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Why Does a Breast Artery Calcify

The 5 Steps to Increase Bone Health

The One Day Kidney Flush for Bone Health

Success Story: Prostate, Bone Cancer

Dr Susanne Humphries; Vit C, High Bone Density and Breast Cancer

Success Story; Walking Again

From the Freedom Project 2020

The world in which we live and the perception of reality most believe as “truth” has long been managed and manufactured by powerful people who stand to gain from the masses of people in this world doing things that are actually against their best interests! This is the power of propaganda and mass mind control. Many authors have written about these tactics and techniques over the past century plus. People like Ivy Lee, Edward Bernays, Jacques Ellul, Walter Lippman, Vance Packard, Neil Postman and many others have all documented how media is used to create a reality that is not at all based in objective reality and only serves to enrich the lives of those at the very top of the power pyramid.

When it comes to health and “disease,” what we have been taught for every single generation alive today is so far removed from the truth that most people have a very difficult time wrapping their heads around the idea that we have been lied to about pretty much everything from the “trusted authorities.” Cognitive dissonance, normalcy and confirmation bias as well as our biggest enemy, our EGO, all play a role in dissuading us that we may, in fact, be wrong! Thus, it is again, only the truly open-minded and those willing to challenge their own beliefs who will break through and have the paradigm shifting experience by doing the work it requires to change their own perception. But, the freedom it brings the individual and the empowerment to know that choice, free will and consent are determined not only by our Natural Rights, but by our level of knowledge and intellect that truly sets the individual free!


From Shannon

I had been searching for this kind of information for a good long time when I was referred to this program by a friend. It has been such an eye opening experience as to how to “Stay in my Power” and the information was presented in an in depth but easily understood manner to Donna’s credit. I honestly will never look at Western medicine the same way following this course. The lessons, research data, metrics, success stories were compelling and transformative. I am grateful for Donna and her inspiring and informative approach.  


This program is and will continue to be a journey for me. I remember early on thinking “I am forever changed” by this information. I have had good days, hard days, set backs and breakthroughs. Throughout, I knew that there is no going back and I don’t want to. I am someone who was brainwashed to think of the medical system as the answer to everything and putting faith and trust along with a whole host of medications and vaccines into my system that has weakened over time. As I rebuild myself I will be eternally grateful for this group and especially Donna for the dedication to changing lives 1 person at a time. Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 


From Nikki

I have a success story of my own :) I was on Synthroid for well over a decade and with Donna's suggestion I followed her protocol and a big red painful lump under my jaw bone healed in 2 days (I was lucky that we got it early and it did not get worse!)  She told me “it's your Synthroid”.  Well, with my intuition and Donna's knowledge I quit that poison that very day and have not looked back. Of course there was a bit of a mental challenge because I was still “programmed” that without this petroleum based poison that was suppose to be “good” for me something bad would happen.  I just took it day by day, did my lessons and assignments, took my superfood smoothies, did my ionic breathing and exercised everyday.  Every day I was kind of waiting for something to happen, lack of energy, lack of something??? But guess what? That just did not happen! I kicked that poison to the curb, lost weight, toned up and feel better and more energetic than when I was in my twenties (that's quite a few decades ago)!!!! I accredit my success to Creator, Donna, Myself and to my TAFYH and Tag Team. If I can banish those mental demons, trust me, you can too! You Are Worth It!!!!!


You must take your health in your own hands and not rely on the cutting, slicing, burning and toxic drug dealing doctors who are not trained in nutrition or the Laws of Nature.


From Dr Susanne Humphries GreenMedInfo

Picture a calcified breast artery, often seen in women who are being treated for high blood pressure. The primary drug used in high blood pressure is a type of  diuretic which  causes the body to retain calcium and lose magnesium and potassium. We incidentally note these types of calcifications in the large arteries of the entire body, not just the breasts.

The matrix of bone will incorporate calcium and nutrients where they belong as long as the proper hormones and nutrients are present.

Here is where my comments come into play. Note it is not calcium that is required for the health of the bones and I am including the health of the arteries and breasts. It is proper nutrients and it is proper hormones. Now I want to mention 4 steps in increasing bone health and arteries.

1Stay off the junk foods, the grains; wheat, barley, rye, oats. After reading Dr Cordain, Paleo Diet, I learned that these grains have all been manipulated so that antinutrients such as phytates deplete Vitamin D and many minerals from your body, Consequently there are missing nutrients and a lack of Vitamin D. These foods are also high starches and that converts to sugar. Sugar feeds Candida. Candida produces xenoestrogens and that throws all the hormones out of balance. Dr Humphries emphasizes proper hormones.

