Saturday, November 17, 2012

Quality is Crucial

ere I am immersed in the writings of the NSP Fall campaign #7 only to discover the wise words of Dr. James Scala , health nutrition researcher and author of the bestselling book Prescription for Longevity. His writings caught my eye as I was fortunate to have met Dr. Scala many years ago when he was a designated speaker for a Nature’s Sunshine event here in Kelowna. Dr. Scala shares the statistic that over 60 % of all deaths are related to poor diet. “…over 5 people in America die every 2 minutes from an illness that proper nutrition could have either prevented completely or put far into the future.” To think that 60% of all deaths could be prevented if we only put enough nutrition into our bodies is mind boggling. Here we are living in a world of food abundance and yet we are starving to death ! How could that be ? Let me take the time to explain my reasons to this question.
1 The foods we eat today are empty of nutrition. In other words we are eating the wrong foods.
2 Agricultural practices have interfered with our plants’ abilities to convert raw elements from the earth into bioavailable minerals and amino acids. Our plants are mineral and amino acid empty.
3 Our society is trained to turn to medical prescriptions to solve all the diseases we are becoming afflicted with. All drugs have harmful side effects that rob our immune systems from doing their job of sustaining our health.
4 We have forgotten that it is energy from the sun, from exercise, from love , from foods with nutrients, minerals, amino acids , vitamins , essential fatty acids that will keep our bodies healthy and strong and help our bodies to recover from any illness we may be afflicted with. So nutrition in our present day is totally disregarded as the solution to all diseased conditions.
Now there are many of us that are somewhat aware of the nutritionless foods we are consuming so we end up purchasing all kinds of vitamins, minerals , supplements , herbals to somewhat compensate for the lack of nutrients in the foods. But that appears not to work either and we end up spending a whole lot of money on worthless supplements .We just don’t know that there is one factor missing to this equation of supplement buying. And that is quality control . Not all supplements are the same . And please don’t tell me that you heard it from Dr X TV program and that he is the expert. Dr. X is promoting the supplements that some company out there paid him to promote. This is called subtle advertising, a very clever approach to selling a product. There is one other thing I have discovered in my search for health besides the fact that quality is crucial and that is the testimonials from people who have not only used the products but followed programs. To read about them please go to or purchase a copy of my book , Practical Solution to the Cancer Injury.
Recently we had Doug Jensen as a guest speaker for one of our events here in Kelowna. Doug has been with Nature’ s Sunshine for 7 years. He had a burning desire at one point in his life to study pharmacy but when he witnessed his mother lose 90 pounds and go off all her medications because she used Nature’s Sunshine products and when he witnessed his daughter with Hoshimoto’s disease start to grow again after using Nature’s Sunshine supplements he sat up and took note. He entered into the field of Nature’s Sunshine and advanced to the position of Sales Director of Nature’s Sunshine America. So I take this opportunity to reiterate some of Doug’s comments.
Nature’s Sunshine is second to none in quality." Our standards are so consistent that we get results." Nature’s Sunshine has more than the required certifications for quality control and as a matter of interest “we are considering setting our own standards .” Nature’s Sunshine always invests in quality . For an example many of the companies that make capsules add fillers to their capsules. Nature’s Sunshine refuses to buy capsules with fillers and so Nature’s Sunshine makes their own capsules free from fillers and questionable ingredients.
Nature’s Sunshine does not own any farms and therefore they are in no way obligated to sell products that may be of lesser quality. Doug pointed out that recently there was a cayenne crop that tested weak. Nature’s Sunshine refused to purchase their cayenne products and therefore went to another farm. " Quality is never compromised because of bad crops."
Here is another policy that I found interesting, “ If we can’t find them in pristine quality we won’t sell them”
One thing I learned from Doug is that 85% of all supplements on the market are made by 3rd party companies. In other words a company takes another company’s products and sticks their own labels on it and sells them. There is no quality control mentioned here. What you see on the label is not necessarily what is in the bottle. So what are you really buying from your friendly supplement markets ? You just don’t know! I am happy to state that I know exactly what I am buying when I buy Nature’s Sunshine products.
Doug strongly stated that with Nature’s Sunshine you can always count on purity, safety and potency. Testing is never done by other companies and Nature’s Sunshine rejects about 2% of all the products. So where do these products end up. You got it ! They are sent to other companies who are not the least bit concerned about quality and they are the ones that end up on your market stores.
It was most interesting to learn that Kelp comes from Nova Scotia and that there are 600 types of tests that are performed before it is released . One of these testing procedures is Geiger counter testing to test for radiaoactivity. All samples tested are kept in record for 6 years.
Finally I want to state that I am very proud to be a distributor of a product line that demonstrates such a high level of sincere integrity. If this message reaches you and you are not a member of Nature’s Sunshine please contact me .

