Thursday, September 14, 2017

Budwig Diet Limitations in 2017

From the Desk of Donna Roth: September 2017-09-12

Many have inquired about the Bugwig Diet for overcoming cancer. Dr. Budwig was born in 1908 in Germany. She was instrumental in helping over 2500  cancer patients overcome cancer in her 50 year period of practice. She was nominated 7 times for the Nobel Peace Prize with a condition that she promote chemotherapy and radiotherapy with her protocol. For the sake of humanity she refused to support these damaging treatments. Dr. Budwig studied fats extensively and was able to prove that the electron rich highly unsaturated Linoleic and Linolenic fatty acids were critical in the oxygen respiratory  function of cell replication. She discovered that linolenic acids are instrumental in electromagnetic functions for all nerve functions, secretions, mitosis, as well as cell break down.
As I read this impressive information I am reminded of the time period of the Budwig protocol ; 1930’s, 40’s 50’s. That was about  70  years ago. This was a time when flax seed oil was cold pressed and the oil was a high quality from flax seeds that were grown in soils that were not sprayed with chemical fertilizers, the plants were not sprayed with chemical insecticides. The soils in those days were respected, honored, cared for and given rest. I absolutely know that because my father was a farmer in the 50’s. He grew flax seed on his land. He knew to rotate his crops. He knew that no soils should be burdened with more than 2 consecutive seasons of crops. He knew that the soils must be given rest where it could replenish and restore its nutrients and microbes. I vividly recall that one year when in his older age my Father rented a piece of his land to another farmer who used chemical sprays on my Father’s land. My Father cried! People of that time were connected to their land. Their wisdom told them that soils give life and need to be kept alive .My Father understood that the soil was alive and needed care. He was not university educated but he intuitively and wisely had deep respect for his soil that produced food to feed his family and produced crops to acquire a living. So I bring it to your attention that the Budwig Flax Oil was authentic dense with Omega 3 grown in healthy soils with no dangerous chemical sprays.
Let’s talk about the significance of Omega 3. 60% of your nervous system is made of fat, your brain is fat and water; every cell of your body is made of fat. Omega 3’s make your cells pliable so oxygen can easily move into the cells and toxins are move out.
Omega 3 prevent blood clots from forming. Omega 3 reduces inflammation and pain and swelling at the cell level.
One other important factor that is significant for Flax Oil to be effective is enzymes which convert the oil into the EPA and DHA components. Being 2017 many of you are lacking in essential enzymes needed for this conversion to take place. Consequently the best choice for Omega 3 is Super Oil or Super Omega 3 from a quality controlled source like Nature’s Sunshine. Dr. Keith Scott Mumby states that the best sources of Omega 3 is grass fed red meat.
Let’s discuss the cottage cheese that Dr. Budwig promoted to her clients. The milk came from grass fed cows who were treated with antibiotics, hormones and so on. The raw milk was simply placed in room temperature and allowed to ferment naturally. What this kind of cottage cheese contained was a excellent source of probiotics to restore the micro biome of most important system of your body; the intestinal system. These good bacteria keep the bad bacteria in check. That bad bacteria takes over when the yeast count also called Candida is high resulting in the slowing down of blood circulation, decreasing of oxygen and nutrient energy flow, lowering of the body temperature and decreasing thyroid functions. It was Dr. Otto Warbur who proved that fermentation of sugar feeds cancer when the oxygen levels drop to below 35%. Cancer lives in a toxic environment where the oxygen levels are low and the body temperature is low. Cancer cannot live in a body temperature of 98.6 degrees F.
Let’s analyze the store bought cottage cheese of 2017.There are 3 big issues with today’s diary. I quote Dr. Axe:
  1. Ultra High Temperature Pasteurization (280 F) – This heat can damage many of the vital nutrients including the proteins and probiotics.
  2. Chemicals – Most Dairy today is loaded with hormones, antibiotics, pain killers, and pesticide residue.
  3. A1 Casein – There are two types of protein in milk, Casein and Whey.  In the last 1000 years there has been a genetic mutation in some dairy cows that has caused them to produce an irregular type of protein called Beta-Casein A1.  A1 Casein is a protein that for some people can be highly inflammatory similar to Gluten.  This type of dairy isn’t found in certain cattle and is never found in human, goats, sheep, buffalo, and A2 cows.