2 Eat the right foods such as grass fed meats, chicken, eggs, and grass fed yogurt and cheeses and kefir, greens, vegetables, berries

3 Have a super food smoothie. It is evident that we do not get enough nutrition from the foods we buy from a grocery store. If there were enough nutrition in grocery bought foods we would not have an epidemic of cancer, strokes, heart disease, diabetes and so on. It takes a lot of energy to maintain wellness and it takes even more energy to get well if wellness is lost. It has been very well documented that the foods we eat do not have enough nutrition, not enough minerals, not enough vitamins, not enough enzymes, not enough probiotics. To solve this problem, it is best to have a super food smoothie at least once a day. Many people I have talked to think that smoothies mean fruit smoothie. I do not classify a fruit smoothie as a super food smoothie. The super food smoothie I am promoting has the super food powders available from Nature Sunshine. They are tested for nutrients, for enzymes, for minerals, for vitamins. They are tested for their many medicinal alkaloids. They are tested for purity and for potency. Here is a simple super food smoothie to have at least once a day:

Arginine Plus 1 scoop to move the blood

Essential Liquid Minerals 1 tablespoon

Flax Hull Lignans; binds toxic xenoestrogens.

Collagen; 1 scoop. Nature Sunshine’s Collagen is A2 protein from grass fed animals.

Zambroza; a high dense antioxidant beverage

Power Greens.

Nature’s Harvest: 1 scoop has 13 grams of protein, extracted from peas or Plant Protein

You can add all these wonderful products to a Shaker bottle.

Then add water whenever you choose to have a smoothie.

This is high dense fuel for energy with all kinds of minerals. Vitamins, proteins, and enzymes. Wellness takes energy. Sickness takes energy. Detoxication takes energy. The health of your bones, your arteries, your breasts and every single organ, gland, system of your body needs energy to operate.

4 Take herbs and some supplements. Dr Humphries says; find foods High in Vitamin CVitamin K2magnesium and minor minerals such as boron and silica. Herbs are plants and they are foods.

What herbs are high in Vitamin C? Rosehips,

What herb is high in silica? Horsetail

What herb is high in magnesium; LBS11

What product is high in K2: Chlorophyll.

 Dr Humphries continues: But if time feels of the essence, then supplementation is one route which could be taken. While the medical profession supplements with calcium and fosomax, in my opinion, a more constructive supplementation regimen could include Vitamin C, Vitamin K2, vitamin D3( in winter months, sun in summer) and boron, silica and magnesium. These are all far more important to preventing fracture and keeping bone healthy than calcium. 

Natures Sunshine has the products recommended by Dr Humphries:

Vitamin C TR

Vitamin D3


Essential Liquid Minerals for boron,

Liquid Chlorophyll for K2

 I then decided I wanted to know about Fosomax. Here is what I found out. There is a warning about taking Fosomax.

Fosamax can cause serious problems in the stomach or esophagus. Stop using this medicine and call your doctor at once if you have chest pain, new or worsening heartburn, or pain when swallowing.

In rare cases, this medicine may cause bone loss (osteonecrosis) in the jaw or a broken leg bone called a femur fracture. Symptoms of osteonecrosis include jaw pain or numbness, red or swollen gums, loose teeth, or slow healing after dental work. Symptoms of a femur fracture include leg or groin pain.

Also call your doctor if you have muscle spasms, numbness or tingling (in hands and feet or around the mouth), new or unusual hip pain, or severe pain in your joints, bones, or muscles


“Calcium will ultimately land in the muscles of the heart, the heart valves and the blood vessels, leading to cardiovascular disease. However if you are getting enough vit C, D3 and K2, your body will direct the calcium you ingest from your food, to where it belongs, not in your heart and blood vessels.”

Nature Sunshine has just the right formula for you to take for healthy bones.

Skeletal Strength® provides essential nutrients that help increase the body’s ability to support tissue and maintain cellular integrity. Calcium helps build bone strength, normalize muscle contraction and regulate nerve function. Magnesium governs the proper utilization of calcium in joints, bones, muscles and nerves. Boron, copper and zinc help build and maintain strong bones and muscles. Iron and manganese are essential for calcium absorption and blood building. Vitamin A promotes the efficient use of calcium. Vitamin D aids bone mineralization and increases calcium absorption. Vitamin C helps cement cells together with collagen. Vitamin B6 is used by the body to manufacture proteins needed for strong bones, new red blood cell production and energy. Vitamin B12 contributes to hemoglobin production.

This exclusive formula provides many essential nutrients, including vitamins and minerals needed for strong bones and healthy teeth. Plus specially chosen herbs for enhanced nutritional support. And it’s great for what’s NOT in there… For example, our calcium citrate is free of pesticides, animal derivatives, allergens and gluten. It’s also Kosher and Halal certified. Our vitamin D3 is non-GMO and allergen-free. Why? Because feeling your best deserves our best.


