Friday, September 5, 2014

Learnings Continued : Leadership Convention

Learnings Continued : Leadership Convention
From Rhea:
Take a Costco calcium and drop it into a glass of water. It drops like a rock and stays like a rock. No action here! Now take another glass of water and drop into it a SynerPro calcium tablet from Nature’s Sunshine . In a few short minutes it starts to break down and bubbles up.
Take a Lecithin capsule from another company. Open it up and smell it. It smells like sewing machine oil. Now open a capsule of Lecithin from Nature’s Sunshine and smell it and taste it. It smells really good and tastes really good. Lecithin is used to digest fats.
Express gratitude to:
Your upline
Your success line
Your daily clients
Your family members
Your neighbours
Your teachers
Your education
Your daily improved health

From Dr. Davis :author of Wheat Belly
In order to reverse heart disease it is required to have normal blood sugar. To do this eliminate all grains. The proteins in all present day grains are all different with a gene added called GIOA9 and these can induce mutations and are the cause of all kinds of intestinal disorders such as celiac , ulcerative colitis, diarrhea, joint pain, heart palpitations, paranoia, schizophrenia, hallucinations, ADD, violent behaviors, depression .
Dr. Dohan worked in New Guinea in the 1960’s and studied the wheat foods. When wheat foods were added to the diet there was a 35% increase in schizophrenia.
Gliadins have been added to present day wheat strains that act like opiates and these opiates cause appetite stimulation and leaky gut. These gliadins then leak into the blood stream and trigger immune responses and cause autoimmune disorders Dr. D Jenkins stated that wheat has a glycemic index of 72 compared to sugar which is only 59. Wow!!
Lectins in wheat cannot be digested . They destroy the intestinal tract and get into the blood stream to block bile release and form gall stones. This is also one reason why  there is a new surge of asthma, eczema, anxiety.  Lectins also block the leptin receptors that make you feel full.
Whey , commercialized. usually comes from milk cows that are milked during pregnancy and this whey has a high estrogen content. This type of whey increases insulin resistance. ( My comment here is to use NutriBurn from Nature’s Sunshine that comes from grass fed , non pregnant cows from New Zealand)
Oats and oatmeal in today’s market are manipulated with seeds of other grasses and this causes toxicity. There is also the problem of tooth decay, iron deficiency and zinc deficiency. Oats cause high blood sugar. Rice is 99% starch and contains toxic lectins.
 Quinoa causes blood sugar issues.
All chronic diseases are diseases of modern grains.
What to do :
Hydrate and use Celtic or Himalayan salt.
Magnesium Malate 1200 mg 2 times a day
Probiotics on an empty stomach
Iodine as in Kelp or Black Walnut
Vitamin D 6000 IU a day. It increases bone density and blood sugars decrease.
Super Omega 3 3000 mg a day for inflammation and blood sugar normalization.