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The Ultimate Ping Pong Ball Test?

Viruses : Is This Only a Theory?

Is Health Your Priority?

Sheena Cancer Gone

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Power Greens


From Tom Cowan Ultimate Ping-Pong Ball Test (UPPBT

Imagine that you have a company involved in demolition of buildings.

Imagine an inventor sends you a video to prove that a ping pong ball is able to know down brick walls easier. The video shows them putting a ping-pong ball in a bucket of rocks and ice cubes. They then take the bucket and fling it at a small brick wall. The wall goes down—“there’s the proof,” they say. Wait a minute! How do we know it was the ping-pong ball that knocked the wall down and not the rocks and ice cubes that were also in the bucket?


Now if this ping-pong ball can really knock down brick walls, the obvious thing to do is to take the ping-pong ball, throw it at the wall, and record what happens—then have multiple other non-invested people do the same to make sure the company didn’t put lead in the ball and throw it at a wall made of paper bricks. We could call this the Ultimate Ping-Pong Ball Test (UPPBT). As bizarre and crazy as it sounds, this lack of evidence—that a microorganism called coronavirus pulls down the wall of your immune system, invades your cells, and starts replicating in them—is exactly what has happened with the “coronavirus” pandemic. No one has bothered to see what happens if you do the UPPBT, throwing the ball against the wall— and if you even suggest that we should do this, the trolls emerge from the shadows to call you a crazy person spreading “fake news.”


Pasteur did this type of experiment for forty years. He found sick people, claimed to have isolated a bacterium, gave the pure culture to animals—often by injecting it into their brains—and made them sick. As a result, he became the celebrity scientist of his time, feted by kings and prime ministers, and hailed as a great scientist. His work led to pasteurization, a technique responsible for destroying the integrity and health-giving properties of milk (see chapter 9). His experiments ushered in the germ theory of disease, and for over a century this radical new theory has dominated not only the practice of Western medicine, but also our cultural and economic life.


We have been taught from the time we enter the school system that germs cause diseases, that viruses cause colds and flus and whooping cough, small pox, measles, mumps, polio, SARS, Zika virus, corona virus and the names of different so called viruses goes on an on. They are names placed in school science books to make you believe without evidence that such things exist. I recall Dr Jay speaking at a convention once where he stated that there is actually a company whose job it is to invent new names for new so called diseases which of course would match the savior vaccine which is being made in some lab somewhere by the hand of man. So we have been deeply indoctrinated to believe that this is science provided to us by trusted medical establishment. Many years ago I realized that this was a marketing ploy, all made up stull to sell profitable vaccines injected into pure babies’ bodies; little babies that have no power to say NO! Furthermore these vaccines were then injected into the bodies of elderly in nursing homes many of them vulnerable with no power to say NO. Finally germs, viruses were accepted as killers in our society and through fear we willingly bowed down to authorities who subjected our bodies to poisonous vaccine shots. Now get this! They then called it HEALTH! How did we ever come to that belief that injecting poisons into our bodies would give us health. Do vaccines give food to our bodies?  Do vaccines give us energy? Do vaccines contain vitamins and minerals and proteins and phytonutrients that feed our immune systems? Do vaccines give strength to our bodies? Are vaccines poisons or are they nutrition?  Do vaccines give you health?  I am certain you are answering NO to all these questions. So now I ask: Is your  health your priority?


Today I want to relate 2 examples of people I personally know very well. I hold high regards for these 2 women, I admire their power, their determination, their courage to go against the world in the choices they made when they lost their health. I want to say that there have been hundreds who have also demonstrated power, determination and courage as they also took the road less travelled, and they also overcame cancer. But in this talk I chose Sheena and Diane. They gave everything they had to overcome dismal diagnosis. Sheena age 25 given 3 months to live diagnosed with her second bout of cancer. Diane diagnosed with MS and told she would never walk or ever have children at age 19.



 At age 22 diagnosed with sarcoma in the leg ,the             

 Same cancer as Terry Fox.