A note of interest here is that  Nature’s Sunshine NutriBurn Whey Protein powder is  an A2 protein whey that comes from A2 cows found in New Zealand and Australia. It is a digestible protein that the stem cells easily use for cell replication.
Now in the 1950’s inflammation could easily be addressed just by using the Omega Oils found in Flax Seeds. People of that time were not exposed to chemicals in the air and soils, chlorine and fluoride in water, mercury and aluminum found in tooth fillings and vaccinations of all kinds, root canals, microwaved foods, heavy metals, GE foods, GMO foods, high fructose sugar foods and so on. I think you can see the picture. Dr. Budwig was not faced with these issues. You start to see the limitations of Budwigs protocol in 2017. You can also see why my program is so effective in 2017. My program addresses every aspect of inflammation. Cat’s Claw is a huge part of the program as it is instrumental in opening the lymphatic system to allow the poisons to drain out through the elimination channels of our body.. My program also addresses all the elimination channels; the bowels with LBS11 and Psyllium Hulls, the kidneys with the One Day Kidney Flush, the liver and the respiratory tract. My program includes the oral chelation protocol and Heavy Metal Detox.
In addition to the Flax Seed Oil and cottage cheese protocol Dr. Budwig also recommended the following lifestyle strategies:
 Vegetables Juicing; The vegetable grown in her years of 1920 to 1970 provided a large concentrated dose of enzymes, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Today juicing vegetables from a grocery store simply will not provide you with enough minerals and nutrients for the much needed minerals and antioxidants. So what does my Paw Paw program do? Add Mineral Chi Tonic for the color red, Flax Lignans for yellow, Collatrim Plus for white, Zambroza for blue, Green Zone for green as a high dense nutritious Super Food Smoothie. The nutrients from this colorful smoothie are critical for  the stem cells that use all those nutrients for healthy cell repair. At this time I wish to relate this story. One of my clients who used my Paw Paw program for overcoming cancer decided after about 5 years of using Nature’s Sunshine Super Foods to resort to a Vita Mix and vegetables for juicing purposes. He did fine for about a year. But then one day I received a call from him to inform me that a lump had reappeared on his neck where he previously had cancer. My immediate advise was to go back to Nature’s Sunshine Super Foods and within 3 weeks the lump totally went away.
Frankincense was recommended by Dr. Budwig especially when it comes to fighting brain tumors. Her suggestion was to  rub this essential oil on your body (neck area) 3x daily and take 3 drops internally 3x daily. Nature’s Sunshine recently introduced Authentic Essential Oils into the market and Frankincense is one of them. That word authentic is significant as it indicates that the oils have gone through the SureSource process where the oil is tested for its purity and authenticity right at the source thereby bypassing brokers who often dilute the oils.
Sunshine : Dr. Budwig recommended getting 30 minutes of sunlight exposure daily for Vit D3 intake.  Nature’s Sunshine Vit D3 comes from the lanolin of BSE free sheep’s wool fat from Australia and New Zealand. D3 is critical for mineralization of bones, teeth and organs, crucial for healthy hormones which tell me it would help with the elimination process of toxic estrogens. It also regulates lymphocyte functions which enhances the immune system and the lymphatic system.
Turmeric– Dr. Budwig recommended turmeric and black pepper.Curcuminoids extracted from turmeric has been shown to decrease tumor size and fight colon and breast cancer. 
Note that Nature’s Sunshine Curcumin BP is equivalent to 32 capsules of turmeric. To enhance the bioavailability and absorption black pepper extract piper nigrum was added.
Did you know? In India turmeric root has been safely used as a spice and medicine for centuries. Today, it is consumed as a regular part of the Indian diet, at approximately 2-2.5 grams daily for an adult. This amount would provide approximately 40-100 mg of curcumin (powdered turmeric root contains about 2-4% curcumin). In traditional Indian Ayurvedic medicine, it has been used to assist rheumatic and inflammatory conditions, support digestive, gall bladder health and as a general tonic. Ongoing and cumulative studies have revealed that curcumin has powerful properties that have a beneficial effect on pain and inflammation. Many of curcumin’s beneficial effects are attributed to its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects. Numerous animal, pre-clinical and clinical studies have demonstrated that curcumin has antioxidant, immune-modulating and anti-inflammatory activity. Curcumin is a potent free radical and nitric acid scavenger, helping protect cellular membranes in oxidative stress-mediated conditions. Curcumin inhibits several enzymes that mediate inflammatory processes, such as COX-2.
NSP Advantage 550 mg of curcumin combined with black pepper extract for enhanced bioavailability of the main antioxidant and protective compounds found in turmeric root, collectively known as curcuminoids. Ingredients: Medicinal Ingredients: Each capsule contains Curcuma longa (curcumin) rhizome 550 mg, Piper nigrum (black pepper) fruit extract (50:1) 2.5 mg. Non-medicinal Ingredients: Gelatin, cellulose, magnesium stearate, dicalcium phosphate and silicon dioxide. Used in Herbal Medicine to help relieve joint inflammation. • Traditionally used in Ayurvedic medicine as an antiparasitic and to improve digestion
In conclusion Dr. Budwig;s Diet covered the following 3 out of the 5 pillars:
Injury was addressed with cottage cheese, and vegetable juicing.
Inflammation was addressed with flax seed oil and sunshine therapy.
Infection was addressed with Tumeric and Black Pepper.