Contains vitamin C, vitamin B6, vitamin B12. Also contains vitamin A, vitamin D, calcium, iron, phosphorus, magnesium, zinc, copper, manganese, potassium, boron, horsetail stems, betaine HCl, papaya fruit, parsley leaves, pineapple fruit, valerian root and licorice root concentrate.

5 Do the One Day Kidney Flush one day a week.

The kidneys are responsible for the health of your bones. The kidneys bring all the required nutrients to the bones. Here is a simple One Day Kidney Flush just for the bones.

One Day Kidney Flush

1 glass water with lemon and Arginine Plus ½ scoop

Take 2 capsules of K, 1 capsule Horsetail, 1capsule KB-C, 1 Skeletal Strength

1 hour later

1 glass of water and Chlorophyll 1 T

Take 2 capsules of K, 1 capsule Horsetail, 1 capsule KB-C, 1 Skeletal Strength

Do this every hour for 10 hours in a day

Make a commitment to do the One Day Kidney Flush one day a week for about 12 weeks.

 5. Exercise. Dr Humphries says,” Needless to say gravitational force in the form of weight bearing exercise is essential and should be the foundation to a healthy skeleton. Don't be afraid to exercise with some weight in a backpack if you have no disk disease or low back pain.

In short the 5 steps to healthy bones are:

1 Stay off the junk foods, the grains, the sugar foods.

2 Eat the right foods; as grass fed meats, chicken, eggs, and grass fed yogurt and cheeses and keifir, greens, vegetables, berries

3 Have a super foods smoothie.

4 Take supplements; Skeletal Strength.

5 Exercise

I would like to share Bill’s story with you. Bill was a construction worker. He was diagnosed with prostate cancer which progressed to his bladder and bones.

Cancer; Bill Prostate, Bladder, Bones

Bill was diagnosed with prostate cancer. He followed the medical protocol. However the cancer progressed into his bladder and bones. There were spots on the ribs, cancer in his bladder and he was declared terminal. The doctor then asked Bill if he would be interested in signing up for an experimental drug for cancer. Bill agreed not really knowing what this drug was all about. A few weeks later after taking the drug he was crossing the US border when all alarms were set off. The border security officers immediately hauled him off to a private room to show him that he was the one that had set off the alarms and that the radiation levels around him were so high the Geiger counter was off the scale. Bill was shocked as he had no idea that he was so full of dangerous radiation. It was at this point that Bill looked at alternatives for his cancer.


This is where someone introduced him to www.donnaroth.com. Upon my visitation with Bill, he immediately started his Paw Paw program with a determination to clean out all that radiation and to bring his health back into balance as fast as possible. He drank not two Smoothies a day but three and sometimes four a day to give his stem cells all the nutrients  and energy required to repair the injury in the cancerous areas. He took up to 20 capsules of Paw Paw a day along with Protease Plus enzymes and Colostrum on an empty stomach. He also took high doses to Aloe Vera juice and Green Zone to clean out the radiation. With meals he took Cat’s Claw combination and MC. Bill stopped the consumption of sugars, all grains, legumes and milk. He was on the path to health. After 2 ½ months of taking supplements and Smoothies with Mineral Chi Tonic, Flax Lignans, Aloe Vera juice and Green Zone  Bill had diagnostic tests done by a doctor who told him that all the cancer spots in his bones and ribs were no longer there and that he could not detect cancer.


More information from Dr Susanne Humphries.

Vitamin C does several things to strengthen bones

  1. It mineralizes the bone and stimulates bone forming cells to grow.
  2. Prevents too much degradation of bone by inhibiting bone absorbing cells.
  3. Dampens oxidative stress, which is what aging is.
  4. Is vital in collagen synthesis.

When vitamin C is low, just the opposite happens. Bone cells that degrade bone called octeoclasts proliferate, and bone cells that lay down mineral and new bone called osteoblasts are not formed.

Studies have shown that elderly patients who fractured bones had significantly lower levels of vitamin C in their blood than those who haven't fractured.[1] Bone mineral density- the thing that the tests measure, is higher in those who supplement with vitamin C, independent of estrogen level.[2],[3]

Vitamin K2 is well known among holistic practitioners to be important in cardiovascular and bone health. Supplementing this is also a good idea if bone or heart issues are a concern. Read more here.

And of course good old vitamin D3 with a level around 50-70 mg/ml will help keep the immune system functioning well and the bones strong.

This may seem like a lot of supplementing, yet to me is a worthwhile endeavor that will keep much more than the bones strong. These days getting enough vitamin C is not so easy with diet alone. With the toxic load we all have, even with the most pristine diets, we are requiring more vitamin C internally than our ancestors did. Adults would do well to take 2-5 grams per day of sodium ascorbate as a general supplement. If you have active kidney stones, or kidney disease please check with your doctor first.