Sheena underwent surgery on the leg.

She had 36 radiation treatments

Then every year thereafter she had MRI scans for 5 years.


April 1997 

Sheena is 25 years old

Scan detects spots on the lungs

Chemotherapy is recommended.

 Sheena is given 3 months to live.

 In despair Sheena chooses alternatives.

She vows never to see a doctor again.

They had given her a death sentence.

Her profound question: Would you go to a doctor that gave you a death sentence?


May 1998    Saw Donna Roth

 Changed the diet – no sugar, no junk food, no wheat products

 Parasite cleanse with Black Walnut

 Cat’s Claw for anti-fungal purposes. Paw Paw was not available at this time.

  Cascara Sagrada for the bowels

  Chinese Mineral Chi Tonic

 Four months later August 1998 Sheena called me to tell me her cancer was gone. Not because a doctor said so. Her intuition told her. She had learned to listen to her body. As I write this, it is 2024 Sheena who was given a death sentence diagnosed with sarcoma in her leg, the same cancer as Terry Fox, is alive and well.

Sheena was  my very first cancer client. She came to see me when she was 25 years old and this was her second bout of cancer. She suffered a sarcoma cancer in her leg when she was 20 years old.

She pursued the conventional treatments and here she was 5 years later with lung cancer and now she was told she would have about 3 months to live. She just decided that there must be another way. At the point of her decision a letter was given to her and this letter contained my name and information about "another way."


She immediately took action and appeared in my office. That was in 1998. Sheena unknowingly had created a vision for her own health. She refused to accept a doctor’s vision; you have 3 months to live. She refused to accept those death sentence words and she set her sights in motion.

Sheena had no money and she knew that herbs would cost money. She was not one bit focused on money. Sheena was given a death sentence and she was so mad at those doctors that she was out to prove them wrong.  Sheena listened as I explained what it is that I knew about cancer and nutrition at that time. Today I know way more about cancer than I did in 1998. But there was one thing that Sheena had. It was a strong determination to prove her doctors wrong." How dare they give her a death sentence!" This determination was so strong she vowed never to go to a doctor again ever in her life. Why would she? They were the ones giving her a death sentence and why would she go to someone who offered death.


Sheena's mind was made up. She did not know where her money would come from to pay for this therapeutic nutritional program. But she believed that when there is a strong faithful desire that the universe would provide. Sheena pursued the program I had designed for her and within 4 months she woke up one morning to know absolutely that her cancer was gone! She called me that morning. To this day I remember the excitement in her voice. Of course I asked her: How do you know that your cancer is gone? Her reply; I just know! During the course of the 4 months Sheena appeared in my office frequently. She asked many questions. And Sheena and I used our faith and Sheena kept going not knowing if these herbs were working or not. However one thing we evident. She was not losing energy. She was not getting sicker. Her lungs were not tightening up. That faith and determination kept her going.


Sheena as I mentioned had no money. Now where did the money come from? Sheena's response to that question when I asked her years later was that the universe provided.  Her vision of healing her body was so clear, her faith was so strong, her determination so firm that money was not an obstruction. Money seemed to come almost from everywhere just at the time when she needed it most: an uncle gave her money, a friend repaid her, her father received extra income and offered it to Sheena, another friend gave her money and the list continued. Sheena healed her body a few short months later. Sheena then got a job working  up North making a very healthy income.


One day a few years later when Sheena was back in Kelowna she decided to go skiing to Big White. Just as she was getting into the ski line up to go up the lift right before her eyes stood the doctor that had given her the death sentence. She had visited him many times so he knew her well. Their eyes met. She knew he recognized her. Sheena smiled and without words spoken this was a moment of great victory in her life. She had proved her doctor wrong. She knew that he knew!


And on many occasions Sheena has "paid it forward" offering her gift of money to others who need it.