My Paw Paw program addresses all 5 pillars;
Injury; Super Food Smoothies
Inflammation; Cat’s Claw and discovering all the poisons that cause inflammation.
Elimination; LBS11 and Psyllium Hulls for the bowels and the One Day Kidney Flush
Infection with Paw Paw
Circulation with the Oral Chelation Protocal and Heavy Metal Detox.

Dr. Budwig also discovered that her protocol wasn’t just effective  for cancer, but also for healing heart disease, diabetes, eczema, psoriasis, arthritis, hormone imbalance, and neurological conditions.
In my world there is no such thing as cancer, diabetes, heart disease, arthritis ; there is only a toxic overload and a serious nutritional deficiency. Those clients that I have worked with who followed the program also overcame  heart disease, diabetes, eczema, psoriasis, arthritis, hormone imbalance, and neurological conditions. My book Practical Solution to the Cancer Injury has sold over 5000 copies. It houses 60 cancer success stories.
To understand how you can overcome your own diagnosed diseased condition I urge you to do TAFYH, Taking Action For Your Health, where you work with a team of 6 people and me as your coach and leader 15 minutes a day , 5 days a week for 2 months. You will be blown away with the information each lesson gives you  on the Laws of Nature to help you overcome your own health issues. It does not matter what you are diagnosed with. Lend an ear as Health Canada recently announced that 1 in 2 people are diagnosed with cancer. Check your body temperature, If it is below 98.6 F first thing in the morning you may be that person harboring mutated cell growth! TAFYH gives you all the answers!

Since January my diet has not been that great. I immediately changed that, and with Donna's suggestions once I started taking the supplements I noticed a change in about 2 days. Particular RE-X for nerve pain.
My shingles started on Aug. 5. I ordered the Nature Sunshine product on Aug. 29 I received them 2-3 days later. As I mention I noticed a change 2 days after I took them, particularly the nerve pain and the depth of the pain.
I still have the Shingles rash, it is dark purple, but in some places it has almost gone. 
No grains, no sugar, no starches
Eat meats , vegetables, nuts, seeds, berries
Drink only water and Chlorophyll and nothing else

HRP-C 4 / 4 times a day; a formula for all viruses
RE-X 4 at a time for nerve pain
Mineral Chi Tonic 2 oz a day ; minerals and tonic herbs for healing
Cat’s Claw 4 / 3times a day for the lymphatic system
Pau D’Arco lotion for itching