Humans, monkeys and guinea pigs don't make any vitamin C. This leaves us on our own to get our needs met. Cats weighing only about 10-15 pounds, synthesize more than 15 times the RDA of vit C recommended for humans. Goats are about the size of a human adults, and under no stress they synthesize 13G per day. Under stress it can rise to 100G. Do not fear taking vitamin C. It is the one of the most non-toxic and safe supplements known. Use liposomal vitamin C, sodium ascorbate or ascorbic acid, never Ester-C or calcium ascorbate. 

High Bone Mineral Density & Breast Cancer Dr Susanne Humphries.

One of the most important facts about bone mineral density, conspicuously absent from discussion, is that having higher-than-normal bone density in middle-aged and older women actually INCREASES their risk of breast cancer by 200% to 300%, and this is according to research published in some of the world's most well-respected and authoritative journals, e.g., Lancet, JAMA, NCI. (see citations below). 

While it has been known for at least 15 years that high bone density profoundly increases the risk of breast cancer — and particularly malignant breast cancer — the issue has been given little to no attention, likely because it contradicts the propaganda expounded by mainstream women's health advocacy organizations. Breast cancer awareness programs focus on X-ray based breast screenings as a form of "early detection," and the National Osteoporosis Foundation's entire platform is based on expounding the belief that increasing bone mineral density for osteoporosis prevention translates into improved quality and length of life for women.

Here is a story from Maureen.

Maureen was afflicted with serious structural problems where she could not walk, she could not dress herself and she could not get into the bathtub. She had multiple health concerns; osteoporosis, pain in the back  and muscles, other organs affected, diarrhea, constipation. She had her thyroid radiated and as a result of serious bone loss she lost 5 inches in height.

Interestingly enough when we evaluated her situation, it was discovered that she was taking a medication for her thyroid. In studying the side effects of this medication, we both discovered that the side effects stated bone loss and fractures It can also lower your bone mineral density (BMD), which means your bones could get weaker. This is because thyroid hormones affect your bone strength.

From the Doctors at Bay Area Endocrinology:

If you have hyperthyroidism, you excrete excessive phosphorous and calcium through your urinary tract and your bowels, so you’re continually losing some of the minerals that are necessary for maintaining healthy bones. Whether you have hyperthyroidism because your thyroid is overactive or because you’re taking too much thyroid medication, the result is the same. 

 We learn that in order to maintain healthy bones it is not only calcium and minerals that you need but you need iodine. Thyroid is an iodine gland. Iodine is found in the product, Kelp. Natures Sunshine Kelp comes from Nova Scotia. It has been tested to be the cleanest Kelp in the world.

 Program that was outlined for Maureen included.

No sugars, no grains, no cereals, no legumes, no milk, no peanuts, no alcohol, no pop, no junk food, no fruit juice, no fruit except for berries and apple

Eat chicken, turkey, fish, eggs, vegetables, walnuts, seeds, berries, avocado , coconut oil

Smoothie: twice a day minimum

Red: Power Beets or Arginine Plus and Liquid Minerals

Yellow: Flax Lignans binds toxic xenoestrogens. 1 scoop each time

White; Collagen

Blue: Noni Juice and water,

Green : Power Greens 1 tablespoon

Solstic Energy ½ stick



With meals:

MC 3 twice a day

Cat’s Claw combination 4 twice a day

Eight for pain ; take 4 at a time as often as needed


LBS11 1 -3  a day to be sure the bowels are moving twice a day

Magnesium 4 at bedtime

Do ankle rotation before bed


UltraBiome DTX 2 sticks with 2 glasses of water

Add some grey salt or pink salt

 It was suggested that Maureen wean off the medications according to the help of a Pharmacist and that she address the problems with her teeth.

 Because Maureen was so afflicted with pain she decided that she would just take the herbs and smoothies and wait until she had some energy to pursue her One Day Kidney Flush. She did not start the kidney flushes until August 2023. By the time I received her phone call in October, that is 2 months later she reported that she had done at least 10 or more One Day Kidney Flushes. Here are the instructions:

One Day Kidney Flush

1 glass water with lemon and ½ scoop Arginine Plus

2 K combination, 1 KB-C , 1 Liver Support, 1 Skeletal Strength

1 hour later

1 glass of water and Chlorophyll 1 T

2 K combination, 1 KB-C , 1 Liver Support, 1 Skeletal Strength

Do the above every hour for 10 times

Do the One Day Kidney Flush once a week until the bones heal.

 Here is the exciting part of this conversation. Maureen told me that she started to walk again. She was able to get up and dress herself. She could now climb into the bathtub and have an Epsom salt bath. She was excited. She is now able to pursue her program further and address her teeth.