Interestingly, one day Sheena left a blank cheque with me here in my office for a friend who was very ill and needed financial help. Sheena with a great compassion for others who were going through what she had once gone through, wanted desperately to offer help. Sheena gained a strong testimony of how the universe provides. She was there to help and provide no matter what the financial cost was to her. Sadly, her friend did not take her up on this offer. My thoughts here are, “How many other times has an angel left an offering for you and you refused it."


For many years now, Sheena has taken time out of her life to visit me at least twice a year. She has never forgotten how important it is to offer gratitude to me and my work. Health was Sheena’s priority. Health was her vision and her focus. She did not let money, or any other deterrents get in the way. I never heard Sheena complain, criticize, condemn, ostracize. She simply and humbly accepted this as her journey. What an incredible inspiration Sheena is to me and to the world.

I once thought deeply about Sheena’s story, her vision, her determination and I compared it to Terry Fox who also had a vision and determination. Terry Fox was focused on raising money for the Cancer Institute to cure cancer. Terry focused not on his health but on money. Sheena focused on her inner ability to heal. Terry focused on outer authority to cure. To this day we give our hard-earned money to the Cancer Institute that will never find a cure for cancer. The cure is within your body. It is the law of Nature and those laws never change. No treatment, no drug, no vaccine, no chemo, no radiation will cure. It is nutrition and energy that is needed not to cure but to heal.


My second story is Diane’s story in overcoming a diagnosis of MS when she was 19 years old going to McGill University to study piano and ending up in a wheel chair.. Diane has now been  out of her wheel chair more than 30 years ago. Diane is a TAFYH grad. She took TAFYH to gain a deeper understanding of health. She learned in TAFYH that it was the tetanus shot that she received in high school that led to the MS diagnosis 2 years later. I will now read her words:

I began to question the proficiency of the medical world. Surly there are cause and effect relationships when one is diagnosed with a serious disease such as MS. In other words, one symptom will lead to another. In my case I ended up being diagnosed with 4 other different incurable diseases before the age of 30 and no doctor looked at the correlation of these diseases.

Erythema Novosum, big purple bumps on my shins

Sarcoidosis, nodule between my lung and my heart.

Fibromyalgia, painful muscles

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

I remember asking a specialist if there could be a connection between the 5 diseases, because I simply could not believe that somebody could be so doomed, and I was told “No, no connection at all – that is the way it is”. 

Well that didn’t make sense to me at all; to be given so many labels. For example, I was much more tired than the typical MS patient – so CFS became part of my list.  I had tremendous pain and according to their books, MS is not painful, so Fibromyalgia was another label on my list. And the list continued…

There was this one day when I was in the neurologist’s waiting room. He was a specialist treating exclusively MS patients and   I brought it to his attention that 8 out of 10 people in that waiting room with me were also in pain so who said MS is not painful? – By the time the 5th label was placed on my doom and gloom list, I’d had it with the medical system! I got very angry and frustrated. This is when I took a different pathway.


I began researching natural modalities and remedies. I thought about my situation and I realized that when we get sick, it does not happen overnight - it is one drop at a time and it is just that one last drop that makes that bucket overflow. These little drops, these symptoms happen over time, month by month, year by year … one symptom, then another one … then another … until it becomes a full-blown diagnosed disease.


My research led me to eastern philosophies, nutritional strategies, herbal medicines, mental visualizations, alternative therapies and so on.  The more I studied them, the better all these pieces of the puzzle seemed to fit together. There weren’t 5 diagnosed diseases in my body. There was only an overload of toxicity which created a lot of inflammation and a serious lack of nutrients. This is when I met Gail who gave me direction and helped me back to health. She was instrumental in leading me, inspiring me and mentoring me to keep me on track. I followed Gail’s program; I worked at it.  It was when I finally started to get well that all of my diagnosed symptoms as listed on my doom and gloom list; Sarcoidosis, Erythema Novosum, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia all mysteriously disappeared including all the symptoms of MS.