University of People , 250 764 2852
I love to talk to people . I listen intently to what they say. As a matter of fact they are my “university, the “University of People” It is a university without walls ,not marred by any dogma , not corrupted by media nor influenced by any interest groups. The “University of People” teaches me the way it is . It is reality and it is truth . And so I have come to acknowledge it as my ultimate learning center . Often during my conversations with my university I take notes because some of the sayings I gather are so very profound. However my weakness is that often I neglect to write the names of the persons who shared their thoughts with me. Consequently I share their thoughts with you without due recognition of their names. I express my gratitude to all those who teach me every day the things I need to learn so as to help those in need. Thank you. Enjoy !
Your belief system can kill you.
The side effects of the Paw Paw program is good health.
Your sense of passion is compelling. By Glen
There is a new religion happening out there called “prevention”
You want your cancer to heal overnight. How long do you think it takes for an athlete to get a medal at the Olympics? By Jacquelyn
How can you have healthy babies if you , yourself are not healthy.
What do you want in your health. Write it down. Writing it down makes you think about it and moves you into action.
Esteem is making a difference for someone else.
Good health requires good food but today we don’t even know what “good food “ is.
Taking drugs today is a socially accepted behaviour in our culture. We just don’t know what we are doing . We’re on auto pilot. A concerned 24 year old man
Nobody teaches us health and the doctors tell us there are no other options. Sheena,
Media constantly bombards us with going to a doctor to get a drug or a supplement. I‘ve tried it and it doesn’t work. I am realizing it’s all fake. Sheena
It’s the quality of foods not the calories that count.
Regarding Practical Solution to the Cancer Injury “ This book is so wonderful.’ David
I purchased your book( Practical Solution to the Cancer Injury) and felt that I indeed had found the magic bullet. I am now one of your disciples and I spread the word whenever I can.
If you knew a heart attack would happen to you in 1 month how willing would you be to take your health to the next level today ?
You can choose to subsidize your illness or invest in your wellness.
IF you don’t have enough cholesterol then you don’t have strong cell walls. If you don’t have strong cell walls then fungus gets into these weak cell walls. Carol

I suggest you not wait one minute longer but contact me immediately at 250 764 2852.
Your health requires attention !

Leaky Gut

About 80% of your immune system is found in your gastrointestinal tract with about 100 trillion bacteria ( about 3 pounds) Your intestinal system is also teaming with an amazing lymphatic structure that has the ability to neutralize many toxins, poisons, and bad bacteria. In a healthy state the body has about 85% good bacteria and 15% bad( yeast ) bacteria. It is the strength of the good probiotic bacteria and the lymphatic system that are able to keep the yeast bacteria in check . In a healthy state the probiotic bacteria are then able to produce nutrients such as B vitamins for the body.
However when antibiotics are introduced to the gastrointestinal tract then the delicate balance of the intestinal terrain are upset and yeast colonies begin to grow and take over and this results in a condition known as dysbiosis. The yeast grows hyphae roots or tendrils and these tendrils literally poke holes in the lining of the intestinal wall thereby causing a condition known as leaky gut syndrome. Now before the food is completely digested by the stomach it begins to escape through these holes in the gut membrane into the blood stream . You now have undigested meat particles , food particles, antibiotic poisons freely entering the blood stream. Such toxins that do not belong in the blood stream cause shock to occur whereby the tiny holes in the capillary walls dilate allowing the blood proteins and toxins to flow from the blood into the spaces of the tissues and cells. This accumulation of trapped blood proteins, toxins, water and sodium is called a swelling . A healthy lymphatic system will take the toxins and dispel them through our natural elimination channels , bowels, kidneys, skin and lungs and then the lymph will return the blood proteins back into the blood stream. If left unchecked then this accumulation leads to inflammation thereby hindering the much needed supply of nutrients and oxygen for healthy cell repair. Inflammation is then the start of numerous dis-eased conditions such as cancers, infections, heart disease, MS, arthritis and so on.
One of the keys to good health is to eliminate the wrong foods ,eat the right foods, take minerals from ancient plant sources , a herbal combination to open up the lymphatic flow and heal the leaky gut. Ask me how.

Friday, November 2, 2012


Did you know that some brands contain little or no key constituents necessary for the product to work properly?
Look at this comparison between NSP's St. John's Wort and rejected raw material. Hypericin and Pseudohypericin— two key active factors— are not even present in the posing sample of raw material.    



Did you know that the raw materials returned by NSP to its suppliers are then sold to other supplement manufacturers?
There is a difference between brands. That's not an opinion, it's a fact based on consistent, reproducible scientific evidence.
Are you paying for fillers?
NSP Products are well known for their strict demand of pure product from the grower to you.
Maybe you are spending less or more for brand "C" shown in this chart, but you can't tell the quality from reading the label.

Don't gamble with your health or your money!
NSP conducts meticulous testing during every phase of the production process; from receipt of each raw material to storage and shipment of finished products. These tests ensure that raw materials and other ingredients are the finest available. Over 150 tests and procedures give you the piece of mind that every Nature's Sunshine product is tested to be potent and pure.
Check out this revealing look at missing constituents in a competitor's valerian. Valerenic Acid and Acetoxyvalerenic are not even detectable.
People are realizing the importance of quality when it comes to their herbal supplements. This quality can make the difference
between a product that works very well and a product that has no noticeable effects. Searching for less expensive brands does not pay.