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From Jerry

the Leading Cause of Death and Injury in the United States is the American Medical System:

The number of people having in-hospital, adverse drug reactions to prescribed medicine is 2.2 million;

The number of unnecessary antibiotics  prescribed annually for viral infections is now some tens of millions!

The number of unnecessary medical and surgical procedures performed annually is 7.5 million;

The number of people exposed to unnecessary hospitalization annually is 8.9 million;

Medical journals report that pharmaceutical drugs kill over 100,000 people each year in the USA!

Medical journals report that pharmaceutical-based medicine is one of the leading causes of death and injury in developed countries.

Drug companies exercise a dictatorial influence over the mass-media, through ownership and advertising revenue, as well as upon party politicians through 'donations'. Meanwhile, doctors who heal by inexpensive natural means, thereby threatening pharmaceutical profits, are decried as quacks, driven out of the country or into jail. (24)

John D Rockefeller, lived in excellent health to the age of 98 as did his son John D Jr., who died aged 86. What was their secret to a long healthy life? Both attributed this to a frugal diet of natural food, the advice of a homeopathic doctor only, and the complete avoidance of synthetic drugs

This is the season of the birth of our Savior. So I thought about his work on the earth. Throughout his life, the Savior went about healing all kinds of diseases (Mark 1:34). One example is when the woman with an issue of blood reaches out to Jesus amidst a crowd and touches His garment and is immediately healed. What makes this story so interesting is that Luke tells us that she “spent all her living upon physicians,” but that none of them could heal her (Luke 8:43-48). It was her faith in the power of Jesus Christ that made her whole. Then for those who do not have the same faith that this woman did plants which we call herbs were created for us. So I thought about those plants. They were created not by then hands of man but by the hands of a heavenly intelligence. The energy of Christ is actually in those herbs and plants. It is no wonder their healing power is so effective.

According to an unprecedented 2018 study, the HPV vaccine reduces fertility by almost 50%

In 2014, the Kenya Catholic Doctors Association released a chilling statement suggesting that they had, “found an antigen that causes miscarriages in a [vaccine] being administered to 2.3 million girls and women by the World Health Organization and UNICEF.” Priests throughout Kenya immediately began advising congregations to refuse the vaccine.

The same antigen, called human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG), developed by the WHO task force on birth control vaccines has been found in numerous tetanus shots around the world. In cases like Thailand, spontaneous abortion (or miscarriage) was reported within 24 hours of receiving the shot. One report suggests that “The World Health Organization only targeted women between the ages of 15 and 45 — the child bearing years — for repeated tetanus vaccinations

Percy Schmeiser claims moral and personal victory in Supreme Court Decision  2020

by Percy Schmeiser, 22 May 2004:

All I did was save my seed from year to year. Now it is clear that a company’s patent will take precedence over the rights of farmer’s to save and reuse their seed.

Farmer’s should be concerned about this judgment as they now may lose their ability to continue with this practice. I believe that this ruling is an injustice and Parliament must act to ensure that farmer’s rights are protected. The playing field between farmer’s rights and the bio-tech companies rights has been tilted towards the companies with this decision.

I have always campaigned on the right of a farmer to save and re-use his own seed. This is what I have been doing for the last 50 years. I will continue to support any efforts to strengthen the rights of a farmer to save and re-use his own seed.

I also believe that Monsanto will face huge liability issues down the road.

Emergency Use of Herbs

This past weekend I had a call from a lady who had been to a dentist to have her tooth extracted. It became infected but she refused to use antibiotics. She called me instead. This is what I said:

Cat’s Claw about 4 three times a day

Silver Gel or SilverGuard every hour until it heals.

This she did. She went back to the dentist today. He asked her if she used the antibiotics and she quietly said No. I used Cat’s Claw herbs and Silver Gel. Both the dentist and his assistant laughed at her. The dentist was sure her mouth would be full of infection. When he peered into her mouth he was in shock. The extraction had all healed, there was no infection and a look of guilt appeared on his face!

Treat any infection with Cat’s Claw and Silver Gel.