My family doctor at that time was a staunch supporter and simply said “whatever you’re doing Diane, don’t stop!” My neurologist finally threw his hands up in the air and said.” it’s gone, I don’t know why, but it’s gone, check-in annually so I can document this. “And I did, though I stopped checking in several years ago…But I do wonder if he really has it documented that I no longer suffer with MS.  As you recall I was strongly told by all authorities that I must accept the fact that I have MS and that it would never change!


It is my strong belief that everybody needs to know there are choices ...

You do have options and there are choices ... and they are a powerful combination!

After all my experiences and all my trials and tribulations I decided to take ownership for my own recovery! 

My decision was crystal clear. Note that I did not think, “I might not recover”. I did NOT say,” If I recover.”  I strongly stated, “when I recover.” And I strongly emphasized, ‘once I would come back to health.” This is a very important point and I believe crucial to successfully overcoming any illness or disease or achieving any goal for that matter. You see, in my mind and in my heart - there were no doubts.  I created my own vision where I was symptom free, playing in the grass and running after my children, having a career and living a life full of joy and fulfillment.

I did not know how long it would take.

I did not know what I would have to do.

I did not know how much money it would cost.

My one burning desire was to get well, then stay well.

I wanted to enjoy life without depending on others. I wanted to be in control, to do everything I wanted to do, when I wanted to it and as long as I wanted to do it and to do whatever it takes to get healthy and to stay healthy. I wanted it so badly!!

Diane worked extensively on her herbal program which took about 2 years I believe. I want to say that in both cases Sheena and Diane the 5 pillars were followed:

Injury healed by high dense super food nutrition

Inflammation caused by a multitude of poisons including vaccines and antibiotics and drugs.

Elimination: the bowels and kidneys must be working to clean out those poisons.

Infection; Candida infection is addressed.

Circulation; Cancer does not live in a body temperature of 37 degrees. Cleansing the blood is crucial.

Vision; you must have the vision that your body will heal.

Time: it takes time usually a year.


Here are some profound questions that were answered by Diane:

Did you have people that discouraged you from doing your herbal program?

Many people insisted that I go to the doctor.  I had done everything the doctors asked of me with no success; doctors had nothing else to offer to me at that point.   Some of my best friends told me I was being taken for a ride by using herbal products. I decided that if they were not supportive of my choices, I would just cut ties.  As difficult as it might be sometimes to do that, I felt it was necessary.


Did you take pharmaceutical drugs?

At first, I did: I didn’t know any better, so I took them and they just made me worse. I had to give them up. After taking them for 5 days my bed would be turning, I had to crawl to the bathroom. The doctor told me it would take 3 months for the drugs to work. My thought was that if it causes so many side effects then how it could help my body.


Did you feel improvement when you took the herbs?

Very little at first. But I would celebrate my victories. If I had spasms, then I would time them and find that they would not last as long as the last time. So that was a victory. I did reflexology, I did ankle rotations and I went to the chiropractor. I now work with one lady who could just now barely move her toe, but she could move it and that is a victory.


How much did it cost?

For me there is no cost. We borrowed the money, so I could do this program. I can’t put a price on it. If I am not healthy I can’t do anything:

 I could not work without health.

 I could not look after children without health.

 I would be a burden without health.

 There is no cost. You are never too old, you are never too young. And you need to stick to it. I decided to do the program until it worked. I made a decision and I became involved in taking control of my own health. I took courses because nobody had been able to help me to stay healthy. Money was not going to stop me from getting healthy.


One day after doing the program for many months and still seeing no / very little results, I called my Mom and I cried. I had spent all my money. I had taken all my supplements. I was ready to give up. I cried all night. Then something happened. During the night I got this inspiration. I realized I could not quit and wait for a solution to be handed to me on a silver platter. I decided I would not quit, I would not give up. Where would I be if I quit. I would do the program until it worked. I did it and it worked.

What about taking drugs for bladder and colon control like I do? Can you take herbs with them?

