bearing activities since January. That is now on my to-do list.


BSQ comparison:


February 8, 2021

April 22, 2021







































Some of the symptoms that I checked on the February 8th BSQ aren’t totally resolved and so still get partial scores. Nonetheless as the totals indicate there has been a significant improvement which I’m thrilled about. This is the thing with TAFYH, although there may be an initial focus on a particularly significant condition, slowly but surely a more generalized sense of wellbeing starts to take hold over time. I still have the cyst, most of the related compressive symptoms have largely eased or resolved and so I intend to keep going with the program as opting for surgery at this stage does not feel right.

As with any process there have been up days and down days. That said the trend over the past few months has been towards vibrant, vigorous health. I remember reading somewhere that when there is a felt sense of improvement in an aspect of well-being that it represents at least a 25% improvement. Things that have noticeably improved are:

Energy/Enthusiasm levels. It is now comfortable to walk at a brisk pace (6km/h) for 40 mins and to be enjoying the walk as opposed to wondering when it will be over. Some days I’ll go for two of those walks. Now I look forward to my walks whereas in the early stages of TAFYH that was not always the case. I’m looking forward to adding more strength related activity to my regimen and of course only as feels right.

Sleep: Some days I still nap although not as frequently as before. I infrequently waken more than once which is also quite delightful. Sleep periods are generally closer to 8 hours again an improvement. I’m looking at acquiring a CPAP to further improve sleep quality.

Joint inflammation. I’ve noticed an improvement here too and whereas previously I had accepted this as a normal aging affliction I’m now motivated to add periodic kidney flushes to my health plan and challenge that self-limiting belief.

Brain Fog: I have noticed glimpses of improvement in this domain also and now have the tools to support that development

OCD tendencies: in the past week or so I’ve noticed a certain diminishment in this arena for me particularly in regards to COVID 19 related stuff.

Desire for sugar in the form of bread, grains and alcohol have largely dissipated. This has been partly due to replacing conventional bread with flaxseed bread in the case of bread/grains. This was a step I didn’t take after my first TAFYH and I think is instructive. Deprivation without a replacement is sustainable for a period of time and probably not indefinitely.

Food A related shift for me has been experimenting with different vegetables and products thus increasing the variety and leading to being more satisfied in a healthy way. We have access to grass fed beef, bison and venison locally here so that has increased the variety from just salmon….delicious as it is and eggs.

Cooking: I’m broiling/boiling more of my food than previously with sauteeing being a treat rather than the norm. I also continue to roast ingredients occasionally.


Candida Test: no change from initial one done in March which was indicative of candida being present. I’ll redo in a month or so.






March 10, 2021



March 11, 2021



March 12, 2021






April 21, 2021



April 22, 2021



April 23, 2021







Current body temperature (measured under tongue) is essentially unchanged since early March. Normal is 37C. This metric does speak to me and is a focus to raise mine closer to 37C.


Health Plan

A: Activate with Cat’s Claw and exercise like: brisk walking hiking and yard work (equivalent to 20-30 km/week)

B: Build by eating the right foods, especially red coloured like salmon, beef, bison and venison. Two superfood smoothies/day containing: Chinese Mineral Chi Tonic, Flax Hull Lignans, Collagen, blueberries and Ultimate Greenzone

C: Cleanse with Psyllium hulls, LBS 11 water and liquid Chlorophyll

D: Direct support for:

Thyroid and circulation: MC, CoQ10, Omega 3, Paw Paw, Protease Plus, SilverGuard

Urinary: Cranberry buchu

Prostate: Saw Palmetto

E: Express and journal gratitude

Minimize Inflammation sources:

1.       Minimize exposure to environmental toxins externally and at home

2.       Judicious consumption of alcohol. This statement is the result of serious deliberation on this topic.

3.       Occasional consumption of pastured dairy products.

4.       Continue to expand the range of right foods to provide variety and ensure sustainability.

5.       Incorporate saunas.


Periodic Cleanses:

Colon: covered in Daily Health Plan

Kidney: do monthly for the next 6 months or until joint inflammation remedied

Liver/gall bladder: repeat on a 3-month cycle for balance of 2021


TAG Team: although I had a natural resistance to involving others in a very personal topic and to impose on their time I quickly got over my inhibitions and asked more than the 6 prescribed. I was delighted at the response with some even saying they were honoured. The regular comments and support became something I looked forward to and that lifted me. As time went on I did include some personal aspects with the reports to add a little color and stretch myself. I’m very grateful to my TAG Team for their contribution


Conclusion: I’m grateful for the reinvigorating health plan that has evolved and for the immediate improvements as noted above. My unwavering belief to create vigorous, vibrant health has deepened. Thank you Donna for continuing to offer TAFYH, for being so generous with your time and leading us so ably daily. Thanks also to my coparticipants who were inspiring in how they participated and without whom this particular constellation wouldn’t have happened. And finally thank you to my TAG team who added their unwavering support and humour along the way.