One of my past cancer clients was out in the boonies camping when his girlfriend ended up with a dog bite. Did he panic! No, he had the Silver Gel and the Cat’s Claw. She took large doses of it and the infection totally subsided in about a day and a half.

I have 2 more dog bite stories I could tell you. Both men took the Cat’s Claw and the Silver and the infection totally subsided and the bite healed. If there is a dog bite and you go to emergency prepare to have a tetanus shot. This is a dangerous shot. I have witnessed one of my cancer clients die after having a tetanus shot of which he was totally not prepared for.


Signs of Heart Attacks, Strokes, Pain, Blood Clots, Heart Cancer

You have all heard Michelle’s story. Her husband was diagnosed with cancer of the heart. Michelle did a consultation with me for her husband because he was too sick. The doctor gave him days to live.  I taught her the Emergency Protocol. When her ended up with these symptoms that is what he did. No doctor was needed. No ambulance with called. He overcame his severe symptoms. What he did not know was that he should have continued with the MC protocol for about 3 more days. This is where further education is required. Michelle also gave him 3 smoothies a day with some supplements. As of last month this man was able to go to work every single day. He is no

MC 8 all at once

Capsicum opened into water or juice or Chlrophyll, about 2 to 3 capsules

Repeat the Capsicum and water every 15 minutes.

Repeat this process three time a day if needed.

Donna had a blood clot that was very painful. She also followed this protocol and overcame the blood clot situation. She did this protocol for 3 days. She is on the call.

Vye called me this past weekend to thank me for helping her heal a concussion she had after a fall. Vye had experienced horrible headaches.  She also followed this protocal and her brain healed within 10 days and the headaches totally subsided. She was so very happy with these results. I also want to acknowledge Fran who always attends my calls and she was able to coach Vye and help her.

Dr. Joen followed this protocal when her husband had a serious widow maker heart attack. The doctors at the Mayo Clinic were blown away. They all invited Dr Joen to be a speaker at the Mayo Clinic. Some were impressed, some were intrigues and most just walked away. They just could not believe that these natural remedies are that powerful. The end result is that nothing came of this story. People continue to die needlessly because doctors are trained to believe in the box of pharmaceuticals. Then there is the problem of license. If a doctor steps outside that box then his license is under threat.

Capsicum You can also sprinkle capsicum into bleeding wounds to help stop the bleeding. Capsicum can be taken internally to help stop internal bleeding, too

Lobelia is an antispasmodic that relaxes muscle cramps or spasms and can be used to ease pain, relax the body during anxiety attacks and stress, ease asthma attacks, and relieve tension headaches. Lobelia can also be used as an emetic to induce vomiting in cases of food poisoning or flu. Steven Horne

Tei Fu Oil or Tei Fu Massage Lotion: Tei Fu oil is a topical analgesic and can be rubbed in to ease the pain of headaches, muscle aches, arthritis, sore throats and much more. It can be inhaled for respiratory congestion and makes a great remedy for bites and stings. I've also rubbed it into the chest for congestion. I think it's one of the best topical analgesics on the market.

Tei Fu Oil is excellent for dry mouth or sore throats.

IF-C: No first aid kit is complete without something for pain. This natural anti-inflammatory is a great remedy for easing pain and promoting recovery from minor injuries, headaches and other aches and pains. This is one where you would have to take 4 three times a day.

Nature’s Fresh: This product is great to have on hand for stains and odors, but it is also an amazing topical spray for helping to ease pain and promote healing. You can spray it on all kinds of minor injuries and painful areas to ease pain and promote healing. We heard from Lana last week who mixed with coconut oil and inserted it into her rectum to heal hemorrhoids.

Diarrhea: Cat’s Claw and Psyllium Hulls makes an excellent remedy for diarrhea. It absorbs substances that are irritating the colon and firms up the stool. You can also take infection-fighting remedies such as Silver Shield, Ultimate Echinacea and/or Immune Stimulator internally if the diarrhea is caused by infection

Pau D’ Arco Lotion: is great for itchy skin, really bad rashes,. It is an anti-Candida, anti-fungal lotion.