You just keep taking the drugs and add the herbs. As you start to feel better you can decrease the drugs and increase the herbs as needed. Herbs rebuild your body. It’s like mending a sock. It takes time for the herbs to build.


What about fear?

Feeling fear is normal. If you didn’t feel fear you would be abnormal. You are a very special person but you are normal. It is very scary when you are given a diagnosis, when you hear what the doctors are saying. There is a lot of uncertainty. Usually there is not much positivity. You really don’t know fear until you are in a crisis. It’s like going out in the night. You can’t see ahead, and you don’t know what is coming. But just know one thing. If you drive 50 feet you can now see the next 50, your drive 50 you see the next 50 and you keep going until you get there. If you are doing the right thing your body will repair itself! Do the right thing and come back to health and balance.


How long did it take before you got out of your wheel chair?

From the time I was in a wheel chair to the time I was almost functioning normally, it took a year but I was not in the wheel chair the whole time .


Have you ever had an MRI?

Yes, the last time I had an MRI was about 4 years ago for a totally different reason. The doctor told me that my MS was progressing! Progressing??? I had been out of my wheel chair and walking in high heels for well over 20 years and he told me my MS was progressing! That is another reason I decided to “walk away!”


Teleconference Call Feb 12/24


From the Desk of Donna Roth Feb. 12/24

Contact Donna Roth for consultations;

Transforming the Health of Nations

A healthy body is warm, full of vigor, beauty, radiant energy, magnetism and power!


Monday, Teleconference Call with Donna Roth

At 5:45 pm PST

Dial 604 227 1018



TAFYH team 75 is off the ground with 7 enthusiastic participants.

From Ted Kuntz; Choose What Does the Most Good.

One Poison That Causes a Tumor

Oral Chelation Program

From Dr Thomas Cowan and Sally Fallon Morrell : The Contagion Myth

Super Foods; Why?

The Water We Drink

Infection; Herbs and Amazing Success Stories; Crohn’s, Shingles, Fibroids, C Diff

Words of Interest from Carol


From Ted Kuntz; Author of Choose What Does the Most Good

Each of us has the capacity for choice. We can choose not only our behaviours, but also our thoughts and in doing so determine our experiences. I observe most people fail to fully embrace the power of choice. They behave as though they have no choice.

I have come to understand I have the capacity for choice in each and every moment; that ultimately I’m responsible for the experiences I have in my life. While I cannot always

control the events in my life, I am responsible for my response to these events. I am responsible for the meaning I assign to these events. The word responsibility contains

this message. It means having the ability to respond. When I’m being responsible it means I am ‘response – able’. Believing I have no choice says I am not ‘response-able’.

Anger, sadness, and other forms of distress are ways of responding to events in life among many possibilities. If I wish more peace, happiness and joy, it is ultimately m

responsibility to choose these experiences "Evolution is a growing participation in responsibility.”


From Donna Roth; A Tumor

I recently talked to someone who was scheduled to have a tumor removed. Three doctors said “surgery!” Previous to the doctor’s appointment this person went to a ND. The ND cost a lot of money that she could not afford and the ND recommended supplements. But not once did the ND dig in to find the cause of the tumor. Just taking supplements is not the complete answer. It takes way more than supplements to fix the problem. The question to ask is why is there a tumor?  Where are the poisons coming from. Well, I did a investigative conversation only to find out that there were mercury filing in the teeth. That’s it! The mercury poisons leaching from the tooth were getting into the blood stream and the body in its innate intelligence was dumping the poison into the tumor, A tumor is encased thereby protecting the rest of the body from being harmed. It is of utmost importance that the cause of the tumor be determined. Yes you can take supplements but the mercury keeps on leaching into your system.

Now there may be other poisons that are affecting your health and making a tumor grow in your body. All the poisons need to be addressed. At this point I want to share a heavy metal detoxification program with you. Steven Horne called it the Oral Chelation program.

For this program you would need MC and Essential Liquid Minerals and Lecithin or Super Oil.

