Saturday, September 19, 2015

More Exciting Success Stories

Shirley’s Dog Hoochie
It was one late night 2;30 am  when Shirley could hear her dear pet dog , Hoochie panting. She went out to find out what the problem was. There was Hoochie, restless, irritable and panting. His heart was racing and it appeared that he was having heart problems . At this point Hoochie threw up and lay down with continuous heavy breathing. Shirley knew there was something terribly wrong with her dog. She felt she had no time to waste . “ I’ll take this on myself.” She quickly went into her kitchen where she found some cheese and into the cheese she inserted 2 MC tablets, 1 Capsicum, 1 CoQ10. Back out to the garage to find Hoochie. She gave him some water and then the cheese .He willingly gobbled  that up. Shirley sat beside him patting him and waited for a change. Within 15 minutes Hoochie’s heavy breathing subsided and he was a totally different dog. “ He’s been fine ever since.”
Shingles as reported by Kathy
Rose ended up with a serious bout of very painful shingles on her back. The doctor gave her a prescription and here she was one week later still suffering from severe pain. The medication did not work.  Rose decided that there must be another way and this is when she contacted Kathy who designed a very intensive program as this case was a state of crisis. The program included:
12 HRP-C  for the virus
6 IMM-C for the immune system
6 Colostrum to bind toxic lectins and to enhance the immune system
4 Stress Formula and 2 Zerenity for the nerve pain
3 Vit D3
6 Black Walnut as a source of iodine
12 Cat’s Claw to open the lymphatic system
Silver Gel applied topically 3 times a day
Within 3 days there was a huge difference. The pain has subsided substantially . Within 2 weeks the sores were down to 1/3 the size and after two weeks the shingles  are almost all cleared up. Rose is extremely happy with the results.