Monday, April 11, 2011

Herbs for Emergency

Your Emergency Kit
Capsicum - bleeding , trauma, cold hands and feet
Cat’s Claw Combination – infections
Kelp – iodine for radioactive particles
Rosehips – for Vit C, A, D, immune system
Silver Shield – bacterial , fungal, yeast infections
Silver Gel- topical applications for bacteria, fungus, infections, teeth
Tei Fei Oil – sore throats, dry mouth, headaches, thirst
LB extract – bowel movements
Lobelia- relaxant , asthma, lung congestion, shock, tightness, muscles
Pau D’Arco lotion – scratches, bruises, itchy skin, rashes
TNT bars – all encompassing vitamin, mineral, protein, fiber bars- mmm !
SynerProtein Powder- a whole food powder but shelf life is about 1 ½ yr.
Green Zone – whole food powder shelf life is about 5 years.
Solstic Energy- vit/herbal ginseng blend for energy .
Super Trio- each packet contains 1 vit/min, 1 antioxidant, 1 omega 3 tablet

Herbs that grow in the valley:

Oregon Grape – liver , blood cleanser
Elderberry – immune system
Dandelion – liver
Uva Ursi – kidneys
Chokecherry – astringent, antioxidant
Saskatoon – antioxidant
Mullein – lungs
Rosehips – immune system
Lavender – nervous system, calming
Hawthorn – heart
Parsley – kidneys
Horsetail – silicon, kidneys, connective tissue