In the morning with your breakfast

Take a glass of water with 1 oz of Essential Liquid Minerals

Take 4 MC and 2 Super Oil

At lunch time

Take a glass of water with 1 oz of Essential Liquid Minerals

Take 4 MC and 2 Super Oil


Once a week I would do the One Day Kidney Flush

Water and lemon

Take 2 K, 1 Liver Support

Water with Chlorophyll

Take 2 K, 1 Liver Support


Do this Oral Chelation program for 1 month for every 10 years of your age.


From Dr Thomas Cowan and Sally Fallon Morrell : The Contagion Myth


For more than thirty-five years, Dr Thomas Cowan (author) says that

he has read countless articles, books, papers, and documents about the

lack of connection between HIV and AIDS.


 It is my hope that out of this so-called viral pandemic event, a new way

of life will emerge in a world free of poisoned food, poisoned water, and

the poisonous and false germ theory.


Countries without 5G, such as Guyana, Suriname, French Guiana, and

Paraguay have not reported any cases. Paraguay is doing what all countries

should do—building a national fibre optics network without resorting to


 A Spanish epidemiologist, has charted the rollout of 5G in European

cities and countries with cases per thousand people and demonstrated “a

clear and close relationship between the rate of coronavirus infections and

5G antenna location.”


A clear, direct, one-to-one relationship between pesticides and polio

over a period of thirty years, with pesticides preceding polio incidence in

the context of the [central nervous system]-related physiology —leaves

little room for complicated virus arguments, even as a cofactor.


Dentist Weston A. Price observed that African tribesmen living on

traditional foods seemed immune to the diseases in Africa, even though

they went barefoot, drank unsanitary water, and lived in areas that

swarmed with mosquitos.


With the results of the genetic tests, all thesis of existence of measles

virus has been scientifically disproved.”58 (James Herer, “Microbiologist

and Virologist Dr. Stefan Lanka: ‘Viruses Do Not Cause Diseases and

Vaccines are Not Effective,’” Weblyf.


 In spite of forty years of research, no one has isolated an HIV virus

from any bodily fluid of a person suffering from AIDS. Not once.

 Needless to say, researchers have yet to prove that a virus causes any

of the following conditions; Polio, HPV (Human Papilloma Virus), HIV,

AIDS, hepatitis C, SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome), MERS

(Middle East Respiratory Syndrome), bird flu, swine flu, Ebola, and Zika.


John Magufuli, president of Tanzania, may be the wisest world ruler

alive today. A chemist by training, Magufuli submitted samples to the

World Health Organization (WHO) for Covid-19 testing. Said Magufuli,

“We took samples from goats; we sent samples from sheeps; we took

samples from pawpaws; we sent samples from car oil; and we took

samples from other different things; and we took the samples to the

laboratory without them knowing.” His officials named the sample of car

oil Jabil Hamza, thirty years old, male. The results came back negative.

( Page 5 )

They named a sample of jackfruit Sarah Samuel, age forty-five, female.

The results came back inconclusive. Pawpaw got sent in as Elizabeth Ane,

twenty-six years old, female. The poor pawpaw came back positive.

Samples from a bird called kware and from a goat also tested positive;

rabbit was indeterminate; sheep was negative. 15 (Jessica Lee, “Did

Tanzania’s President Expose Faulty COVID-19 Testing by Submitting

Non-Human Samples?” Snopes, May 7, 2020, President Magufuli is not

wasting any government money on testing for his people, but in the West,

governments have spent millions for the PCR test kits.


The germ theory is wrong; the virus theory is wrong. Viruses are not

here to kill us; in reality they are exosomes whose role is to provide the

detoxification package and the communication system that allows us to

live a full and healthy existence. A war on viruses is a war on life.


From Donna Roth

The key is to help the virus exosomes detoxify those poisons out of the body as fast as possible. So, what can we do?

Eat high dense nutritious foods. Besides high quality grass fed meats, chicken, fish I say have a smoothie of a grass fed yogurt with the following nutrient tested super foods available from Nature Sunshine including:

Power Greens

Power Beets

Arginine Plus

Flax Hull Lignans

Collagen powder

MCT powder which comes from coconut oil.

Plant based Protein powder

Then there are the nutrient dense liquids:

Aloe Vera juice


Essential Liquid Minerals


There are the nutrient dense capsules:



Super Oil


Tumeric Curcumin





There is a whole plethora of high dense nutrition for you straight from Nature. These products have undergone extensive nutrient testing, over 600 different tests before they are released into the market. There is a book that sits on my shelf and one that I often refer to. It is called  Nutritional Herbology by Mark Pederson.


From Dr Thomas Cowan

Illness has followed 5G installation in all the major cities in America, starting with New York in Fall 2019 in Manhattan, along with parts of Brooklyn, the Bronx, and Queens—all subsequent corona virus hot spots. Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Dallas, Cleveland, and Atlanta soon followed, with some five thousand towns and cities now covered. Citizens of the small country of San Marino (the first country in the world to install 5G, in September 2018) have had the longest exposure to 5G and the highest infection rate—four times higher than Italy (which deployed 5G in June 2019), and twenty-seven times higher than Croatia, which has not deployed 5G.(19) In rural areas, the illness blamed on the corona virus is slight to nonexistent. 20 Countries without 5G, such as Guyana, Suriname, French Guiana, and Paraguay have not reported any cases. Paraguay is doing what all countries should do—building a national fibre optics network without resorting to 5G.23


If the practice of medicine were conceived properly in the Western

world, doctors would begin by ascertaining four basic factors:

1) the quality of the water their patient’s drink; W

2) the quality of the food they eat, E

3) the level and type of toxins, including mental and emotional toxins, to which they are exposed;  T

4) the level and type of EMFs (electromagnetic fields) to which they are subjected. E



From Donna Roth

I want to address the quality of water we drink. I thought about water one day and I was stunned when the thought entered my mind that all those drugs people are consuming on a daily basis just to name a few; statin drugs, Synthroid for thyroid problems, birth control pills, antibiotics, morphine, are getting into my water system. Drugs are polluting my water system! The majority of people in our society believe that drugs serve some sort or purpose in healing their bodies. The way I see it you are not statin drug deficient, you are not antibiotic deficient, you are not Synthroid deficient. Yet I am discovering the average number of drugs a person takes is 7 and I believe that probably accounts for most of the population. I do not take drugs. I do not need antibiotics. I know without a shadow of doubt that the herbal combinations I mention here will address any infection no matter what name you give it. Here are your infection fighting combinations and they are all available from Natures Sunshine:

Cat’s Claw combination

 Echinacea/ Golden Seal combination

HRP-C a Chinese TCM herbal combination


The key to using these herbs if you have infection is to take it in high doses like 12 to 16 capsules a day until the infection goes away.

I know you will retain this information a whole lot better if I told you  a story.


Success Crohn’s Disease

No sugar, no wheat, no yeast, no pop

Chinese Mineral Chi Tonic -1 ounce 2 times a day

Cat’s Claw -4 capsules 2 times a day

UC3-J – 3 capsules 3 times a day

Flax Hull Lignans 2 scoops a day

Marvene has been able to help others who suffer from colitis and diverticulitis. Her diet program includes no citrus, no milk, no tomatoes and no wheat. Her herbal program includes Nature Sunshine Pysllium Hulls 1 teaspoon/ 2 times a day with lots of water, IGS II, Acidophilus, Slippery Elm and Vitamin A&D (Cod Liver Oil). She uses Chromium GTF to keep the sweet cravings down. This program works every single time to stop diarrhea and to overcome the doubling


C-diff by Wes

Wes was diagnosed with C-diff and was prescribed several different antibiotics for a period of several months. He was also experiencing acid reflex and was taking a medication to slow down circulation to the liver area. His situation only worsened, and he dropped down to 135lbs. This is when he became open minded and asked himself if there was another way. Soon enough he met Donna Roth who gave him three very specific instructions.

 1. Eliminate all sugars, grains, legumes and milk;

 2. Take Chinese Mineral Chi Tonic - 3 ounces;

3. Take Cat’s Claw combination 4 – 3 times a day.

 Exactly 6 days later all symptoms of stomach cramping, diarrhea and yellow whites of the eyes changed.  His energy returned and he went back to the hospital to do a stool test. The stool test indicated that the C-diff was totally gone. Within a short period of time, Wes was able to wean off the liver medication and all symptoms of acid reflex and bleeding esophagus subsided.


A Dog Bite

In 2011 Wes and his friend were out in the wilderness when his friend got bitten by a dog. The hand became swollen with pain and the blood vessel showed a blue streak, a sign of blood poisoning. What did Wes recommend to his friend? Cat’s Claw in high doses, 15 capsules a day along with Silver Guard, 4 ounces a day. Within a day and a half all pain, all swelling, all symptoms cleared up. Cat’s Claw was the hero. The secret is to carry Cat’s Claw with you wherever you go. It is one herbal combination I never leave home without.  I urge you to have Cat’s Claw and Silver Guard at home for those times when you might harbor an infection.


Bloating, Urinary Tract Infection,

Terry was diagnosed with urinary tract infection, and experienced pain, burning, bloating. She did high doses of Cat’s Claw. The morning of the fourth day finally arrived. Terry woke up to use the bathroom. The bloating was gone. The pain had subsided. The burning sensation was no longer there. In truth the urinary tract infection was gone! “I had just crossed the threshold of the incredible! I had cured my urinary tract infection without any antibiotics! “Now onto the scale for the morning weigh–in : two pounds lighter and 5 pounds in total since starting the program one week ago.



Gayle was afflicted with huge fibroids that had been growing for over 9 years. She refused hysterectomy. That’s when I came into the picture. She eliminated all toxic lectins from her diet-all sugar, all grains, all legumes, and all dairy. Her program included Aloe Vera juice 3 ounces, Chinese Mineral Chi Tonic two ounces, Flax Hull Lignans two scoops, Ginger four capsules a day, Cats Claw five capsules two times a day. Six weeks later G noticed a big change in her weight and also that she possibly had passed some of her fibroids during her menses. She continues to follow the lectin free diet, she has lost over 24 pounds


High Fever and Coughing

M had a high fever with lots of coughing , coughing up green stuff. She was very sick and weak and no energy. She took Cat’s Claw 4 capsules 3 times a day and Mineral Chi Tonic 2 T every 3 hours. She started this program on Sunday and by Thursday everything broke up, the energy returned and she was off and bouncing again. “The program makes a huge difference.”



One lady had suffered from painful Shingles for about 3 years and nothing she tried remedied this problem. Her friend told her to do a Nature’s Sunshine herbal program and in desperation she consented to the plan. The following is the program she used:

No sugar, no wheat, no yeast

Chinese Mineral Chi Tonic 1 oz 2 times a day

HRP- C 4 capsules 2 to 3 times a day to destroy the virus

RE-X 4 capsules twice a day for nerve pain

She pursued this program for about 4 months but she finally got results and as of lately her shingles have all gone.

Your Microbiome by Dr. Jay

It is scientifically documented that the health of your gut = the health of your body. Hippocrates concluded that after a lifetime of work “all diseases begin in the gut.” Research in abnormal gut microbiome resulted in the following:



Cardiovascular disease

Fungal overload






Insulin resistance

Lower leptin levels

Leaky gut

Non alcoholic fatty liver


Poor teeth

Salivary malfunctions


The above information should move you into taking action for your gut.

1. Take ULC-R to clear up H Pylori bacteria

1. Take lots of prebiotics. They feed the probiotics and keep them active in the intestinal tract; fermented vegetables, Green Zone, Flax Lignans, Psyllium Hulls, berries, seeds,